bridge of pirates

AU in which Wendy and the Darlings don’t leave Storybrooke right away (also AU in which Hook stands on the darker side of morally grey - he tries so hard tho- and also AU in which Darling Pan is obviously a thing because how could it not be am i right)
also forgive me i don’t remember the episode very well so I’m gonna do what I do best
which is make stuff up *waves hands around* it’s magiiiic 
Warning : a bit of violence 

Of hooks and heroism

The town of Storybrooke is nothing extraordinary at first glance, but Killian Jones has spent enough time here to grow slightly attached to the place. There are some people he could admit to liking - the Savior and the Prince being among them.


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Ben: Don't go burning all of your bridges in one go. Uma: Pirates don't regret burning down bridges, Ben. Harry: If anything, we regret that some people weren't on the bridges when they were going down.


The Jolly Roger reaction post!

Hook in armor

Charming and Snow hearing they’re not fun

Hook turning down the hooker (heh))

Hook refusing to leave town

Hook telling Emma to embrace her magic

“Rise and shine you bilge rats – no offense Mr. Smee” 

Ariel fighting for her man

Pirate’s code?

“Sorry lass, never heard of him” – oh god, he’s dead isn’t he?

Regina just throwing Emma on to a bridge

Pirate fight!

Oh my god oh my god, did he give up the jolly roger for Ariel, who he barely knows???

Charming teaching Henry to drive

Omg he actually made Blackbeard walk to the plank

“I swear on Emma Swan”


Zelena cursing their kiss 

“Kiss Emma Swan, or everyone she loves dies.” 

Emma totally being impressed by Hook helping

“And Killian” 

Emma not caring what happened. She’s basically inviting him and HE CAN’T DO IT

Hook not getting to join everyone at the diner