A Janoskian Love Story

So James and Sarah were like:

and he used to tweet sweet nothings to her like:

and Janoskinators were all like:

and then out of nowhere James was all like:

And then him and Bridget started being like:

and then Janoskinators were like:


and then all hell broke loose among the Janoskian fandom!

and this is how (we think) Sarah is like:

some Janoskinators are like:

others are like:

and a few are like:

but at the end of the day we are all just like:

James, Sarah, & Bridget

basically, i lost all respect for James after the Sarah & Bridget incident. i thought the way he was treating Sarah was unfair but then i got to thinking; i dont know him, i cant judge him on what i read over the internet. whatever he does with his PERSONAL life is his buisness not mine. i should be happy that he even shares what he does! him & Sarah were never official so why should i have the right to bag on him for suddenly liking Bridget? that’s not right of me…or anyone for that matter. us as fans need to fuck off & let him live his goshdamn life. be happy for him! he’s found someone who makes him happy, isnt that all that matters? all we all want for the boys is them to be happy, James is happy but y’all suddenly start shit talking him? im glad James is happy with Bridget. im always gonna support him with WHOEVER he dates or doesnt date because i love him. so can we all calm our tits & back off? k, thats all ive got. love you james <3