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'Get Your Black Ass Outta There' Rock Playlist

Childish Gambino - Bonfire

NAO - Fool to Love

Alabama Shakes - Gimme All Your Love

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Beyonce - Don’t Hurt Yourself

Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

Childish Gambino - Redbone

Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds

Flume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game

RUN-DMC - Walk This Way

Michael and Janet Jackson - Scream

Beyoncé - Sex On Fire

Glass Animals - Hazey

Leon Bridges - Coming Home

Prince - This Could Be Us 

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Venice - Italy

Venice has 417 bridges, 72 of which are private. Like the bridges, the gondolas that travel under them are an iconic symbol of this romantic city. Venetian tradition states that a couple riding in a gondola should kiss under each bridge they pass, and they will stay in love forever. 

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I think the lyrics are : "when I run out of ROAD, you bring me home. Regardless, "two hearts in one home" -- aside from living with Anne, Gemma, Des, Robin/ stepdads, he has shared a home with Ben, Meredith, and Louis. I can't think of anyone else. Crashing on Ed's couch doesn't count. The only YOUNG people on the above list are: Gemma & Louis. I dare anyone to tell me, by this logic, that this song is not a love letter to Louis.

Sweet Creature Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sweet creature
Had another talk about where it’s going wrong
But we’re still young
We don’t know where we’re going
But we know where we belong

No, we started
Two hearts in one home
It’s hard when we argue
We’re both stubborn, I know

But oh, sweet creature, sweet creature
Wherever I go, you bring me home
Sweet creature, sweet creature
When I run out of rope, you bring me home

[Verse 2]
Sweet creature
We’re running through the garden
Where nothing bothered us
But we’re still young
I always think about you and how we don’t speak enough

No, we started
Two hearts in one home
It’s hard when we argue
We’re both stubborn, I know

But oh
Sweet creature, sweet creature
Wherever I go, you bring me home
Sweet creature, sweet creature
When I run out of rope, you bring me home

I know when we started
Just two hearts in one home
It gets harder when we argue
We’re both stubborn, I know

Sweet creature, sweet creature
Wherever I go, you bring me home
Sweet creature, sweet creature
When I run out of rope, you bring me home
You bring me home

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Track info:

Produced By: Tyler Johnson, Kid Harpoon, Alex Salibian, Jeff Bhasker
Written By: Thomas Hull, Harry Styles
Release Date: May 2, 2017
Recorded At: Jeff Bhasker’s Home Studio, Geejam Hotel Recording Studio
Executive Produced By: Jeff Bhasker
Label: Erskine Records distributed by Columbia Records

Caveat: lyrics are from Genius Lyrics, which has been known to be wrong. Once I get liner notes from the CD, I’ll correct. Sorry for any wrong info.
Ten Artists You Need to Hear

Once you’ve found your music comfort zone, in terms of artists and albums you listen too, it becomes quite difficult to venture out and discover something new and something completely different to what you normally listen too. Sometimes you need to take the plunge and look into artists that you would normally just brush over, they come from a variety of different genres such as Country, R&B and Rock, but all have similarities - including that of great songwriting and capabilities as storytellers, both of which contemporary pop seems to have forgotten.

The Shires - Country music in the UK has a history of being boring and dull, however this trend is finally changing. The leaders of this change have to be The Shires, the duo who only formed in 2013, have changed the way country in the UK is perceived. With two top 10 albums (on the pop charts) to their name, the Shires have transformed the way UK listeners see country and sound Nashville-bound on both of them albums (so far). This can be put down to the fact they’re the first UK act to be signed to a Nashville label and for The Shires, the sky truly is the limit.

Track you need to listen too : State Lines

Lord Huron - If you’ve been watching ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ on Netflix you would have heard one of Lord Huron’s songs, ‘The Night We Met’, but there catalogue goes far beyond this. With two albums, ‘Lonesome Dreams’ and ‘Strange Trails’, they have made indie rock emotive and really relatable. As well as this the band have created LPs that are great listens from start to finish and at the end of the day, thats what we all really want from a band isn’t it ?

Track you need to listen too : The Night We Met

Rag ‘N’ Bone Man - In the UK, Rag ‘N’ Bone man seemed to appear out of nowhere, but it is easy to understand why he has become such a success. With a bellowing bluesy voice and a killer sound Rag ‘N’ Bone man has a distinctive sound which when paired with a good song become a combination that stands out from the rest. Even though his debut album as a whole wasn’t what many had hoped for, you can be sure that Rag ‘N’ Bone Man will be round for years to come.

Track you need to listen too : Human

Leon Bridges - Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke - all three are timeless Rhythm and Blues artists but sadly it has felt as if there sound is left in the past, left in the 1960s. However Leon Bridges rejuvenates that old-school R&B sounds and brings it into the 21st century. With his debut album, Comin’ Home’ Bridges creates a sound that is so rare but also so beautiful. The albums comes from the soul and that is what music should be about, even though he has only one album at the moment - Bridges is sure to be able to emulate that sound (and success) onto many albums in the future.

Track you need to listen too : River

Chris Stapleton - What Leon Bridges has done for R&B, is what Chris Stapleton has done and continues to do for Country Music. The Kentucky native has brought back the sound of yesteryear blending Country with Southern Rock to create ‘Traveller’ which is by far one of the standout country albums for many years and has countered the bro-country movement perfect. Accompanied by his wife, Morgane, on backing vocals, Chris has created a country sound to cherish and admire which I can listen too time and time again. I cannot wait for his second album… which will hopefully be released this year.

Track you need to listen too : Fire Away

Jenny Lewis - Every now and again you get that perfect blend of genres, this is seen with Jenny Lewis who blends alternative music with country, and in the process creates something really great. Even though she has had three albums out (as a solo artist) I don’t tire of her sound. With truly country lyrics and an alternative sound, Jenny creates something just short of masterpieces, especially songs such as ‘Just One Of The Guys’ and ‘Acid Tongue’.

Track you need to listen too : Just One Of The Guys

Michael Kiwanuka - Personally I didn’t like Kiwanuka’s debut album ‘Home Again’, I just wasn’t a fan of the sound. However this has changed since he released the follow-up last year, ‘Love and Hate’. My love for his sound re-emerged after ‘Cold Little Heart’ became the theme tune to ‘Big Little Lies’ and has seen his work achieve even more praise than it did before. He is a soulful artist and his second album is a really good piece of music. Well worth a listen.

Track you need to listen too : Cold Little Heart

James Bay - If you want a blend of radio-friendly blues rock, Americana and indie then you need to listen to James Bay. The British artist has only had one album out at the moment but has made a big impact, his song ‘Hold Back the River’ has been a hit, but others from the album such as ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Scars’ make him an artist with depth and the ability to be self-aware, something that is really rare and needs to be appreciated. ‘Chaos and the Calm’, his first album, is a bit hit and miss in places, but when it works it really works.

Track you need to listen too : Let It Go

Kacey Musgraves - This is Country Music at its finest. That is all I can truly say about Kacey Musgraves, a two-time grammy winner, who has brought her retro sound to the forefront of a genre with an identity crisis. What makes Ms. Musgraves so unique is her ability to go from light and airy songs to something very dark and very deep. She also brings a political message with her, see ‘Follow Your Arrow’, but does it in a way that isn’t stuffy and in your face. She is a legend in the making and once you start listening, you won’t want to stop.

Track you need to listen too : Late To The Party

Tobias Jesso Jr. - A singer, a songwriter and a musician is what makes Tobias Jesso Jr. a triple threat. His album ‘Goon’ is filled with piano driven songs that are deep and emotive, rather than bland and boring - which many piano artists can be. Jesso also has the ability to make you feel what he is feeling and avoids making his music pop-friendly, which makes him an even greater artist. Although the album keeps a similar narrative throughout it doesn’t get tiresome and just makes you want even more.

Track you need to listen too : Without You

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Maybe twin flames is a fitting name for us. After all,
nearly every poem I’ve written about us has gone up
in flames. Just like that bridge. I called you home out
of instinct, and now I’m learning that maybe the
Universe really had it out for us.

Set us up for collision. Dropped us in Fate’s hands
and said, yeah, this one should be fun. Put Distance
as the Unconquerable factor. Even lined up the stars
just right.

Read us a horoscope that screamed PERFECT MATCH,
didn’t bother with the small print at the bottom:

The Universe dropped us in Fate’s hands.
Said, we’re bored of star-crossed lovers.
Give us something we can root for
—  TWIN FLAMES, angelea l.

I think one of the most autobiographical sections of the show is Nina’s bridge in When You’re Home when she goes: “When I was younger, I’d imagine what would happen if my parents had stayed in Puerto Rico.” That line is, like, what I spent most of my childhood wondering. That question of finding home is not only a geographical one but really an emotional one of, you know, “What does it mean to be Puerto Rican if you don’t live in Puerto Rico? Or Dominican if you don’t live in the Dominican Republic?” 
- Lin-Manuel Miranda (x)

acowar scenes that need to be drawn #1

I pushed off the rail and tugged him toward the bridge that spanned the Sidra - the bridge to take us home. Let the debate over who’d give the most in this war rest for now. “Walk with me - through the Rainbow.” The glittering, colorful jewel of the city, the beating heart that housed the artists’ quarter. Vibrant and thrumming at this hour of the night.

I linked arms with him before saying, “You and this city helped wake me up - helped me bring me back to life.” His eyes flickered as I smiled up at him. “I will fight with everything I have, too, Rhys. Everything.”

He only kissed the top of my head, tugging me closer as we crossed the Sidra under the starry sky.