bridle style

What I believe happened

I believe that Fine kept the fact that Izetta is alive from the whole world, and just let them believe that she had really passed on.

Only allowing those closest to her know the truth i.e: Lotte and Bianca.

Lotte decided to quit her job at the palace and had told everyone that she was going to move back with her sister. When in fact she was going to live with/ take care of Izetta.

Fine built a little cottage near the lake where they both had first meet, so that Izetta had a quite and peaceful place to stay. She would often visit Izetta as much as she could.

Bringing her gifts and the pie that they both love.
Fine would take Izetta outside and push her along the forest trails, talking, laughing and just having a great time with each other.

Fine would often tease Izetta by picking her up bridle style (que a blushing Izetta) grabbing onto the princess and burying her face under her neck.

Fine would alway carry Izetta to bed, help her get changed and tuck her in. She would also get in and cuddle with her and wait for Izetta to fall asleep, before getting up and kissing her on the cheek.

(The people at the palace would find it strange that their princess is gone every night. So fine can’t stay most nights, but she always visits the next day)

Also believe that Fine made a little garden for Izetta ❤️❤️❤️

Cute Things The Other Guys Notice


Johnson was no doubt the funniest guy you’ve ever met. He would say the funniest things at the most inappropriate times. You would always laugh and giggle at everything he did, and it was all the boys noticed. Every picture of you two hand big, happy, laughing smiled on your faces. You couldn’t help it. Whenever you were on the phone with him or he was on the phone with you, the boys could tell. The distinct smile or small giggles coming from your mouths would signal to the boys that your love was on the line. The boys were honestly so jealous of your guys’s relationship and you guys loved every second.


Gilinsky was constantly carrying you everywhere. He wouldn’t let you walk in any puddles or things like that, so he would carry you. Bridle style or you on his back. The guys were so torn between being annoyed that Jack never did that to them, and it being way too cute to even handle. Jack treated you like a true princess and he other guys were just jealous Jack didn’t treat then like princes.


There was absolutely no time when Nate was with you when he wasn’t touching you. The boys always noticed that. His arms were constantly around you, holding your waist or even your ass sometimes. The guys were constantly telling him to keep his hands to himself, but he couldn’t help it. Like he needed to touch you. He needed to know you were there. Not that you minded.


Sammy’s lips were soft, so when his lips hit yours, your neck, your shoulders, or even your hands, you fall even more in love. The guys think it’s gross that his lips are constantly on you. Whether you two are just cuddling or he’s standing behind you protectively, his lips are pressed to your head or shoulders. Pure bliss.


Another short one before “YOU FIND SOMETHING PART 2” tomorrow! 💋💋



“Y/N!” Pietro yelled, running around the flying city, drastically calling your name whilst also attempting to help the citizens get onto SHIELDS helicarrier. “Y/N, PLEASE WHERE YOU?” He screamed. He ran around the corner and stopped in the street. He swear he could have heard you call his name. Pietro looked around and his heart skipped a beat when he saw you. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere…” He said happily as he walked towards you.

“P-Pietro-” You said, clutching your stomach. His face dropped and he ran the rest of the way before you. He put his arms around you and asked if you were alright, his face filled with concern.”I’m find. Was just punched in the stomach. Hurts to breath a bit.” You laughed it off and Pietro looked relieved. He kissed your temple before picking you up bridle style. 

“I’ll carry you back to SHIELD.” He said happily but you shook your head and attempted to get out of his grip but he wouldn’t let you go. 

“Help the people who are hurt. I’ll walk back by myself.”

“You can’t breath. What if you get attacked.” Pietro was about to run but you spoke again. 

“But the other people are more important!”

“You’re more important!” Pietro said with a genuine smile. You blushed a little and was going to say something else but before you could you felt something brush against your lips. “And when we get out of here, alive, I’m taking you on a date.”

Imagine if Nick and Jenny had a favorite place they used to stay at in Bar Harbor. Synth Nicks never been this far away from Boston, so he’s a little curious about exploring more of HumanNicks life, if not a little conflicted. You have the choice of going there with Nick, and as you get closer he’ll mention things about old Nicks life and the time he spent with Jenny in Maine. How he sulked for almost half a day when he had to chase down a seagull for stealing his hat while Jenny kept making ‘you’ll never take me alive copp’a!’ jokes between fits of laughter. How he had gotten her back by picking her up bridle style and running head first into the sea. She had been so angry about her dress and make-up! How he still held her in his arms when they had made their way back for the evening, both soaked to the bone but laughing and talking just a little too loudly as the people they passed gave questioning glances. Nick never liked the seaside, but Jenny helped him change his mind. 

You come across a little hotel, and Nick talks about how oldNick and Jenny had spent a whole day there, listening to the radio, sitting together out on the balcony that faced the sea with a bottle of bourbon. He also remembers their rooms door number.

You can find the key if you look hard enough, but you can also get in by picking a master lock. Inside you find your standard feral ghoul, That’s pretty weird considering the other enemies in the building have been radroaches. Then you find a Holotape on the bedside table. It’s titled ‘I’m sorry Jenny’.   


michael comes home late from the studio one night to find you asleep on the couch, still in your regular clothes and your hair still up in a bun, the movie you were previously watching still playing on the tv. he sits all of his things down, turning around to lock the door and turn the tv off, and gently picks you up bridle style. he carries you into your bedroom and sits you down on the bed, surprisingly not waking you up. knowing how much you hate to sleep with your hair up, michael takes it down and slips your t shirt up over your head, replacing it with one of his. you are slightly awake, but loving how affectionate and caring michael is being so you just let him continue what he’s doing. you lay back on the bed and he slips your jeans off, tossing them in the dirty clothes basket as he does the same with his clothes and replacing them with sweatpants and an old nirvana t shirt. he climbs into bed next to you, pulling the comforter up over the both of you, leaning over to place a gentle kiss to the top of your head before pulling you close to him, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. “goodnight, baby girl,” he whispers, his voice tired and raspy, “sweet dreams,” he yawns, drifting off to sleep. 


After the Battle in New York, you and Steve both bloody and bruised are both joking around, but when Steve looks up at you see’s your eyes roll back into your head as you collapse hitting the ground with a hard thud.

 “So now that we survived this whole battle thing you wanna grab some shawarma?” You laughed, looking at Steve you had his head down and was laughing. Before you heard his answers you began to get really dizzy, then the ground came to meet your face at an alarming speed.

 “You know what I would lo-” He was quickly cut off as he just caught the sight of your body collapsing to the ground, he jumped from his seat on top of a smashed car and picked your body up bridle style, running a as fast as he could to the nearest hospital.