Wentworth 5x01/2 recap


I still think Bea is alive/hiding away somewhere… I mean she escaped 2 times…

“I had to see her, I love her”

Bridget “ I risked everything for you why couldn’t you trust me ?! “ Bridget loves Franky so much omg , pls don’t break up!

As soon as Joan mentioned Bridget Franky lost her sh*t

Joan’s fighting skills XD

Joan is like

I like Franky and Allie as friends… nothing more tho.

Am I the only one that doesn’t ship Vera and Jake.. like.. I don’t see the chemistry.

So… Jake is a junkie and a drug smuggler?

Joan threatening Jake like

I like Vera and Bridget’s friendship :3

Joan’s puns and the “ HA “ xD Also, believe it or not she doesn’t seem like it was her agenda to get Franky back?

So… Will believes in justice but not the system? I hope he helps Franky and uncovers Jake’s involvement.

“She loved you so much” :(((((( BALLIE

Everyone wants to take down Fergurson… I hope Franky doesn’t fall back in that track… kind-of ruins her character development.


I still think Bea is alive and will kill Joan.

So… Joan now wants to destroy Vera? She knows Vera and Jake are together so she’ll continue manipulating Jake/Vera. She can only Hurt Franky if smth happens to Bridget? I hope we see Franky’s sister ? Can Shane just show up and clear the story for Franky. LOL plot twist, Bea killed the guy for Franky xD Jk was probably Jake?


franky & bridget | bloodstream [+5x01]

This has got to be my favorite part of season 4. Look how fucking happy she is. She’s glowing. She’s so in love but her world is about to go to shit and that breaks my heart so much.

Life of Joan Ferguson is a perfect example of how prejudice rules the world

Remember that moment when Joan had an appointment with Bridget Westfall, the psychologist of Wentworth? 

Well, tell me how can a psychologist say to their client which they have an appointment with this: “I have only 5 minutes for you?” 

Or let’s see the talk with “Governor of the year” Bennett:

So she makes sure that nobody believes Joan even if she knows she’s right and saying the truth just because she doesn’t like Joan anymore? She’s descrediting her on all fields just because she’s been hurt by Joan by some reasons that don’ t even exist and because Ferguson’s just too freaky? Oh Vera, Vera, Vera…

And how about this? 

If this is wrong (which I admit to partly agree with), and Ferguson should be judged for, then what is this???: 

Only saying…