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How would Hanzo,McCree,and Soldier 76 react to their s/o making them personalized flower crowns?


Peonies and lilies of the valley twine together with the help of a delicate silver ribbon, which extends far beyond the crown, reminding them of the intricate hair tie that was always in Hanzo’s hair. Sitting in the garden, Hanzo’s eyes are closed in silent meditation as they approached, pastel flower crown in hand they take a deep breath as they say his name. Watching as his eyes slowly open they shyly present the flower crown to him, a smile playing at the corners of their lips as they watch his reaction. At first, he’s uncertain what they’re doing with that crown until – oh. The hopeful, shy smile on their lips makes his ears blush, “It would be an honor.” Bowing his head to them, he allows the flower crown to be gently placed on his head, the ribbon now braided with the one that is always in his hair. The blush now visible across his cheeks and down his neck as he looks at them once more, their own smile warming his chest and bringing one to his own lips. The rest of the day is spent together, quietly wrapped in each others arms and he whispers thank yous into their ear. The crown now rests on his bedside table, a reminder of those that care for him, even when they aren’t there.


Sunflowers, buttercups and red roses twisted intricately while tied together with gold braided ribbons, bold and bright as the flirtatious gunslinger himself. McCree is cleaning Peacekeeper when approached and he can’t help but grin when they tell him that the intricate flower crown in their hand is for him, “Somethin’ that pretty for me, darlin? You sure you don’t want to keep it for your pretty head?” He gently teases them for a little longer, appreciative of the blush that now covered their face at his compliments until he pulls his hat from his head and helps them gently entwine the crown onto his hat. Where it stayed for the next month, grinning like a fool whenever someone brought it up, because each time reminded him of the person who cared enough to make him something so beautiful.

Soldier 76

His crown is simple, a daisy chain entwined with forget-me-not’s, and a red ribbon held the crown together – the colors reminded them of him, the simplicity a reminder of the man who would wear it. When approached with the crown, 76 can’t help but balk, he’s too old, too rough for something so delicate. Eventually, he reluctantly accepts, lightly bowing his head to allow the flower crown to be gingerly placed on his head. For the rest of the day he’s so careful, afraid that the fragile flowers would start to fall apart. The flower crown now hangs from an antiquated pulse rifle at the back of his desk, dried flowers a reminder that he’s not alone, not anymore.