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If Wrestlers were Youtubers

Seth Rollins - Gamer

Dean Ambrose - Adventurous

Roman Reigns - Eater (e.g Furious Pete)

Finn Balor - Vlogger

Randy Orton - the one that explodes things in their backyard

John Cena - Fitness Guy

Nikki & Brie - Makeup tutorial

Alexa Bliss- the one that make videos about “Signs that a guy likes you”

Bray Wyatt - Storyteller

Emma - Baker

Bayley - Slime Maker

Sami Zayn- Collector of action figure

Kevin Owens- Makes giant food

Sasha Banks - Hair tutorial

Paige - The Comedian

Naomi - Dance tutorial

The New Day - The Prankster

The Usos - Reaction Videos

Nia Jax - The one that tests out kitchen gadgets

Aj Styles- The one that make videos about “How to get free games on ps4”


“Why do you like Nikki Bella?” Cause she supports other women!! A lot of wrestlers are so quiet to the slut shaming, and disgusting comments that the women face from so called “fans” (especially the Bella’s), and it always pissed me off how they never stood up for their female talent and even joined in at times. Nikki is one of the few who constantly praises other women and empowers younger girls. She’s been called such horrible things but it doesn’t stop her from doing what she does. There’s a few women wrestlers that I don’t like simply because they only support their friends and not all of the women, which in this business where it’s critical that the women stick together, is selfish (shade). Women that support each other are my favs❤


Finn, it’s you, it’s always been you.

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Fandom: WWE

Tags: Cursing


You might want to read the intro to get a grasp of what’s going on, but you don’t really have to. Enjoy!

Once the Bellas had to go to the gorilla for their match you had made up your mind. Nikki and Brie had wished you luck as you scurried out of their locker room. You about ran over Aj and Karl. 

“Whoa, little one, what’s the rush?” Aj asked. 

“Um, nothing much. Uh, have you seen Finn by chance?” You asked. 

Aj looked over at Karl and he just smiled. 

“Yeah, he was heading to the mess hall to get something to eat,” Karl finally answered. 

“Thanks,” You smiled and started to book it but Aj caught you by the arm and pulled you back. 

“And why are you in such a hurry to find our boy, Finn?” Aj asked. 

“I’m not in a hurry!” You said defensively. 

“Okay, then why did you get so defensive?” Karl asked. 

You groaned. Aj and Karl just smiled at you brightly. You knew the pair weren’t going to let you go until you gave them the answer they wanted to hear. 

“Come on you guys,” You whined. 

“Y/n, Finn is one of our best friends and you’re like one of those annoying little sisters. Now we deserve to know what’s going on, don’t you think?” Karl asked. 

You huffed. “Finn and I have to need to have a little talk that’s all,” 

“A talk about what?” Aj asked. 

You rolled your eyes. “You two damn well know what we are going to talk about,”

Aj and Karl started to laugh. Luke came over to join his friends. 

“Alright you two knuckleheads, don’t you think you’ve tormented her enough?” Luke asked. 

“Fine, fine,” Aj sighed and then released your arm. 

“Thank you,” You said before racing off once again. 

Several of your friends and co-workers tried to stop you on your way towards the mess hall, but you completely ignored them. You all but slid into the mess hall. Finn was sitting at a table with Bo and the Hardy’s. Taking in a deep breath you walked over to the table. 

“Hiya lass,” Finn greeted.

“Hi boys,” You grinned. 

“Want to join us?” Matt asked kicking out the seat next to him. 

“In a minute, can I borrow Finn for a few minutes?” You asked. 

“Sure,” Jeff replied. 

Finn wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then stood. 

“Everything okay, lass?” He asked. 

“Yeah, I just need to borrow you for a few minutes,” You said. 

Finn followed you out of the mess hall and down the corridor to your locker room. You opened it and then gently shoved Finn inside. 

“Alright, what is up with you?” Finn asked. 

“Do you remember how I told you I needed to make a choice?” You asked him. 

“Its pretty fresh in my mind,” Finn teased with a smile. 

“Well I made up my mind,” You started. 

“Oh, you did?” Finn said. “And what did you choose?” 

“Finn, it’s you. It’s always been you,” You whispered losing all confidence now that Finn was in front of you and alone. 

There was complete silence between the two of you. 

“Y/n,” Finn said. 

Slowly, you looked up at Finn. You bit at your lip nervously.

“I mean, uh, I’ve always liked you, Finn, um, more than a friend and I wanted to let you know that I felt the same way too,” You started to ramble on.

Finn chuckled before placing his hand on the back of your neck. He tugged you in gently before kissing you. You felt the kiss all the way down to your toes. Leaning into the kiss you slipped your arms around Finn’s neck and he only pulled you in closer. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Finn pulled back. 

“Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to do that?” Finn asked. 

You let out a small laugh. Finn stepped back to give you two a little room, he removed his hand from the back of your neck, but then quickly laced his hand with yours.

“Not that I don’t mind kissing you, but I am starving,” Finn said. 

Shaking your head you laughed and let Finn pull you out of your locker room and back down to the mess hall. When the two of you entered all eyes were on you. Everyone looked down at your laced hands and then the mess hall erupted in cheers. Your friends surrounded you two as they congratulated you two on your new relationship. 

“It’s about time,” Aj said before hugging you and you pinched his side in return. 

Looking back at Finn while he talked to Karl and Luke right then and there you knew that you had made the right choice. 

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WWE/The Rock

Listen up you pussies. Yeah, I’ll say it straight. Wrestling fans, and people in general are pussies. Why? Because you can’t take a joke, you take everything to heart, and you complain about every little fucking thing. So, let me explain.

Last Night on Raw, The Rock made an awesome return. He made some jokes and such, and it was hilarious. I loved it. But then I see on here and various other social media outlets, that people CANT TAKE JOKES! People are seriously crying that The Rock “offended” Lana. Hey jackasses, I’m sure LANA knew that Rock was gonna say that stuff, and I’m sure LANA knew it was a joke. And I bet LANA didn’t get offended. So why the fuck are YOU offended? Shut your complaining, whining, bitchy ass up!

And same as my last post, IF YA DONT LIKE, DONT WATCH! You’re all hypocrites!! You people complaining that The Rock said Penises, and sexual stuff, and said “Hulk Hogan” are the same people that “Really want the attitude era back” & same people complaining are the same people that laughed years ago when Rock made fun of Stephanie, or Vickie.

So do me a favor, and STOP complaining, or STOP watching!

From, Fan who enjoys, and doesn’t complain about the product.

Nikki Bella was seen wearing the BCBG Max Azria Jalena Printed Lace Stripe Dress in Bright Poppy Combo during the “Divas Unchained” episode of Total Divas. Her dress is no longer available.