Love fade the world out, making it only them two standing on cloud nine because the world cannot handle fierce lovers.


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- Literary agent Bridget Smith talks young adult literature and queries.
- Bloomsbury picked up three more Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass novels.
- Cassandra Clare will be releasing a new series called The Last Hours.
- Aaron Hartzler (Rapture Practice) will be releasing two more novels.
- Justine Larbalestier announced her new novel Razorhust.
- Courtney Sheinmel announced her new novel Edgewater.
- Sourcebooks Fire will release Jessica Verdi’s new novel What You Left Behind.
- Becca Fitzpatrick will be releasing a new thriller called Sapphire Skies.
- Sandy Hall’s A Little Something Different becomes the first Swoon Reads title.
- The Red House Children’s Book Awards announced their winner.
- The 2013 Nebula Awards announced their nominees, including those for the Andre Norton Award for YA Science Fiction & Fantasy.
- The 2013 L.A. Times Book Prize announced their finalists.
- BookExpo America announced their Editors’ Buzz YA Books panel selection.
- Malinda Lo (Adaptation) will participate in a Google hangout tonight.
- Authors Eliot Schrefer (Threatened), Theo Lawrence (Toxic Heart), and Tiffany Schmidt (Bright Before Sunrise) will appear at Red Hook Public Library in Red Hook, NY.
- James Patterson (Maximum Ride) gifted several bookstores grants in his ongoing campaign.
- Capstone Publishing added Switch Press, a new YA imprint.
- In Off the Page, Jeni Kubicek paints her favorite stories.
- In Dragonrage, editor Nicole Brinkley wants to test your ladies.
- In Plays with Words, E.M. Caines discusses finding time to write.
- Keep up with upcoming YA releases.
- Keep up with recent cover releases.
- Keep up with recent excerpt releases.

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ALIVE wlw (women loving women ) characters Wentworth has given us:

Franky Doyle - Alive and one of the best stories and elaborate character development shown in Wentworth.
Joan Ferguson - Alive but crazy.
Bea Smith - Alive but someone hold her please.
Allie Novak - Alive unless confirmed otherwise!!!!
Jodie Spiteri - Alive but damaged.
Bridget Westfall - Alive and brilliant.
Juice and her crew - Alive but pieces of shit.
Kim Chang - Alive.
Erica Davidson - Alive.
Sophie Donaldson - Alive.
Endless amounts of wlw extras!

Dead wlw characters Wentworth has given us:
Jianna Riley - Dead and only appears in flashbacks.
Extras maybe?

Please take this into consideration before you bash this show for an unconfirmed death or relate it to The 100.

Urgent questions for S4E12

So I figure E12 will answer the big question of Allie’s fate, but there are some much bigger Wentworth questions I’m desperate to see answered too….

What happened to Vera’s affirmation rubber bands?

What happened to the prison theatre we saw in E1? And why do they have one? Have Juice’s crew been putting on Gilbert & Sullivan in there?

What’s Franky been doing all season? She’s started a new life as a community lawyer and stalker of teenage boys, and we missed it all!

Is Bea still running her hairdressing classes, and why hasn’t she punished Kaz with a giant fluffy mullet?

Are Bridget, Doreen and Liz still on the show?

Does Vera still fancy Bridget a bit?

What happened to the politics and “cause” behind the Red Right Hand? Will we ever learn how it started?

Why did Joan really keep her distance from poor Shayne for 17 years? * sniff *

What happened to that sinister new guard with the eyebrows in E1, who was a double agent between Vera and Joan?

Where is Joan getting all her money from? How many lifelong prison guards have 90K and endless lawyer’s fees in the glovebox?

Did Vera buy her copy of Fifty Shades of Beige at Kmart, or was it a free Woman’s Weekly giveaway?

How is Joan managing her exquisite eyebrows and (god forgive me) her bra hooks with only one hand? (I volunteer! I volunteer!!!)

Why has no one dropped a gigantic pumpkin full of drugs on Jake’s head from a great height, then set fire to his hair, turning him into a jack-o-lantern in a screw’s uniform? (I volunteer! I volunteer!!!)

Dear tumblr lesbians I follow

You have let me down.

I depended on you.

You told me all about Orphan Black. You told me about Person of Interest.

Wynonna Earp was particularly awesome. Thanks for that one.

Greys Anatomy is maybe making a comeback.

Even The Fosters is tolerable through the absurd level of teenage angst.


How could you not tell me about Wentworth?!

Are you guys just not watching it?

Like… I don’t understand.

There’s like a billion lesbians on this show.

And BEA SMITH, okay?!

Season 4 finale airs tomorrow, you guys. So.