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I'm suddenly standing at the beginning with you

For @nerdyadventures Happy birthday my friend, I’m 10 days late and I made you beta this but this is for you and for keeping up with my texts all the time and humoring me and texting me back. You’re wonderful and I can’t it to be January so we can hang out in Disneyland.

This is the start of a hopefully 3 part story. I hope you guys like it.

Piper was applying lipstick to her lips while Sally and Hazel worked on her hair but Annabeth was hardly paying attention to them, her brain kept thinking about what was about to happen… in less than an hour she would stop being Annabeth Chase and she would become Annabeth Jackson. In less than an hour, she would be marrying the love of her life. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to keep the butterflies in her belly at bay.

It had been so long since Percy had caused her butterflies but it wasn’t a bad thing, after all, they had been together for almost eight years and known each other for eleven. Percy didn’t give her butterflies anymore but he gave her a feeling of safety, love, home, happiness and that was better than any butterfly. She felt weirdly calm, she never thought this was how she would be feeling moments away from her wedding, like any bride she had her bridezilla moments but they didn’t last long, not when they usually ended in Percy’s arms, his voice soothing the stress away, joking how they could elope in any moment, how the only thing that matters was their love.      

“You look beautiful, honey.” Sally’s voice brought her back from her thoughts, her future mother-in-law had tears in her eyes. Annabeth looked at her reflection in the mirror, two beautiful braids worked as a headband and they ended in a messy bun with small white flowers braided into it, Piper had given her a beautiful but minimal makeover, hints of gold framed her eyelids, her lips had a peachy color on them and her cheeks were covered in light pinks and she looked, well, she looked like the blushing bride she wasn’t. “But you are missing something.”

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A New Chapter

Request! :) The reader and Damian have been married for a year or two and Damian tries to bring up the topic of having children. Your writing is absolutely gorgeous!

Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

You never felt more content in your life, everything had seemed to be getting better for you. Life was great.

Damian and you had been together for years and you loved him. He let you see a side of him that few others have seen, you had opened up to him as well and showed him who you really were. The day you married Damian was a magical splendid memory. It was a rather small gathering, family and close friends, oh and that includes the Justice League of course. Everything had went smoothly besides your few Bridezilla moments.

Even though you were happy it didn’t mean that you didn’t want something more and you weren’t the only one thinking about this, Damian had been pondering for weeks about this subject matter. He felt like he was reading to take the next big step, after two years of marriage he thought it was time. But there was one problem. He had no idea how to talk to you about it. Every time he tried he ended up flustered and told you to forget about it. Damian had never been this nervous in his life, as he looked down at you he knew this was the perfect moment, so he decided to gather up all his courage and get on with it.

“Y/N?” He said in his husky morning voice, you looked up at him confused. It was odd for him call you by your name, he was more of the type to call you by pet names.

“Damian?” You moved your head slightly from his shoulder to get a better look at him, he stared up at the ceiling a slight blush creeping up his neck.

“I-I’ve been thinking- no I mean…” Damian groaned, frustrated.

“Just come out with it already.” You demanded, it was too early in the morning for you to put up with his shenanigans.


The words flooded out his mouth, his eyes widened after he finished, surprised by his aggressiveness.

“Oh… wow.” You giggled at him, he looked down hesitantly at your curled form. You placed a chaste kiss on his neck and took some time to admire his anxiousness. The slight furrow in his eyebrows and the panicked gleam in his eye.

“I would love to have a baby with you.” You replied with a grin on your face, suddenly you were flipped over as Damian peppered kisses all over your face.

“I love you so much.” He halted his actions, his eyes looked down lovingly at yours, your nose touching his.

“I do too.” He leaned in and captured your lips in a sweet kiss, one to mark a new chapter of your life.

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I think about your Won't Get to Space universe all the time. Did we ever see Harry and Louis comfort Liam after he tells his parents?

I *think* I’ve posted bits and pieces of this here before, and maybe even the whole thing, but here is the 5k contents of my Won’t Get To Space 2 draft, which has basically remained stagnant for quite some time now. Sequel to Won’t Get To Space If You Haven’t Got A Rocket (Liam/Harry/Louis, where Harry and Louis are off of the X Factor and Liam is a mechanic in training in Wolverhampton)

Like the sky is blue (all the things that stop you dreaming)

Come to London this weekend, we miss you xx

Liam grins down at his phone. He’s on his break, eating two ham salad sandwiches and a bag of cheese and onion crisps in the back of the garage, flicking through The Mirror.

Your both in the paperrrrrrrrr, he texts, once he hits the 3am pages. Did u rlly fall out of a clubbb??????

Shameless lies !!! Louis texts back. we stumbled gracefully !!!!

His phone beeps with a message from Harry. I fell out of the cab not the club. lou just fell over me.

Liam laughs at that. What u uptooo?

Hanging around the record company !! Meetings . Boring !! Louis this time. They must be together, and reading each other’s texts. Liam sort of likes the idea of them both peering down at the same phone, together.

Maybe touching all the way down one side.

He really likes thinking about them touching.

Gud luck xxxxx Liam hasn’t got long left of his lunch. Mums berthdaaay this fri so cant come down L sozzzzzzz L

He has to get back to work anyway, so he stuffs his phone into his pocket before the reply arrives, and heads back across the garage to get on with Mrs Holloway’s oil change.

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Wedding Series: Fittings

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A/N: I hope this part isn’t too confusing. I wanted to show both sides of the story in this…again this is one of those parts that move the story along. 

     Nate smirked as he spotted the bag that held your wedding dress. His eyes glanced up the stairs to see if you were truly busy. Once he continued to hear the water running, he tiptoed towards your dress. Nate reached out to grab the zipper, slowly sliding it down. A glimpse of white lace could be seen through the slight opening, but before Nate could open the the bag even more, his hands were slapped away. “HEY! YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THE DRESS YET!” you shouted, zipping the bag back up and glaring at Nate. 

“I can’t wait until the wedding day the anticipation is killing me,” Nate said, giving you a puppy dog look. “Please let me see it,” he pouted, only earning a shake of head from you. “We’re all getting fitted today, so there’s no sense in hiding it from me,” he argued. You laughed at his words, eyes rolling in their socket.

“We’ll be in different rooms,” you reminded him, “I’ll see you later and don’t try to send one of the guys in to snap a picture.” You patted him on the shoulder and kissed his cheek. Grabbing the dress from off the hook, you went to place it in the car. Nate sighed at what you had said, but a smile on his lips. He had gotten a glimpse of the dress and from just the bit he saw, Nate knew you’d look stunning in it.

     It probably wasn’t a good idea to schedule everyone’s fittings on the same day. According to the maid of honor and best man, it would have been a good idea to kill two birds with one stone. Now as you were ready to actually get the fittings done, you realized this plan didn’t work. The room was packed, Sam bickering with one of your bridesmaids and you on the verge of a headache from being annoyed. “Alright ladies and gentlemen, please quiet down!” one of the tailors shouted. The room went quiet all eyes staring at the person that was talking. “Ladies, you’ll be in room two with three of my associates, while me and the rest will be working with the males in room one,” the tailor said, pointing at a door to the left. You nodded at his words, clutching to your wedding dress as you and the girls went to said room. 

This had to be the second time you’ve worn your wedding dress in months. If you had tried it on at home, you’d have risked either Nate or Swazz seeing you. Now as you were back in the dress, you felt the same sensation you had when you first tried it on. You now of course could tell that it needed altering in a few places. “I love this dress on you,” Kaylan commented, waltzing out from the bathroom in her bridesmaid dress. 

“Thank you, but it is a bit too snug at the waist,” you mumbled, letting out a huff of air as you fiddled with the dress. You stood up on the slightly raised floor, so that one of the tailors could get a good look and see what exactly needed alterations. “Sydney…Alisha, how are the dresses fitting?” you questioned, turning to look at your reflection in the mirror. They weren’t there when the bridesmaid dresses were chosen, so you really hoped they liked it. “Please give me feedback!” you exclaimed, when you didn’t hear them reply.

“I’m hoping the weather is nice because this dress is strapless and short,” Alisha said, face scrunched up as she said the words. “Are we allowed to wear a cardigan with it?” 

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that,” you mumbled, knowing she didn’t mean any harm, but adding a cardigan would throw off the whole dress. You sat down in one of the chairs, slipping on the heels you had planned to wear with the dress. You stood back up, getting in position so that the tailor could get back to working on the dress. Just from the look on your face, everyone could tell you were having a bridezilla moment. Frustrations from both work and partially planning a wedding was finally getting to you. You noticed this change too. Closing your eyes and sucking in a deep breath, you calmed your annoyance. 

“There’s only a few things we have to fix, but overall the dress is good to go.” You let out a sigh of relief, nodding at the tailor’s words. “Bridesmaid dresses need touching up,” she continued on. 

“The bust of Lisa’s dress needs to be changed, silk bottom is uneven for Sydney,” another one of the tailors listed off.

“How long will it take to have them done?” you questioned, “The wedding is in two months.” Just saying the words out loud made a shiver run down your spine. It was coming up quick and you would soon be walking down the aisle.

     The guys were having a different experience than the girls. Their minds running off track and the topics ranging from any to everything. Nate stood still as the tailor worked on pining his tux. “I saw a tiny bit of Y/N’s dress today,” Nate told everyone, interrupting the conversation the guys were having. 

“That’s bad luck man,” Sam commented, shaking his head at what Nate had just said. He was lounged out on the couch, waiting for his turn to be worked on. 

“I know, but the suspense was killing me,” Nate sighed, “All I saw was a piece of lace that’s it.” His lips curled up at the ends as he tried to imagine what the whole thing looked like. John, already knowing what Nate was thinking shook his head.

“None of us are going to do that. You have to wait until the wedding day to see it,” Swazz said, pointing a finger in warning at Nate, who looked at him shocked. 

“You don’t even know what I was going to say,” Nate argued back, earning an unconvinced look from Swazz. Johnson laughing at the interaction. “Fine, I’ll wait…I mean unless Jack or Stew could sneak into the next room and take a picture for me.

“There’s no way I’m doing that,” Stew chuckled, taking off his jacket and turning to the side so that the tailor could continue working. “Besides I’m pretty sure if Y/N spotted any of us in that room, we’d all be dead.” Nate left it at that, knowing each of them had a point. The buzz of the room settled down after that. The tailors telling them who’s and what tuxedos needed fixing. Nate’s enthusiasm about it all had been through the roof. Knowing in just two months you would officially be Mrs. Maloley.    



  1. You Break Off The Relationship
  2. Fireworks
  3. Couple Moment
  4. Fans Talk To You Unexpectedly
  5. Camping
  6. He’s A Secret Admirer, But You Have A Boyfriend
  7. Tokophobia
  8. You Leave Him For Another Band Member
  9. You Leave Him For Another Band Member pt. 2
  10. Puppy Love
  11. Innocent Minded
  12. Vacation
  13. Fingers
  14. He Meets His Favorite Author
  15. He’s Sick
  16. He Comes Off Tour To See You In The Hospital
  17. You’re A WWE Diva
  18.  Play Fights
  19. First Time
  20. Mixed Babies
  21. Your Parents Catch You Doing Something Cute
  22. October
  23. You’re Four Years Older Than Him
  24. You’re A Famous Actress
  25. Nightmares
  26. Baby’s First Christmas
  27. New Years Tweets
  28. Family Moments


  1. Collaborate With Me (Michael)
  2. Sleeping Beauty (Michael)
  3. Big Moment (Calum)
  4. Caught (Calum)
  5. Good Ending To A Bad Day (Ashton)
  6. Unique (Luke)
  7. Shit Talk (Luke)
  8. Fighter (Luke)
  9. Last First Date (Calum)
  10. Ballerina (Ashton)
  11. Something Different (5SOS)
  12. Cramped (Calum)


  1. Getting Permission
  2. Engagement Ring
  3. Proposal Outfit
  4. The Proposal
  5. Telling Someone The News
  6. Announcing The Engagement (Social Media)
  7. Engagement Party
  8. He Tweets A Picture
  9. Dress Shopping
  10. Bridezilla/Groomzilla Moment
  11. You Tweet A Picture
  12. Bachelor Party
  13. Bachelorette Party Pictures
  14. Night Before
  15. Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
  16. Morning Of
  17. Present/Letter He Gives You Before The Wedding
  18. Cold Feet
  19. The Wedding
  20. Before The Reception
  21. Speeches
  22. The Reception
  23. Another Boy Tweets A Picture
  24. Your Honeymoon Destination


  1. Couple Moments
  2. Road Trip
  3. High School Pranks
  4. Brother/Sister Moment
  5. What He Gets You For Valentine’s Day
  6. He Reacts To You Having A Boyfriend
  7. Winter Tweets
  8. Christmas Lights
  9. Kids At Christmas
  10. New Years Outfit
  11. Beach Day Outfit
  12. His Favorite Outfit On You
  13. Couple Picture
  14. Dancing
  15. Selfies
  16. Snapchat Video
  17. Video of You and Your Sister
  18. More Snapchat Videos


  1. The Amusement Park You Go To
  2. Your Favorite Ride
  3. Your Least Favorite Ride
  4. What You Wear To The Amusement Park


  1. The Ugliest Trait (Matthew)
  2. Make Up Sex (Cameron)  NOT SMUT
  3. Aaron Dating A Youtuber Blurb
  4. Drive (Matthew)
  5. Dare (Matthew)
  6. Leak (Johnson)
  7. Leak pt. 2 (Johnson)
  8. Pick Me Up (Shawn)
  9. The New Girlfriend (Hayes)
  10. Confession (Hayes/Johnson)
  11. Sick Baby (Hayes)
  12. Snow in California (Shawn)
  13. Just Kids (Nash)
  14. The Little Things (Nash)
  15. Grow Up (Sammy)
  16. Cheater (Nash)
  17. Happy Birthday, Andreina! (Matt)
  18. Stupid Boys (Hayes)
  19. Stupid Boys pt.2 (Hayes)
  20. Suprise! (Cameron)
  21. Party (Sammy)
  22. This Is Not The Time (Sammy)
  23. Disturbance (Nash)
  24. Seeing You Again (Hayes)
  25. Seeing You Again pt. 2 (Hayes)
  26. Shade (Gilinsky)
  27. Should Have Meant Nothing (Shawn)
  28. Want You Back (Gilinsky)
  29. Jealousy (Nate)
  30. Lil Mama (Johnson)
  31. Chill Out (Sammy)
  32. What’s To Come? (Matthew)
  33. You Shouldn’t Have Seen (Cameron)
  34. The Way You Are (Gilinsky)
  35. This Feeling (Sammy)
  36. Starstruck (Shawn)
  37. Out (Sammy)
  38. Hottest Couple (Matthew)
  39. Workout For Me (Omaha Squad)
  40. In The Past (Cameron/Johnson)
  41. Mami (Johnson)




I watch you spin around in your highest heels / You are the best one of the best ones

“Mr. Styles,” you saluted playfully as you walked past him as he spoke to a guest in the function room.

“Hello, my kitten,” he smiled brightly as you passed him. You made him smile all the time. Right now, you were busy at work, and so was he. You were the wedding coordinator at the lovely resort. Over the course of one summer you could plan a lot of weddings. Harry admired how well you worked. You were quick, efficient, friendly, and just lovely.

Harry started calling you kitten for the first time when you were sixteen. You arrived to the resort as you always did, this time planning your very first wedding for your mother and your new step-father. You begged your mom to let you try and much to everyone’s delight, it worked. Everyone was amazed that there were no hiccups. Every, single, solitary thing went smoothly. There were no bridezilla moments, nothing went wrong. It was tremendous practice for you future where you hoped, if you were lucky and the resort was willing, you could put a wedding planning office in the resort while you were there over the summer.

Later that night, Harry found you by the pool, your feet in the water while your mom and step-dad went off on their honeymoon. You were staring up at the stars, the cement digging into the back of your thighs on the edge of the pool. “You did a lovely job,” he smiled. You smirked tiredly.

“I hid every disaster that threatened to strike,” you told him. You were still wearing your bridesmaid dress, a deep purple that made your tanned skin pop. You rolled it high up so it wouldn’t get wet.Harry, who had seen you in a bathing suit and had seen your thighs before, couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than your legs, tanned and dress rolled up high. You looked like a princess.

“There were disasters?” He asked in shock. “You sneaky little kitten,” he chuckled. “I don’t think anyone had a clue,” he smirked as he dipped his toes in the water next to you. You hooked your ankle around his under the water.

“All weddings have problems. You have to hope someone is kind enough to care and not let them happen,” you said with a shrug. “I love my mother, and my step-father,” you told him. “I wasn’t going to let a single thing ruin their day,” you explained quietly.

He smirked. Harry couldn’t believe how lovely you were. He vowed to himself right then, that he wouldn’t let anything happen to your wedding to stress you out. Whether he married you (like he wanted to) or not.

Harry was a caterer for the resort, working at weddings you planned walking around with dishes of hors d’ouervres, glasses of champagne, or pieces of cake. Sometimes he worked the bar and made drinks. After you planned your mom’s wedding, you planned one of her friend’s wedding. Then it rolled from there. You had binders and binders of weddings. A phone book of numbers for all kinds of things from cakes to flowers to makeup artists.

Harry admired you. You did this as a summer thing, but obviously planned weddings all throughout the year leading up to this moment. You were in charge of ordering people where to walk, when to sit and stand. All that jazz. Harry loved watching you work. You were friendly, you got everyone involved and despite how other wedding planners acted, you were patient and never acted like you were better than your clients. And you were so young. People thought it was incredible how organized and perfect you were for this. And it wasn’t even something you wanted to do.

“It’s just a hobby.”

“Kitten, hobbies are like knitting…or stamp collecting. What you do is a full time job,” Harry said knowingly.

Harry was currently walking around with a dish of mini eclairs. Your favorite weddings to plan were for people who were barely into their twenties. You prayed they’d stay together and make your job worth it…and God, did you love how cute their weddings were and simple. They often asked for fun things like an ice cream bar or an unconventional wedding cake.

You stole an eclair and kissed his cheek. “Thanks, babe,” you smiled and made sure everything was going well. Harry could never get over how beautiful you looked.

You two started dating a few weeks after your mother’s wedding. Harry had taken you to the pool deck after a wedding and sat with you in the hot tub. “Do you wanna do that for a living?” He asked as the bubbles subsided. You each had been on your feet for way too long and you needed to relax.

“No…” you shrugged. “I want to help people I think…I think I want to be a child therapist or something…” you explained. “Children are only going to get worse…the world is…Jesus it’s ruining everything about innocence and whatnot,” you told him.

He stared at you. “Have you ever planned your wedding?” He asked curiously.

You nodded. “For the most part,” you hesitated to tell him. “I’m not…like, really girly about it, you know? I just have it planned. I wouldn’t like, force it on anyone I dated…you know? It’s just there. And then when and if I ever need it,” You trailed off.

He did know. He knew you would have it planned. Of course he did. Of course you planned it. Why wouldn’t you have planned it? You were always prepared. He didn’t like your if statement at all. You were going to get married. There’s no way you wouldn’t be married. “What are you missing?”

“A guest list and the groom,” you smiled shyly.

He chuckled. “You’re going to get married here, right?” He wondered.

“Mm,” you smiled. “Hopefully, it’s the best place on earth,” you reminded him.

He smiled and looked up at the stars for a few moments. This is the best place on earth. But it was the best place on earth because the two of you had spent twelve summers together at the beach club. And every summer it got better. You didn’t know how, but it got better–at some point you thought it might get worse, since the two of you were getting older and you didn’t want to do the stuff you always did…but it only got better. It was heaven on that beach. And Harry never wanted it to end. “Kitten,” he whispered suddenly.

“Hmm?” You sighed sinking down a bit into the water to sit next to your best friend. Each of you were deeply in love with one another–neither of you knew that you were in love with one another. But to other people it was obvious. Harry and you talked like you were married. He rolled his eyes at you when you told him to be safe while out and about. He scolded you when you lifted things heavier than he wanted you to carry. He held your door open and you’d fight over who was buying who dinner. You argued and laughed like you two had been together forever. And in some ways, you were. Part of you hoped that you two would date…but then the rational part of you assumed that Harry would want to be with a girl in his hometown…someone he’d see more than four months a year.

He clasped your fingers together beneath the water. “Would you ever consider that I could be the person you marry?” He asked softly.

You blushed and turned to look at him. He was staring right at you and his eyes looked so sure. “Harry–”

“Hear me out, love,” he whispered softly. “I…I’ve known you for years. And I’ve never told you this, but last night, when I saw you playing with your little flower girls, all I could think about is how lovely you’d be as a mother…” he continued. “And I’m in love with you. Have been since we were little and your mom put you in a timeout for defending me and pushing those boys in the sand because they stole my swing,” he smiled. “So…when you told me a couple weeks ago that you want someone who loves and cares enough to make sure nothing goes wrong at the wedding I realized I wanted to be that person for you–I want you to have the perfect wedding, and I won’t let anything happen to you,” he said softly. “But I want to be that person for you every day.”

You gaped and your heart was bubbling almost as much as the hot tub. “Harry, I–”

“Before you say something,” he said softly, nervously. He heard the hesitation in your voice and he wanted you to love him–he needed to make a case for himself. “I want to remind you that I know everything about you and I love all the parts that you hate. And I always will,” he said softly. “I love you,” he smiled sweetly.

Tears filled your eyes. “I love you,” you whispered. “I love you so much,” you said softly. He smiled and cupped your face and pressed kisses to your face and lips for hours.

And now Harry was watching you hand your cards out to other people looking to get married. You were dressed professionally, in a long beige curve-hugging skirt, pink peep-toed pumps and a white blouse and a pink cardigan. You were adorable and Harry was so lucky to have you all these years. He smiled as you showed your ring off. The one he had gotten for you last year. A symbol of your three-year anniversary.

He smirked. Your wedding was at the end of the month. You planned it all year and you were totally excited to be Mrs. Styles. Harry proposed to you on the swing set the year before. He told you that being boyfriend and girlfriend was everything he wanted. “But I want you. All of you. For the rest of your life. All mine,” he said. He presented the beautiful ring, he knew it was perfect for you. “But boyfriend and girlfriend won’t cut it for what I want.”

“I love you,” you said softly and he grinned and wrapped his arms around you. He slid his ring in place and now he watched you giggle delightedly, your cheeks turning pink as you showed off how in love you were.

Harry set the empty tray down. “You okay?” Zayn asked, he was watching him ogle. Harry smiled.

“She’s just beautiful,” Harry said quietly. “And she’s perfect,” he continued. “By this time next month, she’s going to be my wife…she’s going to be Mrs. Styles,” he whispered in near shock.

Zayn smirked as he looked at his own girlfriend. He kissed her temple. “Do we have to crash that one, or do we get an invite,” he asked. Harry rolled his eyes. He wasn’t supposed to be here, but Harry wouldn’t say anything.

“I’ll let you crash on an invite, how about that?” He asked with a laugh.

Zayn nudged Harry and he turned to face you. “Hi kitten,” he smiled.

“Hi, Har-bear,” you whispered.


Harry spun you around and dipped you as he pulled you onto the dance floor. You giggled and your cheeks flushed red, you were breathtaking. “Kitten, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered with a bright smile. He pulled you closer to him and smelled your hair. His lips brushed against the tip of your ear. You hair was beautiful and Harry was so happy to be around you…as always…but when you said I do, he lost it and started crying. He tried to hide it; and he did, enough. He said I do back, he kissed you and walked you up the aisle.

He tugged you into the bridal suite and he cried into your neck as he held you. “I love you,” he cried. “I love you so much,” he sniffled. He pulled away and wiped his face with a handkerchief. “God, you look beautiful,” he whispered. “You look just…perfect,” he kissed your eyes and brushed his thumbs along her cheeks. “You’re my wife,” he mumbled and stared at you. You could hardly breathe. “Mrs. Styles,” he said softly. You giggled. Your heart screamed. You were your best friend’s wife. You married your best friend.

You smiled shyly and he wrapped his arms around you. “I love you,” he said as he held you close to his body. “I love you so much,” he told you swaying you around the dance floor.

You grinned and rested your head on his chest. “Harry,” you said softly.

“What, baby girl?” He asked.

“You kept your promise,” you mumbled and pressed your lips to his neck.


“That you wouldn’t let anything bad happen,” you told him.

“Of course, darling,” he whispered. He rubbed your back as he sang along to the song playing. Watch you spin around in your highest heels. He twirled you and you laughed as he chuckled back and held you tight. “You’re the best one,” he said softly. “My only one,” he whispered. “Mrs. Styles.”

“I love you, Mr. Styles,” you said softly and cupped his face ready for the flashes to start as you kissed your husband. “Best of the best,” you whispered to him and slid your lips to his as you danced around in your highest heels.

Harry Styles (Bridezilla Moment)

You knew your mom was just trying to help, but with the large amount of stress you were under to get everything done, she was just really pushing every last button you seemed to have.

“I don’t think your aunt and uncle should be sitting that far back, you know his eyesight is going,” she commented, looking over your carefully thought out seating chart.

“Mum, it took me two days to figure that out that damn thing, and now we’re moving on so leave t,” you murmured out, looking through flower arrangements.

“(Y/N), just let me fix it for you, just a couple things? You don’t have to do anything.”

“No! Mom, who’s wedding is it? Yours? No! It’s my wedding and the seating chart stays as it is! Okay? Okay,” you said harshly, a lot more so that you wanted it to be.

Your mom looked at you with wide eyes, stopping everything that she was doing. She slowly nodded her head and looked around awkwardly, rubbing her hands on her jeans and standing up off the couch. “I… I’ll just leave you to it then…”

“Mum…” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“(Y/N)?” you heard Harry say from the kitchen doorway. You looked up at him and he had a soft look on his face. “C’mere for a second okay?”

You sighed softly and nodded your head, getting up and walking over to him. He took your hand gently, giving it a reassuring squeeze before leading you into the kitchen. He turned you to face him and grabbed your other hand, giving you a soft and understanding look.

“I know you’re stressed… I know things are getting hectic, but I need you to take a breath and calm down okay? Getting angry isn’t going to help anything…”

“She just needs to listen, if she did what I asked, I-”

“Babe.” He cut you off, shaking his head and moving his hands to rub up and down your arms. “Why don’t we go to lunch okay? You need a break. Everyone needs a break…” You looked at him, chewing on your bottom lip for a moment before nodding your head defeated, rubbing your eyes. Harry pressed his lips to your forehead, letting them linger for a second. “Okay… Good. Go grab a jacket and we’ll get out of here for a bit, okay? Okay.”

Wedding Series: Caterers

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A/N: I wrote the first part a few days ago and now I have cramps…Man I feel like this part was a bit crappy, but it’s only to move the story along okay

     A small whimper left your lips as you rested your head against Nate’s shoulder. The noise made his eyebrows furrow and he tilted his head down to look at you. Your eyes were squeezed shut, face twitching in pain, and another groan left your lips. “Whoa-hey, are you okay?” he mumbled, lifting your head up from his shoulder. Your body tensed for a second and you turned your back towards him. “Y/N,” Nate said, shaking you slightly starting to wonder if you were just having a nightmare.

“If I stay in this position the pain will go away,” you grumbled out. 

“Pain…why are you in pain?” he questioned, moving off the couch and squatting in front of you. Nate’s hands trailed over your body, looking for where you could be hurt. You let out an irritated sigh, wondering how he could be so oblivious. His hands landed on your thigh, rubbing them soothingly.

“I have cramps and so far the pain killers haven’t kicked in,” you said, relaxing into his touch. Nate’s mouth formed an ‘o’ shape, not really knowing what to say. He had dealt with you on your period before, but knew whenever you were having cramps you really didn’t want to do anything. Nate looked towards the clock, then back to you.

“Are you still up for the meeting with the caterers?” he softly asked. You shook your head, face scrunching up once more as the pain was back. You had to switch positions once more. “I can reschedule if you want me to, but I think their next available date is in like three weeks.” His eyes glanced towards the screen of his laptop, which showed the webpage for the caterers. 

“No we can’t reschedule. I’m choosing my dress soon, you have to get fitted for a tux, then we have to find wedding invites…” your words trailed off. Your saved the dates already been sent out by now. You sat up, rubbing your temples with your pointer and middle finger. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you have to go and choose the menu items yourself…take one of the guys or something,” you told him. Nate grinned at your words, excitement starting to course through him.

“You’re letting me choose the menu items?” he asked, more rhetorical than anything. You would like to have done most of the planning together, but you just weren’t up for it today. “Okay I promise everything will go great,” he said, running off to grab his stuff. “I won’t tell you what happens though, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Please don’t make me regret this decision,” you shouted after him, “Also bring me back some KitKats…and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!” You could hear shuffling and soon the door slammed shut. A frown made its way onto your face and a few seconds later the door opened again; Nate running back inside.

“Shit I’m sorry baby, I’ll be back soon. I love you,” he said, leaning down to peck your lips. A smile embracing your face now. Once again the door closed shut and you could hear Nate’s car starting in the driveway. Soon he drove off and you were left to watch television.

     This had to be the first time Nate’s done something for the wedding without you here. Even though the food was for the reception part, just a small piece to the festivities, Nate was taking this seriously. Before he left the house, Nate made sure to grab the list of food items you two made together. The last thing he wanted was for something to go wrong and face a possible bridezilla moment so early in the game. 

Nate let out a yawn, tapping his pen against the table as he waited for the caterers to show up. He scratched at the back of his neck, scanning the food list:


soup or salad for beginning? Maybe a spinach dip…


fish-preferably salmon or tilapia


chicken- baked

a buffet with popcorn shrimp kinda like Golden Coral NO!


Your handwriting was neat almost a mix between cursive and print. Nate chuckled at the fact that you crossed his suggestion off the list. The list had stopped at desserts. You practically had everything written out. All Nate had to do was present the list to the caterers, tell them when they should start serving, and pay in advance. He stood up once the door opened, greeting the two people and shaking their hands. “Alright let’s get started,” the woman said, “What do you want us to begin with?” Nate looked down at the list with a frown. There was already a question mark next to soup and salad. He didn’t want that though. That just seemed ordinary and you two weren’t ordinary people.

“A spinach dip and…mini tacos,” he said, “The guests can choose which one they want.” He scratched out what you had wrote, replacing it with what he just told the caterer. The appetizers were the two things you and him loved. 

“That sounds good. Now Y/N had sent us an entree list, but she hasn’t decided on which fish you want severed,” the chef said, jotting down Nate’s words. Nate looked down, biting on his bottom lip as he glanced between the two options. He was sick of salmon, but it was a fan favorite. 

“The salmon’s fine, but I wanted to add another option to the list” Nate said. “Could you make a dish specifically just for vegetarians?” He remembered that a few of his and your friends didn’t eat meat and that you forgot to list that down. 

“Yes, we can provide that. Now what time should we start serving people? After the speeches? Before?” the woman questioned. Once all the questions were answered and business was handled, the meeting came to a close. 

“Thank you so much for catering this event,” Nate said, shaking the people’s hands. More goodbyes being said before he headed back to the car. Once inside Nate called you. The phone rang a few times before you picked up.

“Hey, how’d it go?” you mumbled into the phone.

“It went great! I switched up the appetizers to the spinach dip and added in mini tacos,” he told you. Your laugh came loud through the ear piece, making him pull the phone back. Leave to Nate to add mini tacos to a formal event. “As for desserts, you have to be amazed by that. How are you feeling?” He received a groan in return and a sigh left your lips.

“I feel terrible and I want your cuddles,” you whined. He frowned at your pain, “Hey did you pick up my request yet? Because I want to add ice cream to that list,” you pouted into the phone. Nate was stopped at a red light, one hand rubbing at his eyes. “Please,” you added on in a timid voice. 

“I’m on my way to get it now,” he chucked into the phone. “I should be home in like ten minutes so sit tight,” Nate last said. You mumbled a goodbye and the call ended. He had to hurry, knowing all you wanted right now was his cuddles and your snacks. If you didn’t get it, he’d be facing silent treatment.

Wedding Series

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‘A Year in the Making’: Pre-Wedding Jitters (Wake Me Up Anniversary Special - Part 11)


Note: Here is part eleven, loves! One more part, and then it’s done! This one is a little insight into pre-wedding little miss (hence the title). And I know, the groom isn’t technically supposed to see the bride before the wedding, but when have little miss and Harry ever been traditional? I’m so sure if this is technically a bridezilla moment, but I’d classify it as one! So, I really hope you like this one! Enjoy, sweets! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS ONE!

Takes place before: #4. MY HUSBAND, MY WIFE

Harry’s text are in bold, Little miss’ are in italics.

Any visuals/other links will be linked with the italicized and highlighted/capitalized texts.

Prompt #11- Little miss has a bridezilla moment?


It was dark, and your eyes could barely focus on the ceiling, though there they stayed. You couldn’t make out the small specks that rested on the surface of the ceiling, though you pretended to count them, rounding off numbers in your head. Your hand rested on top of your abdomen where the duvet sat, the other hand resting on top of your head, fingers combing through the hair there. There were nerves settling deep in your stomach that you wanted to badly to ignore, though you couldn’t.

You were getting married tomorrow - in actuality, it was today, considering it was rounding the early hours of the morning. Nonetheless, this time in twenty four hours, your last name would be Styles. And while that thought caused your stomach to flutter with happiness, there was nerves settling there. A bit of longing.

Looking over to the other side of the bed, you sighed, seeing it empty and wishing it was anything but. As a tradition, you and Harry were meant to spend the night before your wedding apart. You both, along with the wedding party, were staying at the hotel in which the wedding’s reception would be held, Harry and you staying in separate rooms,–you and Ivory sharing a hotel room–and you missed him. Entirely too much, and the bed was much too big to not have his koala-like body cling to you.

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Bridezilla/Groomzilla Moment

Wedding Series 10/25


Ashton: You were sat down at your kitchen table, on facetime with Ashton. The two of you were trying to figure out your seating arrangements. Due to the massive amount of people he wanted to invite, and the massive amount of people that didn’t like each other made it a problem to sit anyone anywhere. It was getting stressful and Ashton wasn’t much of a help. He was still on tour, and had a short attention span as you tried to ask him questions about who would be safe to sit next to who. The boys were in the room with him and he was trying to keep up a conversation with them as well as try to help you out. Finally, you got tired of it. You were tired of stressing over this stupid wedding, and doing everything by yourself and him not being there at all in this time that you’ve been engaged. You just burst, right there on facetime with the boys in the background. “Everyone shut up and sit the fuck down!” You yelled, making everyone go silent. All four of the boys just stood there, they didn’t sit down. “If you’re going to be in the room then you better sit down and help me. I’m tired of doing all of the work by myself, so now you’re all going to have to help me out. It’s literally so annoying when I’m trying to talk to you Ashton and you’re only paying attention to your friends! And you’re never here! Like, I understand that you’re on tour and everything, but you want to plan the wedding now but you’re never here to help! It’s like, are you even going to show up to the wedding?” By the end of your freakout, you had tears in your eyes and kept clearing your throat like you had to say something else but you couldn’t get it out because you were afraid to cry. This seemed to hurt Ashton a little, so he turned around and quietly asked his friends to leave the room so that he could talk to you alone. Once the two of you were alone, you fully broke down and apologized and he too apologized, and promised that he would be home soon to help you with the wedding.


Calum: You had the tendency to play around in serious situations. You weren’t taking the wedding planning as seriously as anyone, especially Calum, would have liked. You knew he had a slight control issue when it came to huge projects like this wedding. So, as the two of you helped set up the venue, you’d go behind him and tilt a placemat, or hide a centerpiece, maybe even pull out a chair or six. Every time he’d curse, fix it and then ask the ten other people in the room who did it. When no one answered, he’d just go back to making sure things were perfect. When he did catch you, though, he got pissed. His face turned bright red, and his teeth were gritted together as he gripped your wrist tightly. “Would you knock that off?” He growled before letting go of your wrist and moving on to help instruct where the DJ’s turn table should go. This time, completely on accident, you turned around and accidentally ran into a woman carrying a bunch of glass plates. She dropped them and the sound of shattering was the only thing in the room. You cursed and apologized as you got down on your knees to help clean it up, but Calum was already at your side, gripping your arm and walking you out of the room. “Do you not care at all about this?” He asked as soon as the two of you were out of the room. “Of course I do!” You exclaimed, hurt that he didn’t think that you were serious about it. “You’re not acting like it!” He raised his voice. “I didn’t mean to make her drop the plates, Calum! That one was on accident!” He sighed and shook his head. “I know.. I’m sorry. I just wanted to make everything perfect, that’s all.”


Luke: You had never had a problem with Luke’s fans before, but right now, they were getting to be too much. A few weeks ago, a few of them had followed you to the wedding venue and were talking to you as you started to set everything up, some even helped. You were having a good time with them, but you specifically asked them not to leak the location of the venue. You had come back the next week and the same girls were there, this time all of them ready to help you out. You were extremely grateful and wondered why you had been worried about them telling anyone. They were too sweet to do anything to sabotage anything. You went back the next week and there were more of them, some were willing to help, but others were not. They just stood back and critiqued everything. You didn’t want to start anything because it was just a few more girls than last time, but it did still bug you. Last week there were even more, and you had to take a break in the middle of setting up so that you could get away from them. This time, though, they were everywhere. They were there before you were even there. When you got them, there must have been around a hundred there, each of them messing with something that wasn’t meant to be messed with. They were moving things the way they thought was best, which was not great at all. You watched, completely shocked and pissed, you were so angry that you couldn’t even speak. It wasn’t until one girl purposely broke one of the chairs that you spoke up. “What the hell do you guys think you’re doing?!” You shrieked, pushing forward and trying to fix everything. You couldn’t, because you were too angry to do anything but yell. “I specifically asked those of you that were here the first week to not fucking leak the location of the venue! And what do you do? You went and leaked the venue! And it’s so fucking disrespectful to come here and start moving stuff the way you want it when you’re not even going to be at the wedding! I suggest you all leave right now before I call the cops and get you all arrested!” The girls looked terrified as they started to file out of the venue. “I thought more of you all. Luke’s going to be disappointed when he comes here today and sees what you’ve all done.” As soon as everyone was gone, you sat in one of the chairs, completely beat. It was going to take forever to get everything back in order.

You sighed loudly, looking over the guest list and seating arrangements again. You kept going over the table that Michael’s parents were going to sit and then you laid your eyes on where you had scrawled your parent’s names next to Michael’s family. You don’t know why you put them on your list, you knew they weren’t coming. You were sad about it, and you couldn’t stop replaying the moment that your father said that they weren’t coming in your head. It left you absolutely heartbroken. What parents don’t want to come to their own daughter’s wedding? You picked up your pen and went to scratch over their names, but Michael stopped you by putting his hand on your shoulder. “Don’t do that. They might come.” “No they won’t, Mikey. It’s either their way or the highway, and once we take the highway we can’t change our minds and they won’t accept it. I’ll always be known as the traitor daughter.” You sniffed, putting your chin in your hands as you looked down at the paper. “Why don’t you try to convince them?” Michael questioned. It wasn’t a bad idea, but it would take a lot of energy to convince your father. “Come on, I’ll help you.” He smiled, pulling you up by your wrists. The two of you sat on the couch and dialed your parent’s number. “Daddy,” you started as you heard someone pick up the phone. “Have you called to tell me that you’re not going through with the wedding?” He questioned cockily. “No. I called to convince you to come.” Your dad didn’t want to hear any of it, and wouldn’t listen until you yelled at him to shut up and listen. You then went through and listed a bunch of reasons to come to the wedding, and made sure to spend extra time on the food portion. When he still didn’t listen, Michael took the phone. “Listen, sir. Y/N and I love each other and we’re getting married whether you like it or not. What kind of parent would you be to not come to your own daughter’s wedding, especially after she’s done everything you’ve asked of her her whole life?! I’m not saying to must come, but I’m saying that if you don’t, I hope the guilt crushes you every single night.”

Signs that The Big Day resembled a wedding

1. Wander “I just can’t believe, after our long relationship, this is how you’re gonna do it!”
2. Hater trying on cloaks for The Big Day with Wander and Sylvia. (Dress Fitting)
3. Hater’s writing his final words to Wander. Wander- “This is the most beautiful horrible thing I’ve ever read.”
4. Wander and Hater making the guest list and Hater freaking out about the venue. (Bridezilla moment)
5. The montage that includes picking out the cake, making an ice sculpture, and making invations. (The song Gettin’ Ready for the Big Day)
6. Hater practicing his speech he wrote earlier about destroying wander. (Practicing his vows)
7. Sylvia helping wander with his bow tie. (Sylvia could represent wanders “best man”)
8. Sylvia- “Hater! It’s bad luck to see the victims before you destroy them?”
9. Lord Hater freaking out about not having the method of destruction. (Bridezilla moment)
10. Haters procession into the ceremony. (The music is obviously meant to resemble the bridal chorus)
11. Peepers stopping the ceremony. “But we had plans. We were going to spread evil throughout the galaxy together! Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”
“I thought….I thought what we had was speci-a-a-al!”
12. Wander actually wanting to go through with the ceremony after seeing hater happy for once.

Bonus- some lines that made you think twice.
Wander- “when I pictured you destroying me, it wasn’t all quick and cheap in some cramped hallway. It was special.”
“I can’t wait to destroy your…. body tonight”- line in the song Gettin’ Ready for the Big Day.