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Life will act against your will if you lie to
People who trust.
Live with integrity honesty,
And then happiness will prevail!
Your reputation destroyed
By your own ignorant actions!
Self destroyed by your own actions!
Why do I write lyrics
To express the way I feel?
Because I can’t talk face to face
With an irrational person who steals!
Self destroyed by your own actions!
Left alone, yet cease to realize.
I cross you out from a list of friends.
People who lie and steal!
Because in my eyes you’re as guilty as Marc,
And Eric Neal!


Bent Life full set from Chain Reaction.


Prince - Graffiti Bridge

Paisley Park / Warner Bros Records, 1990

Guest artists on this release include; The Time, Mavis Staples, Tevin Campbell, George Clinton, and The NPG.

Art Direction – Tom Recchion
Artwork (Logos) – Margo Chase
Artwork (Cover Illustration) – Steve Parke

Ceremony’s modern classic album “Rohnert Park” turned five years old this week. Here’s one of my favorite tracks from it : Terminal Addiction

Every day i’m suffering from terminal addiction
flood bank memory, turning me away from me
suck it down and cut it up
Humanness and self-distress
Every day addicted