Gullwing America Studebaker Veinte Victorias

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Gullwing America (GWA) an American company based in Miami. The GWA took the decision to send to the market this car wanting to celebrate 20 victories Studebaker in the race Carrera Panamericana, with nine of them are indeed contiguous space from 1993 to 2001.
The Studebaker Veinte Victorias, will come in just 20 units in production, with 19 of them being painted in yellow color, while only one will be painted black and will assume the role of the pace car. equipped with a V8 6,2-liter LS9 engine performance and 628 hp combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. Brakes are Brembo, evaporation of Fabspeed, with 19" wheels and Bridgestonetires.

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Gullwing America Studebaker Veinte Victorias

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