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BTS reaction to your disappointment @ your grades

Anonymous said: BTS reaction to you working hard to keep up your grades but when you received your report card it turns out your grades dropped and you feel really sad about it

Here it is! (I’m not completely satisfied with this one, but here it is anyways)

I’m sorry if each reaction is too similar, that’s just how it came out cx

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

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You stare down at the letters on the page - having waited until you returned home - your heart sinking to your stomach, and you slump down in your seat. Again. Even after all the work you put in, the endless nights of sheets and books scattered everywhere, the blood, sweat and tears you put into your studies, your grades still drop. Your mood drops completely, all sense of hope disappears and you’re left slumped in the chair, your head in your hands.

Namjoon quietly lets himself into your apartment, calling out for you, a hopeful smile on his face, dimples and all. His heart cracks a little when he sees you sobbing on the couch - your body shaking with tears - and he drops his bags at the door, rushing forward, accidentally hitting the table in the way. 

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” He asks softly, rubbing your arm comfortingly.

You look up, attempting to force a smile, and yet your vision is still blurred through the tears. You sigh, finally stating, “My grades dropped, again.” 

He puts his arms around you, pulling you into a hug, as he says, “It’s okay, there’s always next time, I could help tutor you if you wanted? All you need is a little help jagiya, you’re smart, you can do this.” 

You nod, pulling on your sleeve and wiping your tears away, leaning into his embrace. 

“That would be great, Joonie, thank you so much.”

Jin (Seokjin):

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“Jagiya? Why are you crying?” Jin walks up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and you quickly wipe away your tears, your eyes darting around.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing, it’s fine,” you quickly say, sighing as you brushed your hair back, attempting a smile. Jin stares at you carefully, and he shakes his head, refusing to let you or the matter go.

“Jagiya, you can trust me, what’s wrong?” He finally asks, after allowing you to sob into his shoulder for a few minutes, his arms wrapped protectively around you as he rubs your back reassuringly.

“My grades have gone down yet ago, even though I worked so hard to bring them up, I don’t get it, what did I do wrong…” you rambled, still nuzzled in his shoulder and Jin frowned, saddened by your frustration and sadness, and he plants a soft kiss on your cheek, mumbling sweet words into your ear to help calm you down.

“It’s okay jagiya, next time you’ll do better, I know you will, please don’t be too disappointed,” he reassures you, his arms gently reaching under your legs to pick you up bridle-style and settle down on the couch with you, placing kisses all over your face, causing you to finally giggle, your tears drying up.

“That’s much better, I’m glad to see you smiling again (Y/N),” Jin grins, and you lean back against him, this time your turn to kiss him, smiling.

Suga (Yoongi):

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Yoongi pops his head through the doorway, watching as you frown, your eyes scanning over a sheet of paper, your head dropping into your hands as you sigh, tossing the paper across the table as you curl up on the couch. His lips curl downwards into a frown, and he wanders in, silently sitting next to you, his arm wrapping around you.

You simply lean into his embrace, and he shifts position to allow you to completely lean into his chest, your arms snaking around his waist. The two of you lay in this position in a while without words, your actions speaking louder than any words could, and you feel your mood lift slightly knowing that Yoongi would always be there for you whenever you needed comfort.

“School getting you down again?” Yoongi finally inquired, breaking the silence between the two of you, and you nod against his chest, still curled up against him. Yoongi resists the urge to cover your face in kisses at your adorableness, and instead opts to press his lips against your forehead, withdrawing after a few seconds.

“Don’t worry too much about it (Y/N), don’t let school get you so down, it’s not everything, yeah?” He reassures you, and you smile up at him, turning his heart to mush.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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(A/N: His grin is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a while, omg <3)

Hoseok pouts as he notices you sitting in your room, slumped over your desk once again, hitting your head on the surface repeatedly, surrounded by sheets of paper. You exhale in frustration, tugging on your hair before leaning your head on the desk once again.

“(Y/N), don’t hit your head like that, you’ll hurt yourself,” he rushes over to you, crouching by you and gently touching your forehead in concern. He gazes at you, eyes holding the utmost concern, and you feel your heart melt.

“I’m sorry Hobi, it’s just uni has been stressing me out again, and my grades are going down again… I can’t do this…” You push your dishevelled hair out of your face, and he pouts again, standing up straight and outstretching his arms.

Taking one last glance at your work, you get up and engulf yourself in Hoseok’s arms, his familiar scent calming you down immediately, and you bury your face into his neck. Hobi can’t help but grin at you clinging to him, and he gently pries your arms away, only to grab his bag. He gestures to you to grab your stuff, saying, “Let’s go out somewhere nice jagi, you deserve it.”

He grins again, and you can’t help but go along with him, the initial disappointment and frustration disappearing, and replaced with a warm feeling.


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(A/N: I might’ve died writing this part, this boy wrecks me, I wish this would happen to me cx)

“Jimin… are you planning to let go of me any time soon?” You ask, shaking your head at Jimin who was currently clinging onto your waist in a koala-like way, his face buried in your shoulder.

“No, not until you promise me you won’t stay disappointed about your grades,” he replies cutely, his voice muffled as he trails kisses along your neck, and you weaken under his touch, your mouth opening, inaudible sounds escaping.

“Jiminie,” you whined, and yet you knew he was right, there was no point to beating yourself up over your grades, you could only keep working hard and hope for the best.

“Promise me,” Jimin mumbles against your neck, the vibrations sending a shiver of pleasure through your body, and he smirks, satisfied by your reaction.

“Okay, okay, I promise I’ll stop worrying about it, but stop before I end up…” you cut yourself off, and Jimin giggles, fully aware of where your thoughts were going.

He finally lifts his lips off your neck, his arms loosening up on your waist, and you can’t help but smile, your fingers brushing over your neck.

V (Taehyung):

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(A/N: When you have two biases and writing both their parts just wrecks your heart completely… *sigh* cx)

“Yah, jagi, you’re making me sad too,” Taehyung says, sitting across from you as your eyes scan over your grades for the nth time, a mix of sadness and disappointment in your eyes, and you finally look up, Taehyung frowning in concern.

He scrunches his face up in an exaggerated crying face in an attempt to cheer you up, an array of silly faces flashing across his face, and you can’t help but let out a giggle, your fist pressed to your mouth in an attempt to suppress it. While this sends a flash of happiness through you, a glance back at the discarded report card has the disappointment and frustration flooding back and you sigh.

Taehyung pouts, determined to cheer you up, and an idea creeps into his mind, his lips curling up into a mischievous smirk, as he gets up to sit by you on the other couch.

“What are you-” You’re cut off by Taehyung’s hands suddenly flying to your sides, and your stomach, and you shriek out in laughter from the sensation, falling back onto the couch. Taehyung relentlessly tickles you, until you throw your arms up in defeat, promising him that you’d try not to worry too much, and he grins his box smile in triumph.


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You pace around the apartment, muttering to yourself, your arms occasionally flying up in frustration, and Jungkook peers up from his phone in curiosity, furrowing his eyebrows cutely as he wonders what has you so frustrated and seemingly stressed.

“(Y/N)? Why are you mumbling to yourself like a crazy person?” He asks, snickering at the thought of it, and you spin around, glaring at him, not finding the situation amusing at all. 

“I’m still not doing great at school, even after all that work I put in, all that studying for nothing and… I can’t.” You slump down onto the couch beside him, and Jungkook turns his head to face you, a look of concern flashing across his eyes.

“If it’s any comfort, I’m not doing too great either, you’re not alone,” he grins his bunny-like smile at him, and you look at him in confusion, your eyebrows now furrowing.

“Why aren’t you stressed then?” You inquire, reaching up to brush his fringe away from his eyes, causing a light pink to flourish on his cheeks, a smile appearing on his face.

“Because,” he starts, “I figured all I need is some help, we should study together (Y/N), that could help?” 

You think it over, your stress levels finally beginning to decrease, and you finally break out into a smile, at the thought that this might finally help your grades. 

Okie Dokie

Pairing: Sam x Reader (female)


Word count: 912

A/N: Can you guys pick sam or Dean for my next angst fic? Also This was a lot of smiling and laughing because I feel like Sam would date someone like that. I feel like he needs that person who will always be positive and is full of laughter because with all the shit he deals with, he needs some humor in his life.

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A light blue hue fills the room as the two of you step into your favorite restaurant ever.Sam smiles down at you as he pulls the chair out for you. You say in a posh voice“Why thank you kind gentlemen.”Sam rolls his eye at your cheesiness as he sits across from  you. His long legs take up most of the space under the table so your legs touch. You take comfort in this small  action because it always made you feel safe. The waiter takes your orders and your eyes meet the young Winchesters “You look lovely tonight.” Sam said his eyes trailing up and down you. His deep brown stare still makes you blush even after knowing for 5 years and dating him for two and a half of them. “Your not so bad yourself.” You wink and giggle a bit. Sam chuckles as well and is blown away by how bright your smile is even in this dark room.


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After dinner was over the two of you went to the impala “Home?” You ask ready to take your heels off. “Not quite yet.” Sam responds as you step into the shining black car. “Oh little Sammy is all mysterious. Must make all the girls crazy.” Sam raises an eyebrow “Who are you calling little?” You roll your eyes with a smirk dancing on your lips. “Just drive Winchester.”  He nods pulling the car out of the parking lot and starts driving through the sunset lit city of San Francisco. Like a little kid you look out the window in awe. This was your favorite city and no matter how many times you visited you were always amazed by it’s beauty. “Hooked on a feeling” by Blue swede starts playing, it’s your song. Yeah it’s silly but the two of you would sing it together in college when there was karaoke so it became your thing. Sam face turns to you and the two you start singing your lungs out. While swaying side to side your hands play the air guitar as Sam does the cow bell(because why not). With the lights swirling around you, the man you love by your side and laughter filling your head like drugs you feel like you hit a new high. As the song ends Sam’s hand moves to your exposed thigh and rubs his thumb over it. This makes you take a shaky breath and you think “This guy can get me so flustered.” As the car almost gets to the glamorous destination. You put your hand on his, his big hands making you feel like a small child again. “Okay close your eyes.” You do as told, your stomach in a knot and you feel the car stop.

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Sam gets out of the car and comes to your side. “Come here Y/N.” He grabs your hand and helps you out of the classic car. As you walk forward you trip and catch yourself making you open your eyes. “Sorry heels are hard to function in.” Sams white smile flashes in your face. “It’s fine now look.” He nods to the view. You gape at the city lit up in front of you. The bridge with ant like cars on it rushes along. Sam’s warm body presses up next to you and wraps his arm around your waist. You place you head on his shoulder as the mixture of orange and yellow hues blend into a pitch black night. The moon reflects on the water and as the crystal liquid washes up on the shore of the short mountain you stand on.Sam’s warm leaves your body leaving you a bit chilly. Sam steps forward in his black tux and gets on one knee. As he kneels in for you, you lose your breath, your knees begin to weaken and you hands over you mouth in shock. “Y/N I have been with you for almost 3 years and you have been with me through the darkest of times. You are the most intelligent, funniest and most badass woman I have ever met.” He takes a deep breath inhaling your beauty, your lacy dress, your electric eyes, your slightly messed up hair that always looks absolutely adorable. “Y/F/N will you do me the honor of being your husband and marry me?” A happy tear rolls down your face and you can’t put together words. “O-okie doKie.” Is all you can choke out. Sam’s head rolls back in laughter as he instantly puts the glimmering ring on.You start laughing so hard you can barely breath. Sam stands up with a massive grin on his face. Your hands lace together and he leans down kissing your lips tenderly. His soft lips have memorized yours and know how to move. His light pink lips are tender and are overflowing with passion. Your lips break away and your foreheads touch. “I love you so damn much you know that right?” You whisper into the chilly air. “Yeah I know, I love you more that words can express.” You start giggling a bit. Sam looks into your love drunk eyes “What are you laughing at shorty?” You shake your head a bit “I said ‘Okie dokie’ now I know I’m a complete mess.” Sam smiles and kiss you for a second then easily sweeps you up in his arms bridle style.

“You’re my mess”

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Light | BadBoyJimin! x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1,735

Warnings: Swearing

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut (Just hearing sounds etc)

Summary: He’s always been like this. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, constantly getting into fights. He’s down a dark road and the only light that still shines is you.

A/N: I would like to apologies, this is the first time I’ve ever had a request from someone (and one other) and I stupidly answered privately so I couldn’t see the message anymore. I completely forgot to look at who requested and I deeply apologies for my stupidity.


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You remember when you first saw him, Park Jimin. It was your first day at university, when you accidentally bumped into him on your way to your dorm, which just so happened to be next to his. His appearance alone scared you, yet at the same time, you had become interested. The cliché bad boy look. Tight ripped black jeans, plane white t-shirt and a leather jacket covering his broad shoulders. With cigarette in hand, he sneered at you, before roughly bumping your shoulder as he walked passed to go to his room. From that day on, you were in love.

You never spoke to him, all you did was admire him from afar as he would talk with his friends and chat up a random girl in the corridor. It hurt… A lot. Seeing him with another girl, meant he had no interest in you, and he probably never would. You were shadow to him, an insect he could squish in between his fingers, that’s how unimportant you were to him.

You buried your head further into your pillow trying to drown out the loud moans from Jimin and his lady friend next door. This had been going on for what seemed like hours, and it was the last straw. Furiously getting out of bed you stormed out of your dorm and thumped on his door loudly. Silence had finally came to his dorm, but it soon faded when you heard loud footsteps come closer to the door, and when it was opened your jaw dropped. Jimin stood before you, in nothing but his boxers, sweat dripping down his forehead and toned stomach, hair pushed back, as he ran his hand through it.

“What?” he sneered as he leaned against the door frame. “Who the fuck are you?!”

“Your neighbor. Could you please keep it down. People are trying to sleep,” you asked politely. Jimin’s eyes narrowed as he stood up straight and stepped closer to you.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” he threatened as he towered over you, giving you a deadly glare.

“I’m not telling you, I’m asking you… Nicely,” you added as you crossed your arms over your chest. Jimins eyes wandered down to your now slightly exposed cleavage and smirked. Upon realizing where his eyes were you unfolded your arms and pulled your top up. Blushing you turned on your heel to walk away until his hand tightly grasped your wrist.

“Are you sure that’s all you wanted me to do? Because if you want to join in, you can,” he whispered in your ear, his hot breath sending chills down your spine. You actually thought about joining him but your face turned to disgust when you remembered he was with another girl.

“I don’t think I’d want to ruin your time with your lady. So I’ll take my leave,” you almost snapped as you snatched your wrist and walked back to your door. “Good Night,” you mumbled as you shut the door behind you. Your breathing was uneven, and you were panicking like crazy. Jimin your crush, touched you. You were a mess, especially when he offered you to join him. You regretted saying no, but you didn’t like the idea of another woman being there. You just wanted it to be the two of you, as he’d dominate you with his tongue and make you feel good in all the right ways.


It was a late Thurday afternoon, and classes had finally finished. A small sigh escaped your lips as you walked through the now quiet corridors of the university. However a sudden loud grunt caught your attention, peaking around the corner at the end of the corridor, you noticed that Jimin was pinned up against the lockers, the other boys hand firmly around his throat.

“Where the fuck is my money Jimin,” he boy snarled as his grip on Jimins throat tightened.

“Fuck you,” Jimin choked out. The boy used his other hand to collide his fist with Jimins stomach, causing you to gasp. Both heads turned to your direction where they just glared at you.

“Who’s this Jimin? Another slut you just use for your own pleasure?” the boy snarled as he let go of Jimin and made his was towards you. Roughly his hand tightened around your upper arm as he hauled you forward making you loose your balance falling to the ground.

“I barely know her, so let her be,” Jimin spat back as he straightened out his leather jacket.

“Oh I don’t think so, this little spy, could be of some good use to me,” the male licked his lips as he adjusted his trousers making you gulp nervously.

“Don’t fucking touch her Namjoon,” Jimin sneered as he stepped forward slightly.

“Oh so this girl does mean something to you. I just don’t get it Jimin, how come you can fuck any girl you want, but I can’t have this one?” Namjoon asked his glare still on you.

“Because I ask them. You haven’t,” Jimin answered back as he picked you up bridle style. “Go fuck yourself you bastard, you’re not getting near her for as long as a live.”

“Then you’ll die,” Namjoon launched himself at Jimin, making all three of you tumble to the ground, you stuck in between them. “Give me the fucking money and I won’t harm her!” Namjoon yelled. During that time, you managed to wriggle yourself out from between them and pull grab onto Namjoon’s shirt.

“How much!?” you yelled. Both of the males stopped wrestling and looked at you.

“What?” Namjoon snarled. You growled lowly before repeating your question.

“How much,” you spoke through gritted teeth, trying hard to contain your anger. Namjoon stood up and faced you.

“60.” Without hesitation you hauled out your purse and handed him the money.

“Now fuck off and leave him alone,” you snapped as you knelt down to Jimin and helped him up. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,” you muttered as you wrapped Jimins arm around your shoulder and guided him back to your dorm. The journey there was silent until you entered the dorm and Jimin sat down on your bed.

“Why the fuck did you help me. I never asked for it,” Jimin sneered as his hands tightened to fists.

“Because Namjoon was hurting you, and he stopped when I gave him the money. Now shut up and let me see your wounds,” you ordered as you stood in front of him with a damp cloth and a first aid kit. “Take off your shirt,” you mumbled attempting to sound confident, but failed. Jimin smirked in reply and began to unbutton his shirt. Painfully slowly he took off his shirt and laid it next to him. Jimin leaned back slightly, allowing you to see his toned stomach better. “Jesus, he got you good,” you muttered as you noticed a medium sized wound across the right side of his body.

“Tch, I’ve had worse,” he snapped back, but instantly winced when you began to dab (Does the dab) his wound with the wet cloth.

“Jesus what did you buy that got him so worked up?” you muttered, leaning back to grab the first aid kit from behind you.

“You really wanna know?” Jimin challenged, his face expressionless. Your silence allowed him to continue. “I bought come coke off of him, and I said I’d pay him back in two days, which I obviously didn’t do.” You sighed in disbelief.

“Why do you do this to yourself?” You asked him. Jimin glanced at you in curiosity. “Why do you deal drugs, take them, smoke, drink way to much, and get laid every night?! You have so much to live for and you’re destroying yourself,” you muttered, tears threatening to spill down your face.

“What the fuck do you know?” Jimin snapped.

“I know that you’re better than this! It’s clear that people fucking care for you! And you throw them away like they’re trash!” your voice raised slightly as you stood up and turned around, not wanting Jimin to see you cry.

“No one fucking cares for me! Girls only want to fuck me because I’m good in bed! Or if they are in need of stress relief! I’m their fucking toy! HOW ARE YOU TO SAY PEOPLE CARE FOR ME! WHEN CLEARLY NO ONE DOES!” Jimins loud voice echoed through out your dorm making you cover you ears for a moment.

“Well I fucking do! Okay!” Jimin stood in front of you wide eyed as you turned around, your tears staining your cheeks. “I fucking care! I have since I first bumped into you on the way to my dorm! It hurt me so fucking much, seeing you bring another girl into your dorm nearly every night. Having to put up with the constant moaning and groans that came from both of you!” After you spoke you stopped and slapped your hand over your mouth, realizing you had just confessed to him. Slowly Jimin stood large steps towards you, making you move back until the back of your calves hit the end of your bed. In one swift motion, Jimin had you pinned to the bed, hands wrapped tightly around your wrists and he stared into your eyes as if he was trying to read you.

“Why would you care, you barely know me,” he muttered as he lowered his head to the crook of your neck, where he planted soft kisses down to your collarbone.

“Because everyone deserves a second chance,” you muttered, suppressing a moan as Jimin gently sucked on your sweet spot. “Including you.” Jimin continued to kiss downwards until your shirt got in the way.

“This needs to go,” he grumbled as he slowly began to unbutton your shirt. Nervousness suddenly took over you, and you stopped him.

“W-wait. I-I’m still a virgin,” you muttered, looking away in shame. A small soft smile spread across Jimins features as he hand his hand through your hair.

“It’s fine, I promise I’ll be gentle, but only this once,” he smirked and got down to business.

Make sure of it

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warnings: violence, mentions of smut.

A/N: Ok so I know I said that the next imagine would be 13rw but I just saw pirates of the Caribbean: dead man tell no tales/Salazar’s revenge and had this idea but i promise the next imagine will be the Jeff Atkins smut I’m doing. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jack Sparrow in that GIF.

When Salazar tried to kill Captain Jack Sparrow, Salazar sailed right into the Devil’s Triangle. But little did Jack know the Y/N Y/L/N, his love was on that ship, but it was too late the ship had already crashed in the rocks, all the crew were panicking, Salazar was pushed off the edge of the ship and so were you.

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Only, If I Moved My Hands Lower - Tom Wilson

Requested: No

Word Count: 1,198

Warnings: Period pains, fluff and mentions of sex.


Originally posted by dunbaerrito

Normally, your period wasn’t that bad but this time you couldn’t even move without shedding a tear. Not one, but both of your ovaries felt as if they were twisting inside of your body, trying to claw their way out. That even wasn’t the worst thing surprisingly, your lower back hurt, you were bloated and to top things off your flow was so heavy that you had to wear a super plus tampon with a pad just in case you wouldn’t leak on the white bedsheets. So yeah, you were ready to basically die at this point.

Being in so much pain that you were in, you didn’t hear your boyfriend, Tom coming home for practice. “Y/n?” You didn’t say anything, figuring that he will eventually walk in your shared bedroom. Minutes later, you heard footsteps outside of the door and the creaking sound of it opening. “Kitten?”

“Tom.” You whispered, out letting some tears fall from your eyes.

“Hey.” He crouched down beside the bed so he could get a good look at my face. And that’s when Tom noticed the tears running down it and that some of your hair was stuck to your skin because of the wetness. He pushed your hair away from your face then wiped the tears away with his thumb.

“It hurts.” His blue eyes fell to where your hands were clenching. This made him began to stroke your cheek.

“Is it your period?” You just nodded before snuggling more into your pillow. You watched as Tom sighed before asking, “did you take any medicine?” You shook your head.

“It hurts every time I try to move.” You notify making Tom nod his head before kissing your forehead.

“I’ll be back.” He mumbled before heading out of the room.

“M'k.” You started to rub your stomach trying to settle the pain a little. But the pain seemed to want to stay. You heard the familiar footsteps again.

Tom walked back over to you and set a glass on the nightstand. “Let’s get you to sit up.” This made you give the man a look. “Don’t give me that look. You’ll choke if you try to drink anything in that position.” He tried to argue.

“Not if you grab a straw.” You sassed but your boyfriend stood his ground. “Fine.” You sighed in defeat.

As you tried to sit up, a pain hit you in your lower back that made you gasp. “Hey.” Tom helped you completely sit up and slowly rubbed your back. “I’m gonna grab the Ibuprofen, so don’t lay back down, okay.” You nodded your head as he handed you the glass full with chocolate milk.

A smile covered your face at this. It was a weird thing that you craved when you were on your period. Chocolate milk always seemed to settle your stomach. You took a sip as your blue eyed man walked out of bathroom with a small smile on his face. “Here you go, kitten.” He handed you the pills to which you quickly took.

“Thank you.” You said as you set down the now empty glass of chocolate milk on the nightstand.

Tom stood in front of you while his left hand played with your hair. “I started the bath, if your interested.” This caused you to groan in delight. Your arms reached for his neck.

“How did I get so lucky?” The brunette answered with a chuckled as you brought him down for a kiss. Tom pulled away to pick you up bridle style. Once he carried you to the bathroom he set you down on the toilet so he could check the water. “Tom.” His blue eyes connected with you y/e/c ones. “Help.” You pouted before you lifted up your arms.

He chuckled again. “You’re trying to kill me.” You laughed as he pulled your big shirt off your body leaving you in nothing but your granny-panties. Tom’s eyes traveled down your bare chest to your “sexy” underwear. “Yep. Definitely trying.”

“Hush.” You pushed him away making the both of you laugh a little. “Now turn away, so I can change my tampon.” Tom made a face then did as he was told plus covering his ears.

Once you were done, you walked over to the white Barclay tub and slipped in. A sigh escaped from your mouth as the tension left your muscles. You tilted your head black and looked to the right to see Tom with his eyes still closed and hands over his ears. “Tom.” He didn’t answer you. “Tom.” Still nothing. You splashed some water on him, finally catching his attention. He looked at you like he was mad, but you knew better. “You wouldn’t listen. I had to get your attention somehow.” A giggled left your mouth as he moved over to you.

“This is how I get treated after trying to take care of you.” He put both of his hands on either side of the tub leaning down closer to you.

“I’m sorry, baby. How can ever I make it up to you?” You joked with a smirk resting on your lips.

Tom copied your facial expression before saying. “I think I know a way.” His right hand cupped you cheek as his lips pressed a soft kiss to yours. The both of you sighed into the kiss feeling the warmth from each other.

“Love you.” You mumbled against him.

The blue eyed man pulled away from you to look into your eyes. “Love you, too, Y/n.” He straightened his posture. “I guess, I’ll leave you alone so you can rest.” You pouted at this.

“Please, stay.” Tom looked at you for a moment. “You can grab a chair and just sit by the tub. You don’t have to come in.” You paused. “Please.” When you saw a smile cover his gorgeous face you knew you won.


About an hour and a half later, the both of you made your way out of the bathroom to the bedroom where you were wearing one of your favorite shirts that belonged to Tom. He let you wear it knowing that it’ll made you feel better.

So here were you both, cuddle on the bed with Tom leaning against the headboard and you were sitting in between his legs leaning against his chest while Pitch Perfect was playing on the tv.

His big hands your making small circles on your lower abdomen causing you to let out small moans. “You know on normal occasions, in the same position I’d have you moaning like this. Only, if I moved my hands lower.” This caused you to hit right arm. “Hey, I’m just saying.”

You rolled your eyes. “Four more days, babe. Be patient.”

“Oh, how I can’t wait.” You snuggled closer to his chest.

“Why because you know that you’re gonna get a big reward for treating me so well?”

“What?” Tom gasped. “How dare you?” He moved his arms around your waist. “I just want you out of this pain, kitten.” He pressed a kiss to the back of your head making you raise an eyebrow.

“Um, hmm.” You knew the truth.

The Unwell Reunion

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Being sick sucks, but at least you’ve got JB @suhotrashanon

You had become a burrito. Being rolled up for so long on the couch had clearly turned you into one. It wasn’t that you wanted this. Oh no. But this is what illness had done to you. To make matters worse, you were surrounded by discarded tissues. You wanted to clean, but your body felt like it had been hit by a bus. That was how your boyfriend JB had found you. After being away for weeks, this was your reunion. “I’m dying,” you dramatically moaned.

JB laughed as he placed his bags by the door. “You’re not dying. You’re being dramatic.”

“Is there really a difference?”

He moved your feet, making room for himself to sit. He plopped down, making you groan in discomfort. “No, not really.” He stared at the TV before him. His eyebrows knitted together at the awful scene that was on the screen. It was a gruesome scene filled with blood and two bodies. “What are you watching?”

“A crime documentary,” you simply replied. This was your thing when you were sick. You weren’t sure what had gotten you so into these dramas, they were just so interesting. Who did it? Why did they do it? Things like that. It was a puzzle. And watching the methods of the investigation was so fascinating. Of course, you weren’t really in the right state of mind to fully process the information that was being fed to you. “It almost makes me want to go out and become a detective.”

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Request: Hey, I would like to request a bellamy image. The reader is a grounder but was thrown out bc she helped te sky people (it takes place before the alliance). She is friends with Bellamy but when he sees her, beaten up bc that was her punishment, and banished he is rly worried and takes care of her. A lot of fluff pls! 💖 ps: the reader is not that sarcastic or unfriendy as other grounders. In fact she is rly sweet and nice and everyone likes her ☺ thx!!

Requested by: @ariatate

A/N: super cute! thank you for the request! i twisted it a bit but i still hope you enjoyed it!

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by morleybell

“This is what happens when sky people come.” The grounders voice cut clean through the dead silence as every sing delinquent stared ahead in silence. There was a growl somewhere behind Bellamy as his eyes stuck to you, and then you whimpered while you hung from the grounders grip.

“We don’t make alliances with intruders, Y/N. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” This wasn’t an attack. Or at least not against the delinquents, instead almost a threat. Threat to Bellamy or you, he wasn’t sure, but as he saw the grounder stand tall in one of the trees right next to his peoples wall, and he saw you hang there just about to fall, he realized it was a messaged.

Turning behind, he caught eye of Lincoln who had been staying with them because of Octavia. He growled, angry. As a grounder yourself, Bellamy never thought he’d see your people treat you so recklessly but it was clear you had made some sort of mistake to your people. Scars and burns marred your body, one eye was swollen shut and you couldn’t speak.

“We do not want either Lincoln or Y/N back. We’ve banished them from our camp.” The grounder spoke just before he let go of you and you fell inside the camp, your body making a smack against the ground.

All anger Bellamy felt was lost as panic struck him and he ran towards you. At the same time, Lincoln reach you and Clarke stood near. Bellamy kneeled by you, turning you over so he could see your face. You groaned, in pain and he went to make sure you were breathing.

“Bella-…” Your plea fell short as it became too painful to speak. Bellamy wasted no time picking you up bridle style as Clarke ordered him where to go. You were rushed into the ship, being placed on a makeshift nurse bed. You groaned and Bellamy sat next to you, holding your hand as Clarke began her work.

“She didn’t deserve this…” Lincoln whispered, shaking her head. Bellamy tore his gaze from you to stare at Lincoln. “This was my fault and she was the one punished.

Octavia stepped up; “hey. You didn’t force her.”

“But she followed me.” He shook his head and Bellamy stayed silent, opting to stare at your guys enclosed hand. Lincoln was right. You didn’t deserved this.

A week later, you were nursing back to health. Your body was marred in scars but still you were optimistic as you healed. Bellamy hadn’t really left your side since the night, though you didn’t mind. His presence made you feel better quicker.

“Hey, Y/N?” Looking over to Bellamy, you tilted your head sweetly. You were always very open. You never truly agreed with your peoples way and rather work together with every one then fight against possible allies, that is how you met Bellamy with the help of Lincoln, and despite bing exiled, you never regretted the day.

“Yeah, Bell?” You asked.

“Why were you exiled? What is so wrong with talking to us?” 

You sighed, falling against your bed. “My people… they’re very strict. They believe that everyone else is a threat and believe the people who feel from the sky to be intruders. Not many people believe otherwise. Lincoln and i one of the few. When they learned of me meeting up with you, I was taken to our leader then beaten and tortured before being dumped here.”

Bellamy’s face was sullen, a frown etched on his face. You smiled at his concern, “hey. It’s okay. I’m here now. I… am welcome here right?”

Bellamy chuckled, “yes of course.”

“Great,” you smiled. Bellamy still looked upset and again you shook your head, softly placing your hand on his cheek. You leaned over, ignoring the pain and Bellamy’s lecture as you pressed a kiss against his forehead. “I’m glad i met you.” You whispered and Bellamy blushed slightly.

“I’m-… glad I met you as well.”

anonymous asked:

How would the UF and US Skelebros react to an S/O who snuck around for about a week, having quiet phone calls a d not being quite as close to their skelebro but trying to act like they're the same, and sat their skellie down and said, "You know how we thought that Monsters couldn't get humans pregnant? Well, I just got off the phone with Alphys/Undyne and they confirmed that, well... Surprise?"

♥UF Sans: He lets you go the first couple times you snack around, but after a week he gets suspicious and worried. Red always automatically assumes the worst so he gets worried that maybe you’re cheating on him. He trusts you, but come on, look at him, he’s surprised that you stayed with him as long as you already have. He’ll confront you about it, but he doesn’t bring up the cheating thing first. When you tell him that, he just bursts out, “Oh, thank goodness! I thought that you were cheating on me for a second there, but it turns out that you’re just pregnant! Whoo, that’s a relief!”, he sighs and wipes some sweat off of his brow, then he’s just stands there with a lazy smile on his face for a few seconds, then realisation hits, “WAIT, WHAT!?!” You repeat yourself and he begins freaking out. He can’t be a father he doesn’t know the first thing about raising and child! What if he messes up and your kid ends up in prison, or even worse, being just like him! Help him calm down before he passes out. After you’ve calmed him down he realise how much he really would love having a kid and does his best to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible through the entirety of your pregnancy.

♥UF Papyrus: Boss won’t stand for you sneaking around for very long before he decides to look into it. Why you hide anything from him? He’s The Great and Terrible Papyrus, and you should never feel like you have anything to hide from him! Unless, you’re worried about him getting angry at you. That’s when he begins to question your loyalty. What no! Only and idiot would go of canoodling with others when you have someone as amazing as him! Still, he wants to know what you’ve been doing so he’s going to confront you about it. The third time you sneak off to make a phone call he’s waiting right around the corner, arms crossed, and glaring down at you. He snatched you phone out of your hand and checks your messages. After a while of scrolling his eyes get wide and he looks up at you with a look of Aww. “YOU-YOUR PREGNANT…", “Uh yeah, pretty much…surprise!”, you say as you make a jazz hands motion. He keeps glancing at you and then back down at your phone and that back at you, and a huge smile slowly makes it’s way to his face and he picks you up bridle style, “ WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOONER!”, he looks so genuinely happy, “I WILL BE THE BEST FATHER THAT ANY CHILD COULD ASK FOR, AND OF COURSE, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT A CHILD AS PERFECT AS OURS WILL BE DESERVES!”. You’re going to be pampered through the entirety of your pregnancy. You’re not allowed to to do anything that he thinks might even have a slight chance of harming you or causing discomfort. You will have to remind him that you can still feed yourself, and that walking around won’t harm you or the baby, or you’re going to spend 9 months in bed being spoon fed by him. Yeah, he goes a little crazy, but he’s just so happy, and wants everything to turn out perfectly. He’s smiling all the time when he’s home now, even some in public, and doesn’t care if anyone sees him.

♥US Sans: When he sees you sneaking around and calling people he gets exited and actually assumes that you’re planning a surprise birthday party for him. After about a week of this, he’s in the kitchen frying burger for tacos when his eyes shoot open in shock. Wait a second, it’s nowhere near his birthday! He’s goes directly to you to question you about your odd behavior recently. He never assumed anything, he just wants to know if you’re alright and if there’s anyway that he can help you. When you tell him he freezes and just stare at you. Tears begin to prick in the corners of his eyes and he goes to tackle hug you but stops himself before he makes impact. You have a child inside of you now, so he’s going to be treating you like glass. He’s just so happy, ever since he met you this is all he’s ever wanted!

♥US Papyrus: He just let’s you do your thing. He trusts you, and you’ve never given him a reason not to. After a few weeks pass and you confront him about. “Uh, hey, Pap”, “ yeah, babe”, “Well, you know how we didn’t think that monsters could get humans pregnant, well surprise!”, you say as you hold up the pregnancy tester. His eyes widen and the lollipop falls out of his mouth, *stranger screechy moaning noise*. “ Uh, Paps? Are you gonna be okay?”, he nods. “You sure?”, you ask and then he pulls you into a hug. You can’t see his face, but you can he’s crying by the tone of his voice, “ Yeah, I’ve her been better actually”, his hug tightens and he promises to you and to his future child that he’ll be the best father he can possibly be.

109. Red K!Kara x Reader

Originally posted by melbenoistdanvers

Request: Kara on red K flirts with the reader and kidnap her, because it’s her weird way to get her attention

You didn’t expect to be tied upside down to the rafters of some old abandoned warehouse, as a matter of fact you thought today would be a normal day. Same old job, same old jerky boss, and same old dull life. You were wrong about that notion to say the least. 

It had all started when you where delivering some mail from your friend Rick to the some guy on the top floor of CatCo. Rick had said it was very important and had practically begged you to deliver that envelope first. After promises of free lunch for a month you decided to do him the favor. You took the elevator to the top of the building and searched around for ‘Winn’. 

“Um hello I’m looking for Winn, uh a Winn Sh-” You were cut off when a woman fiercely gestured towards a disgruntled looking man. You walked over with raised eyebrows and tried to speak to him.

“Uh sir? I’m here with some mail from Rick in accounting?” You questioned but the man seemed to focused on whatever was going on with the computer. “Uh dude seriously he said it was important?” Silence and the patter of keys being hit.

You frowned and flicked his forehead, nothing happened. You considered hitting him with various things before a voice stopped you. “He’s not going to notice you he’s kind of on a roll.” You looked up to see another man with a charming smile, you weren’t fazed and hummed curiously. 

You looked at Winn a last time before balancing the envelope on his head. When he still didn’t do anything you shrugged and made your way towards the elevator. That’s when you nearly stopped dead. A woman dressed in a black dress was walking towards you. You blinked, it was Kara Danvers she had given you a donut when you delivered a package to her once. She had earned the title of nicest person in the world to you.

She didn’t seem so nice now, as a matter of fact she seemed to have a determined sort of rude look on her face which was slightly attractive. You shook out of your daze and steered clear of her war path when something grabbed you from the hood of your hoodie. That’s when everything went black. 

The next thing you knew you were waking up upside down. You groaned, “Well that was unexpected.” You tried looking around for something to free you but you couldn’t even move your head. Slightly discouraged you tried freeing yourself but realized that would be stupid considering a fall from this height could kill you.

You waited for a moment before haring a slight laugh come from behind you. 
“Uh hello?” You called out straining to move your head. More laughter was all you heard. You frowned and started to squirm around in the restraints which you realized were not rope but chains.

“Oh darling I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Said a familiar voice you wrinkled your nose and saw an upside down face looking at you. Your eyes widened when you recognized the woman you had a tiny crush on

“Kara?” You asked, she grinned somewhat and you realized she was flying. “Oh you have powers, and you tied me up somewhere…. Ok uh what the hell?”

She smiled cheekily and nodded, or you think she nodded it was kind of hard to tell upside down. “Um you gonna let me down or at least turn me right side up? I pretty sure I can die like this, I saw it in a movie once.” She fixed your position and the blush you didn’t know was on your cheeks started to fade.

“So why exactly am I here?” Kara gave you a bored look and glanced at her fingernails.

“For some odd reason I like you and would like to go on a date with you, or something stupid like that.” she said still sounding bored. You gaped staring at her in surprise, this was certainly unexpected.

Your head pounded when you tried to process what just happened. “You kidnapped me and tied me up to ask me on a date?” She nodded expectantly, “Um let me think this entire situation is a lot to process.”

“Don’t make me wait to long or I’ll just leave you like that.” She threatened pointing at you with a freshly manicured finger. You nodded fiercely and tried to think but the look she was giving you made it hard to. You gulped and tried to focus, first off this obviously couldn’t be Kara Danvers she was to cruel and kind of sadistic. 

But why did she look like her, and when had Kara had powers? You came to a the conclusion that she was an alien and bit your lip but why was she acting like this. “Would you say yes if I said I thought you looked amazing?” Kara asked shaking you out of your thoughts.

“Uh what?”

“I said that I think your drop dead beautiful and that I would have made a move on you before my realization if I wasn’t such a wimp, and that I have certain things I’d like to say and do-” Your face went pink she was starting to ramble about you in a way that wasn’t her but was and that confused the heck out of you.

“Um ok I guess I’ll go out with you..” you trailed off as she gave you a look of suspicion. 

“Seriously?” She asked skeptical, “This isn’t a joke?”

“Yup totally not a prank or anything.” You nodded in conformation. She raised an eyebrow expectantly and you cleared your throat.

“But I have one condition,” you paused and she tilted her head curiously, “You tell me what caused your change in personality.” Kara frowned and you bit your lip hoping you hadn’t stepped to far. She was silent for a while and you hoped she wasn’t deciding how to kill you.

“Well the stupid scientists say it was some red rock.“ She said with a shrewd look on her face. You blinked and tried to piece together what she had said it was hard considering she wasn’t really making any sense.

“Uh what kind of red rock?” The look she gave you made shivers go down your spine, she smiled. 

“I don’t think it was the rock though,” she started, ignoring your question, “I just think it’s about time I started telling people how I feel I mean if someone is taking what is mine or being to cocky don’t I have the right to tell them to shove it or I will for them?” Kara ranted. You nodded and your fear lessened, it was like the rock had unleashed Kara’s hidden thoughts and feelings.

She had to deal with ass hats being an assistant and all so the anger was kind of justified. It did not give her an excuse to tie you up and scare the crap out of you though. Eventually she stopped talking and stared at you for a minute seeming to admire your features. You stayed like that for a while trying to talk to her she mostly ignored you but sometimes answering the questions you asked.

“Hey Kara excuse my asking but why don’t you just, you know, try to patch things up with your sister and friends?” She frowned suddenly looking uncomfortable before she answered back.

“Because they don’t really care about me and think that they are better than the woman who always saves the day.” She sais simply but you could tell the question bothered her. In that moment you felt sorry for this side of Kara only because she thought no one seemed to care about her.

“Uh I care about you…” You trailed off hoping you said the right thing. Kara studied you for a moment before pecking your cheek which immediately blazed red. When she leaned back she was smiling at you and you found the courage to smile back.

“I suppose,” she paused studying you, “it’s time for that date.” She broke your chains and lifted you up bridle style. For the rest of the night you only half wished someone would save you.

Little Rook [Jacob Frye x Reader]

Warning: slight NSFW;

A/N: i just wanted to say, i had this idea of Jacob requesting for little rooks to his wife (the reader) because it would be adorable and i can see him calling his children little rooks.


The first time that Jacob Frye approached you with the idea of having a baby, was during your second year of marriage together. He had gripped the brim of his top hat and sheepishly looked down at the floor while mumbling out a request of what he wanted. Of course, his mumblings caused you to arch a brow and press to him that he speak up.

His exact words were, “I want you to provide me a little rook.”

This caused you to freeze in your tracks and stand upright before looking at him with small worry. “As in…. a baby? Your little baby?” You questioned curiously, turning your back to his massive frame. Your hands were nimble, working on gently cutting the bread for this evening.

“Yes,” he confirmed a bit more confidently, leisurely strolling over to you and making sure to pin his body flush to yours. “Our little baby,” he breathed against the soft shell of your ear, your body tingling with excitement when his hot breath fanned over your skin. The heat and soft lips that melded into tender flesh caused your heart to stutter and your breathing quickened. Your eyes were wide and cheeks flushed red. London was safe from Blighters…

“Okay… We can try for a little rook,” you relented, hearing him chuckle with joy and he swept you up and into his arms bridle style. There, he carried you from the small kitchen and up the wooden stairs and to your shared bedroom.

Of course, Jacob wanted to be 100%+ sure that you were going to be pregnant. So, before the two of you even decided to make sure to get a check up any time soon, he made sure to bed you every chance he got almost each day. This exhausted you more than you thought, but it was quite exciting nonetheless. In fact, almost every single time he spiced it up a bit differently than the last. Which is where you two were now. His teeth lightly nibbling along the soft curve of your throat with eyes half lided, and one of your legs lazily half wrapped around the masculine waist of his. He was propped on his forearms, hips lazily rocking in and out of you and listening to your mewls and whimpers whenever the tip of his length scraped against the tender flesh within. Eventually, he slipped a hand between the two of you and gently rubbed, causing your body to writhe and fingers to claw down the curve of his spine.

“Jacob- I-!” You gasped, eyes rolling back and body convulsing as you were sent over the edge and caused a chuckle to erupt from his chest. It didn’t last for long however, his own moan interrupting his movements and hips stilling as he slowly released the warmth within before he breathlessly leaned above you.

“Yes love?” He jokingly asked you between puffs of breaths, gently kissing your eyes as they fluttered close.

“I’m expecting a little rook,” your murmured to him, placing a kiss on the scar over his jaw and causing his head to rear back. At first, you felt a bit hurt his head moved away, but then you saw the twinkle in his hazel gaze and the excitement returning once again.

“My little rook?!” He asked like a child on Christmas Day, face nearly splitting in half from his raw joy.

“Your little rook,” you hummed, stifling a yawn and causing another ‘squeal’ of joy to escape your husband.

“Im gonna have a little rook!” He cheered as he pulled out of you.

From that point onward, it was easy; until your hips had adjusted slightly and belly swollen that you were sure you had twins. Your toes wriggled, hand placed protectively over it and humming as you ate a grape from the local market. You were reading a book, a cat languidly moving before it opted to crawl up the nightstand beside the bed and gently pad around your massive belly to inspect it yet another time. Slowly, it set its paw on your belly before gently purring and brushing its face along its skin, causing you to giggle and be distracted by your small lover.

Jacob was out helping the Rooks over in Westmeister; apparently some loyal Blighters managed to pop up again and cause havoc amongst the people there. So, you were left in your shared home alone with nothing but a book and cat to keep you company. The autumn breeze warmly drifted through the room, and your brows furrowed as motherly intuition spoke up. Slowly, the pain started. It was a small tingeing contraction that you could easily overlook, but over time it grew worse and worse until your water broke.

By the time the official contractions started, the sun was setting and Jacob was still nowhere in sight. You needed someone- anyone really as sweat broke out over your skin and body stilled as it tried to get this small being out of you.

“____?” You heard someone call, your teeth gritted and eyes squeezing shut as your grip on the book and sheets tightened. Your knuckles turned white, an agonized cry escaping into the air and causing whoever it was to burst through the door. It was Evie, accompanying her was Henry, and the two went wide eyed when they saw you. “______!” Evie cried in fear, running over to your side and pulling out a hankerchief to gently wipe the sweat away.

“I’m going to grab a doctor Evie- I’ll be back,” Henry announced, his body turning and swiftly leaving the way he had come.

“Where’s my brother? Why isn’t he here with you?” Evie pressed as you whimpered out in pain.

Fear gripped you; where was your husband? Was he okay? Was he lying in a puddle of his own blood, dying in the streets? Did he even… make it in the cruel fists of the Blighters? “He went to settle a skirmish between Rooks and Blighters earlier today.. he hasn’t returned,” you cried out, distress causing another wave of violent contractions to convulse through you. A sob escaped your lips, Evie gripping your hand in place of her brother and a worried look forming in her eyes.

“I’ve returned with the doctor and a wet bowl and towel,” Henry declared as he erupted into the room with his guest and items he claimed he had in his hand. He ran over to your other side, gently wringing out the towel before smoothing it over your heated forehead.

The doctor felt like he was taking hours to help push out the baby, your cries of pain not really too pleasing on the ears. It caused Evie to go in distress, wanting to help remove the pain but unable. So she gripped your hands and murmured soft encouragements, Henry helping do the same until finally-

A wail echoed off the walls and the sound of a door being slammed open downstairs being drowned out. Sweat was beading down your neck and face, the towel gently wrung out yet again as Henry and Evie praised you and your work on birthing the child. The child was being cleaned and cared for by the doctor, the door to your bedroom being shoved open. Jacob had wide hazel eyes, hair that was already in a disarray even more so, and his cheeks were rosy with the faded tear tracks. Fear had gripped him; he didn’t want to directly go home and see that if you gave birth to his child to see you dead like his mother had. Instead he saw you being delicately handled by his sister and brother-in-law, and the baby being carefully placed in your arms as you smiled weakly.

Everyone was admiring the child. He had little tufts of peach fuzz and eyes that were closed. He made cute little cooing noises and the blanket he was swaddled with was green with a little sewn Rook in it.

“_____…” Jacob carefully called out, earning your tired attention and causing his heart to melt at the sight of your smile.

“We did it Jacob- we have a little Rook,” you cooed out in praise, earning a chuckle from him and a smile from Evie as she practically cooed over her nephew.

“And what are you going to name your rook?” Henry asked eagerly, joining his brother in law’s side then as he looked at you and his wife.

Evie hummed, looking at you with a smile and whispered in your ear, “Emmett.”

“Emmett Frye!” You agreed then, grinning widely as Jacob passed his sister a knowing look before he moved over to peer down at the child.

“Sounds like a good name for a lil rook to me.”


{synopsis} 1940′s bucky takes reader dancing; the night goes on, some brownies get eaten, and someone feels like they’re flying.

{warnings} sO MUCH FLUFF, marijuana use/consumption, protective!bucky, 

{pairing} 1940′s!bucky x neutral!reader

{word count} 1237

thank you nonnie for the wonderful request! lot’s of love xx

AUTHOR’S NOTE - this is extremely exaggerated. eating a single pot brownie will most likely not cause you to hallucinate, or exhibit any other symptoms written into this one-shot. i just made it dramatic because drama makes everything more interesting. 

   Bucky had somehow convinced you to go dancing. It’s not that you were bad, you were just so shy. People (let alone dance halls) were not your thing, and as the sparkling-eyed boy dragged you towards the flashing lights, distant chatter, and the very pungent smell of alcohol, you were regretting your decision. You stopped hard in your tracks, a rather adorable frown etching it’s way onto your face as you stared at the now concerned James. He placed a loving hand on your shoulder, “What’s wrong, doll? Don’t tell me you’re playing chicken, now…”

   You bit your lip and whined, “I don’t know, Buck! You know crowds aren’t my area… why can’t we just go to the movie house? I hear they’re playing a wonderful film about a girl with skin as white as snow who falls into the hands of a band of dwarves-”

   “Hey!” -Bucky shook your shoulders- “It’ll be alright, sugar. You have me to hang on to. We’ll stay for an hour, then go to the movie house. Alright?” -he grabbed your hand and continued your journey to the hall- “C’mon, Y/N, they’re playing your song.” And as you looked into his hopeful glowing eyes, the chilly September air seemed to melt away, the giggles and hollers of the people around you drained away, and a warm feeling settled in your stomach. Bucky would keep you safe. This was going to be fun.

   Ten minutes. It had been ten whole minutes and you hadn’t even considered going home. You were, well… you were having fun. The band played the most wonderful songs, each having a beat of it’s own, and you couldn’t help but sway your hips along with the rhythm. Bucky had led you through the more complicated dances (he was really good), and the warm feeling only grew as your saw the smiles on the faces of the people around you. The atmosphere in the hall was friendly, inviting, charismatic. Everyone knew what they were doing. After your fourth dance together, you suggested a break was well earned. So, while you took a seat in a bar stool, Bucky rushed off to the men’s restroom. You saw some giggling fellas rush after him, so you assumed he would take a while catching up.

   You couldn’t stop the giddy smile taking over your face, warming up your thoughts. You were having fun. And you were about to have even more fun as a plate of brownies caught your eye. Your head turned left towards the restrooms, checking to see if Bucky was exiting. He was no where in sight, so you hopped out of your stool and quickly made your way over to the table which the brownies were on, eyeing them and the people around you cautiously before taking one lightly in your hand. You smelt it, normal. Bit a small chunk off, heavenly. No one seemed to care that you were indulging yourself, and you were thankful. Though you did notice a few kids sitting in the chairs surrounding the table looked a little whoozey. They’re just tired, you reassured yourself. Bite by bite, you devoured the brownie. The chocolaty goodness invaded your insides, making your brain fuzzy and your stomach a bit jumpy. You weren’t allergic to dairy, right?

   Suddenly a wave of throbbing pain took over your senses, blurring your vision and making you stumble back from the plate. Sensing something was wrong, you fought your way to the back entrance, past the bathrooms, and violently pushed the door open. The crisp air did little for the waves of heat coursing through your veins, nor the pounding headache splitting your skull. You vomited, silently and shamefully, onto the pavement beneath your feet. Your stomach heaved up the remains of your day’s meals, exhibiting them onto the ground in a rather colorful mix. Was it colorful, though? You couldn’t tell, everything looked so colorful.

   The overhead street lights blared painfully bright, and you gasped sharply as you shielded your eyes. Stumbling back, you landed roughly against the brick wall and knocked your head harshly, crying out in pain and falling pathetically to the cold ground below. The door opens suddenly, and a strangled cry of your name splits the quiet. You hiss at the noise, holding out a shaking hand and telling them to “shhhhh!”

   A panicked Bucky kneels in front of you, his hands caressing your droopy face and his obnoxiously loud voice ringing in your ears.  “Hey!” you start, your voice slurred, “Stop that noise mister, or I’m gonna have to call” -you puff up your chest and deepen your voice, your hand coming up to point dramatically at no where in particular- “Captain America!” your lazy giggles fill the air and Bucky looks rather horrified.

   “Oh god, doll, who did this to you!” Bucky’s voice shakes as he lifts you from your rather comfortable space on the floor. You pout and try to fall again, you liked that spot. But Bucky holds onto you tight, quickly shifting your position so that he was carrying your almost limp body bridle style. As you rambled and he worried, he began the short walk back to your neighborhood.

   “Gosh, Bucky! I was trying to”- you hiccup- “sleep! The plate did it, the plate… he’s the one who killed Washington!”

   Bucky shakes his head and glances at your worriedly, “Doll… god I’m so sorry, I should’ve never left you, we should’ve gone to the theater, we should’ve gone to the fucking theater.”

   You gasped in a mocking way, “James Buchanan Barnes! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!”

   Bucky chuckled and smiled lightly, “No, darling, I kiss you.”

   You smiled, giddy again, “Yeah, yeah ya’ do.”

   The next morning was absolute hell. Your head throbbed, your back ached, your feet were cold, and you looked like shit. You slowly craned your head to the other side of the bed and saw that Bucky was asleep as well, a small frown etches onto his near perfect features. You turned over (groaning lightly in the process) and brought your index finger up to trace his feature. His creamy skin, thick lashes, sinfully plum lips, and the soft curve of his jaw were all greatly appreciated by your tired eyes. When you had gotten to lightly running a hand through his hair, he woke, cerulean blue eyes bright and lively. But also worried.

   He caught your hand and brought it to his chest, scooting closer to your form. “Hey, babydoll. You ok?” he breathed.

   You nodded innocently, avoiding his eyes. “Hey,” he dropped your hand and raised your chin up to look at him, his fingers stroking your jaw lovingly, “it wasn’t your fault, baby. It was mine, I should’ve know not to leave you alone, I-”

   You stopped him, “James! It was neither of our faults, you shouldn’t have left me alone, yeah, but I shouldn’t have been so stupid as to eat a random brownie. Our faults cancelled each other’s out, alright? It’s over.” He smiled softly, nodding his head in understanding.

   “Now,” you began, a small smile gracing your features, “I need to sleep this off. Cuddle me?”

   He laughed happily, then engulfed your figure in his arms. And you both laid like that, in each other’s arms, you minds at ease, and the past behind you.

I’ll Protect You

Request: Hi, could I request a modern au John Murphy imagine where murphy and the reader live in an apartment together, they’re dating and go to the same college.One day he sees a guy flirting with the reader and she tells him but he doesn’t get the message and tries to touch her. Murphy ends up fighting him.The reader gets him home and cleans all of his injuries in the bathroom and thanks him, and they kiss and go to bed and he just hugs her and it’s all cute. Sorry it’s so long, is this okay? ❤️

Requested by: @1blurredsmoke10

A/N: Sure thing! I was actually super excited to write this, so thank you for requesting it!

Warning: non-consent touching. fighting. fluff.

Originally posted by lachicainmortal

“What’s a beautiful girl like yourself doing here all alone?” Snapping your head up from your drink, you turned to see a much taller man. He had blonde hair, wore a black shirt and had green eyes. He was about a head taller than you, but you thought nothing of his comment, only think he was trying to start a conversation.

Smiling lightly up at him, you laughed. “Thank you,” you started, “but i’m actually not. Well won’t be.”

He took a step towards you and suddenly you felt a tad bit uncomfortable, you went to take a step back only for your back to hit the edge of the bar counter. 

You were at a party, thrown by one of your college friends. You’d been excited to go seeing as it was her birthday and it was sometimes nice to just get away from all the school work. The party was set at a club, which slightly made you hesitant to go. Clubs had never been your scene but Y/F/N had been a dear friend of yours for a long time, and you couldn’t just bail on her.

Originally you had thought you’d have to go all alone, which was okay, only thing is your friend had a lot more friends than you did. It was self-explanatory, seeing as she was a much more outspoken girl. But that in turn meant you wouldn’t really have anyone to spend the evening with.

Then, your two year long boyfriend had agreed to go with you. The two of you shared an apartment and you loved him very much. He was abrasive to others but he always treated you like a queen and was undeniably sweet to you. You knew the only reason why he agreed to go was because he didn’t like the idea of you going to a club by yourself. 

You two had made plans to go together but then school caught up to him and he had to stay a bit later. He should be on his way now though.

“Oh, really?” The boy smirked, closing what little distance the two of you had between each other. You sucked in a deep breath, at first the boy had seemed nice and you’d jumped at the thought of actually being able to talk to someone. But now all he did was make you feel uncomfortable. “Well, I don’t see them now. I’m Jake.”

You smiled, still trying to be polite. “I’m Y/N.” You said, hoping that maybe if you just went with it he’d eventually leave you alone.

“So, tell me, how does one get you to come join them on the dance floor?” He asked slyly.

You laughed lightly, trying to break the awkwardness. “Nothing,” you said shortly. “I, uh, have a boyfriend who actually is the one coming. So…-” His hand fell on your waist as he pulled you even closer. You placed your hands on his chest, you tried to push him away but he fought your struggle.

“I don’t see him.” He said flatly. Raising his other arm he stroked your cheek, brushing some of your hair away as you looked around nervously. You tried to see if you could spot Murphy or your friend but came up empty. Your heart began to race as you tried to figure out a way to get out of the situation. He was undoubtedly much stronger than you and with how determined he seemed, it didn’t look liked he’d be letting you go anytime soon.

“Please, i-i’m not interested.” You tried pleading.

“Something te-” You let out a leap of shock when a fist suddenly came in front of your view, knocking Jake over as a body came in front of you. You let out a breath of relief when you recognized the figure as Murphy, your boyfriend.

But quickly you noticed the anger that literally rolled off of him and the way his breathing was rapidly fast. “Woah, man.” Jake said as he regained his balance. Murphy said nothing as he punched Jake again, alerting the whole bar of what was happening. Murphy was quite aggressive and you remembered, before meeting him, that he was always getting into trouble. That all stopped when he met you and had a ways to release his anger more efficiently.

Jake’s face became angry as he punched Murphy. You gasped at the blood that began leaking from your boyfriends nose and you felt your heart break when he let out a strangled cry, hitting Jake again. 

You watched as the club owner came rushing out and you knew you needed to gain Murphy’s attention before he got himself arrested. “Hey, what’s going on here!?” The manager yelled.

You quickly raised your hands, standing in front of Murphy so he couldn’t throw another hit at Jake and Jake looked at you shocked. His face was much worse than Murphy’s but not much of you cared after the way he had treated you. You smiled apologetically at the manager. “I’m sorry. We’ll be going, we’ll be going.” Grabbing Murphy’s arm, you dragged him out of the club.

Before Murphy walked away from Jake though, he spat angrily. “Never touch her again.” You continued leading him out. Apologizing to your friend on the way out who only smiled knowingly.

When you arrived back at your shared apartment with Murphy, you said nothing but lead him into the bathroom. You had him sit up on the counter as you grabbed some alcohol and bandages. You grabbed some clothe as well. His face was bruised and bleeding as well as his knuckles were bruised.

You said nothing and neither did he as you cleaned his injuries and bandaged his hand. You were still in your dress and felt oddly disgusting as you remembered how his hands had lingered on you. You frowned at Murphy’s hand, hating how he got hurt because of you.

“Thank you.” You whispered. A hand came under your chin as Murphy led you head up so you finally made eye contact with him. He smiled sadly down at you, staring at you lovingly. He already knew what you were thinking.

“He was touching you, Y/N.” He reminded.

You sighed. “I know. I just don’t like you getting hurt because of me.” You admitted, immense guilt inside you. Maybe if you had just been a bit more clear to him, none of this would have happened and you could’ve been enjoying the night instead of cleaning your boyfriends wounds.

“Hey,” Murphy said, grabbing your head with both his hands. “It’s not on you. He had no right to touch you like that and nothing you could’ve done would’ve stopped him.” He leaned down to kiss you, and leant into the kiss, relishing in the moment.

“Thank you,” you repeated. He nodded, smiling down at you lovingly as he began taking off his shirt. You stared confused as to why he was doing this and even more baffled when he began to unzip your dress.


“Sh.” He shushed you, and you obediently stepped out of the dress before Murphy placed his shirt over you. You smiled, feeling much more comfortable as Murphy jumped off the counter. He grabbed you suddenly, holding you bridle style as you squealed.

He carried you to your bed and placed you down. You snuggled into the warmth, immediately feeling him against your back as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You suddenly felt very tired and let your eyes drift close, missing the way Murphy smiled at the back of your head, snuggling into you.

Fallacy x Encre

EHHHHHHHH THAT FUCKING PIC KILLED LIKE I AM STILL SCREAMING. JUST ENJOY~ and yes this is basically a continuation of The Living Art Piece (GO CHECK IT OUT!) *le shrug* its ending a bit different tho I also don’t know French so I’m just going to English it ;3

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Restaurant Rebels

*if any of you have seen that clip of corpanga, this will be VERY familiar to you.*

“Thank you for all of this Farkle, it’s so sweet.” Riley smiles, gently placing her palm on top of the back of his hand.

“You’re welcome. It was actually Lucas’ idea. I wonder how they’re getting on.” Just as Farkle mutters the end of his sentence, a growl comes from the other side of the room, causing everyone including them to turn and stare to where a ferocious tiny blonde was standing her ground.


“But what about-”

“NO LUCAS! This is the fifth time we have visited this stupid restaurant this week! What are we even celebrating now? Is it the first time we met? The first time we kissed? What, what is it?” Maya was flailing her hands about, her tight black dress riding up due to the sheer exaggeration she was putting into her speech (she almost toppled over in those very high red heels).

Lucas peered down at his crossed hands nervously, like a little boy who had stolen a cookie. “It’s the anniversary of the first time we ate here.” But then he looked up and squinted. “And you’re about to get us kicked out! From our place. From our base. From our HQ!”

Maya raised an eyebrow at him, trying not to laugh so that she could get across her point. That bloody eyebrow she gave him scared the crap out of him, he had to admit.
“Lucas, I am fifty years away from eating here ! I don’t want all these anniversaries and special dinners and stuff, I just want to grab a pretzel from the cart round the corner and a pint of probably out of date ice cream from Bob’s Late Night Superstore.”

Her voice was still very loud, ringing out throughout the restaurant and the old woman in the floral blouse behind them was not impressed, as she loudly sipped her tea.

“Equweeese me ma'am but could I just ask you to lowe-” Maya turned to him, her arms crossed and eyes squinted right towards the fat Italian man, who had tanned skin and a big, bushy brown moustache proudly branching from his chubby upper lip.

“Grrrr.” She growled at him, gritting her teeth together like a bear and the man’s hands were surrendered, running off like a shot. “LUCAS! I’m yelling at you and you don’t even care!”

Riley was anxiously biting her lip. Sure, Maya and Lucas had been together a lot longer than her and Farkle, the two were very fast moving people. But, she had personally never seen them argue, only over petty things which were easily resolved and she knew that her best friend had quite the temper when she needed or wanted to.

“I think I’m going to go over there and see if I can try and stop Maya smashing a crystalline champagne flute over Lucas’ head.” Riley sighed, preparing to put her napkin on the table. Farkle softly placed his hand on her knee, stopping her before she went.

“I think they’ve got this actually…” He murmured, trying to watch what was happening. “Really?” Riley questioned, and he replied with just the nod of a head.

“Lucas! C'mon say something! I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to have to dress up and do my hair in anything but a messy bun and sweat pants. I’m YELLING and you’re doing nothing!” She exclaimed, her hands still flailing about, but Lucas could only focus on how absolutely gorgeous she looked when she was angry.

The way her eyes shone with mischief and her rouged lips poured words at an ungodly speed, most of which he wasn’t hearing because he was so focused on how that dress hugged her so perfectly and the way her neatly curled locks were getting looser and wilder. All this until a small, pale pair of fingers snapped right in his eyes, making him jump for heavens’ sake.

“Jesus Christ…” He muttered under his breath. Maya was a lot of work (worth it though, of course).
“Well, I happen to think I can be angry very well thank you.” She raised her eyebrows once again, a gesture telling him to go on and show her what he was made of.

“ Grrrr.” He tried his best to impersonate the growl she had come out with earlier and he thought he had done pretty well until Maya burst out into a round of giggles.

“You call that a growl ? That’s like not even Simba learning to roar for the first time.” She chuckled, making a reference to their favourite film to watch together.

“Why can’t we just go home and watch the lion king and be normal, Lucas?” She sighed, not very angry anymore, but still enjoying winning.

He has a cheeky smirk across his cheeks, one that only means trouble and he nods his head slowly. “Alright. Okay, sounds like a plan. But, you have to do this first!” He says.

“What? What do I have to-” But she was cut off by Lucas swiping the tableware (including the crystalline champagne flutes) and lying Maya on the table before jumping on top of her and attacking her lips, much to her surprise. A round of applause and a whoop came from the old lady in the floral blouse behind them, because as much as it disturbed the old lady, it reminded her of her and her husband when they were younger.

No. She wasn’t sure how she ended up making out on a fancy restaurant table. Yes. She did enjoy making out on a fancy restaurant table.

After he had finished, he pulled away leaving them both breathing deeply. “You little restaurant rebel eh?” She smirks, jabbing him in the chest jokingly with her finger. “Don’t get used to it.” He replied, picking her up off the table and staring at the mess on the floor.

He whisked her off her feet bridle style and ran out the restaurant, placing 70 bucks on the table before flying out, whilst still making out.

Riley and Farkle turned to each other in shock what had just happened. How had they gone from yelling at each other to making out on the table?

“We don’t know them!” Riley clarified before collecting her coat and purse and dragging Farkle to hurry after them.

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how would the 2p allies (and Canada) react to their 1p! flirting with their s/o?

Allen would be pissed. Yeah, sure, Alfred didn’t get that much attention from any gender, but still. That was his s/o and he was sure as hell not going to sit around and let him try to steal them away!
He would march over to where his love and his 1p were standing and chatting, and scoop his s/o up into his arms, glaring harshly at Alfred for a split second before walking away with a grin on his face.

Francois would be more than angry. He would be fuming. He himself was a major flirt, but he would never flirt with anyone else’s significant other. And even if he did, he sure as hell wouldn’t do it while he was in a committed relationship; something that he hadn’t had in quite a long time. He would storm over to the two, stopping for a moment to chastise his 1p in alarmingly loud, clearly angry French, before grabbing his significant other by the hand and practically dragging them away.

Oliver would be a little less-than-happy. In fact, he wouldn’t be happy at all. Arthur had never been much of a flirt, so why now, of all times, did he decide to become one. And why with somebody that he knew was in a healthy, committed relationship.
He would quickly come to the conclusion that his 1p was just trying to spite him. And that conclusion was not one that he was happy with. Boy, would Arthur get an earful later.. And perhaps some cupcakes, he thought to himself. He grinned wildly at the thought, but quickly composed himself, straightening his clothes and putting on a happy face for the time being. He walked over to the two without the usual spring in his step, greeting the pair with a dsmile. His presence alone was enough to make Arthur uneasy. He could practically feel the tension. Good, he thought. He picked his s/o up bridle-style, sending a wink in Arthur’s direction as he strode away.

Viktor was angry, but refused to let it show. He walked over to where his love and 1p were standing, immediately taking note of the look on Ivan’s face. To his significant other, it probably looked like the usual kind, innocent smile. But to him, it was a look of a pure mischief. He knew what he was doing, and it was all just to piss him off; even more of a reason to not let his anger show through. He would gently take his love’s hand in his own and bring it to his lips, peppering a few quick kisses on their knuckles. All the while staring into the eyes of his pissed-off 1p, no longer caring about his own anger, but rather about continuing to anger Ivan until his eventual departure in a fit of rage. It would take a little longer than originally expected, but he would leave. And then Viktor would carry his significant other off to who knows where.

Xiao, being who he is, would wait until after his counterpart finished flirting with his s/o to say anything. He would walk up to Yao and ask him what his problem was and why he was flirting with his significant other. No matter the answer, he wouldn’t be happy with it and would make a mental note to get revenge later. Knowing that his s/o was waiting, after Yao gave an answer he would leave to return to them.

James would laugh seeing Matthew’s attempts at flirting with them, finding it to be rather cute. He would wait it out, letting Matt have his fun and thoroughly enjoying seeing him get flustered when they flirted back. After the two were done, he would take his s/o back to his house to relax and talk about what all was said during the events prior.

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After seeing your drawing for the captain underpants high school au I had an idea: nearly immediately after getting to high school George has a sudden growth spurt but fills out pretty quickly into his larger frame, Harold however is one of shortest boys in their class (he later pretty much grows over night). There's such a major difference that George can easily pick Harold up over his shoulder or bridle style or just walk up behind and rest his head on this poofy locks :)

your headcannon is now cannon within my headcannons 

Just Breathe

Warnings: Anxiety/Panic Attack. FLUFF.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Reader.

Summary: Sister Reader gets an anxiety/panic attack and Sam and Dean help her through it.

Word Count: 802

Y/N/N: your nickname.

You were all sat in an old motel’s table; Sam, Dean and you. Papers and old books were scattered across the living room. You were all researching for a case you had found, it was about 10 o’clock in the night. The entire room was quiet, the only sounds heard were the gentle swish of a page turning, and the occasional sigh from your brothers.

You heard a soft tapping on the window, making your head rapidly move to see what it was. The tapping soon became faster and louder, rain. You hated rain, it was too much noise and it always bought thunder with it. And soon enough, the crackling of thunder was heard.

“Looks like storms coming.” Dean huffed out as he too looked at the window. His eyes then slowly moving back to the old book he had placed on his lap.

You felt as your heart beat began too move faster, and your breaths became shorter. You breathed in deeply trying to ignore the cold feeling that was beginning to grow in you. You knew it wouldn’t be gone completely for a few hours so you tried to focus on the papers in your hands.

A couple hours passed and the feeling hadn’t gone yet and it was becoming more and more difficult to focus on the bold black letters printed on the thin papers. Sam took out a pencil and was writing something down, scratching his head once in a while and sighing heavily. Dean was slurping on a some soda he had bought earlier in the day, the rain had not passed yet and you were starting to freak out a bit.

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an then Goth snuck in, knocked Fell Goth out with a random bottle and picked up confused Palete bridle style and flew away leaving Fell Goth with a massive headache and a picture Goth took of him just before he left and Fell Goth has scribbles all over his face , the end, i have no idea why this bit of randomness popped into my mind but it was funny so i thought i'd share and maybe you'd find it funny too, ok bye bye *runs away

XD oh god

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Another fluff: SO kissing their beloved bonefriend as Gomez kisses Morticia Addams (from the hand up to the mouth). Saying things like “I adore you~”, “You are so special and precious~”, “You are my lucky star~”, “I will love you till the end of time”, (very languid and mawkish stuff). With UT/UF/SF bros.

♥UT Sans: Oh wow… He’s dark blue the second you start. Come on kid, he’s not that great. He does his best to return you affections but can’t keep up so he just ends up just standing there and taking it all in. He’ll have his hood covering most of his face so that you can’t see how much he’s blushing.

♥UT Papyrus: Papyrus loves it so much! He’ll immediately picked you up bridle style and pepper your face with kisses while returning your compliments tenfold.

♥UF Sans: Okay, wow… He’s completely mortified (but in a good way). He won’t even know how to react and is being overwhelmed. Part of him wants to pull away away, but he can’t really move. You are so sweet how the heck did he end up in a relationship with him?!? Once you finish, he’ll mumble a thanks and give you one long kiss that will lead into a make out session.

♥UF Papyrus: He actually backs away kind of freaked out at first until he realises what you were doing, then he takes it all in with a huge smirk on his face. Yes! He is wonderful, praise him!

♥SF Sans: It takes him a moment to realise what your doing before he quickly begins to return you affections. He sort of took it as a challenge, so there’s no way he’s going to let you overwhelm him. He’s still blushing like crazy the whole time though.

♥SF Papyrus: Wait, what are you doing, stop that! He’s supposed to be the one overwhelming YOU with love! He’ll take it all in, but he still he feels like he doesn’t deserve it. You’re the only person that has ever been this nice to him and he loves you so much for it. Give Rus lots of attention even if he seems nervous about it. It help to ease his anxiety, because sometimes he wonder how you could ever love someone like him. Honestly, he would rather be the one making you blush and squeal, but he can’t find the willpower to turn down your affections. Once you finish, he returns your affections ten-fold, so you’re going to be there for a while with an exited puppy skeleton cuddling and kissing you non stop.