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Peppermint and cinnamon | Liz/Ressler (Keenler) Fanfiction | The Blacklist

Title: Peppermint and cinnamon
Rating: T
WC: 4,740
Characters: Donald Ressler, Elizabeth Keen, Meera Malik, Red Reddington, Aram Mojtabai.
Pairing: Elizabeth Keen/Donald Ressler (Keenler)
Summary: Ressler can deal with the decorations and the lights, but he’s not going to a Christmas party. No way in hell. Not even if his life depends on it.
Author’s notes: Friendly reminder that English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for all the mistakes you’ll probably find.
More notes: You can totally blame enalgunlugar for this one, because it was her idea. She was like “It’s Christmas, I can’t believe we don’t have a mistletoe fanfiction” so here it is. You should probably read “83 days” before this because it’s kind of a sequel, but I guess you can read it as an oneshot too. I hope you like it and MERRY CHRISTMAS! ;)

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The Blacklist AU | Liz and Ressler leave the FBI to work for Red in order to catch Berlin and Tom.

His jacket is long gone, lost in the floor of some russian mobster’s club. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, the first three buttons of his now bloody shirt are missing, gun hidden in the back of his trousers. He has a nasty cut on his left eyebrow, a swollen cheek and probably a broken lip, but he’s still alive.

When Ressler opens the door of the suite the first thing he sees is Dembe and Red playing chess.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Oh, Donald,” says Red cheerfully without taking his eyes off the game. “What took you so long?”

“You left me with a bunch of Bratva guys, just after you took half of their money, because you said you need to take care of an important matter. What the hell is so important about chess!?”

“Take a breath, agent Ressler.” Donald clench his teeth. He’s not an agent, not anymore, Red has to stop calling him that. “We had a lead, but it’s far gone by now. We were waiting for you.”

“You have a lead?”

“I was speaking with Max,” says Liz coming from the next room with a tablet in hand. “They saw Berlin a few days ago in… What the hell happened to you?” she asks him as soon as she raises her eyes from the tablet and focus her glance on Ressler.

~ Extract from Gone rogue

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a fic where Liz and ressler have a baby and ressler is annoyed because red keeps referring to the baby as his grandchild?

As always this is probably not what you were expecting, so I’m sorry anon :)

His heart is beating a hundred of times per second.

“Pick up. Come on, pick up,” he says while nervously tapping on the steering wheel with his fingers.

Here’s the thing. Liz is at the other side of the country with Samar working on a case, so it’s Ressler’s turn to pick up Peggy from the daycare. As it usually happens while working on a case, Ressler was a little bit late so he called to inform them.

What they told him almost froze the blood in his veins.

“Oh, don’t worry. Her grandpa already came for her.”

What the fuck? Her grandpa?

His daughter doesn’t have a grandpa!

It takes him almost two minutes of panicking and screaming over the phone, threatening to suit that fucking place for handing over his daughter to a complete stranger, before he realizes what is going on.

He is going to kill him.

“Yes,” Dembe finally says at the other end of the phone.

“Where the hell is he!?”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a story where Liz finds out she is pregnant and has to tell Don and together they have to then tell red 😂

I changed the prompt a little bit and it’s longer than expected, but I hope you like it anon :)

He knows something is wrong.

It’s Saturday and he’s making lasagna for dinner when Liz walks into the kitchen and tells him she’s going to give Peggy a bath. Ressler raises an eyebrow, it’s his turn to bath Peggy on Saturdays.

“I don’t mind doing it,” Liz says with a bright smile. “And you’re busy with dinner anyway.”

That’s when he knows something is definitely wrong.

Liz hates bath time even more than Peggy.


Peggy is already asleep (Liz let him have the “story time” moment before taking her to bed, and it wasn’t his turn) and they’re having dinner when Ressler notices another thing.

Liz is not having a glass of wine.

He doesn’t say anything because it’s not such a big deal, maybe she doesn’t feel like having wine today, but then Liz starts playing with her food instead of eating and okay, that’s it.

“What’s wrong?” He asks her.

Liz stops moving her food around the plate and looks at him.

“What? Nothing is wrong.”

Ressler raises an eyebrow, because after all these years she still thinks he’s going to believe that “nothing is bothering me” crap. He knows her.

Liz takes a deep breath before speaking.

“How do you feel about having another kid?”

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anonymous asked:

Can you please make another fanfic with Red as Resslers father in law? It was literally the best thing I had ever read!!! 💕💕💕

Oh anon, this is probably not what you were expecting, but it’s the only thing I have right now :)

“I can’t believe you got kidnapped, again.”

Ressler lifts his head. He’s tied up to a chair with some Italian guy beating the crap out of him, blood dripping from his chin to the floor, of course Red is going to show up now.

"Reddington? What are you doing here?” His captor asks, the surprised obvious in his voice.

“Hi Michael, how is the wife? And the mistress?” Red turns to look at Ressler. “His wife makes the best raviolis I’ve ever tasted. Maybe we can go and have dinner together one day, forget this big misunderstanding. What do you say Michael?”

“What do you want, Red?” The guy asks again. “This has nothing to do with you.”

“I would like to get my son-in-law back, if you don’t mind.”

Ressler rolls his eyes. He’s tired of having this conversation, he really, really is.

“For the thousandth time, I’m not your-“

The punch on the face doesn’t let him finish. Ressler open his mouth and his jaw makes a cracking sound, going back to its place.

Liz is going to kill him.

"Your son-in-law?” Michael asks confused, and then puts a gun against Ressler’s right temple. “He’s an FBI agent!”

Red turns to look at Ressler again, a hand on his chest.

“What!? Donald, is that true?” He asks with faked astonishment. “How could you? What I’m going to tell poor Lizzie now? She’s going to be heartbroken.”

Before anyone can react Red takes a gun from his back and shoots Michael in the head.

"And there goes my chance to eat those wonderful raviolis again,” he says sadly.

Dembe is behind Ressler within seconds, setting him free.

“I’m seriously tired of this kidnapping thing, Donald. Just ask Lizzie to tie you to the bed if you like it so much.”

Gone rogue | Liz/Ressler (Keenler) Fanfiction | The Blacklist

Title: Gone rogue
Rating: T
WC: 819
Characters: Donald Ressler, Elizabeth Keen, Red Reddington.
Pairing: Elizabeth Keen/Donald Ressler (Keenler)
Summary: AU | The last six months have been rough. Leaving the FBI, running around the world chasing Berlin and Tom, doing the kind of work for Red that would put them in jail for sure.
Author’s notes: Friendly reminder that English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for all the mistakes you’ll probably find.
More notes: This was never meant to happen, I was just gonna write a few lines for this gifset I made and suddenly there were 800 words. It’s short and I probably could have written more (I have a lot of ideas about this) but I wanted to post it before the season finale. As always you can blame enalgunlugar for this, because we have talked a lot about what we want for the season finale and, as much as I love this idea, I’m sure it’s not gonna happen :(

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