China’s Anji Bridge, built in 605 CE, is the largest and oldest stone-arched bridge in the world and is still in use today. It’s survived 1400 years of floods, war, and earthquakes without needing to have any of its 28 original structural slabs replaced. 

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The Department of Phenomenal Pencil Art is proud to introduce its newest member, Taiwan-based artist Chien Chu Lee, who often makes use of entire pencils to create incredibly detailed sculptures, including miniature replicas of real bridges. Lee uses colored pencils instead of graphite when the bridge he’s currently recreating has a distinctive color. He carves other awesome architectural wonders in this full-pencil style as well, such as the Great Wall of China:

Of course Lee is also masterfully skilled at carving pencil tips too. Follow Chien Chu Lee on Facebook or Instagram to check out more of his amazing pencil sculptures.

[via Design Taxi]