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Something interesting (Nygmobblepot related)

A poster on Reddit pointed out that Oswald was humming “I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover” in the finale, which of course is the song that was playing while Ed was in Arkham trying to get down into the basement.  

This would be interesting by itself, but even more interesting is what popped up when I googled the lyrics:

I’m looking over a four-leaf clover
I overlooked before
One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain
Third is the roses that grow in the lane

No need explaining, the one remaining
Is somebody I adore
I’m looking over a four-leaf clover
I overlooked before

I’m fully aware I’m (probably) reaching, but … yeah.  Let’s look at the people at the docks.  Here goes:

One leaf is sunshine:  Bridgit (fire)

The second is rain:  Victor (rain = water = ice is frozen water)

Third is the roses that grow in the lane: Ivy (flowers and plants)

So who could The one remaining / Is somebody I adore be???

Like I said, probably reaching, and most likely not deliberate, but … something to think about regardless. 

My friend hailescapism just reminded me that “Crimson and Clover” was playing in the Sirens bar.  Not sure if there’s a definite link, but it’s intriguing and if anyone can find a link, your input would be very welcome!  


b*tch! I haven’t even recovered from Temperamental Love! give me a rest!


Queen of disorienting visuals!

Ed meets the family
  • Oswald: Ed, MEET THE FAMILY
  • Bridgit: You must be Ed Nygma, I'm Bridgit Pike
  • Ed: DONT---
  • Ivy: Hi! I'm Ivy Pepper! You must be my brother's ex, Edward Nygma
  • Victor: Victor. Victor Fries, you're the Ed our little birdie's been ranting about?
  • Ed: *throwing a tantrum* I. AM. NOT. ED NYGMA.
  • Oswald: Whatever you say...
  • Oswald: ...Ed