bridgeport chicago


For the past couple days I’ve been enjoying Chicago while working Lollapalooza. The fashion there was great by the way, so if you know of any Lolla fashion tumblr’s do a shout out. Today I went with my friend Sabi to China Town and a really cool thrift store in Bridgeport, called Unique. China Town was amazing, and I got this really cute nighty with a  kimono style robe. Unique is a “needle in a haystack” kind of place, but the lingerie there is beautiful! They’re vintage and most are in good condition. So far, Chicago has been a fun adventure, can’t wait to see what other fashion finds I’ll get.


Everything at Unique was half off so most of these lovely’s were around 3 bucks


Two more photos of trains crossing the Chicago & Alton bridge over the South Branch of the Chicago River in Bridgeport, Chicago.

Top: Illinois Central Gulf freight train (with GM&O locomotives).

Bottom: Amtrak passenger train from downstate Illinois.

March 8, 1976

Photos by Michael Matalis