Undead Bertie

Also known as I think Bertie might be a fucking zombie and I can prove it 

So let’s start at the beginning. 

We all remember Bertie’s story about the Transcontinental Botanical Gardens and I think we’re all in agreement that he’s the man in the story. Especially considering Bollard’s jab at him in Oops Part 2 

Okay so you know how the man might have died at the end of the story? 

This could very well just be a metaphor, but let’s say for the sack of this post that it wasn’t. I mean, we already know that the Bridge can keep people alive (see The Wager and Roger probably being immortal), so let’s say that that’s what happened here as well? Bertie’s out there waiting and eventually freezes to death but the Bridge brings him back. 

As for proof to back this up, I was rereading the script for Over Troubled Waters earlier and 

as well as 

and finally 

Like seriously folks, I think Bertie might be (un)dead.