since its Josh’s Birthday I will tell you my little story on how I discovered this wonderful human being that is JOHSUA RYAN HUTCHERSON:

I got into him when I saw The Hunger Games, when I saw it he was pretty amazing so when I got home I looked up other of his movies, I brought I bunch of his movies and started watching them, I watched Bridge To Tarabithia and it turned into one of my favorite movies then I went onto Little Manhattan and he was so adorable and his acting was again amazing,  I watched Journey To The Center Of The Earth and he just seemed to grow on me with his different roles, and it just goes on like that, seeing him in different roles really proves himself as an actor and I believe he is one of the best young actors right now.


  • The Hunger Games
  • Detention
  • Journey To The Center Of The Earth
  • Journey 2
  • Little Manhattan
  • Bridge To Tarabitha
  • RV
  • Kicking And Screaming
  • The Kids Are Alright
  • The Vampire Assistant
  • Fragments
  • Zathura

Tatum Gray | FC : AnnaSophia Robb | Age: 18 | Cinderella | OPEN

Tatum has always been one of those girls who's extremely shy. She keeps to herself and doesn’t have a social life. That’s exactly how she likes it too. The only time you can find Tatum saying practically anything is when she’s acting. As soon as she gets into her costume, she’s at home. Not many of the other employees are friends with her, probably because she never talks to them. But when it comes to her job, it’s her entire life. She eat, sleeps, and breathes Disney. But will her working take over her life completely? Or will she finally break out of her shell?