bridge climbers


This has been an amazing year in the fight to save the Arctic — and it’s all because of you

From the kayaktivists in Seattle to bridge climbers in Portland to the millions of people who signed petitions, wrote letters, and called the White House, this was a victory fueled by people power.

Watch as Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi narrates the journey from beginning to end and reblog this to share with your friends!

just had the best workout 💪 same stuff I normally do, but increased the reps

-30 Russian twists, stretch, crunch
-15 Jillian Michaela crunches
-30 heel touches
-20 penguins on each side
-30 toe touches
-10 iron crosses on each side
-1 minute plank
-30 sec side planks
-20 v crunches
-25 scissors
-25 bicycle on each
-20 mountain climbers
-25 bridge thrusts

-20 leg raises
-20 froggers
-20 sideways scissors
-20 sideways lunges
-20 sumo squats
-12 Pilates squats
-20 clamshells
-20 hip abductors on each
-60 calf raises
-20 squats on each with with 16
-2 minute wall sit
-50 fire hydrants on each
-20 lunges
-40 modified triceps dips

-10 modified push-ups
-10 upright row
-20 other random arm stuff that I don’t know the name of