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The Mothman Returns!

An anonymous hunter in Point Pleasant, West Virginia has claimed to capture the first photos of the Mothman’s return to the quaint town. It’s the month of the 50th anniversary of the first sighting, could it have returned after 50 years? It’s a little hard to believe that these photos are authentic, especially since the Mothman hasn’t been spotted in the area since the collapse of the Silver Bridge. However Mothman sightings continued after its departure from Point Pleasant, including before the Chernobyl meltdown, a mine collapse in Germany, and even supposedly appears in some pictures during the terrorist attacks in New York on September, 11th.

People who have seen these photos have been very critical of them, claiming that they’re simply a hoax to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Some say it’s simply an owl with a snake in its talons. Others wonder where the iconic glowing red eyes are. But there are some who truly believe it to be the Mothman and that he has returned, but why? Perhaps the harbinger has returned to warn the town of yet another impending tragic event. Only time will tell… Let me know what you think! Stay Curious!

Many Faces, All of them Yours
An identity porn soap opera

This is Steve Rogers’ first secret. He sits at the back of the press conference, watching Mr. Stark field questions from reporters, telling them about the Avengers’ latest mission and how brave the team was. Steve sighs and props his head up on his chin, thinking how lucky they are to have such a swell guy as Tony Stark looking out for them. He’s kind and he’s generous - he put the team up in his home, and he makes sure they have everything they need. And he’s handsome as well. So handsome. Dreamy, really.

Steve wishes Iron Man were here too, so he could see how well Mr. Stark is doing. He knows that it can’t be easy for Iron Man, working as Mr. Stark’s bodyguard, but Steve privately thinks that Iron Man is a bit harsh on his employer sometimes. But Iron Man had to leave right before the speech - urgent maintenance on the suit, he had said - so now it’s just Steve and the rest of the team, and Tony.

Steve is idly wondering what Tony likes to do in his free time - he probably doesn’t get much free time, in between running a successful company and coming up with incredible new designs and looking after the Avengers and all their gear. But he must eat some time, right? Maybe if Steve found the right way to ask, he might eat dinner with him one day? That sure would be nice.

Jan elbows him in the ribs, harder than strictly necessary. “Ask him out!” she whispers.

Steve goes red. “I… Uhh… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Jan rolls her eyes. “I can practically see the hearts in your eyes when you look at him. I’ve known Tony a long time, and he’s a good guy. He’s dated both men and women, if that’s what you’re worried about. You should ask him out.”

“He has?” Steve feels a flutter of hope. “I mean. Uhh. I’ll think about it. Thanks, Jan.”

This is Steve Rogers’ second secret. He swings down from the roof, drop kicking one guy immediately. The guy goes down, and his partner whips his head round in panic. The partner is holding a large bag marked SWAG which he clutches protectively to his chest.

“Drop the bag!” Steve orders, and the guy visibly pales. “Those jewels belong in a museum, for everyone to enjoy. Not to be stolen and sold off by some villain!”

The guy looks around the alley, sees no backup and no way out. He drops the bag and holds his hands up. “Okay,” he pants. “Take the jewels. Just please don’t hurt me… NOMAD.”

Steve smiles triumphantly beneath his mask.

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Pleasure to meet you - Bones × Reader

Note: *inhales* Ahhhhhh. I’ve been sooooooo busy with work that this fic has been in the back of my mind for a week now! Finally writing it. ;~; Hope you like it! You’re Kirk’s sister and stationed on the Enterprise, and well you fall for McCoy. **Warning** implements of sex.

“Oh! There you are!” A male with a Russian accent said while hurrying toward you, “the captian is looking for you.”

“Sorry. I’m still trying to get use to the ship.” You said with giggle, “lead the way, Chekov.”

You followed Chekov to a rec room where you were meeting your older brother Jim. The two of you were opposites. You were quiet and kept to yourself, and he was ambitious. You both had the trademark blue eyes that anyone can get lost in. You entered the rec room. “Captain! I found (Y/N)!”

“Great. Thank you, Mr. Chekov.” Jim give you a tender smile, “There’s my baby sister.”

“Can it, James,” Everyone called him Jim except you. You called him James when he irritated you, especially when the words ‘baby sister’ rolled out of his mouth. “I’m not a baby, I’m a grown woman now,” You stated as you crossed your arms.

Kirk chuckled. “Bones, Spock I’d like you to meet my sister, (Y/N).”

“It’s very nice to meet someone with your caliber for navigation. Top of your class, correct Ms Kirk?” Spock asked.

“Yes, sir. I will be aiding Mr. Sulu and Chekov in anyway possible.”

“That means I get to see you on the bridge. Mom would be so happy to know that big brother is taking care of little sister,” Jim teased.

You rolled your eyes at him before directing your attention to the other man addressed as ‘Bones’. “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch your real name.” You extend a hand.

“Leonard McCoy, miss. I’m the Chief Medical Officer on the ship.” He said with a dashing smile. “It’s quite the pleasure to meet you finally. Jim talks about you every chance he is given.” Leonard chuckled.

“Oh does he?” You gave your brother a concerning look. “Hmph. If you excuse me, I would like to finish unpacking.”

“I like her,” Bones told Jim as you marched off.

You were close to unpacking. You brought along a few things to keep it feeling like home. One of them was your love for (your favorite animal). You made sure to take a few stuffed toys of them. A long sigh came out when you heard someone at the door. Jeez. It better not be Jim. “Come in.”

“Sorry to drop by unexpected,” It was Leonard, “But I was wondering what you’re doing later tonight.”

You shrugged, “Nothing really. Just dinner and sleep. Why do you ask?”

“Oh. I was curious if you like to join me for dinner tonight.” Was he asking you on a date? Whether or not it would be nice to meet new people. “Sure. I’m game.”


Two months passed and things between you and McCoy were going amazing. You kept your ‘boyfriend’ a secret from your brother. The two of you didn’t know how Jim would take it if his best friend was dating his sister. But you were happy to have Leonard. Little steps is what you two agreed on.

You were making your way to the bridge when Bones came into sight. “Doctor!” You gave him a warm smile while approaching the CMO. Bones looked over to you and dismissed his nurse.

“Morning, beautiful.” The doctor said as he gave you a sweet kiss. “How did you sleep?”

It was a concerning topic to Leonard because the last two nights have been not so good on you. “The usual. I really don’t know if it’s just the anxiety of being out in space or just being away from home. But, I didn’t have any problems while at the Academy.” You were acting like it was nothing. “I’m sure it will go back to normal.”

“Why don’t you say the night with me?” You face went red and your heart skipped as McCoy asked you a simple question.

“Well…I…um…” You were having a hard time thinking and talking at the same time. Bones chuckled as he gave you a kiss on the forehead. “Yeah. Yeah, I’ll spend the night with you.”

After your shift, you pack an over night bag to take over to his quarters. You hoped that Jim won’t check on you because then that’s when the cat would be out of the bag. However, you didn’t care if your brother found out at the same time. Surprisingly Bones made it to his quarters at the same time as you.

“Well that didn’t take long, darling.” McCoy chuckled as the doors open.

“You make me sound desperate,” You gave a playful smile as you entered.

The night went by quickly. You manage to be snuggled up against Leonard most of the evening before heading to bed. It felt nice and relaxing to be this close to him. Leonard explained that he could take the chair, but you insisted to sleep in the same bed. Baby steps, remember?

Leonard crawled in with you and it felt like both hearts were racing. It was quiet, too quiet. He rolled to his side and broke the silence. “(Y/N), let’s just see where this night takes us.” He then softly placed his lips on yours. And boy were you melting. Things are heating up, but you didn’t stop it.

6am came quickly. You woke up first so you could get ready before your brother realize you weren’t in your quarters. Leonard worked his way around what you were doing. Last night the two of you got closer in more than one way. It felt natural the morning after. You peeked out the door to make sure no one was coming.

“I’ll see you later, Leo,” You said giving him a tender kiss. Before your departure, he placed his hand on your hips while returning a more passionate kiss.

“This is unexpected.” Oh great. Jim caught you two kissing. “Bones. You and I need a talk later.” Jim left after that.

“Have fun with that,” You pat Leonard on the chest as you left. He rolled his eyes and mumbled ‘great’. You knew that Jim would go easy because it was his friend. But you were happy finally with someone and Jim can see this working in his favor.

The summer I met David.

(warning: really really long story)

This is how I first met David. Before our relationship went to shit, and he devoted his everything to making my life hell. While there are several more stories involving him, and some far more unsettling than this one, this is when I first realized he wasn’t who he told me he was. It’s by far the most unsettling memory I have of him.

When I was young, we lived in an old farm house. I remember my father telling me that it was more than one hundred years old, and that was the cause for the strange noises in the middle of the night. I never believed him. I was convinced that the noises were just David messing around downstairs. But in those early weeks of our friendship, no one in my family believed it was him. I never bothered to question why.

My father had inherited a sixty-five acre pig farm that he and his father had built from the ground up. I can’t remember how many pigs we had, but it was enough to warrant two barns.

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Title: Airport Battle (Part 2 Spider Boy(daughter of Tony! reader x Peter Parker))

Summary: Reader and Peter’s relationship grows stronger as they head into the Airport fight

Word Count: 2448

A/N *IMPORTANT*: CACW SPOILERY CONTENT. Airport fight scene changed up a bit! This may be the longest imagine I have ever written? I just KEPT WRITING OMG. I hope you enjoy!!!



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A cryptid from North America folklore said to live around Point Pleasant, a city in West Virginia. According to reports, the creature first appeared to five men in November of 1966. The men had gathered at a cemetery to dig a grave when they were startled during their work by a brown human sized being that flew out from some nearby trees.

A few days later, a white creature with glowing red eyes followed two young couples as they took their cars to Point Pleasant. Even more sightings followed including terrorizing a building contractor and his dog, when it appeared after the strange buzzing of his television. It appeared yet again to a young woman and her child, who described it’s unearthly screech like a woman’s wailing.

After the mysterious collapse of the Silver Bridge, the Mothman sightings dispersed entirely, leading to the belief that the two were connected. Many theories have been created to explain the Mothman sightings, including extraterrestrial interference or people simply misidentifying large owls.

My Girl

For my 150 Followers Drabble Celebration from this post. Requested by @impalapossible, Dean and #20 “Midnight. On the bridge. Come alone.”

Word Count: 802

Warnings: FLUFF

You slammed the peeling wooden door of your motel room, dropping the duffle bag right inside and falling backwards onto a bed, not even bothering to bolt the door. You were that tired. A whole week is what it took you to get rid of a spirit. A whole freaking week and it really had strung you out. What you needed now was a bottle of red wine and a pair of green eyes to keep you company.

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anonymous asked:

In honor of mothers day, maybe a short fic about Synth Shaun in Sanctuary trying to create a great mothers day party for F!SS?

Thank you for making me crap myself thinking I’d missed mother’s day lol (I live in UK and it was in April) Don’t usually take from the top but figured I could just this once… Hope this was okay for you Nonnie, Enjoy <3

Mother’s day was a pre-war tradition that Sole had been really looking forward too. She was pregnant when the last mother’s day rolled around, but she hadn’t at the time felt like celebrating. She’d celebrated with her and Nate’s mother, however preferred the spotlight to be on them rather than her.

In the Commonwealth, it was days like the last mother’s day that Sole looked back on fondly- mother’s day was a celebration that hadn’t carried on through the times, so sadly she would never get to experience the feelings.

Mother’s day rolled around on the day that Sole was travelling alone back to Sanctuary, feeling her legs move just a little faster when she saw the bridge come into sight. She was halfway across the bridge when she saw Shaun come running out from behind the gated entrance.

Sole had mixed feelings on synth Shaun. She desperately fought alongside the Railroad freeing synths left, right and centre. But Shaun? She’d been devastated the second that she found out that Shaun was a ten year old boy in Kellogg’s memories; and the moment that she met Father in the Institute she’d been ready to throw herself in a Deathclaw nest. But, this synth child that she saved from the downing of the Institute was her son- at least, he had all of the memories of a child that was her son.

When they’d first returned to Sanctuary she’d left Shaun with other people- anyone really. But slowly as time passed she realised that she’d been given a second chance, and she wasn’t going to let this one go wrong.

So she invested all of her time and effort into her son, hoping that he’d have a better life than the son that was stolen for her. But she still was an agent for the Railroad; she still was the General of the Minutemen, and she did have to leave once in awhile.

As soon as Shaun saw his mother he went running towards her, throwing his blackened arms around his mother, hugging her tightly around the waist.

“What’s happened here Shaun?” Sole asked, shocked at the sight of the child. Soot and ash covered his whole body, slightly reminding Sole of a chimney sweeper from a pre-war film she remembered. He looked as if he’d barely survived a fire.

Sole didn’t have a chance to stop Shaun before he’d made off across the settlement- she quickly followed behind, nodding to various people as she went. Shaun ran into the mess hall before stopping her, blocking the entrance. Sole smelt burning.

“Stop mother” Sole moved Shaun to the side, before heading into the room, shocked at the sight that lay before her.

The cooking station was nearly burnt down to a crisp- a mouldy looking foam spread across what looked to be fire marks. Someone had clearly set something on fire- and tried to use a pre-war extinguisher. Hancock was stood holding the extinguisher in his hands, the foam covering his coat, some of it even soaking through to his shirt and trousers.  

Sole turned to the seating area, spotting Curie and Nick staring intently at a old tin cake tray, some sort of gloop in the tray that looked a wrong shade of brown- Sole was sure that it was supposed to be a cake of some sorts.

Towards the end of the room Danse and Deacon stood bickering about something- upon moving so that Sole could see the wall, she saw a sign that misspelt out ‘Happy Mohter’s Day’. Both the men turned to her in what looked like shame.

In the centre of the destruction- or room, whatever you want to call it- stood the most perfect thing. A brightly coloured in (in childlike colouring and writing) card, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ scrawled on the front, a drawing of a woman and child underneath. A bunch of randomly picked flowers sat next to the card, and sat down at the table sat Shaun.

Shaun had his head in his hands, and when Sole got close enough she could hear the weeping coming from the child.

She sat next to him on the bench and pulled him to sit on her lap, tucking his head into her chest. The room quickly quietened at the sight, all the adults heart’s breaking for the child.

“I want… wanted…” Sole rocked the child in her arms, listening to what he was trying to say in between his sobs.

“I wanted it to be perfect”

Sole’d heart dropped to the pit of her stomach. She’d worked out that this was a mother’s day thing- something that she hadn’t expected at all. With her son in her arms she looked around at her friends in the room.

They’d tried so hard- a cake and decorations, just for her. But Sole didn’t need all that. She just needed her son and her friends.

“It is perfect baby” She whispered into his hair, kissing him before tightening the hug.

Loaded Gun Lyrics - Fly Away Hero

I used Audreys (x) and Annie’s (x) videos to help me transcribe these.  Thanks to @justaflyernobody for her help! Please send suggestions for correction in my ask.

So lately I’ve been in a drought
I’m itching for the urge to get away somehow
been trapped in time up in my bed
with you in my head

And I reach my hand down in the dark
A simple push it gets me up
and one always gets me far
a push and pull an even flow
it’s raised to vertical

Well I lost my sight to see
I masturbated every day this week
contaminated all of my new sheets
we bang the loaded gun, we bang the loaded gun u

I toss and turn in satin silk
thinking about you and me  
and awesome sex and sweat and filth
I know it’s wrong but who gives a shit
just let, let me in

Well I lost my sight to see
I masturbated every day this week
contaminated all of my new sheets
we bang the loaded gun, we bang the loaded gun


Well I lost my sight to see
I masturbated every day this week
contaminated all of my new sheets
we bang the loaded gun, we bang the loaded gun

Well I lost my sight to see
I masturbated every day this week
contaminated all of my new sheets
we bang the loaded gun, we bang the loaded gun