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We’re Not All Bad - Sweet Pea

Prompt - after finding out Reggie cheated on you with Josie you leave a party meeting a handsome South side serpent
A/n this kind of came from a dream the start and end was a dream the middle kind of just happened when I stared writing hope you all enjoy :)
Warnings - anguish, cheating, swearing under age drinking and drug use
Pairing - Sweet Pea x reader

It was the party nick st Claire was throwing, everyone expect for Betty was having a good time especially when nick started passing round straws of jj. You was already really drunk and the added drugs didn’t help.
Dancing with Veronica it had been one of the best nights you had in ages, but quickly became one of the worst. You went to find your boyfriend Reggie Mantle not seeing him on the couch where he was before. You walked out of the living room and heard his voice come from the bedroom. When you open the door your saw Reggie sleeping with Josie. Your ran out of the hotel room crying wanting to be anywhere but here and to get the image of them out of your head.
You had cried and ran the far you didn’t really know where you was, somewhere on the south side was about all you knew. You also didn’t realise how drunk you was until the fresh air hit you, sitting down on a bench before you fell , you tried to calm down and sober up.

A wolf whistle made you look up to see a tall dark haired boy in a leather jacket walking towards you. “save the whistles and comments I’m not in the mood for dickheads” you say looking back at the ground, tears filling your eyes again at the thought of Reggie.

The boy sat next to you “good job I’m not a dickhead then” he said mimicking the nasty way you had said it. You turn and look at him annoyed, the alcohol fuelling your anger. “look I’ve had a bad night who are you and what do you want” you snap hoping he’d leave you alone on the bench to cry in peace.

“my name is sweet pea but everyone calls me sweets or pea, and I live round here I was going home until I saw a beautiful girl crying” he said giving you a kind smile.
“oh scary gang name” you mocked at him, “don’t let the name fool you, I’m not always sweet” he laughed. You roll your eyes standing up to leave, sweet pea stood up following you. you turned round almost falling, “why are you following me” you scream at him. “I’m not following you princess, I’m going home, its not my fault I live the same way your walking” he says. you wasn’t listening to him, you felt dizzy since standing and now you had spots in your vision. Blinking you try a few deep breaths, although you wasn’t moving you could feel you body swaying. the last thing you remember was saying “I don’t feel to good” and seeing sweet pea run to you.

Sweet saw you swaying and ran forward, being part of south side he’d seen people on jingle jangle before and knew she was about to collapse. he managed to catch you before you hit the ground picking you up bridle style thinking what should he do. 

You woke in a room and a bed you’d never seen before. your head was hurting thanks to the drinks from the party but right now you need to work out where you was and how you got here. getting out the bed you see your shoes on the floor, you see your still fully dressed you get you heels putting them on before working the courage to walk out the room.

On the other side for the door you see sweet sat watching telly. “hello princess, how was the beauty sleep” he greats you with a smile. “What happened? how did I get here? where is here?” you demand. sweets stood giving a chuckle “calm down” he said going into the room you had just left. “your at my house, you passed out in the middle of the street, drunk and upset” he shouted from the room. he came out holding a pair of thick sweat pants and a tee-shirt. “I didn’t know where you lived princess, and I wasn’t leaving you in the street all night so I brought you here thinking you could safely sleep off the alcohol” he finished.

“oh” you said not knowing what to say, feeling embarrassed sweets handed you the clothes, “you must be cold, you can put these on if you want.” he told you. Taking the clothes from him, you didn’t notice how cold you really was until sweet pea said it. after putting sweets clothes on you can back out the bathroom, “thanks” you mumble to him. Sweet Pea stood up pointing for you sit “its still late so you can stay here I’ll take you home in the morning” he said, “why what time is it how long have i been asleep” you say holding your head the pain coming back. “not long 3 hours tops its only 4am” he said walking into the kitchen quickly returning with water and a painkiller. “here for your head” he said.
you sat for the next 20 minuets in silence, fiddling with the hem of the top you was wearing as sweets watched a movie playing on the telly, looking at you every now and then. “so you going to tell me why you was so upset last night” he asked, you felt your heart break as you remembered what Reggie had done. “nothing” you said trying not to let yourself cry.

“well whoever he is, he’s stupid letting you go” sweets said without looking away from the telly. your turned to face him “excuse me what” you say. Pea smirks at you “well it has to be a boy, to make a girl like you cry, and I’m guessing he’s one of those footballers” he said rolling his eyes at the last part. you looked at him sad “okay your right his name is Reggie was have been dating for six months and I found his sleeping with some other girl” you say as you try but fail to stop your voice braking “and yes he’s a bulldog” you finish.

sweet turns to face you, “that’s the problem princess, he’s a dog! You could do better” he said flirty. “what, with a snake like you, you mean” you laughed meaning it as a joke “and stop calling me princess” you add. “Serpent” he corrected you “but yes a serpent is better then a dog we live by loyalty, where as your bulldogs just look for the next best thing, something bigger, better. They can be holding a diamond and give it up for cheap gold all because its shiny and new” he said gently touching your hand “and I’m calling you princess because you haven’t told me your name” he said back making you blush,  “my name is y/n”. For the next 5 hours you both laughed and talked getting alone like you had been friends for years.

it was 10am and the hours flew with sweet pea, sweets offered you a ride home you felt a bit nervous at first getting on his bike but soon loved it once he started going. As you got to the top of your road you saw Reggie’s car outside your house. Sweets pulled over at the top of the road when he felt you grab him tighter, as you saw you ex boyfriend knocking on your door. you didn’t realize how tight your grip on sweet pea was until he turned to you “hey y/n its okay we can get out of here if you don’t want to see him” he says, you nod yes loosening your grip a little as he started the bike up again.

you wasn’t sure where he was taking you but it was back on the south side. you pulled up back other motorbikes and a few cars. “where are we?” you asked nervous. sweet smiled “the quarry, see my friends I want to show you we’re not all bad! or at least not in the way most of the north siders think we are” he smirked helping you get off.

he walked over to his friends a massive smile on his face, you noticed how it made you smile too, he then introduced you to a few people “y/n this is Topaz, Fangs, Fogarty and the girl over their is Lesley” he told you. You and Toni became friends fast both having a mutual friend in Jughead, you sat at the quarry with them all day enjoying the sun watching Sweet Pea and the other boys play fight, race bikes and just genuinely having fun. you laughed and joked with the girls joining in with some of the boys games and fights.

at one point you found yourself stirring at SP, biting your lip admiring hot and sexy he looked. how his dark eyes sparkled in the light or how full and soft his lips looked, you found yourself bushing when he looked at you giving you a cheek wink. finally you had butterflies when he came over to you and the other serpent’s you was sat with and put his arm around your shoulder and stayed like that as you all chatted about randomness.

Sweet and the boys left to get some food, Toni and another two girls all looked at you, “so you and sweets how long has that been going on for” one of them asked making you go a bright shade of red. “no! no no the is no me and sweet pea” you tell them. “well he likes you, he’s never this happy” Toni says smiling, “okay well if not together how did you meet, why have we never seen you before” a different girl asked. “well we only met last night” you say a little embarrassed “I was drunk and couldn’t stand never mind walk home so he” you didn’t finish as you heard sweets voice “she was literally falling for me the second she saw me” he joked looking at his friends, only saying it to keep his reputation. “falling in laughter at you” you tease back but the look in both your eyes told everyone there the was something between you and the serpent, even if nether of you saw it yourselves yet.

after it started to get dark sweet pea took you home, you both stood on your doorstep neither of you wanting to part ways from each other yet. “thank you” you said, he frowned his brows “what for?” he asked back. “everything, looking after me last night ,taking me out today it’s been amazing and your friends are not the monsters the papers say” you laugh sweet looking smug. “I told you we’re not all bad” he says as you kiss him. you didn’t know where the kiss came from but you knew if you didn’t do it, you’d would regret it later.

sweets kissed you back wrapping his arm around you bringing you closer, when you stopped “well that’s something I can get used to” he said kissing you again. As he finally left you arranged to meet him the next day, going to bed daydreaming of sweet pea, feeling happier then anytime you had during your relationship with Reggie.

You and sweets spent the whole Sunday and everyday for the next week together, mainly chilling in his trailer watching movies or hanging with the serpent’s, during the school break. On the last day before you both went back to different schools, sweets got up the courage to tell you he liked you and asked if you wanted to ditch your dog for snake. you liked sweet pea and told him you would, spending the rest of the night kissing and cuddling up.

Monday morning after the holidays finished, sweets dropped you off at school. “cant you transfer to south side” he asked with puppy dog eyes. Hearing Jodie’s voice “I wish I could” you smile at sweets kissing him. the day had been boring Kevin and veronica constantly asking where you had been during the half term break, you told them you’d met a guy being chilling with his friends, and he’s amazing before changing the subject to what they did, so they didn’t ask who your new friend was. 

Josie came in the common room her eyes went wide when she saw you. “y/n look I’m sorry I don’t know what made me do it the Al…” she stopped talking as you stood up holding put your hand for her to shut up. “don’t insult me and blame the drink we both know the was flirting with you and Reggie before the party” you tell her. Josie looked down feeling ashamed “but anyway you can keep him I’ve found someone better then him, someone who knows the meaning of loyalty” you tell them walking out the room.

During last lesson sweet pea texted you saying he’d finished school early did you want him to pick you up when you was finished. You quickly replied yes then sent the next dew minutes texting back and forth with him, a cheeky smile on you face as you did. You felt a tap on your shoulder turning to see Betty “Reggie keeps stirring at you” she says as you looked over to the other side of the classroom Reggie had a face like thunder. 

Sweet pea pulled up outside Riverdale high getting off his bike but leaned against it, he had his jacket over his shoulder hanging down his back as he watched you walk down the steps typing away on your phone not even seeing him yet. Sweets was about to shout her when he saw Reggie one of the bulldogs he’d fought with before run after her.

Reggie grabbed your shoulder “y/n wait” he said his voice leased with anger “so you going to tell me where you’ve been and why half of the school are saying your seeing some other guy” his arms folded over his chest as he spoke. You looked at him dead in the eye speaking slightly slower so he got the message “Reggie where over, we was the second you slept with Josie and yes the rumours are true” at the point out the corner of your eye, you saw sweet pea walking toward you. now Cheryl, Veronica, Kevin and the others all stood round listening to you and Reggie arguing.

you feel sweet pea put his serpent jacket round your shoulders hugging and kissing your cheek from behind, everything okay princess" sweets asks you, smirking at Reggie, “yes I was just telling Reggie that I traded an old dog for someone better” you answer. Reggie and the rest if the Riverdale high students all looked in shock gasping and gossiping. Reggie looked at you “really y/n your revenge plan was good but we both know you belong to me” he said grabbing your arm. Sweet pea knocked his arm from you “touch her like that again and watch what I do to you” sweet pea started in a chillingly calm voice “y/n doesn’t belong to you, you lost her when you when you made her feel like shit, don’t get mad when someone else shows her she’s a princess she is” he says gripping your hand bringing it to his lips for a light kiss, smiling at you.

You smile and blush back at sweet “let’s get out of here” you say as you walked with sweet pea back to his motorcycle. “y/n, stop you can’t just leave me” you heard Reggie shouting but ignored it driving off with your serpent prince.

Okie Dokie

Pairing: Sam x Reader (female)


Word count: 912

A/N: Can you guys pick sam or Dean for my next angst fic? Also This was a lot of smiling and laughing because I feel like Sam would date someone like that. I feel like he needs that person who will always be positive and is full of laughter because with all the shit he deals with, he needs some humor in his life.

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A light blue hue fills the room as the two of you step into your favorite restaurant ever.Sam smiles down at you as he pulls the chair out for you. You say in a posh voice“Why thank you kind gentlemen.”Sam rolls his eye at your cheesiness as he sits across from  you. His long legs take up most of the space under the table so your legs touch. You take comfort in this small  action because it always made you feel safe. The waiter takes your orders and your eyes meet the young Winchesters “You look lovely tonight.” Sam said his eyes trailing up and down you. His deep brown stare still makes you blush even after knowing for 5 years and dating him for two and a half of them. “Your not so bad yourself.” You wink and giggle a bit. Sam chuckles as well and is blown away by how bright your smile is even in this dark room.


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After dinner was over the two of you went to the impala “Home?” You ask ready to take your heels off. “Not quite yet.” Sam responds as you step into the shining black car. “Oh little Sammy is all mysterious. Must make all the girls crazy.” Sam raises an eyebrow “Who are you calling little?” You roll your eyes with a smirk dancing on your lips. “Just drive Winchester.”  He nods pulling the car out of the parking lot and starts driving through the sunset lit city of San Francisco. Like a little kid you look out the window in awe. This was your favorite city and no matter how many times you visited you were always amazed by it’s beauty. “Hooked on a feeling” by Blue swede starts playing, it’s your song. Yeah it’s silly but the two of you would sing it together in college when there was karaoke so it became your thing. Sam face turns to you and the two you start singing your lungs out. While swaying side to side your hands play the air guitar as Sam does the cow bell(because why not). With the lights swirling around you, the man you love by your side and laughter filling your head like drugs you feel like you hit a new high. As the song ends Sam’s hand moves to your exposed thigh and rubs his thumb over it. This makes you take a shaky breath and you think “This guy can get me so flustered.” As the car almost gets to the glamorous destination. You put your hand on his, his big hands making you feel like a small child again. “Okay close your eyes.” You do as told, your stomach in a knot and you feel the car stop.

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Sam gets out of the car and comes to your side. “Come here Y/N.” He grabs your hand and helps you out of the classic car. As you walk forward you trip and catch yourself making you open your eyes. “Sorry heels are hard to function in.” Sams white smile flashes in your face. “It’s fine now look.” He nods to the view. You gape at the city lit up in front of you. The bridge with ant like cars on it rushes along. Sam’s warm body presses up next to you and wraps his arm around your waist. You place you head on his shoulder as the mixture of orange and yellow hues blend into a pitch black night. The moon reflects on the water and as the crystal liquid washes up on the shore of the short mountain you stand on.Sam’s warm leaves your body leaving you a bit chilly. Sam steps forward in his black tux and gets on one knee. As he kneels in for you, you lose your breath, your knees begin to weaken and you hands over you mouth in shock. “Y/N I have been with you for almost 3 years and you have been with me through the darkest of times. You are the most intelligent, funniest and most badass woman I have ever met.” He takes a deep breath inhaling your beauty, your lacy dress, your electric eyes, your slightly messed up hair that always looks absolutely adorable. “Y/F/N will you do me the honor of being your husband and marry me?” A happy tear rolls down your face and you can’t put together words. “O-okie doKie.” Is all you can choke out. Sam’s head rolls back in laughter as he instantly puts the glimmering ring on.You start laughing so hard you can barely breath. Sam stands up with a massive grin on his face. Your hands lace together and he leans down kissing your lips tenderly. His soft lips have memorized yours and know how to move. His light pink lips are tender and are overflowing with passion. Your lips break away and your foreheads touch. “I love you so damn much you know that right?” You whisper into the chilly air. “Yeah I know, I love you more that words can express.” You start giggling a bit. Sam looks into your love drunk eyes “What are you laughing at shorty?” You shake your head a bit “I said ‘Okie dokie’ now I know I’m a complete mess.” Sam smiles and kiss you for a second then easily sweeps you up in his arms bridle style.

“You’re my mess”

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Light | BadBoyJimin! x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1,735

Warnings: Swearing

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut (Just hearing sounds etc)

Summary: He’s always been like this. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, constantly getting into fights. He’s down a dark road and the only light that still shines is you.

A/N: I would like to apologies, this is the first time I’ve ever had a request from someone (and one other) and I stupidly answered privately so I couldn’t see the message anymore. I completely forgot to look at who requested and I deeply apologies for my stupidity.

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You remember when you first saw him, Park Jimin. It was your first day at university, when you accidentally bumped into him on your way to your dorm, which just so happened to be next to his. His appearance alone scared you, yet at the same time, you had become interested. The cliché bad boy look. Tight ripped black jeans, plane white t-shirt and a leather jacket covering his broad shoulders. With cigarette in hand, he sneered at you, before roughly bumping your shoulder as he walked passed to go to his room. From that day on, you were in love.

You never spoke to him, all you did was admire him from afar as he would talk with his friends and chat up a random girl in the corridor. It hurt… A lot. Seeing him with another girl, meant he had no interest in you, and he probably never would. You were shadow to him, an insect he could squish in between his fingers, that’s how unimportant you were to him.

You buried your head further into your pillow trying to drown out the loud moans from Jimin and his lady friend next door. This had been going on for what seemed like hours, and it was the last straw. Furiously getting out of bed you stormed out of your dorm and thumped on his door loudly. Silence had finally came to his dorm, but it soon faded when you heard loud footsteps come closer to the door, and when it was opened your jaw dropped. Jimin stood before you, in nothing but his boxers, sweat dripping down his forehead and toned stomach, hair pushed back, as he ran his hand through it.

“What?” he sneered as he leaned against the door frame. “Who the fuck are you?!”

“Your neighbor. Could you please keep it down. People are trying to sleep,” you asked politely. Jimin’s eyes narrowed as he stood up straight and stepped closer to you.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” he threatened as he towered over you, giving you a deadly glare.

“I’m not telling you, I’m asking you… Nicely,” you added as you crossed your arms over your chest. Jimins eyes wandered down to your now slightly exposed cleavage and smirked. Upon realizing where his eyes were you unfolded your arms and pulled your top up. Blushing you turned on your heel to walk away until his hand tightly grasped your wrist.

“Are you sure that’s all you wanted me to do? Because if you want to join in, you can,” he whispered in your ear, his hot breath sending chills down your spine. You actually thought about joining him but your face turned to disgust when you remembered he was with another girl.

“I don’t think I’d want to ruin your time with your lady. So I’ll take my leave,” you almost snapped as you snatched your wrist and walked back to your door. “Good Night,” you mumbled as you shut the door behind you. Your breathing was uneven, and you were panicking like crazy. Jimin your crush, touched you. You were a mess, especially when he offered you to join him. You regretted saying no, but you didn’t like the idea of another woman being there. You just wanted it to be the two of you, as he’d dominate you with his tongue and make you feel good in all the right ways.


It was a late Thurday afternoon, and classes had finally finished. A small sigh escaped your lips as you walked through the now quiet corridors of the university. However a sudden loud grunt caught your attention, peaking around the corner at the end of the corridor, you noticed that Jimin was pinned up against the lockers, the other boys hand firmly around his throat.

“Where the fuck is my money Jimin,” he boy snarled as his grip on Jimins throat tightened.

“Fuck you,” Jimin choked out. The boy used his other hand to collide his fist with Jimins stomach, causing you to gasp. Both heads turned to your direction where they just glared at you.

“Who’s this Jimin? Another slut you just use for your own pleasure?” the boy snarled as he let go of Jimin and made his was towards you. Roughly his hand tightened around your upper arm as he hauled you forward making you loose your balance falling to the ground.

“I barely know her, so let her be,” Jimin spat back as he straightened out his leather jacket.

“Oh I don’t think so, this little spy, could be of some good use to me,” the male licked his lips as he adjusted his trousers making you gulp nervously.

“Don’t fucking touch her Namjoon,” Jimin sneered as he stepped forward slightly.

“Oh so this girl does mean something to you. I just don’t get it Jimin, how come you can fuck any girl you want, but I can’t have this one?” Namjoon asked his glare still on you.

“Because I ask them. You haven’t,” Jimin answered back as he picked you up bridle style. “Go fuck yourself you bastard, you’re not getting near her for as long as a live.”

“Then you’ll die,” Namjoon launched himself at Jimin, making all three of you tumble to the ground, you stuck in between them. “Give me the fucking money and I won’t harm her!” Namjoon yelled. During that time, you managed to wriggle yourself out from between them and pull grab onto Namjoon’s shirt.

“How much!?” you yelled. Both of the males stopped wrestling and looked at you.

“What?” Namjoon snarled. You growled lowly before repeating your question.

“How much,” you spoke through gritted teeth, trying hard to contain your anger. Namjoon stood up and faced you.

“60.” Without hesitation you hauled out your purse and handed him the money.

“Now fuck off and leave him alone,” you snapped as you knelt down to Jimin and helped him up. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,” you muttered as you wrapped Jimins arm around your shoulder and guided him back to your dorm. The journey there was silent until you entered the dorm and Jimin sat down on your bed.

“Why the fuck did you help me. I never asked for it,” Jimin sneered as his hands tightened to fists.

“Because Namjoon was hurting you, and he stopped when I gave him the money. Now shut up and let me see your wounds,” you ordered as you stood in front of him with a damp cloth and a first aid kit. “Take off your shirt,” you mumbled attempting to sound confident, but failed. Jimin smirked in reply and began to unbutton his shirt. Painfully slowly he took off his shirt and laid it next to him. Jimin leaned back slightly, allowing you to see his toned stomach better. “Jesus, he got you good,” you muttered as you noticed a medium sized wound across the right side of his body.

“Tch, I’ve had worse,” he snapped back, but instantly winced when you began to dab (Does the dab) his wound with the wet cloth.

“Jesus what did you buy that got him so worked up?” you muttered, leaning back to grab the first aid kit from behind you.

“You really wanna know?” Jimin challenged, his face expressionless. Your silence allowed him to continue. “I bought come coke off of him, and I said I’d pay him back in two days, which I obviously didn’t do.” You sighed in disbelief.

“Why do you do this to yourself?” You asked him. Jimin glanced at you in curiosity. “Why do you deal drugs, take them, smoke, drink way to much, and get laid every night?! You have so much to live for and you’re destroying yourself,” you muttered, tears threatening to spill down your face.

“What the fuck do you know?” Jimin snapped.

“I know that you’re better than this! It’s clear that people fucking care for you! And you throw them away like they’re trash!” your voice raised slightly as you stood up and turned around, not wanting Jimin to see you cry.

“No one fucking cares for me! Girls only want to fuck me because I’m good in bed! Or if they are in need of stress relief! I’m their fucking toy! HOW ARE YOU TO SAY PEOPLE CARE FOR ME! WHEN CLEARLY NO ONE DOES!” Jimins loud voice echoed through out your dorm making you cover you ears for a moment.

“Well I fucking do! Okay!” Jimin stood in front of you wide eyed as you turned around, your tears staining your cheeks. “I fucking care! I have since I first bumped into you on the way to my dorm! It hurt me so fucking much, seeing you bring another girl into your dorm nearly every night. Having to put up with the constant moaning and groans that came from both of you!” After you spoke you stopped and slapped your hand over your mouth, realizing you had just confessed to him. Slowly Jimin stood large steps towards you, making you move back until the back of your calves hit the end of your bed. In one swift motion, Jimin had you pinned to the bed, hands wrapped tightly around your wrists and he stared into your eyes as if he was trying to read you.

“Why would you care, you barely know me,” he muttered as he lowered his head to the crook of your neck, where he planted soft kisses down to your collarbone.

“Because everyone deserves a second chance,” you muttered, suppressing a moan as Jimin gently sucked on your sweet spot. “Including you.” Jimin continued to kiss downwards until your shirt got in the way.

“This needs to go,” he grumbled as he slowly began to unbutton your shirt. Nervousness suddenly took over you, and you stopped him.

“W-wait. I-I’m still a virgin,” you muttered, looking away in shame. A small soft smile spread across Jimins features as he hand his hand through your hair.

“It’s fine, I promise I’ll be gentle, but only this once,” he smirked and got down to business.

How You Sleep/Cuddle

How you sleep/cuddle and someone catches you and takes pictures of the cute moment

 h/t stands for hometown 

 Scott McCall 

 You were at Scott’s house and didn’t bother to knock because you had a key, and Scott was expecting you to be there at some point in time that day. You walked in the living room to see he’d fallen asleep on the couch. Shirtless you might add. You couldn’t help but stare at the sight and get a little turned on. That was until Scott mumbled “its rude to stare you know.” “Not staring…… admiring.” You told him while smirking. Then walked over and laid on top of his back. You didn’t need a blanket since Scott was like his own freaking furnace. You fell asleep on top of Scott. You don’t know how long you slept but it must have been awhile because you were awoken by the click of a camera and opened your eyes to see Stiles and Melissa with cameras giggling like little gossiping school girls. You were snapped out of your thoughts by “y/n you drooled all of my back.” Said Scott in a whiny little kid voice. Stiles laughed so hard he fell and Melissa had to sit down.

 Stiles Stilinski 

 You were going on a long trip all the way across country to visit Stiles family that couldn’t come to you’re wedding. You and Stiles decided to see his family a day after the wedding and then fly down to The France to visit Isaac and go on your honeymoon, the fly back and drive home with John, Stiles father since he went with you to see his family. John was driving at the moment since you and Stiles were both still tired from your wedding the day before. Stiles was in the back seat asleep and you were in the front quietly talking to John. It had been a few hours since you last stopped so you stopped at a gas station to refuel and take a potty break. Stiles shuffled into the bathroom. You giggled when he came out he had a very sleepy face and a little drool on his cheek. His hair was a mess and he was looking at food. When you finally all were back on the road Stiles whined from the back seat “Y/n” he dragged your name out. “I need someone to cuddle.” “I’m talking.” You tried to tell him but he wouldn’t quit so John told you to get some rest and kissed the top of your head before you climbed back there. You laid you’re head against Stiles chest and he played with your hair until you both fell asleep. When you woke up, it must have been at least 7 hours later. You heard a bunch of “AWWWWS” and camera’s clicking. You and Stiles looked at each other before he said ignore them and held you closer and tried to go back to sleep. “Stiles.” You started sweetly knowing you would have to sweet talk your way into him letting go. “I love you and your an amazing husband.” He grumbled knowing where this was going. “I really have to pee.” You whined. He mumbled something incoherent but let you go and got out of the car and went straight to the couch and fell sleep. 

 Jackson Whittemore 

 You and Jackson liked to cuddle when you sleep. It didn’t surprise you because he had always been a very touchy feely person. You guys usually slept with with you’re face buried in his neck and him playing with you’re hair as he held you tight. This night was like every other night except your parents had come to visit from your h/t. You and Jackson always had a tendency to wake up late in the day since you stayed up late at night. Well you were half asleep when you heard giggles then grunts from beside you then more giggles. Your mother had come up to check on you and thought it was adorable you slept like this, so she took pictures and sent them to everyone she knew. You could tell Jackson was awake and he didn’t like people waking him up so you tried to get up to get you mother out, but Jackson had other ideas and kept a tight grip on you. “Mom get out…… and Jackson let goooooooo.” You whined but neither really listened because you mom got your dad and Jackson just went back to sleep so you did to. 

 Peter Hale

 There was a pack meeting at Derek’s house and you were trying to listen but you were really tired from studying for your college classes, and kept almost falling asleep and even drooling on Peter a little. He absolutely loved seeing you this way because you looked all cute and innocent. He finally gave in and interrupted Derek and said, “Excuse me Derek.” To which Derek started glaring at him but shut up. “Y/n spent all night studying and won’t quit drooling on me so I’m gonna take her upstairs to let her take a nap.” Everyone looked at him. They always saw him as cold and dead in the inside but around you he was a good person. He carried you bridle style. After he laid you down you thanked him and expected him to leave but felt the bed sink in behind you and he curled up next to you. He let you use on of his arms as a pillow and on the other you guys held hands. He fell asleep in the arms of your best friend. He was awoken by the sound of people opening the door but ignored until they started taking pictures. He knew you were dead asleep and wouldn’t wake up so he looked at them and gave them all a death glare and eventually they all left but still kept swapping photos and talking about it.

 Isaac Lahey

 I lived with my best friend Isaac and since Derek kicked him out and the McCalls took me in when my single father went into the army and had to move away for awhile. Since there was only one guest bedroom Isaac and I bunked since he was my best friend and we weren’t dating…… yet. Isaac and I also had to share a bed but it was really big. It didn’t matter that it was big anyways since we almost always cuddled. This time was the same and he slept with his head against my chest. He told me once that it made him feel safe. Like his father couldn’t get to him anymore and that if something happened he was right there to protect me. I loved this and let him do it because he was vulnerable and it made my heart break for him because he hates being vulnerable. It was early in the morning when I heard the door open. I’m a light sleeper and Isaac wasn’t ever since he moved here so I didnt expect him to wake up. I was going to ignore the door until I heard whispering. Melissa and Lydia were talking the I thought I heard someone call Scott over. They quietly whispered to each other as they tiptoed in. I heard one snap and finally got annoyed and opened my eyes and tried to move to see what they were doing. They all snickered at my actions. “Stop moving……. and get out of here guys.” Isaac said to me and then Scott Melissa and Lydia. They snickered again but left.


 It had been a long day at school with two tests and three pop quizzes, and to add on all the stuff going on in the supernatural world. I shared an apartment with Aiden, my boyfriend, Ethan, his twin, and Danny didn’t technically live here or pay rent but he stayed at least 3-4 nights a week with his Ethan, since they were boyfriends. It was late at night and tomorrow was Saturday so I just wanted to go to bed and sleep till noon tomorrow. I plopped down next to Aiden on the bed as he was just scrolling through twitter on my phone talking about how he was hotter than all the guys I follow and how I follow to many. I rolled my eyes and took my phone from him. Aiden had a weird thing where he likes to rest his head on my stomach and hold on to my waist. He curled up into my side and like usual did this. I started playing with his hair until he fell asleep. After about an hour of scrolling through Pinterest I fell asleep happily. I wasn’t awoken till I heard Ethan and Danny trying not to burst out laughing. I was so tired I didn’t even notice how Aiden was sleeping. I heard some pictures being taken then Ethan muttering “my brother is such a perv even when he’s asleep.” Then I realized what he was talking about as I looked down and Aidens head was on the bed slobbering and his arm was up to top resting on my boob. I woke up completely and glared at Ethan and Danny. I realized Aiden was now awake because I saw him smirk the start massaging my boob. I hit his arm trying to make him let go so they wouldn’t hear me moan. They got grossed out and left after they saw me frantically trying to grab the blanket at my feet to cover up. 

Jordan Parrish

 I was at my boyfriend Deputy Jordan Parrish’s apartment and it was raining really hard outside. We were inside eating popcorn as he was trying to help me with my algebra homework because I didn’t understand it and he was good at algebra. I got a call from my dad, the Sheriff. “Hey sweety, it’s raining really hard here and the streets are completely flooded so I want you to stay at Parrish’s house for a few days or at least until the water goes down.” “Ok Dad it’s raining bad here to be safe and tell Stiles I love him. Bye love you.” “Love you too sweety.” Then he hung up. I hope this wasn’t inconveniencing Jordan but my dad didn’t seem to care. Probably because he was his boss. And the Sheriff. I went to ask Jordan if I could stay. But he must have noticed because before I could speak he told me “I heard and don’t worry I want you to stay I love having you here and it’s not like you could even leave.” “You are the best most handsome perfect boyfriend in the world.” I told him as I walked over and sat on my lap and kissed him. He chuckled. We stayed for about three days together trapped in Jordans apartment before I got another call from my dad saying he was sending Stiles to get me in the morning. Jordan and I fell asleep in his bed with his arms tightly around me from behind and his face in my neck breathing my scent to calm him enough to fall asleep. In the morning I heard Stiles laugh and take a picture of sometimes on his phone. I noticed what he was laughing about when I felt slobber on my neck and in my hair. I kicked him lightly and whined “Joooordaaan you slobbered on meee.” He sat up slowly and chuckled as he wiped it the best he could with the blanket. I tried to go back to sleep. “Wait how did you get in” Jordan asked Stiles. “Uhhh I had a key made duh.” He says like it was the most normal thing in the world. Jordan just stared at him probably not surprised by my weird brother anymore.

 Derek Hale

 Derek and I shared his loft but the pack was there a lot so we didn’t get much alone time. Liam was really tired so I lead him to Derek and I’s room and let him sleep on the bed. Derek was not very happy with me because he wanted to take a nap together. “Derek I feel bad for the poor kid he’s so young and innocent he shouldn’t have to go through this he’s just a kid. They all were.” I said talking about the rest of the pack. I always felt the motherly instincts and most of the time the pack considered Derek and I the mother and father of the whole group. “And what do you think we were when life hit us in the gut. We all got dealt a crappy hand but we all make it better for each other by having each other’s back honey, so don’t feel so bad.” Derek said as he tried to calm me down. I just nodded and laid down on the couch to try and take a nap. He chuckles “oh no you don’t you gave away our bed I’m taking the couch it’s not my fault we have no bed.” Derek said. “There’s enough room for you.” I tried to reason with him so I could stay. I patted the spot beside me he gave a skeptical look but came over anyways. He barely fit on the couch and his butt was kinda slipping off but he threw his leg over mine, and I buried my head in his chest. I smiled when I felt out dog, that was practically out baby jump on Derek then the top of the couch to go to sleep. It was the whole family napping on the small couch I thought to myself than fell asleep. When I woke up Derek was already awake and trying to move away without waking me. He whispered sorry but I just smiled at him. Isaac, Lydia, and Allison were all laughing and sharing photos, of what I figured was us on the couch. I smiled when Derek got up and walked away mumbling grumpily something about privacy. 

 Liam Dunbar

 Third person POV

 Liam and Y/n have been dating for a while now, and to get away from all of the supernatural stuff going on, Liam sneaks into her bedroom at night so they can talk and cuddle until they fall asleep. Y/n’s parents weren’t home when he woke up the next morning so he decided to make her a nice breakfast. ………………….. he didn’t succeed. Y/n woke up to the smell of something burning and Liam wasn’t by her side so she put two and two together and thought he was trying to burn her house down. Sarcasm intended. She shuffled down the stairs in her blanket cocoon, and looked at him trying to make breakfast. He heard her and looked over and gave her puppy dog eyes to try and make her help him. She sighed and walked over to him still half asleep. She just put her arms around his mid section with he blanket and snuggled into his side. She was peaceful until she heard the small snap of a picture being taken. She saw her best friend Isaac standing there smirking. 

 Theo Raeken

 Third person POV

 Theo loved to have random movie nights with his girlfriend to take off the edge of his supernatural life. Honestly y/n loved them to. It was time for them to forget about their worries and spend time in each other’s arms. They were at y/n’s house since only her twin brother was home. They were watching Finding Nemo for the thousandth time since this was one of y/n’s favorite movies. Theo got up and went to get some more popcorn. When he got back his girlfriend had turned her body taking up most of the couch and sighed but then got and idea and set the popcorn her coffee table Theo jumped on y/n and made he squeal. After that he got himself situated in between her legs with his head resting against her chest. Halfway through the movie y/n looked down and just stared at him as he watched the movie. “You know your staring is getting s little creepy.” Jackson y/n’s brother said to her. She rolled her eyes and cradled his head into her. Jackson grabbed his phone and took a picture for twitter with the caption she wouldn’t stop staring so I took a picture so it would last longer😍 

 Brett Talbot 

 You and Brett were newlyweds, and visiting you parents house while the bathroom in your house was redone. Brett was a massive guy so you two had to buy a bed according. Unfortunately in your old room your bed was only a full size and wasn’t very long so it was hard to fit you both. You and Brett really had no choice but for you to pretty much lay on top of him which you guys normally wouldn’t mind but your old room was in the attic and it was summer so it got really hot adding on to the fact that Brett’s a freaking heater of his own. You guys were wearing very little clothing so you wouldn’t get as hot and just sprawled out across each other. 

 Third person POV 

 Y/n’s sister came up to the attic to wake her sister and Brett for breakfast. When she saw the way they were sleeping she couldn’t help but smile and take a picture. Which woke Brett up with his werewolf hearing. “Hey” he said lazily to his sister in law. “Breakfast is ready.” She told him knowing he loves food. He peeked right up just as she expected. He didn’t even bother to properly wake up his wife. He grabbed he waist sat up and carried her down the stairs through her on the couch and went to eat breakfast while she stared daggers into his scull and he smirked.

 Hey guys I just wanted to know how you feel about the way I set this up. Some of these I used different ways of writing in 1st 2nd and 3 POV so if you guys will message me or comment and tell me what you prefer I will start doing it that way and if enough people tell me they like it one way I will change this entire preference to be like that. Sorry some of these are longer than others it’s kinda hard to do some of the pictures and it took me 3 hours to write this but it was worth it. Please tell me what you think and please request!!!

monsta x reaction where their s/o is slowly falling asleep while they’re talking to them

Shownu- most likely doesn’t notice at first when you start to fall asleep but once your head lands on his shoulder he stops his story suddenly and looks at you. he was surprised at first but didn’t mind. the poor guy probably didn’t know what to do. So, as gently and quietly as possible, he grabbed a blanket a wrapped it around you whilst getting up and picking you up in his arms. He took you to a more quiet place where the maknae line isn’t yelling. He’d make sure to be as gentle as possible even though he’s a huge clumsy dork. Closing the door he’d say a small “love you”

Wonho- would catch your head before you fell. he’d probably hold you for a second and then pause whilst contemplating what to do. Only to place your head gently on his lap. He’d play with your hair and smile just looking at you not even realizing he looked like a total love stricken dork. If noise would come around to the room you two were in he’d carry you bridle style with you as close to his chest as possible to a quiet room. Wonho would lay you down on one side of the bed and cover you with a blanket only to go under that same blanket on the other side of the bed and cuddle until he too feel asleep peacefully.

Minhyuk- once he saw your eyes slowly closing he’d talk slower and softer that way you sleep peacefully. minhyuk would mentally bookmark where he left off in his story so he can continue it later when you’re more alert and awake. he’d lay you down gently on the couch you two were sitting on and place a blanket over you before planting a soft kiss on the top of your head.

If the other guys started to come in he’d immediately show them the way out. He’d leave you in peace to rest but check in on you every now and then. He’d be happy that you’re sleeping because he thinks that you’ll always dream of him and you.

Kihyun- Once he felt the weight on his arm and shoulder he’d be surprised and probably a little flustered. Not knowing what to do at first he’d probably let you stay like that for a little bit,but soon realize that that position probably isn’t the best for comfortability and would hurt your neck so he would gently place you down into a more comfortable position on his lap. Not really helping his red face, but as long as you’re okay he doesn’t care. After a little bit he’d play with your hair while humming a song. He would’ve kept at it if he didn’t hear snickering behind him. Minhyuk and Hyungwon were watching. Kihyun would yell but instead he shooed them away for more peace and quiet

Hyungwon- probably wouldn’t notice that you feel sleep at first because he was so into his story. But once he noticed you weren’t responding back to him and his story telling he would turn his head and see you asleep. Hyungwon would chuckle and shake his head before getting up ever so quietly and grabbing a blanket to place on top of you. He’d place a hand on your head and move your hair out of your face. He would have kissed you but the guys walked in. Hyungwon would speed towards them so fast and push them out of the room that way you can sleep peacefully. Once he got back to the couch he would just sleep with you and most likely hog the blanket.

Jooheon- Aww this little baby would be so flustered at first. He wouldn’t know what to do at first. But once your head started to tilt he instinctively placed it down carefully on his lap. He knew it would probably be the most comfortable compared to being in some weird position that would hurt your neck. He didn’t want to move so you didn’t wake. Whenever you stir he always freezes until you calm down again. Eventually when he gets used to it he would nonchalantly play with your hair and maybe hum a song. In all honesty he’d probably fall asleep as well. And the guys would just walk in confused and walk back out leaving you two alone.

I.M.- Like Hyungwon, Changkyun would probably not notice you falling asleep at first but when he finally did notice he would be a little surprised at first. Eventually though he would laugh a little and grab a blanket for you and sit back down next to you and leave you be so you sleep well. If the guys came in and started being loud he would whisper yell at them to get out and leave the two of you alone in peace. Nevertheless you shouldn’t be surprised if you woke up with drawings on your face.

Make sure of it

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warnings: violence, mentions of smut.

A/N: Ok so I know I said that the next imagine would be 13rw but I just saw pirates of the Caribbean: dead man tell no tales/Salazar’s revenge and had this idea but i promise the next imagine will be the Jeff Atkins smut I’m doing. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jack Sparrow in that GIF.

When Salazar tried to kill Captain Jack Sparrow, Salazar sailed right into the Devil’s Triangle. But little did Jack know the Y/N Y/L/N, his love was on that ship, but it was too late the ship had already crashed in the rocks, all the crew were panicking, Salazar was pushed off the edge of the ship and so were you.

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Call me a thief ~ Ch.1: Since the beginning.

Requests: Open!

A/N: English is not my maternal language, sorry if this has any grammatical errors.

Summary: Four years after Y/N’s life was ruined, due to the death of her fiancé and having to resign as a cop, she is taken hostage in a violent robbery, where she ends up re-encountering with an old friend and having to fight for her own life.

Characters: Fem!reader, Natasha, Steve, Clint, Pepper, Tony, Stephen Strange…

Genre: Drama, angst, fluff (a little bit)

Warnings: Blood, violence, death.

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“I need… Help…” whispered a voice from the emergency room door.

A doctor and two nurses rushed to the place where the voice came from. A woman, not older than 25 years old, completely covered in blood and in Shock state, trembling and staring blankly at the emergency room.

“My God, what happened to you?” asked the doctor as he grabbed her shoulders and watched her. “Bring a stretcher.” asked the doctor with dark hair and light eyes.

“There was a lot of blood everywhere. There was a lot of blood.” said the girl as she looked at her hands and then looked down at her clothes. “There’s a lot of blood, a lot.” she whispered as she looked at the doctor with her eyes wide open.

The Doctor took her cheeks and tried to calm her down. “I’m Dr. Strange, miss. What’s your name?”

“Y/N…” whispered the girl with a pale face and half lost eyes.

“Y/N, I need you to tell me what happened to you.” order the doctor. “I need a stretcher now!”

“A gunshot…” whispered the young woman as she took the doctor’s hands in her face.

“Have you been shot?” asked Strange in alarm, as he took the girl between his arms in a bridle style and put her in the emergency room.

“There’s so much, so much blood.” kept whispering Y/N as she watched the Doctor carrying her in his arms. “…could die…”

“I need some help! Let’s go! She’s losing blood!” said the Doctor as he laid her on a stretcher and a group of nurses and doctors came to them.

“I don’t need any help…”

“Of course you need it. You’ve been shot and you don’t feel it because you’re in shock. You need help, Y/N.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t need help.”

“So…? Why do you have so much blood?” asked a nurse as she placed a catheter on Y/N’s arm.

“Because the blood. The blood kept coming out… There was a lot of blood.”

“Y/N, please. I need you to answer me. Why are you so bloody? Whose blood is it?” Strange asked as he held a hand to draw her attention.

“Because he’s been shot.” justified Y/N before beginning to cry softly.

“Who? Who’s been shot?”

“Him…” whispered Y/N before she was hugged by a nurse who comforted her. “He’s been shot.” he whispered as he looked at the Doctor. “Please help him, help him. Or he’ll die.”

A chill ran across Strange’s back after hear the words of Y/N.

“Then tomorrow you can cover my night shift?” asked her best friend, a co-worker. “Please. Please, Y/N, yes? I’ll do whatever you want, but tell me yes.” she kept begging for the girl.

Y/N rolled her eyes and nodded heavily. “All right, I’ll take your turn tomorrow, Nat. But you’ll have to talk to Pepper. And the next three times we order food, I choose.”

Natasha smiled and hugged her friend. “Take it for granted! For God’s sake, I could kiss you right now!” she said as she leapt out of joy, still hugging Y/N.

“Save it for Clint, Nat.” said the woman as she separated from her friend. “I have to go, I have to run some errands.” she said as she took her things and kissed Natasha on the cheek, Nat’s face changed.

“You have to go to the bank again, don’t you?” asked the redhead as she prepared to cover her shift.

Y/N nodded. “Yes…” she said in a whisper. “They want to foreclose on my house. I owe them money. I need to ask them for a little time so I can do it, give them the money.” she said with a sad smile.

“You could have told me, Y/N. You know perfectly well you can ask me for the money to pay your debt.” Nat folded his arms as she watched the young woman in the eye.

“I don’t like asking people for money and you know it. I don’t like to owe my friends money.”

“But you like to owe it to the bank? Y/N. They can throw you out of your house! You can end up on the street. This is serious.” the Romanoff started writing on the checkbook she just took out of her purse.

“I know, Nat. That’s why I’m going to ask them for time–”

“I don’t give a shit what you’re gonna do.” spoke Nat in a serious tone. “I’ll give you money to pay the debt and you’ll accept it. So you can keep your house and we can still be neighbors.”

“Nat, please… No, I couldn’t…” begged Y/N.

“Y/N please! Could you just let yourself be helped for once in your life and stop being so stubborn?”

“What would Clint say?” she asked.

“He’d say the same as I. You’re one of her best friends and he cares about you. So shut up and accept this.” said the redhead as she handed a check to Y/N, who ended up forcibly accepting it.

Y/N looked at the check her friend had given her and started crying about the relief. She felt much more liberated and relaxed, all thanks to the stubbornness of her redhead friend, who was always there for her.

“Thank you, Natty.” whispered before hugging her friend tightly. “I’ll cover all the shifts you ask me for and I’ll give you the money as soon as I can.”

Natasha took Y/N’s face and wiped away the tears as she smiled at her. “Naah, forget it. You don’t have to take it back.”

“But Nat…”

“Let’s not start, Y/N.” Romanoff said with a serious look.

“Thank you very much, really.” Y/N hugged Nat hard again.

“You know you’ve got me for everything you need. Now, go and pay the debt. When you’re done, I’ll tell Clint to take us out for dinner, just like old times.” said the friend before kissing her on the forehead and going to ask for the customers’ orders.

“Roger it, ma'am.”

Natasha laughed at what Y/N said, who said goodbye waving her hand.

Once Y/N left the ‘Virginia’s’ cafeteria, with a small smile on her face, she set off to Stark Bank (whose owners was the family of Tony, her friend and also her boss and friend’s boyfriend, Pepper).

Y/N knew that being friends with Tony, the Starks would have helped her with the debt, but she refused to ask for money, so she never told anyone about her financial problems except Nat and Clint, who knew all the history and problems she had been through in the last four years.

Finally her problem was finally solved.

She was finally free of that burden.

She could finally try to get a good night’s sleep.

She could finally start over.

She could finally start to be happy.

Y/N, took the receipt that was just given to her after she had paid the money and settled her debt, she smiled when he realized that he had paid her bill thanks to Natasha, who had also given her the opportunity to start over after having helped with the burden she had carried.

She walked to the door as she took her phone out of her purse and dialed the redhead’s phone to talk to her and thank her.

She called him, but she didn’t pick up. She should be very busy in the cafeteria, considering it was Friday afternoon. Then she decided to write her a message to tell her that she was done and that wanted to spend the night with her two best friends.

Great was the surprise that she took, when he lifted her vision and saw that a group of several men dressed in black, with the face covered and armed entered the bank between shots in the air, just to attract the attention of all those present.

“Everybody down on the ground!” said a man as he fired his weapon at the ceiling. “Get down on the ground! On the ground!”

Y/N crouched and watched as the men scattered all over the bench, while everyone present shouted and crouched. And when she noticed the security guard on her right asked him for the gun, and took it, she made a gesture for him not to say anything.

“I’m a cop… Well, I was.” she whispered, to the guard, he said nothing and did nothing, only nodded.

Y/N hid the gun under her shirt and sat on the floor with her hands behind her back, as the robbers were ordering.

“You down, down!” demanded another robber from a man who was with his son. “You too, buddy.” told the man in a less harsh tone, the boy did as he was told.

“You two!” the man, who seemed to be the boss, called Y/N and the guard. “Come here! Now.” he said threateningly, as one of his men grabbed Y/N by the arm and pushed her on the ground, causing her to bump her head, beginning to bleed.

“I would be satisfied if i were asked in a good way, to do things.” said Y/N irritated, while she palpated the wound. “Asshole.”  she whispered.

“What were you saying?” asked the man as he clenched his teeth and pointed his weapon at Y/N.

“Enough, Red!” said a deep but familiar voice for Y/N. “Leave her alone.”

“Get the phones in here,” said a female voice this time. “Hurry, it’s for today.”

Y/N put her phone in the woman’s bag.

“Everybody listen up! Take a deep breathe and relax. We’re here to rob the bank, not you. So don’t do anything stupid, don’t be heroes. Or you’ll regret it.”

Y/N began to feel dizzy, the wound continued bleeding, she palpated it again.

She was gonna need stitches.

She leaned against the wall and watched the scene. As the thieves stuffed all the money in the bags and threatened the people who were scared. She took one hand under her shirt and touched to see if she still had the gun.

“I wouldn’t do anything stupid.” said a male voice, the same one that was so familiar to her.

What did that voice sound so familiar to her? She couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She looked up and looked at the man. Y/N looked at him from top to bottom, until she stumbled across his gaze and could see those huge, shimmering blue eyes beneath the ski mask.

“Give me the gun and nothing will happen to you, I promise.” said the man as he stretched out his hand for Y/N to give him the gun.

She breathed and gave it to him.

“Fine. Thank you, miss.” said the voice in a gentle tone.

Who was he?

“You…” She tryed to talk. “Do you have a handkerchief or something? I need to stop the bleeding from my wound.”

The man bent down and stood up to her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cloth handkerchief embroidered with a flower, which he used to plug the wound on Y/N’s head.

She looked at him in the eye again, there was eye contact for a very short time, but it was enough for her.

“Are you all right?” he asked her, his glances struck again.

Finally Y/N finally realized who he was.

“Steve?” she whispered in a low voice, surprised as she find out who he was.

“Hello, Y/N. How are you doing?”

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@lovely-geek @dugan365 Chapter 2→
Little Rook [Jacob Frye x Reader]

Warning: slight NSFW;

A/N: i just wanted to say, i had this idea of Jacob requesting for little rooks to his wife (the reader) because it would be adorable and i can see him calling his children little rooks.


The first time that Jacob Frye approached you with the idea of having a baby, was during your second year of marriage together. He had gripped the brim of his top hat and sheepishly looked down at the floor while mumbling out a request of what he wanted. Of course, his mumblings caused you to arch a brow and press to him that he speak up.

His exact words were, “I want you to provide me a little rook.”

This caused you to freeze in your tracks and stand upright before looking at him with small worry. “As in…. a baby? Your little baby?” You questioned curiously, turning your back to his massive frame. Your hands were nimble, working on gently cutting the bread for this evening.

“Yes,” he confirmed a bit more confidently, leisurely strolling over to you and making sure to pin his body flush to yours. “Our little baby,” he breathed against the soft shell of your ear, your body tingling with excitement when his hot breath fanned over your skin. The heat and soft lips that melded into tender flesh caused your heart to stutter and your breathing quickened. Your eyes were wide and cheeks flushed red. London was safe from Blighters…

“Okay… We can try for a little rook,” you relented, hearing him chuckle with joy and he swept you up and into his arms bridle style. There, he carried you from the small kitchen and up the wooden stairs and to your shared bedroom.

Of course, Jacob wanted to be 100%+ sure that you were going to be pregnant. So, before the two of you even decided to make sure to get a check up any time soon, he made sure to bed you every chance he got almost each day. This exhausted you more than you thought, but it was quite exciting nonetheless. In fact, almost every single time he spiced it up a bit differently than the last. Which is where you two were now. His teeth lightly nibbling along the soft curve of your throat with eyes half lided, and one of your legs lazily half wrapped around the masculine waist of his. He was propped on his forearms, hips lazily rocking in and out of you and listening to your mewls and whimpers whenever the tip of his length scraped against the tender flesh within. Eventually, he slipped a hand between the two of you and gently rubbed, causing your body to writhe and fingers to claw down the curve of his spine.

“Jacob- I-!” You gasped, eyes rolling back and body convulsing as you were sent over the edge and caused a chuckle to erupt from his chest. It didn’t last for long however, his own moan interrupting his movements and hips stilling as he slowly released the warmth within before he breathlessly leaned above you.

“Yes love?” He jokingly asked you between puffs of breaths, gently kissing your eyes as they fluttered close.

“I’m expecting a little rook,” your murmured to him, placing a kiss on the scar over his jaw and causing his head to rear back. At first, you felt a bit hurt his head moved away, but then you saw the twinkle in his hazel gaze and the excitement returning once again.

“My little rook?!” He asked like a child on Christmas Day, face nearly splitting in half from his raw joy.

“Your little rook,” you hummed, stifling a yawn and causing another ‘squeal’ of joy to escape your husband.

“Im gonna have a little rook!” He cheered as he pulled out of you.

From that point onward, it was easy; until your hips had adjusted slightly and belly swollen that you were sure you had twins. Your toes wriggled, hand placed protectively over it and humming as you ate a grape from the local market. You were reading a book, a cat languidly moving before it opted to crawl up the nightstand beside the bed and gently pad around your massive belly to inspect it yet another time. Slowly, it set its paw on your belly before gently purring and brushing its face along its skin, causing you to giggle and be distracted by your small lover.

Jacob was out helping the Rooks over in Westmeister; apparently some loyal Blighters managed to pop up again and cause havoc amongst the people there. So, you were left in your shared home alone with nothing but a book and cat to keep you company. The autumn breeze warmly drifted through the room, and your brows furrowed as motherly intuition spoke up. Slowly, the pain started. It was a small tingeing contraction that you could easily overlook, but over time it grew worse and worse until your water broke.

By the time the official contractions started, the sun was setting and Jacob was still nowhere in sight. You needed someone- anyone really as sweat broke out over your skin and body stilled as it tried to get this small being out of you.

“____?” You heard someone call, your teeth gritted and eyes squeezing shut as your grip on the book and sheets tightened. Your knuckles turned white, an agonized cry escaping into the air and causing whoever it was to burst through the door. It was Evie, accompanying her was Henry, and the two went wide eyed when they saw you. “______!” Evie cried in fear, running over to your side and pulling out a hankerchief to gently wipe the sweat away.

“I’m going to grab a doctor Evie- I’ll be back,” Henry announced, his body turning and swiftly leaving the way he had come.

“Where’s my brother? Why isn’t he here with you?” Evie pressed as you whimpered out in pain.

Fear gripped you; where was your husband? Was he okay? Was he lying in a puddle of his own blood, dying in the streets? Did he even… make it in the cruel fists of the Blighters? “He went to settle a skirmish between Rooks and Blighters earlier today.. he hasn’t returned,” you cried out, distress causing another wave of violent contractions to convulse through you. A sob escaped your lips, Evie gripping your hand in place of her brother and a worried look forming in her eyes.

“I’ve returned with the doctor and a wet bowl and towel,” Henry declared as he erupted into the room with his guest and items he claimed he had in his hand. He ran over to your other side, gently wringing out the towel before smoothing it over your heated forehead.

The doctor felt like he was taking hours to help push out the baby, your cries of pain not really too pleasing on the ears. It caused Evie to go in distress, wanting to help remove the pain but unable. So she gripped your hands and murmured soft encouragements, Henry helping do the same until finally-

A wail echoed off the walls and the sound of a door being slammed open downstairs being drowned out. Sweat was beading down your neck and face, the towel gently wrung out yet again as Henry and Evie praised you and your work on birthing the child. The child was being cleaned and cared for by the doctor, the door to your bedroom being shoved open. Jacob had wide hazel eyes, hair that was already in a disarray even more so, and his cheeks were rosy with the faded tear tracks. Fear had gripped him; he didn’t want to directly go home and see that if you gave birth to his child to see you dead like his mother had. Instead he saw you being delicately handled by his sister and brother-in-law, and the baby being carefully placed in your arms as you smiled weakly.

Everyone was admiring the child. He had little tufts of peach fuzz and eyes that were closed. He made cute little cooing noises and the blanket he was swaddled with was green with a little sewn Rook in it.

“_____…” Jacob carefully called out, earning your tired attention and causing his heart to melt at the sight of your smile.

“We did it Jacob- we have a little Rook,” you cooed out in praise, earning a chuckle from him and a smile from Evie as she practically cooed over her nephew.

“And what are you going to name your rook?” Henry asked eagerly, joining his brother in law’s side then as he looked at you and his wife.

Evie hummed, looking at you with a smile and whispered in your ear, “Emmett.”

“Emmett Frye!” You agreed then, grinning widely as Jacob passed his sister a knowing look before he moved over to peer down at the child.

“Sounds like a good name for a lil rook to me.”

I’ll Protect You

Request: Hi, could I request a modern au John Murphy imagine where murphy and the reader live in an apartment together, they’re dating and go to the same college.One day he sees a guy flirting with the reader and she tells him but he doesn’t get the message and tries to touch her. Murphy ends up fighting him.The reader gets him home and cleans all of his injuries in the bathroom and thanks him, and they kiss and go to bed and he just hugs her and it’s all cute. Sorry it’s so long, is this okay? ❤️

Requested by: @1blurredsmoke10

A/N: Sure thing! I was actually super excited to write this, so thank you for requesting it!

Warning: non-consent touching. fighting. fluff.

Originally posted by lachicainmortal

“What’s a beautiful girl like yourself doing here all alone?” Snapping your head up from your drink, you turned to see a much taller man. He had blonde hair, wore a black shirt and had green eyes. He was about a head taller than you, but you thought nothing of his comment, only think he was trying to start a conversation.

Smiling lightly up at him, you laughed. “Thank you,” you started, “but i’m actually not. Well won’t be.”

He took a step towards you and suddenly you felt a tad bit uncomfortable, you went to take a step back only for your back to hit the edge of the bar counter. 

You were at a party, thrown by one of your college friends. You’d been excited to go seeing as it was her birthday and it was sometimes nice to just get away from all the school work. The party was set at a club, which slightly made you hesitant to go. Clubs had never been your scene but Y/F/N had been a dear friend of yours for a long time, and you couldn’t just bail on her.

Originally you had thought you’d have to go all alone, which was okay, only thing is your friend had a lot more friends than you did. It was self-explanatory, seeing as she was a much more outspoken girl. But that in turn meant you wouldn’t really have anyone to spend the evening with.

Then, your two year long boyfriend had agreed to go with you. The two of you shared an apartment and you loved him very much. He was abrasive to others but he always treated you like a queen and was undeniably sweet to you. You knew the only reason why he agreed to go was because he didn’t like the idea of you going to a club by yourself. 

You two had made plans to go together but then school caught up to him and he had to stay a bit later. He should be on his way now though.

“Oh, really?” The boy smirked, closing what little distance the two of you had between each other. You sucked in a deep breath, at first the boy had seemed nice and you’d jumped at the thought of actually being able to talk to someone. But now all he did was make you feel uncomfortable. “Well, I don’t see them now. I’m Jake.”

You smiled, still trying to be polite. “I’m Y/N.” You said, hoping that maybe if you just went with it he’d eventually leave you alone.

“So, tell me, how does one get you to come join them on the dance floor?” He asked slyly.

You laughed lightly, trying to break the awkwardness. “Nothing,” you said shortly. “I, uh, have a boyfriend who actually is the one coming. So…-” His hand fell on your waist as he pulled you even closer. You placed your hands on his chest, you tried to push him away but he fought your struggle.

“I don’t see him.” He said flatly. Raising his other arm he stroked your cheek, brushing some of your hair away as you looked around nervously. You tried to see if you could spot Murphy or your friend but came up empty. Your heart began to race as you tried to figure out a way to get out of the situation. He was undoubtedly much stronger than you and with how determined he seemed, it didn’t look liked he’d be letting you go anytime soon.

“Please, i-i’m not interested.” You tried pleading.

“Something te-” You let out a leap of shock when a fist suddenly came in front of your view, knocking Jake over as a body came in front of you. You let out a breath of relief when you recognized the figure as Murphy, your boyfriend.

But quickly you noticed the anger that literally rolled off of him and the way his breathing was rapidly fast. “Woah, man.” Jake said as he regained his balance. Murphy said nothing as he punched Jake again, alerting the whole bar of what was happening. Murphy was quite aggressive and you remembered, before meeting him, that he was always getting into trouble. That all stopped when he met you and had a ways to release his anger more efficiently.

Jake’s face became angry as he punched Murphy. You gasped at the blood that began leaking from your boyfriends nose and you felt your heart break when he let out a strangled cry, hitting Jake again. 

You watched as the club owner came rushing out and you knew you needed to gain Murphy’s attention before he got himself arrested. “Hey, what’s going on here!?” The manager yelled.

You quickly raised your hands, standing in front of Murphy so he couldn’t throw another hit at Jake and Jake looked at you shocked. His face was much worse than Murphy’s but not much of you cared after the way he had treated you. You smiled apologetically at the manager. “I’m sorry. We’ll be going, we’ll be going.” Grabbing Murphy’s arm, you dragged him out of the club.

Before Murphy walked away from Jake though, he spat angrily. “Never touch her again.” You continued leading him out. Apologizing to your friend on the way out who only smiled knowingly.

When you arrived back at your shared apartment with Murphy, you said nothing but lead him into the bathroom. You had him sit up on the counter as you grabbed some alcohol and bandages. You grabbed some clothe as well. His face was bruised and bleeding as well as his knuckles were bruised.

You said nothing and neither did he as you cleaned his injuries and bandaged his hand. You were still in your dress and felt oddly disgusting as you remembered how his hands had lingered on you. You frowned at Murphy’s hand, hating how he got hurt because of you.

“Thank you.” You whispered. A hand came under your chin as Murphy led you head up so you finally made eye contact with him. He smiled sadly down at you, staring at you lovingly. He already knew what you were thinking.

“He was touching you, Y/N.” He reminded.

You sighed. “I know. I just don’t like you getting hurt because of me.” You admitted, immense guilt inside you. Maybe if you had just been a bit more clear to him, none of this would have happened and you could’ve been enjoying the night instead of cleaning your boyfriends wounds.

“Hey,” Murphy said, grabbing your head with both his hands. “It’s not on you. He had no right to touch you like that and nothing you could’ve done would’ve stopped him.” He leaned down to kiss you, and leant into the kiss, relishing in the moment.

“Thank you,” you repeated. He nodded, smiling down at you lovingly as he began taking off his shirt. You stared confused as to why he was doing this and even more baffled when he began to unzip your dress.


“Sh.” He shushed you, and you obediently stepped out of the dress before Murphy placed his shirt over you. You smiled, feeling much more comfortable as Murphy jumped off the counter. He grabbed you suddenly, holding you bridle style as you squealed.

He carried you to your bed and placed you down. You snuggled into the warmth, immediately feeling him against your back as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You suddenly felt very tired and let your eyes drift close, missing the way Murphy smiled at the back of your head, snuggling into you.

Only, If I Moved My Hands Lower - Tom Wilson

Requested: No

Word Count: 1,198

Warnings: Period pains, fluff and mentions of sex.


Originally posted by dunbaerrito

Normally, your period wasn’t that bad but this time you couldn’t even move without shedding a tear. Not one, but both of your ovaries felt as if they were twisting inside of your body, trying to claw their way out. That even wasn’t the worst thing surprisingly, your lower back hurt, you were bloated and to top things off your flow was so heavy that you had to wear a super plus tampon with a pad just in case you wouldn’t leak on the white bedsheets. So yeah, you were ready to basically die at this point.

Being in so much pain that you were in, you didn’t hear your boyfriend, Tom coming home for practice. “Y/n?” You didn’t say anything, figuring that he will eventually walk in your shared bedroom. Minutes later, you heard footsteps outside of the door and the creaking sound of it opening. “Kitten?”

“Tom.” You whispered, out letting some tears fall from your eyes.

“Hey.” He crouched down beside the bed so he could get a good look at my face. And that’s when Tom noticed the tears running down it and that some of your hair was stuck to your skin because of the wetness. He pushed your hair away from your face then wiped the tears away with his thumb.

“It hurts.” His blue eyes fell to where your hands were clenching. This made him began to stroke your cheek.

“Is it your period?” You just nodded before snuggling more into your pillow. You watched as Tom sighed before asking, “did you take any medicine?” You shook your head.

“It hurts every time I try to move.” You notify making Tom nod his head before kissing your forehead.

“I’ll be back.” He mumbled before heading out of the room.

“M'k.” You started to rub your stomach trying to settle the pain a little. But the pain seemed to want to stay. You heard the familiar footsteps again.

Tom walked back over to you and set a glass on the nightstand. “Let’s get you to sit up.” This made you give the man a look. “Don’t give me that look. You’ll choke if you try to drink anything in that position.” He tried to argue.

“Not if you grab a straw.” You sassed but your boyfriend stood his ground. “Fine.” You sighed in defeat.

As you tried to sit up, a pain hit you in your lower back that made you gasp. “Hey.” Tom helped you completely sit up and slowly rubbed your back. “I’m gonna grab the Ibuprofen, so don’t lay back down, okay.” You nodded your head as he handed you the glass full with chocolate milk.

A smile covered your face at this. It was a weird thing that you craved when you were on your period. Chocolate milk always seemed to settle your stomach. You took a sip as your blue eyed man walked out of bathroom with a small smile on his face. “Here you go, kitten.” He handed you the pills to which you quickly took.

“Thank you.” You said as you set down the now empty glass of chocolate milk on the nightstand.

Tom stood in front of you while his left hand played with your hair. “I started the bath, if your interested.” This caused you to groan in delight. Your arms reached for his neck.

“How did I get so lucky?” The brunette answered with a chuckled as you brought him down for a kiss. Tom pulled away to pick you up bridle style. Once he carried you to the bathroom he set you down on the toilet so he could check the water. “Tom.” His blue eyes connected with you y/e/c ones. “Help.” You pouted before you lifted up your arms.

He chuckled again. “You’re trying to kill me.” You laughed as he pulled your big shirt off your body leaving you in nothing but your granny-panties. Tom’s eyes traveled down your bare chest to your “sexy” underwear. “Yep. Definitely trying.”

“Hush.” You pushed him away making the both of you laugh a little. “Now turn away, so I can change my tampon.” Tom made a face then did as he was told plus covering his ears.

Once you were done, you walked over to the white Barclay tub and slipped in. A sigh escaped from your mouth as the tension left your muscles. You tilted your head black and looked to the right to see Tom with his eyes still closed and hands over his ears. “Tom.” He didn’t answer you. “Tom.” Still nothing. You splashed some water on him, finally catching his attention. He looked at you like he was mad, but you knew better. “You wouldn’t listen. I had to get your attention somehow.” A giggled left your mouth as he moved over to you.

“This is how I get treated after trying to take care of you.” He put both of his hands on either side of the tub leaning down closer to you.

“I’m sorry, baby. How can ever I make it up to you?” You joked with a smirk resting on your lips.

Tom copied your facial expression before saying. “I think I know a way.” His right hand cupped you cheek as his lips pressed a soft kiss to yours. The both of you sighed into the kiss feeling the warmth from each other.

“Love you.” You mumbled against him.

The blue eyed man pulled away from you to look into your eyes. “Love you, too, Y/n.” He straightened his posture. “I guess, I’ll leave you alone so you can rest.” You pouted at this.

“Please, stay.” Tom looked at you for a moment. “You can grab a chair and just sit by the tub. You don’t have to come in.” You paused. “Please.” When you saw a smile cover his gorgeous face you knew you won.


About an hour and a half later, the both of you made your way out of the bathroom to the bedroom where you were wearing one of your favorite shirts that belonged to Tom. He let you wear it knowing that it’ll made you feel better.

So here were you both, cuddle on the bed with Tom leaning against the headboard and you were sitting in between his legs leaning against his chest while Pitch Perfect was playing on the tv.

His big hands your making small circles on your lower abdomen causing you to let out small moans. “You know on normal occasions, in the same position I’d have you moaning like this. Only, if I moved my hands lower.” This caused you to hit right arm. “Hey, I’m just saying.”

You rolled your eyes. “Four more days, babe. Be patient.”

“Oh, how I can’t wait.” You snuggled closer to his chest.

“Why because you know that you’re gonna get a big reward for treating me so well?”

“What?” Tom gasped. “How dare you?” He moved his arms around your waist. “I just want you out of this pain, kitten.” He pressed a kiss to the back of your head making you raise an eyebrow.

“Um, hmm.” You knew the truth.

The Unwell Reunion

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Being sick sucks, but at least you’ve got JB @suhotrashanon

You had become a burrito. Being rolled up for so long on the couch had clearly turned you into one. It wasn’t that you wanted this. Oh no. But this is what illness had done to you. To make matters worse, you were surrounded by discarded tissues. You wanted to clean, but your body felt like it had been hit by a bus. That was how your boyfriend JB had found you. After being away for weeks, this was your reunion. “I’m dying,” you dramatically moaned.

JB laughed as he placed his bags by the door. “You’re not dying. You’re being dramatic.”

“Is there really a difference?”

He moved your feet, making room for himself to sit. He plopped down, making you groan in discomfort. “No, not really.” He stared at the TV before him. His eyebrows knitted together at the awful scene that was on the screen. It was a gruesome scene filled with blood and two bodies. “What are you watching?”

“A crime documentary,” you simply replied. This was your thing when you were sick. You weren’t sure what had gotten you so into these dramas, they were just so interesting. Who did it? Why did they do it? Things like that. It was a puzzle. And watching the methods of the investigation was so fascinating. Of course, you weren’t really in the right state of mind to fully process the information that was being fed to you. “It almost makes me want to go out and become a detective.”

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Wait Up! PT2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader

PART ONE: Wait Up!

A/N: So, this was requested by a lot of people sooo here it is! I have some pretty bad writer’s block, so it’s kinda hard to force these stories out, but I hope you like it anyway! My inbox is pretty much empty so if you want to request… go ahead! Oh, and you don’t need to read part one, but I think you should!


Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

“Wait up!” He chased after her.

She smirked, turning toward him, “Yes?”

“Well I mean-” -Punch- “We barely even-” -jab- “Got to know each other.”

“Y/N!” Sam repeated.

She barley even turned around, sending her enemy flying backward.

“Thanks, Y/N!”

“Don’t mention it!” She shouted, bringing her attention back to Spider-man.
It was a good fight, Spider-man almost made Y/N forget what she was fighting about, and that was a good thing. She hated the idea of all of her friends fighting, it just wasn’t right.


Y/N saw Spider-man fly through the air, landing on his back.

“Scott!” She screamed, rushing over to him.

“Spidey?” She whispered, sitting down by his side.

“I’m-I’m fine, I’m good it’s good.” He attempted to sit up, but Y/N put her hand on his chest, holding him down.

“You need to go home.” She mumbled.

“I can’t!” He struggled out.

She shook her head, “Yes, you can.”

He held his hip with his hand, “But I’m- I’m… I’m supposed to protect you.”

Y/N scowled at first, about to find her father, but then smiled softly, “Thank you, but I think the first priority is taking care of you.”

He blushed through his mask, that was falling off anyway. and Y/N could see it.
“Can you walk?” She asked him, raising her eyebrows.

He pushed himself up with all of his mite, before tumbling back down.

“No problem.” Y/N said.

She leaned forward, picking him up bridle style.


“Shhhh. What, did you think my power was just looking hot?” She joked.

Spider-man blushed harder, looking down, “Well, I mean-”

“Super-strength.” She mumbled, “Not that you’d that heavy, but now you’re like.. Light as a feather.”

He hummed in acknowledgment.

“Hey, Clint! Let my dad know that I’ll be in New York if he needs me!” She said without looking behind her.

“Wait, hold on…. You don’t need to-”

“Yeah, I do. I just want to get out of here.” She smiled.

Before Peter knew it he was on a plane with Y/N Stark, headed back home.
But the plane ride went by too fast, because somehow he ended up in the hallway of his very apartment.

“Peter, don’t freak out.” She told him.

Peter fiddled with his sleeve of his Mathlete shirt nervously, “But I have black eye, she’s gonna be asking questions!”

“Just tell her- tell her you got beaten up or something- hi!”

“Pete!” May pulled her nephew into a tight hug, “Who’s this?” She stepped back, examining Y/N’s face.

“Oh, this is Y/N! She’s… Mr Stark’s daughter.” He blushed.

“Nice to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you!” Y/N held her hand out.
Peter blushed even harder, looking at his feet.

May’s face lit up, “Oh, I’m sorry!” She stepped to the side, allowing her to go inside.

“Well, I’m only here for a little while, until my dad picks me up. I hope you don’t mind!” She smiled.

“Of course not! Any friend of Peter’s is welcome here! Although, you are the first girl he’s ever brought home!”

“May!” Peter whisper yelled.

“Sorry!” She squealed as she patted his shoulder. But Y/N was already well in front of him.

Tony sighed at May, “I’m sorry about my daughter, she’s very…”

“She’s very kind.” May finished his sentence.


Tony knew his daughter wasn’t a scoundrel, but nobody else had ever described her as just ‘kind’.

“Well, she’s just-” -May pointed down the hall- “Over there, if you’d like to get her.”

Tony nodded, following May’s finger.

He stopped at the door, eyebrows raised, listening in on the series of giggles coming from Peter’s room.

He decided to take action, throwing the door open quickly, “What in the world-”
He stood in silence, looking at the pair of teenagers.

Y/N and Peter were sitting on the floor, playing a card game.

“Dad!” Y/N flung herself into Tony’s arms, “Sorry I just.. Bailed.”

He kissed her forehead, choosing to forget the whole incident, which Y/N had to admit, she was grateful for.

“I think we should go, they’re wondering where you are.”

Y/N smiled, “Yeah, see you later, Pete!”

And with that, she left, leaving Peter starstruck, still not able to comprehend he was friends with Y/N Stark.



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Damn, she’s hot

Summery: You’ve been taken hostage and Bucky has a mission where your being held.

Word Count: 1,300+

Warnings: Themes of torture, death, guns, heights(idk if this is a trigger).

A/N: So this is my largest one shot so far, idea and proof reading from  @helllaellla AKA biggest cutie pie ever. Its kind of fluff, idk what it is really. *gif not mine. 

Key: Italics are Bucky’s thoughts. Speech with brackets are Russian (I don’t speak Russian and didn’t want to use google translate).

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

The mission was simple. Get in the building, get the information and get out. No unnecessary deaths and all hostages saved. Since Bucky knew the complex he was obviously Fury’s first choice, but Steve and Natasha were on standby.

‘You ready, James?’ Natasha called out from the cockpit. Bucky looked down at the vast white of Siberia and sighed.

‘As ready as I’ll ever be, Natalia!’ He shouted back. He looked over his shoulder at Steve who offered him a hopeful smile.

Despite being a supersoldier and master assassin Bucky was afraid of heights (he did die falling of a moving train). But he knew the mission had to be completed and he was best equipped for it. So he swallowed his fear and jumped out of the jet that was circling his target.

‘Okay, Barnes. Wait to open your parachute, we don’t want them spotting you’ Bucky could hear Maria’s voice through his earpiece. Modern technology is amazing. ‘3-2-1. Now!’

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anonymous asked:

How would the UF and US Skelebros react to an S/O who snuck around for about a week, having quiet phone calls a d not being quite as close to their skelebro but trying to act like they're the same, and sat their skellie down and said, "You know how we thought that Monsters couldn't get humans pregnant? Well, I just got off the phone with Alphys/Undyne and they confirmed that, well... Surprise?"

♥UF Sans: He lets you go the first couple times you snack around, but after a week he gets suspicious and worried. Red always automatically assumes the worst so he gets worried that maybe you’re cheating on him. He trusts you, but come on, look at him, he’s surprised that you stayed with him as long as you already have. He’ll confront you about it, but he doesn’t bring up the cheating thing first. When you tell him that, he just bursts out, “Oh, thank goodness! I thought that you were cheating on me for a second there, but it turns out that you’re just pregnant! Whoo, that’s a relief!”, he sighs and wipes some sweat off of his brow, then he’s just stands there with a lazy smile on his face for a few seconds, then realisation hits, “WAIT, WHAT!?!” You repeat yourself and he begins freaking out. He can’t be a father he doesn’t know the first thing about raising and child! What if he messes up and your kid ends up in prison, or even worse, being just like him! Help him calm down before he passes out. After you’ve calmed him down he realise how much he really would love having a kid and does his best to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible through the entirety of your pregnancy.

♥UF Papyrus: Boss won’t stand for you sneaking around for very long before he decides to look into it. Why you hide anything from him? He’s The Great and Terrible Papyrus, and you should never feel like you have anything to hide from him! Unless, you’re worried about him getting angry at you. That’s when he begins to question your loyalty. What no! Only and idiot would go of canoodling with others when you have someone as amazing as him! Still, he wants to know what you’ve been doing so he’s going to confront you about it. The third time you sneak off to make a phone call he’s waiting right around the corner, arms crossed, and glaring down at you. He snatched you phone out of your hand and checks your messages. After a while of scrolling his eyes get wide and he looks up at you with a look of Aww. “YOU-YOUR PREGNANT…", “Uh yeah, pretty much…surprise!”, you say as you make a jazz hands motion. He keeps glancing at you and then back down at your phone and that back at you, and a huge smile slowly makes it’s way to his face and he picks you up bridle style, “ WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOONER!”, he looks so genuinely happy, “I WILL BE THE BEST FATHER THAT ANY CHILD COULD ASK FOR, AND OF COURSE, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT A CHILD AS PERFECT AS OURS WILL BE DESERVES!”. You’re going to be pampered through the entirety of your pregnancy. You’re not allowed to to do anything that he thinks might even have a slight chance of harming you or causing discomfort. You will have to remind him that you can still feed yourself, and that walking around won’t harm you or the baby, or you’re going to spend 9 months in bed being spoon fed by him. Yeah, he goes a little crazy, but he’s just so happy, and wants everything to turn out perfectly. He’s smiling all the time when he’s home now, even some in public, and doesn’t care if anyone sees him.

♥US Sans: When he sees you sneaking around and calling people he gets exited and actually assumes that you’re planning a surprise birthday party for him. After about a week of this, he’s in the kitchen frying burger for tacos when his eyes shoot open in shock. Wait a second, it’s nowhere near his birthday! He’s goes directly to you to question you about your odd behavior recently. He never assumed anything, he just wants to know if you’re alright and if there’s anyway that he can help you. When you tell him he freezes and just stare at you. Tears begin to prick in the corners of his eyes and he goes to tackle hug you but stops himself before he makes impact. You have a child inside of you now, so he’s going to be treating you like glass. He’s just so happy, ever since he met you this is all he’s ever wanted!

♥US Papyrus: He just let’s you do your thing. He trusts you, and you’ve never given him a reason not to. After a few weeks pass and you confront him about. “Uh, hey, Pap”, “ yeah, babe”, “Well, you know how we didn’t think that monsters could get humans pregnant, well surprise!”, you say as you hold up the pregnancy tester. His eyes widen and the lollipop falls out of his mouth, *stranger screechy moaning noise*. “ Uh, Paps? Are you gonna be okay?”, he nods. “You sure?”, you ask and then he pulls you into a hug. You can’t see his face, but you can he’s crying by the tone of his voice, “ Yeah, I’ve her been better actually”, his hug tightens and he promises to you and to his future child that he’ll be the best father he can possibly be.

109. Red K!Kara x Reader

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Request: Kara on red K flirts with the reader and kidnap her, because it’s her weird way to get her attention

You didn’t expect to be tied upside down to the rafters of some old abandoned warehouse, as a matter of fact you thought today would be a normal day. Same old job, same old jerky boss, and same old dull life. You were wrong about that notion to say the least. 

It had all started when you where delivering some mail from your friend Rick to the some guy on the top floor of CatCo. Rick had said it was very important and had practically begged you to deliver that envelope first. After promises of free lunch for a month you decided to do him the favor. You took the elevator to the top of the building and searched around for ‘Winn’. 

“Um hello I’m looking for Winn, uh a Winn Sh-” You were cut off when a woman fiercely gestured towards a disgruntled looking man. You walked over with raised eyebrows and tried to speak to him.

“Uh sir? I’m here with some mail from Rick in accounting?” You questioned but the man seemed to focused on whatever was going on with the computer. “Uh dude seriously he said it was important?” Silence and the patter of keys being hit.

You frowned and flicked his forehead, nothing happened. You considered hitting him with various things before a voice stopped you. “He’s not going to notice you he’s kind of on a roll.” You looked up to see another man with a charming smile, you weren’t fazed and hummed curiously. 

You looked at Winn a last time before balancing the envelope on his head. When he still didn’t do anything you shrugged and made your way towards the elevator. That’s when you nearly stopped dead. A woman dressed in a black dress was walking towards you. You blinked, it was Kara Danvers she had given you a donut when you delivered a package to her once. She had earned the title of nicest person in the world to you.

She didn’t seem so nice now, as a matter of fact she seemed to have a determined sort of rude look on her face which was slightly attractive. You shook out of your daze and steered clear of her war path when something grabbed you from the hood of your hoodie. That’s when everything went black. 

The next thing you knew you were waking up upside down. You groaned, “Well that was unexpected.” You tried looking around for something to free you but you couldn’t even move your head. Slightly discouraged you tried freeing yourself but realized that would be stupid considering a fall from this height could kill you.

You waited for a moment before haring a slight laugh come from behind you. 
“Uh hello?” You called out straining to move your head. More laughter was all you heard. You frowned and started to squirm around in the restraints which you realized were not rope but chains.

“Oh darling I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Said a familiar voice you wrinkled your nose and saw an upside down face looking at you. Your eyes widened when you recognized the woman you had a tiny crush on

“Kara?” You asked, she grinned somewhat and you realized she was flying. “Oh you have powers, and you tied me up somewhere…. Ok uh what the hell?”

She smiled cheekily and nodded, or you think she nodded it was kind of hard to tell upside down. “Um you gonna let me down or at least turn me right side up? I pretty sure I can die like this, I saw it in a movie once.” She fixed your position and the blush you didn’t know was on your cheeks started to fade.

“So why exactly am I here?” Kara gave you a bored look and glanced at her fingernails.

“For some odd reason I like you and would like to go on a date with you, or something stupid like that.” she said still sounding bored. You gaped staring at her in surprise, this was certainly unexpected.

Your head pounded when you tried to process what just happened. “You kidnapped me and tied me up to ask me on a date?” She nodded expectantly, “Um let me think this entire situation is a lot to process.”

“Don’t make me wait to long or I’ll just leave you like that.” She threatened pointing at you with a freshly manicured finger. You nodded fiercely and tried to think but the look she was giving you made it hard to. You gulped and tried to focus, first off this obviously couldn’t be Kara Danvers she was to cruel and kind of sadistic. 

But why did she look like her, and when had Kara had powers? You came to a the conclusion that she was an alien and bit your lip but why was she acting like this. “Would you say yes if I said I thought you looked amazing?” Kara asked shaking you out of your thoughts.

“Uh what?”

“I said that I think your drop dead beautiful and that I would have made a move on you before my realization if I wasn’t such a wimp, and that I have certain things I’d like to say and do-” Your face went pink she was starting to ramble about you in a way that wasn’t her but was and that confused the heck out of you.

“Um ok I guess I’ll go out with you..” you trailed off as she gave you a look of suspicion. 

“Seriously?” She asked skeptical, “This isn’t a joke?”

“Yup totally not a prank or anything.” You nodded in conformation. She raised an eyebrow expectantly and you cleared your throat.

“But I have one condition,” you paused and she tilted her head curiously, “You tell me what caused your change in personality.” Kara frowned and you bit your lip hoping you hadn’t stepped to far. She was silent for a while and you hoped she wasn’t deciding how to kill you.

“Well the stupid scientists say it was some red rock.“ She said with a shrewd look on her face. You blinked and tried to piece together what she had said it was hard considering she wasn’t really making any sense.

“Uh what kind of red rock?” The look she gave you made shivers go down your spine, she smiled. 

“I don’t think it was the rock though,” she started, ignoring your question, “I just think it’s about time I started telling people how I feel I mean if someone is taking what is mine or being to cocky don’t I have the right to tell them to shove it or I will for them?” Kara ranted. You nodded and your fear lessened, it was like the rock had unleashed Kara’s hidden thoughts and feelings.

She had to deal with ass hats being an assistant and all so the anger was kind of justified. It did not give her an excuse to tie you up and scare the crap out of you though. Eventually she stopped talking and stared at you for a minute seeming to admire your features. You stayed like that for a while trying to talk to her she mostly ignored you but sometimes answering the questions you asked.

“Hey Kara excuse my asking but why don’t you just, you know, try to patch things up with your sister and friends?” She frowned suddenly looking uncomfortable before she answered back.

“Because they don’t really care about me and think that they are better than the woman who always saves the day.” She sais simply but you could tell the question bothered her. In that moment you felt sorry for this side of Kara only because she thought no one seemed to care about her.

“Uh I care about you…” You trailed off hoping you said the right thing. Kara studied you for a moment before pecking your cheek which immediately blazed red. When she leaned back she was smiling at you and you found the courage to smile back.

“I suppose,” she paused studying you, “it’s time for that date.” She broke your chains and lifted you up bridle style. For the rest of the night you only half wished someone would save you.

Grand Canyon

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Show: NCIS

Summary: Things happen when your a federal agent, and sometimes comedy can be found at the most inappropriate times.

Pairing: Jethro Gibbs x Reader

Warnings: slight cursing, maybe the normal stuff.

Word Count: 568

Reading Time: 2+ minutes

Request: Not a request

A/N: So inspiration came from me being a klutz. I hope that you enjoy this and feedback is always welcomed.


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Just Breathe

Warnings: Anxiety/Panic Attack. FLUFF.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Reader.

Summary: Sister Reader gets an anxiety/panic attack and Sam and Dean help her through it.

Word Count: 802

Y/N/N: your nickname.

You were all sat in an old motel’s table; Sam, Dean and you. Papers and old books were scattered across the living room. You were all researching for a case you had found, it was about 10 o’clock in the night. The entire room was quiet, the only sounds heard were the gentle swish of a page turning, and the occasional sigh from your brothers.

You heard a soft tapping on the window, making your head rapidly move to see what it was. The tapping soon became faster and louder, rain. You hated rain, it was too much noise and it always bought thunder with it. And soon enough, the crackling of thunder was heard.

“Looks like storms coming.” Dean huffed out as he too looked at the window. His eyes then slowly moving back to the old book he had placed on his lap.

You felt as your heart beat began too move faster, and your breaths became shorter. You breathed in deeply trying to ignore the cold feeling that was beginning to grow in you. You knew it wouldn’t be gone completely for a few hours so you tried to focus on the papers in your hands.

A couple hours passed and the feeling hadn’t gone yet and it was becoming more and more difficult to focus on the bold black letters printed on the thin papers. Sam took out a pencil and was writing something down, scratching his head once in a while and sighing heavily. Dean was slurping on a some soda he had bought earlier in the day, the rain had not passed yet and you were starting to freak out a bit.

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Hey what do you think dating shaxx is like? ô3ô

“Oh no.” Jarvis comment as a look of ‘Uh oh’ on Destiny’s face.
“You had to say that name-“
“DID SOMEONE SAY MY NAME?!” Lord Shaxx said coming out pushing Destiny and Jarvis to the sides.
“I thought we locked the door!” Ghost said. Apollo looks at the sliding door which were forced open.
-He’s as passionate as he is at the Crucible. He express his love for you in words and this man can forge words like silver.
-Your kisses are basically the only thing that can silent him. On helmet or his face it brings his loud volume down.
-When you two are alone he’s very affectionate giving you many kisses on many places, he whispers loving words between each kiss.
-If someone gives you trouble that is like stealing a dragon’s treasure. Lord Shaxx is the dragon while you’re his treasure. Many fire will be spit out.
-You heard him sing before and have it recorded by your Ghost. He’s completely embarrassed by it and Thank the Traveler he’s always wearing his helmet because he’s quite fluster about it.
-He loves to carry you in his arms or on his shoulders he adore your touch. His favorite are piggy back ride and bridle style.
-He likes to rest his head on your shoulders wrapping his arms around you as you two cuddle together.
-You will feel loved and supportive by this man you have no idea.
-“You want the Crucible? (Y/N) has the Crucible”
-He’s like a super warm teddy bear when you sleep with him. You would feel protectected in his arms.
-You get the honor to know what his face looks like, and how he lost his horn from his helmet. Double bonus!