bridge of padlocks

If ya think Enjolras and Grantaire haven’t added their own love lock to the Pont des Arts, you’re mistaken my friend.

And then Enjolras didn’t sleep at night because: “Grantaire what have we done? That bridge is already saturated with padlocks and they say it affects the stability of the brige! Oh my god we’ve destroyed a landmark, Grantaire! It’s oUR FAULT!”

(And then the city removed all the love locks. Enjolras could finally sleep soudly again)


A recent fad for those walking the Brooklyn Bridge is leaving padlocks attached to available parts of the structure, especially the streetlight fixtures as seen in the first photo above.  The city has posted lighthearted signs advising prospective padlock placers that if caught they’re liable to be fined $100 and there are NYPD personnel stationed on the bridge.  When I walked past New York’s Finest, however, they weren’t maintaining a steely gaze for padlock desperadoes…they were checking their smartphones.  My photos, 6/27/2017.

When I went to Paris there was a Love Lock bridge absolutely covered in padlocks that had been signed and dated by couples visiting the city, the key was then thrown in the water. This one caught my eye though. How beautiful.