甘いケーキに甘い紅茶;パステルカラーのフリルのドレス;あと、誰かの 恋の話。それだけあれば、女の子は何百年だってティーパーティーの中で生きて いけるの。

 王子様はイースト菌と仲良しで、チョコとカスタードがつまってる;皆で分けて 食べられる。そんな 王子様でいい。


だって王子様はチョコレート。パーティー会場の扉が閉まれば、カカオ99%で とても苦い本当のあなたが待っている…



sweet cakes and sweet tea; frilly, pastel-colored dresses; gossip about someone’s love life. girls could hold tea parties lasting centuries with just these.

if princes and yeast were agreeable, they could mix with chocolate and custard. we could all share and eat him; that kind of prince would suffice.

asking the butler who fulfills your every request to make sure that we never run out of sweets; asking him, firmly, to make sure that we won’t wake up from this dream.

but, princes are chocolate. when the doors of the tea party close, the real you: 99% cacao, extremely bitter, will be waiting.

-arakawa under the bridge 2