brie bella and seth rollins

“If you smell what The Rock…”


“You can look…”


“There’s only one word to describe you and I’m gonna spell it out for you.”


“Rusev putria…”


“Had a dream I hadn’t made it, there’s nothing dragging down me yeah.”


“Let’s light it up.”


“Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta…”


If Wrestlers were Youtubers

Seth Rollins - Gamer

Dean Ambrose - Adventurous

Roman Reigns - Eater (e.g Furious Pete)

Finn Balor - Vlogger

Randy Orton - the one that explodes things in their backyard

John Cena - Fitness Guy

Nikki & Brie - Makeup tutorial

Alexa Bliss- the one that make videos about “Signs that a guy likes you”

Bray Wyatt - Storyteller

Emma - Baker

Bayley - Slime Maker

Sami Zayn - Collector of action figure

Kevin Owens- Makes giant food

Sasha Banks - Hair tutorial

Paige - The Comedian

Naomi - Dance tutorial

The New Day - The Prankster

The Usos - Reaction Videos

Nia Jax - The one that tests out kitchen gadgets

Aj Styles- The one that make videos about “How to get free games on ps4”

Imagine your OTP

Some asshole: *talking shit about Person A*

Person A:*pokerface*

Person B:*slowly appears behind the assholes back, towering over them*

Some asshole:….

Person B: heard you talking shit bitch.

Being a wrestling fan is basically like being a parent

First, you pick your favorites. Your favorites become your children. You now have to make sure your children don’t accidentally hurt themselves, you yell at them when they do stupid things, And then you fight with other parents to protect and defend your children.


“Why do you like Nikki Bella?” Cause she supports other women!! A lot of wrestlers are so quiet to the slut shaming, and disgusting comments that the women face from so called “fans” (especially the Bella’s), and it always pissed me off how they never stood up for their female talent and even joined in at times. Nikki is one of the few who constantly praises other women and empowers younger girls. She’s been called such horrible things but it doesn’t stop her from doing what she does. There’s a few women wrestlers that I don’t like simply because they only support their friends and not all of the women, which in this business where it’s critical that the women stick together, is selfish (shade). Women that support each other are my favs❤

These guys are adorable bbys who need to be protected at all costs (Feel free to add more)

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Seth Rollins Imagine

Sasha, Nikki, Brie, Alexa, Naomi and you were either sunbathing or in the pool. It was one of your many yet not so often get together that you would organize. Because you were divided in the different main roaster of WWE, you hardly had times all together at once. Today was actually your first get together in 8 months and you all couldn’t be more happy. Seth was at the gym for the day so the six of you had Rollins and your’s house.

Brie: So Y/N how is your life in the bedroom with Rollins? He seems to be quite a man in there.

Y/N: I…Uhhhh… Yeah he is. Anyways what about you Nikki with your big John it must be pretty interesting…

You didn’t really like to answer this kind of questions but you loved to hear other’s answers. It was actually turning you on a little because you could imagine you and Seth doing what your beloved friends were saying.

Nikki was always the one who were coming up with the craziest story and today was no exception. Cena’s wife was telling the time they make out in the back of a tour bus without anyone noticing it.

Y/N: I need to try this with Colby one day…

Alexa: Y/N’s a dirty girl under her angelic traits.

Y/N: Uhhh?

Sasha: You just said you would like to fuck Rollins in the back of a tour bus.

Y/N: I did?

Nikki: Yeah.

Y/N: I thought I just thought about it. Naomi: I wonder what you and Seth are doing in your free time together…

Y/N: Okay enough. I’m going inside someone want something to eat or drink?

Nikki: More sangria?

Y/N: I feel you.

Nikki: Damn! Are we related?

Y/N: Maybe!

You headed inside petting Kevin as you walked pass it. You walked to the refrigerator taking out a full jar of sangria.

Seth: Slow down on the alcohol baby girl.

Y/N: Fuck! Seth! You scared me! I thought you were coming back later tonight.

Seth: The plan changed and I’m not mad about it…

Y/N: What? Why?

He eyed you up and down from your pink bikini top to your black ripped short before setting you on the kitchen counter. He attacked your mouth slipping his tongue in it. You moaned through the kiss. He left trail of sloppy kisses and hickeys along your neck and collarbones as you were pulling on his hair. He played with the strap of your bikini before finally putting it off and taking one of your breast in his mouth while taking care of the other with his hand. You were already a moaning mess. Your hands traveled to the elastics of his sweatpants pulling them down, leaving him in his underwear.

The decided to go check on because they were beginning to be impatient for the sangria.

Naomi walked inside immediately hearing male groans and female moans. She followed them and walked on the both of you in a heated make out session. Your back was facing her but Seth saw her as soon as she walked in. You followed his gaze, turning instantly red when you saw Naomi in the door frame. Rollins tied back on your bikini before pulling his own pants on. He helped you off the counter under Naomi’s amused and shocked look.

Seth: Ummm… Hey. Naomi smiled at him trying not to laugh.

Naomi: Now we know what you two are doing in your free time, right Y/N?

She left smiling to herself. You were putting your hair back in a bun when Seth questioned you.

Seth: Y/N… What does she meant?

Y/N: Nothing just drop it.

You took the jar of sangria heading outside. Seth: We have unfinished business.

You eyed his bulge.

Y/N: Don’t worry. I'mma make up for it.

You winked at him before joining your curious friends outside. Leaving him wanting more

Two Weeks: Day 4 (SETH ROLLINS)

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Warnings: NONE


“Sure…” Y/N reluctantly agreed.

She didn’t want to go to the party but then again she didn’t want to say no to Seth.

“Now that, that’s settled.” Seth said with a smile. “Off to school.”


“Brie. Would you look at that. Our little girl is getting ready for her first party.” One of Y/N’s older sisters said teasingly.

“Oh I know, Nikki. She’s growing up so fast.” The other said as they laughed.

Y/N groaned getting annoyed very fast.

Being the baby of the three, and the more reserved one always left her open for their teasing and even though she knew her sisters didn’t mean any harm it still annoyed her. They had good times together though.

“Can you two shut up?” She asked trying to squeeze through them to get out of her room. “Okay seriously, I’m trying to get by.”

Nikki shook her head. “You’re going to your boyfriend’s party looking like that?”

I looked down at my outfit. It was my style. A simple pair of jeans, shirt and an old pair of converse. The usual for me.

“Nikki, I like this.”

“Of course you do Y/N but come on. Look like you put some effort into your look.” Brie, said grabbing me and pulling me further into my room while Nikki went over to my closet rummaging through it. “Find a cute dress Nikki. I’m gonna fix this hair and make up.” She said sitting me down.


Wow, Brie actually did a good job on my hair, I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror after my sisters were done. She even kept my makeup natural looking.

And the dress Nikki found stuffed way, way back in my closet matched perfectly.

I smiled turning away from my reflection and facing my sisters. “I love it. Thanks.” I said hugging the both of them.

“Your boyfriend’s gonna love it too.” Brie smiled.

I blushed. “He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Well how come you didn’t correct Nikki?” She winked. “Cause you want him to be?”

If it was possible I would’ve blushed more.

“I guess I didn’t hear her.” I lied bitting my lip.


Seth opened the door, red solo cup in hand. “You made it.” He said sorta loud, trying to make sure Y/N had heard him over the music and talking.

She looked great standing there. Not that he had a problem with her usual look at school, but that dress was a nice step up.

“I made it.” She giggled nervously.

He steeped closer putting his hand on her lower back guiding her in. “You want a drink? We got plenty beer.” He said getting a quiet no in response.

“I don’t drink.”

Seth nodded. “Well don’t just stand here.” He chuckled. “Party.”


A few hours into Y/N being at Seth’s party, she started to feel left out. Seth was around but wherever he went this one clingy girl followed.

And if Y/N’s being honest it was getting on her nerves.

But she wasn’t jealous or anything.

Was she?

“You look lonely.” Some random at the party said standing over her with two cups.

She shrugged. “Maybe just a bit.”

“So you don’t mind if I keep you company?” He asked handing a cup to her?

Y/N shook her head. The guy was kinda cute so why not get to know him. Besides Seth did say party, and he seemed to be doing a lot of that so maybe she should too.

“No.” She smiled, taking the cup.


Seth glanced over in the middle of his conversation with a few friends, for like the 10th time, to see Y/N still deep in conversation with some dude.

And he didn’t like it.

Y/N came to his party, cause he asked her but she’s sitting with someone else?

He could feel his jealousy coming into play. And the fact that he’s had some drinks didn’t make it better.

Seth looked on seeing that dude run his hand on Y/N upper thigh, and that’s when he knew he’d seen enough.

He wasn’t gonna have his girl taken before he could actually make her his.


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