Terrible news

On Thursday my partner and I took my rabbit Jess to be neutered. She was in perfect health and was happy and healthy when we left, unfortunately we got a phone call not saying that we can pick up our baby but instead they there has been a complication. Unfortunately Jess has gone to a better place. Nothing can prepare you for news such as this. She was a beautiful naughty little bunny and she’s been taken from us. I don’t want to go on too much but I refer to you as my brothers because to me you are that and you deserve to know. So this is farewell to my baby Jessie, binky free at the rainbow bridge xxxx

Civita di Bagnoregio, the dying town…on the way beetwen Rome and Florence

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Today, I received the ashes of my cat, and I finally understood how important cremation is to people. As a child, I grew up in a Catholic household where cremation was frowned upon, the body should be buried in the ground and mourned only Saturdays after Confession, or Sundays after church when you visited the cemetery, and the souls go directly to heaven. As an adult, I am now no longer Catholic, but my spiritual beliefs comprise the idea that those who have passed away, humans and animals - become souls who move somewhere between our hearts, heaven, places that gave them comfort, and maybe the next living form they eventually become. Cremation gives you a respectful little keepsake in your home, even though they have never left your heart.
I rescued my cat from the ASPCA over 15 years ago, and they named him Vito- he didn’t much like that name, so he answered to Kitty, an ordinary name for an extraordinarily stubborn and odd cat who was frightened of real mice, but adored the toy ones, ( he ate their tails), a cat who played fetch with a stick as though he were a dog, a cat who was marginally better at observing character than I, and a cat who brought so much love to my life.
Today, it is raining out, and I thought I caught sight of a little rainbow in the distance (or so I wished).
Hope there’s lots of toy mice tails, wherever his little soul is playing.

#paws 😿