Great Britain: Shaftesbury, Oxford, Edinburgh, Rye, Eversholt, Eilean Donan Castle, Chipping Campden, Lincoln, Castle Combe, Allerford

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One of the interior spreads I illustrated for A Book of Bridges: Here to There and Me to You written by Cheryl Keely. This one features the Golden Gate Bridge.

One of the challenges I had with this book was finding ways to feature both the bridges (which generally have to be shown from a distance to see their full scope) and the characters we were working with (who were acting as a kind of through-line to connect the different landscapes). I had to get a bit creative with perspective to feature the characters as well as these landscapes then also find a way to present kind of similar structures in a way that wasn’t overly repetitive. It was definitely tricky at times but also really fun in the end.

Someone can be madly in love with you and still not be ready. They can love you in a way you have never been loved and still not join you on the bridge. And whatever their reasons you must leave. Because you never ever have to inspire anyone to meet you on the bridge. You never ever have to convince someone to do the work to be ready. There is more extraordinary love, more love that you have never seen, out here in this wide and wild universe. And there is the love that will be ready.
—  Nayyirah Waheed