bridge in the morning

“I have four boys. I was a single mother for most of my life. But I’ve been a good mother. I’m going to pat myself on the back for that. It wasn’t easy. I struggled hard. In my twenties, I got kicked out on the street with four young kids. But I made sure they were always safe, fed, sheltered, and had proper clothes for the season. They always had bikes and skates. And I kept them busy. I signed them up for everything: karate, basketball, swimming, you name it. I paid for it all. I didn’t want them spending time in the streets, so I’d work overtime just to keep them busy. I never had much left over for myself. I sacrificed a lot for them. I still wake up at 3:30 every morning to beat the traffic across the bridge. But they always come first. Because they never asked to come here. They were my decision.”


Towers of the Golden Gate bridge barely peak above the fog at Sunrise
A Man Who Witnessed The London Bridge Attack Went Back To Pay His Restaurant Bill On Sunday
BuzzFeed News spoke to Richard Angell on Saturday night after the attack. On Sunday he returned to show that "these people shouldn't win".
By Hannah Al-Othman, Emily Dugan

A witness to the terror attack in London Bridge returned to Borough Market on Sunday morning to pay his bill and tip the staff in the restaurant where he had been having dinner with friends on Saturday night.

Entering into a relationship with Jim does not change the fact the Spock was raised in the Vulcan way. He knows with certainty that there is no logic in repeated declarations of affection. He is aware that Jim loves him, just as he knew as a child that his mother loved him, though culture and custom rarely allowed her to say so. So, of course, it would be irrational to expect or wish for frequent reminders of that fact.

That does not stop Spock from being absolutely, without a doubt, 100% Shook™ every time Jim says “I love you.”

And Jim loves to say it. It’s human nature to say it regularly, and Jim is just an affectionate man who is constantly overflowing with love for Spock. (Plus, James T. Kirk is no dummy. He knows that Spock adores hearing it, despite his logical protests.)

And so Jim makes a point to say it all the time and in as many ways as he can think of. Accompanied by a quick peck just before they leave their quarters in the morning for the bridge, slow and slurred first thing in the morning, absentmindedly when Spock hands him a coffee while he works at his desk, gasped into Spock’s ear repeatedly while they make love. Spock may never admit it, but Jim knows he cherishes hearing it out loud.

And Spock says it too. He says it with a touch of fingertips in the hallway, even though there is an ensign walking by who might see. He says it by turning off the alarm before it goes off and waking Jim with soft kisses instead. By getting Jim a fresh coffee when he gets distracted by his work and lets it get cold, by wearing an extra layer to bed so that their quarters can be a more comfortable temperature for Jim. These nonverbal ways make it all the more precious to Jim