Thursday Bird: Mourning Dove

No no this is not called the mourning dove. At least not by me. This is

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External image

Fatbird’s all over the US and central america. Fatbird makes a lazy messy nest out of twiggy branches. the nests often fall down but fatbird don’t mind.

One fatbird lived to be 30 years old. fatbird takes good care of themself. Preen and clean, fb. I love fatbird.

Fatbird is the ultimate essence of thursburd.

This fatbird in fishers, indiana; tuscon, az; and albuquerque, nm

Thursday Bird: Solitary Sandpiper

hey pals it’s the solitary sandpiper! it’s a sandpiper, and it breeds up in most of canada while wintering in most of south/central america. it passes through the us in spring and fall migrations, where it refuels by pickin’ at pond creatures

all sandpipers but two nest on wetland grounds. the solitary sandpiper is one of the two who don’t; they take old songbird nests in bogs and just kinda commandeer them for their own. they don’t feed their young, so the hatchlings have to somehow get from the nest to the ground after hatching in order to start eatin’ good

let’s leave this thursburd to reflect on the things it’s seen. thanks solitary sandpiper