bridge of pirates

anonymous asked:

top 5 fave disney animatronics

5. the drunk sailor under the bridge with the pigs on pirates of the caribbean

4. the opera singer ghost on haunted mansion

3. foxxy brown the 70′s computer scientist on spaceship earth

2. a THREE-WAY TIE between Trixie, Big Al and Swingin’ Teddi Barra from country bears

1. mike wazowski on the paint the night float

You know what I hate? When people won’t even give the fifth Pirates movie a chance because they’re too busy bitching about the fourth one! Here’s a newsflash for you, people! The filmmakers said they want to leave the fourth one behind! It has NOTHING to do with this new instalment of the franchise, and to judge Dead Men Tell No Tales based on how much you hated On Stranger Tides, is the apex of stupidity!  Do everyone a favour and MOVE ON!!!!