bridge rats

Poor bilbo

For anyone who doesn’t know, Bilbo is the rattie in my icon. He’s a 3.5 year old dumbo rat and he’s doing very poorly. A week or two ago the vet diagnosed him with a pituitary tumor. They are always fatal and generally come with a a lot of unpleasant side effects. His caused a stroke that left him unable to walk properly. He couldn’t hold food anymore. That was about two and a half weeks ago and thinggns have gone down hill fast. My poor baby is still alive but only barely. He can barely eat (I’m now feeding him with a syringe because he can no longer hold his head up), he can’t walk or move much, and you can feel his bones he’s lost so much weight. All he can do is lay and keep warm, and swallow a little food and water. I’ve been cuddling with him on and off, giving him water and food (which is banana baby food at this point because bananas are his favorite but he can’t chew anymore) and medicine, helping him keep clean (which he can’t do on his own anymore)….whatever I can do for him. The vet doesn’t have the necessary things in stock to humanely put him to sleep and they likely won’t come in before he dies of natural causes (or so the vet believes). So now it’s a waiting game.

He’s currently tucked in his favorite hammock (which he will be buried in) with a warm blanket and a warmed rice heating pad in a pocket in the hammock (or, rather, I stuffed it in the pocket that was created when the brats pulled out the stuffing) because he barely has any fat on him and it’s cold where I am. He’s as comfortable as I can make him and I’m doing my best to make his final days (however many that might be) as comfortable and loving as I possibly can.

I know it might seem silly but if any of you can please keep him in your thoughts (or prayers) I would appreciate it because he’s a brave little fighter and he deserves to pass over the rainbow bridge as gently as possible knowing he (like all pets should be) is very much loved.

Little things I love in Portal and Portal 2
  • The empty observation rooms in the test chambers
  • Those security cameras that follow you everywhere
  • Shooting those security cameras off the wall
  • The music that plays the first time you step on an aerial faith plate
  • That Rattmann den with the radio playing “Exile Vilify”
  • The Announcer’s dialogue when he’s monitoring your tests
  • Literally everything Doug Rattmann
  • Panels. Just… panels. The way they morph in and out, the way they go absolutely berserk while GLaDOS is trying to put the facility back together… PANELS, MAN.
  • That part where Wheatley’s waiting for you by the ceiling when you jump on that faith plate and he yells “hey, hey, it’s me! I’m okay!” and he sounds so gosh darn happy, and ugghh, WHEATLEY, who gave you the right to be so adorable, you jerk?
  • That dense, slooshing liquid noise that happens when you try and shoot a portal on a surface where you can’t
  • EVERYTHING HAS A LEITMOTIF. Lasers have a leitmotif! Funnels have a leitmotif! Hard light bridges have a leitmotif! Rat dens have a leitmotif!
  • The vitrified doors that show how completely off-their-rocker Old Aperture was. Your blood will be replaced with peanut water? WHY
  • That one Rattmann den with thE DOOR THAT CLOSES BEHIND YOU?
  • The Turret Wife Serenade
  • The defective turrets
  • WHEATLEY TALKS FOREVER AT THE NEUROTOXIN GENERATOR. JUST… BABBLES. “Lovely bird! Lovely plumage! My pleasure sounds are going to frighten it away!”
  • When Wheatley punches you down the pit you can look up and see the elevator falling above you
  • The lighting fixtures in the lobbies of Old Aperture
  • The building shaking and convulsing all the time when Wheatley’s in charge of it
  • The Bring Your Daughter To Work Day room

The last of “the children” passed away tonight. Tara and her sisters were the best little group of ratties I’ve ever had and they’ve been a big part of my life for the last 2 and a half years. They helped build the friendship between my two best friends and me freshman year. I remember sneaking them into my dorm room in our sweatshirts, hiding the cage from the RA, and calling them “our kids.” Tara, you were the “evil mastermind,” always getting into trouble. I remember one time in my dorm room I was studying when all of a sudden I heard screaming coming from the bathroom. I run in there, and there you were running around, terrorizing all the girls! You had somehow escaped (like you always did) and managed to wander into the bathroom. In your older days, you were the biggest snuggler. You would sit on my lap and brux during late study nights. And you’re probably one of the few rats that has ever lived in the same cage as a ferret for several months. You were our sweet girl, and you will be missed. Now go play with your sisters. I’m sure they’ll be glad to see you again. “The children” are together again. Rest in peace, Tara.