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Just as you had suspected, this was all Lafayette’s idea. Honestly, you should’ve expected that with how cryptic he was being before. He said that Alex and Philip can be very similar sometimes, he knew some shit like this would work of Alex and that meant it would probably work on Philip as well. Eliza was the second to know about and she let Alex in on it after Philip asked to bring Theodosia. Angie said she just had a feeling something was going on so she joined in. The weird part was that Jefferson wasn’t part of the plan at all. According to Laf, Thomas just wanted to piss off Hamilton, to say it worked would be an understatement.

“That magenta obsessed lunatic! He has the nerve to try and accuse you and then do something so vile? He would be wise to apologize to you for putting you through something so traumatic! That man better not ask me about you or I swear there will be hell to pay.” You told him that that wouldn’t happen but you were wrong. It totally did. You had to hear Alex rant for at least three hours about how disrespectful it is to ask a man about someone who was basically his daughter. Dadexander is back at it again, I see! You knew that this was all just an excuse to make Alex upset but you were honestly touched that he was so protective of you. Angie was probably the most excited.

“I am so happy for you! We already discussed that I am already the bridesmaid, my speech has already been written! Would you like to hear it?” You told her to slow her roll, but she always seemed to know something you didn’t. She was seventeen now and you were always amazed by how incredible she was. She was only a year younger than you were when you first came here, you felt very old all of a sudden just thinking about it. Ever since that night after the ball, you and Philip were inseparable. Eliza helped you learn how to dance properly; Philip was your partner. Alex asked you to help him write papers for him, Philip would sit beside you and make sure you didn’t try and write too fast. There was a moment when you had to bring tea to his room really late at night because he refused to sleep. No matter how many times he insisted that you go to bed, you refused.

“Sunshine, it isn’t fair for me to go to sleep and leave you awake and miserable. Either we both go to sleep and be happy or we both stay up and be cranky. The choice is yours!”

“Ugh! Why do you have to use your beautiful mind against me? Aren’t you supposed to love me or something?”

“I do love you, and that’s precisely why I have to stop you before you pass out and stain your pretty little face with ink.” You pouted.

“Are you trying to say I wouldn’t be pretty if I had ink on my face?” He teased.

“I like your freckles not to be covered in ink so yes. But don’t change the subject, you need to sleep.” He got up from his chair and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder.

“But I really have to finish this!” He groaned, you felt his hair scratch at your cheek and you giggled.

“No, you really need to sleep, love!” He nuzzled his face into your neck.

“If I go to sleep I can’t see your radiance. What’s a man to do?”

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” You quoted. “As long as your mind holds my image, your eyes will not need me.” That was enough to convince him to go to sleep, you kissed him goodnight and left. You always felt like you were floating after he kissed you, it was like a force of energy would wave over you.

            Lafayette left a couple weeks later, you told him to keep in touch with you. You were glad to have made a new friend out of all that nonsense. Eliza had been slowly taking you off maid duties. She told you that it wasn’t intentional but you got the feeling it was. She would insist that you wear your casual dress more and more. Today was one of those days, however Philip invited you to go into town with him and Angie decided to tag along because she wanted to look for new petticoats. You’d never been out in public with Philip before so you were a bit nervous. Luckily that didn’t last long because as soon as the carriage pulled into the town and you got out with Philip on your arm, that feeling of anxiety melted away. There was a mix of indoor and outdoor shops, the sounds flowed around you. It was chilly outside but you didn’t mind, it was comfortable enough for you. For some you thought of the memory with your last night with Anna. How hot and sticky it was, how close to summer it was, how happy the two of you were. Onism. Philip pulled away from you.

“Would you mind going with Angie for a little bit? I have to go talk to a make an errand really quick.”

“An errand? Alright, I don’t mind. Just be back soon because I don’t want to leave you without a ride back.” You joked, he gave you a peck on the cheek and quickly left you with Angie. She giggled and wriggled her eyebrows.

“You two are simply adorable!” She squealed. “I wish you two would just get married already! I hate this waiting game!” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m sure you do Angie, I’m sure you do.”

“How much longer do you think he’s going to wait?”

“I-I don’t know! I haven’t exactly thought about it! Although, that’s not to say I wouldn’t be opposed to it…” You felt your face heat up, an interesting contrast to the cool air. You and Angie stopped in front of a table displaying various glass pieces. You felt an icy chill roll up your spine, the presence was back. What the hell? It’s happened outside before…

Seven. Three. Seven. Three. Seven.

Why are you doing this?

Help. Don’t run.

Don’t run? What does that mean? You felt something touch your arm, you flinched.

“Hey, TT! Are you alright? You spaced out there!” Angie said with concern. You shivered and shook away the ominous feeling painted against your back.

“Yes, I’m alright, just cold.” You chuckled. The two of you continued to look at the different shops for a while and it gave you time to think. Mrs. Y/N Hamilton… Angie was right, that does sound nice. We don’t have to rush anything; we don’t have to get married any time soon.  I just wonder when, will it be a mutual decision, will it be spur of the moment, will it be carefully planned out? Ugh, I feel ridiculous. What am I, a soccer mom? Well, soccer isn’t really a thing here yet, I guess. Your thoughts were interrupted by Angie.

“Oh would you look at that, Philip finally decided to come back and join us!” Your mood instantly perked up as you searched the crowd. Philip was moving past everyone but he didn’t seem happy. To be more precise, he looked completely pissed. He approached the two of you and huffed an uneasy breath.

“Come on, we’re leaving.” What?

“But I haven’t found my petticoats yet!” Angie whined.

“We need to leave! We can come back tomorrow.” He sounded like he was in a rush.

“Philip, what’s going on? Are you okay?” You tried to ask.

“I’ll tell you when we get home, I promise. But we really need to go.” You and Angie followed him to the coach, his leg was bouncing the entire way to the estate. You tried to calm him down a to calm him down but he wasn’t acting like himself. He seemed distraught and antsy. When the carriage pulled into the yard he practically jumped out. As the three of you made it into the house, you asked him what was wrong again. This time he said that he had to talk with Alex first. You suggested that you make tea and that you’d join them, he agreed.

“Don’t say anything too important without me!” You tried to lighten his mood, he leaned forward and kissed your forehead before walking down the hall. You went into the kitchen and quickly prepared the tea, Eliza would kill you if she saw that you were working in your nice dress. You set the cups on a tray with everything else and made your way over to the study. You were about to knock on the door when you heard a passing conversation.

“Where is this happening?” Alex asked. Where’s what happening?

“Across the river in Jersey, everything is legal in New Jersey.” Philip explained. Has he ever been to Jersey?! Nothing is legal there!

“Alright, so this is what you’re going to do. Stand there like a man until Eacker is front of you. When the time comes, fire your weapon in the air. This will put an end to the whole affair.” What…

“But what if he decides to shoot? Then I’m a goner!”

“No, he’ll follow suit if he’s truly a man of honor. To take someone’s life, that is something you can’t shake. Philip, your mother can’t take another heartbreak.” Your hands were shaking, the tray quaking.


“Promise me, you don’t want this young man’s blood on your conscious!”

“Okay, I promise…”

“Come back home when you’re done, take my guns. Be smart, make me proud son.” The tray fell from your hands; glass, tea, cream and sugar spilled across the floor. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

“No!” You yelled as you busted through the door. Alex and Philip jumped in surprise, but Philip was immediately concerned. “You are not going!” You felt tears rolling down your cheeks and stepped over the broken tea set.

“Hey, hey, hey now! Calm down love.” Philip tried to soothe you.

“No! I’m not going to calm down! You are not going to that duel!” Philip laid his hands on your shoulders comfortingly.

“I have to, he disparaged my father’s legacy in front of a crowd. I can’t have that! And he tried to-” He tried to justify. Ellipsism. Your shoulders shook the opposite reason, you interrupted him.

“And I can’t lose you…not again, Philip… please just stay alive for me… Is that too much to ask?” You hiccupped. I just got him back, he is not leaving me again! Philip pulled you into his arms, you buried your face into his chest. “Please don’t go… I love you… The sun has to come out tomorrow….” You clutched onto him, you hated feeling weak but at this point you didn’t care. If showing yourself in a ‘weak’ state was enough to make him stay than you held no qualms. You didn’t care what happened, what would change because of this. You just knew that you needed him to stay.

“Okay, Okay, it’s going to be okay Star! Please stop crying…” You shook your head. Alex stood up from his seat and made his way over to the two of you.

“Titania, I assure you, everything will be alright. You must try and calm down, we don’t want you to have another fit.”

“I won’t go, just please don’t make yourself sick!”  You calmed down a little bit after hearing him say that. He pulled you away and gave you his handkerchief, he tried to help you wipe away your tears with his hands. “Come on now, where’s my sparkle at?” He smiled. You couldn’t stop yourself from cracking a grin. He always knows what to do to make me smile… He told you to grab your Midsummer Night’s Dream book and come back so that you could read a little bit together. You did so and the two of you spent most of the day picking out different parts of the play that stood out to you. You all had dinner together and as the sun set, everyone began to retire for the evening. Now you stood in front of the door to your room, holding Philip’s hand.

“Remember, you promised Angie another trip into town, I’m going to hold you to that!”

“I will, I will! I’m a man of my word after all!” The huge grin on his face changed to a nervous smile. “Um, after breakfast tomorrow, would you mind meeting me in the garden? There’s… something that I…need to ask you. It’s pretty important so…” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

“Of course! I uh, I mean sure, that sounds fine. I’ll see you there.” You tried desperately to keep your cool. He looked down at you with soft eyes and caressed your cheek.

“I love you so, so, so much. I love you more than anything else. You are my fallen star and I would do anything for you, you know that right?” He asked, very seriously.

“Of course I do, Philip. I couldn’t forget that even if I wanted to. You’re the only sunshine that matters to me…” He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips into yours. Yours seemed to fit perfectly with his and the feeling of being stopped in time never changed. He pulled away slightly and you slowly opened your eyes.

“Good… it’s just nice to hear that every once in a while.” He grinned. You are such a cheeseball!

“Well, I’m will to tell you that any time!” You chuckled.

“You’re adorable… I’ll see you in morning, my starlight. I hope you have sweet dreams.” He gave your hand one last squeeze before letting go and making his way down the hall and out of your sights. You went inside your room and closed the door behind you. You ran over to your bed, slammed your head into the pillow and legit screamed. You rolled over and tried to stop smiling, you couldn’t. Philip Hamilton has a very important question to ask me. And he has to ask it in the place where we gave each other our nicknames and shared our first kiss… I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE! I feel like the only person who could be happier than me about this is Angie! You suddenly felt exhausted. I am emotionally drained… You tried to get up so that you could change your clothes but your body wouldn’t move. What the fuck…? You were paralyzed, your eyes began to shut. Your sight was filled with blackness, there was nothing. You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t see, all you could do was hear.

Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run.

Those words echoed in your mind, over and over and over again. Your eyes shot open but it was dark, you were able to roll out of bed and managed to light the candle on your desk. How long have I been asleep? You looked around and noticed something strange. There was folded up piece of paper laying on the floor. You picked it up and saw ‘My Star’ written on the front. What’s this? You opened it up and began to read its contents.

My dearest Starlight,

                           I write this letter to you with a heavy heart. I could not keep my word to you. As the eldest son, it is my responsibility to shoulder the legacy of my father. Mr. Eacker has sullied the name of not only my family but of you as well. My honor prevents me from backing down against this man’s words, I shall meet him at dawn. If you are reading this, it means that I have not survived the duel. I pray that these letters never meet your beautiful eyes, so that I may see them when the morning comes. I shall not let a tear stray from my eye, I must be strong, if not more myself than for you. Please, take care of my family. They will need you if I am gone. Do not, for a single moment believe that this could be in anyway your fault. My death will be on my hands, no one else’s. It is odd, in the time I need to use my talent in writing the most, I cannot find my words. How does one say goodbye to the person they barely got a chance to be with? My love, it is impossible. What am I to say to you? This letter will have to be short, or else it will be one hundred pages long. I will wait for you, as the world changes and grows so will you. I’ll wait as long as it takes to see your face again. I will bleed and fight for you. If you do read this, do not become stuck on me. Move on, be happy, live your life to the absolute fullest because my love for you will never die, even if I myself do. I will watch over you from the heavens, you shall never be alone. My love, my star, my everything, take your time. I shall see you, one day, on the other side.

With love, P. Ham, your sunshine

            You let the page fall from your hands and flutter to the floor. Dawn… It’s not dawn yet! You ran out of the room, through the hall, into the main room and out the door. You were frantic, you didn’t think about anything you were doing, just moving. Philip, don’t you dare do this to me! You rushed over to the stables and hurriedly led one of the horses out. Sorry to meet you like this old friend… No time for saddles today! You hoisted yourself over and onto the horses back, clutching onto her mane. Sorry if this hurts old girl. You gave her a little kick to the side and she took off, you held on tight to make sure you wouldn’t fall over. You rode into town and saw a few people waking up to prepare for the day, how could everything be so calm? You remembered the path down to the Hudson from the time you and Eliza decided to go for a stroll there. You looked around and saw the sky changing from its deep blue, it was slowly lightening and various other colors peeked from the horizon. The sun’s not up yet, I still have time! You made it to the edge of the river and hopped off the horse. There was a man on a small boat pulling into the dock.

“Excuse me sir! Did you just let a group of men across?” You asked him, completely out of breath. He looked at you incredulously.

“Yes, ma’am. They just rode in not too long ago.”

“Can you take me across? Please!” You begged.

“I can, but aren’t you worried about your horse?” He asked, you ran over to boat and jumped in, it shook under the pressure.

“There’s no time for that! Please!” You reinforced. As he began to paddle the boat across you asked him. “Where did they go?”

“Near Weehawken, ma’am. Crazy fools are looking for a fight, plain as day.” This was the first time you had a chance to process what was happening. I’m coming Philip, don’t do anything crazy! You were starting to feel the weight of guilt. He just had to do this! Why couldn’t I stop him? Was it not enough? Will he never be satisfied? The boat hit the other side and your hurried off, giving the man a pressed thank you. The ground was muddy from the river but the further out you went, the drier it became. The lines in the sky were becoming more and more orange. Tears burnt your eyes as you felt your legs get weaker. I can’t stop! Keep going, damn it! You heard something faint in the distance.


The number of years after I realized I loved you. You forced yourself to keep going.


The number of baby’s breath you gave me on our night in the garden. You thought you could see them.


The number of times I had to betray you. You stumbled a bit but kept running.


The years that we’ve been together. You could see him, he raised his gun in the air.


The amount of flowers that were in my hair when you first kissed me and told me you loved me. You saw them marching away from each other, you changed your direction slightly. Left


The number of Hamilton children who love me. You were only a few feet away from him, he saw you.  Your body shot against his.


Right now. Bang.

            There was a moment, a single moment where everything felt alright. Time had no control over you. History has its eyes on you, and yet you controlled it at the same time. You hugged Philip’s side as the two of you fell. That moment however, was only a moment. And that’s all it took. You felt a shot of pain come from the right side of your forehead. It was excruciating. You landed on the ground, Philip underneath you. Your head banged against his ribcage, something wet rolled down your face and seeped into your right eye. Blood. You felt yourself be moved and Philip was hovering over you. His eyes were filled a mix of terror and denial.

“S-s-star…? Y-you…you’re…” His breathing was heavy and erratic.

“I…made a pretty big entrance…huh?” You tried to laugh but the pain was too much.

“Doctor! Don’t just stand there, help her!” He yelled out, his eyes were glistening. Another man appeared your side and he examined you for a moment.

“This is very serious; we need to get her out her right now! Is there anywhere we can take her that’s close by?” He asked.

“My aunt’s house, it’s just at the edge of city! Ride in the carriage with me and fix her, please!” You sound so overcome…I don’t like that. Philip lifted you up into his arms and ran, your eyes fluttered open and shut. Before you knew it, you were in a carriage, Philip carefully shaking your shoulders. “Don’t fall asleep, my love. How can I see your radiance when you’re asleep? Keep your eyes open for me, don’t stop looking at me. Don’t look at the doctor, just pay attention to me, okay?” You felt something touch the side of your head. Then the musket in your head, the one embedded in your skull, was ripped out. You screamed, you never thought a person could experience something so agonizing. Philip squeezed your hand tightly to try and get your attention. “Shh, I know, I know! I know it hurts, love. But it’s going to be okay! Save your strength, you’ll stay alive!” You reached your trembling hand up and caressed his cheek. A few tears hit the edge of your palm.

“You’re right… So, d-don’t cry, sunny. I’m going to be… just fine…” You felt a cloth hit the gaping hole in your head you winced. The carriage stopped and before you knew it, you were being carried inside a large house. A familiar female voice was asking Philip questions; of which he didn’t know how to answer.

“Go inform Alexander and my sister!” You heard someone run out and shut the door. “Bring her in here, Philip!” He held you close as he rushed into a different room, the only thing you could notice about it were the large windows. The sun was rising, the light filling the room. You were laid onto some sort of sofa, but Philip didn’t leave your side or let go of your hand.

“The doctor is going to clean your wound now; it’s probably going to hurt like hell. But you can handle it! I know you can!” The cloth was peeled off your blood clotted skin, something wet was poured onto your injury. It burned. You bit your lip to stifle another screech. Philip kissed your knuckle. “See? I knew you could handle it!”


“Yes, my star?”

“I know I’m going to be fine and all…but it would really help me feel better if we talked for a little bit.”

“Of course, what would you like to discuss?”

“You said that… you wanted to ask me something in the garden… What was it?” You asked breathlessly.

“My plan was to…ask for your hand in marriage. I was going to the ring in the patch of baby’s breath that grows every spring…” He chuckled sadly.

“That…sounds perfect… I feel like the wedding will be beautiful… Angie already declared herself Maid of Honor…” Your breathing was starting to become shallow. “Can you tell me… what happens after that?”

“We’ll get a place in the city, because I know you love the energy there. We’ll start rallies to abolish slavery, our generation will be the one to do it. But we won’t stop there, we won’t stop until everyone is free, all women, immigrants and those like my sister in the likes. It’ll be hard but we’ll always come out on top. Because nothing in this world is stronger than us…” He smiled wistfully. His smile is so perfect…

“I’m glad that… at least one of us had a plan…”

“Has!” He corrected, you nodded.

“Right, silly me. Has.” He took a moment to look at you, he fell apart in front of your eyes.

“This is all my fault! I should have listened to you! If I had, then you’d… then you’d be… I’m so sorry!” You him by the cravat and pulled him in close with all the strength you had in your body. You kissed his cheek, wishing you could do and say more.

“This isn’t your fault, if any one should be sorry it’s me. I’m sorry for not always being there for you, even if I wanted to. I’m so sorry for every time I’ve ever lied to you. I’m sorry for not loving you for as long as I wanted to. Philip, I’m sorry but I couldn’t let you die before me. I did this and I don’t regret it. I’m not sorry for doing this.” You said with a dark tone, he sighed.

“I…don’t know what I’m going to do without you…”

“Live.” His eyes widened. “You’re going to do all those things you said you’d do with me. Even if I’m not there with you. You’re going to live and grow and be happy! This isn’t some Shakespearian tale, we aren’t Romeo and Juliet or Pyramus and Thisbe. Our love didn’t come from some love at first sight encounter. We were friends, we cared about each other, we got mad at one another but that’s what made it real! We grew together and you’re going to keep growing without me. Because you know that’s what I’d want…” It was getting harder to talk but you refused to give up your chance. The doctor took another look at your head, he couldn’t seem to find a way to fix it. You could read his face and you were satisfied with that. You heard footsteps getting louder and louder, a door busted open.

“Come in Mr. Hamilton.” The doctor instructed. You saw faces appear by your side. Alex, Eliza, Angie, AJ, Jamie, Johnny, Willy and Lizzy. Your family was here.

“Philip…what happened?” Alex asked with fear.

“I did exactly as you said Pop…I held my head up high… But even before we got to ten…she was pushing me aside…” Alex looked over at the doctor and he was given the same look you were.

“Is she going to survive this? Who did this? Alexander do you know?” Eliza’s voice was going by a mile a minute. All of this sounded familiar. Your eyesight was fazing in an out, like a camera trying to keep itself in focus.

“I want to say…so many things…But I don’t think I have the strength to… In my room, under my pillow, you’ll find some things that will tell you what I can’t…”

“TT…you’re greatest big sister I could ever hope to have…” Angie sniffled.

“Eliza…” You whispered.

“Yes, dear?”

“Do you remember… how you counted on my first day with you…and the round that we made the warmup?” She nodded. “Could you…and all the children…sing that for me? I think…it would help me feel a little calmer…”

“Of course, dear! Anything for one of my girls!” Her voice cracked. She looked at all the children, they were in tears but were being very brave. I’m so proud of them… You looked at Philip, asking for him to sing for you.

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq…” Eliza and all the younger children started, Philip remembered what to do.

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…” He sang to you softly.

“Good…” Your eyes felt heavy.

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq…” So tired….

“Un…” You stopped him.

“I love you…” Was the last thing you were able to say.

Fake Dating Series; S.Coups/Seungcheol

- “this can’t be real”
- you look down at the letter in your hands in complete and utter disbelief
- you immediately grab your cellphone and dial your best friend’s number
- the person on the other side says “oh hey (name)—” but you cut him off immediately and yell “SEUNGCHEOL IDC IF YOU’RE BUSY RIGHT NOW I’M COMING OVER” and you hang up and dash out the door
- you clutch the invitation in your hand so tightly while walking to seungcheol’s house it looks like a crumpled mess by the time you get there
- he opens the door and you stomp into his house while he just looks at you like okay what happened this time did the store run out of ice cream or what
- after taking your shoes off and everything, you march right up to him and hold out the crumpled piece of paper in your hand and he’s like “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO READ THIS NOW”
- he uncrumples the paper and flattens it out as much as he can before reading out loud “you are cordially invited to attend the wedding of (your ex’s name) and (your ex’s s/o’s name)…”
- you just get so angry hearing those words you plop onto his couch and bury your face into one of his pillows
- so basically what happened was that your ex dumped you after a THREE YEAR relationship and he did it just WEEKS before your planned wedding, who does that??
- you’ve been single since the breakup but him?? wow he moved on quick like he was over you within two weeks you discovered after stalking his social media accounts
- and now three years later he’s marrying someone else and he’s SERIOUS about it, you know he is because at least THEY got to send out their invitations……
- seungcheol sits down in the unoccupied space on the couch and pats your head
- “are you going to go?” he asks
- seungcheol just laughs “(name) you have to let go of your pride. at least congratulate them”
- you scream “DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?? HE’S OBVIOUSLY DOING THIS JUST TO SPITE ME” and he just gives you a look and says “you’re over-exaggerating”
- you bury your face into the pillow again and mumble “i can’t do it alone” but then your face lights up and you look up to smile widely at your best friend
- seungcheol’s face falls like omfg what are you thinking oh no
- and you just say “………be my boyfriend?”
- seungcheol just goes like “(name) why can’t you just go alone?? who cares if he sees you’re still single??”
- “I CARE JUST DO THIS FOR ME PLEASE??” you say while clasping your hands together
- you and seungcheol have been best friends forever this is nothing big since people have been assuming you two were together since like kindergarten
- seungcheol just sighs and says “okay fine. BUT YOU OWE ME FOR THIS” and you sit up and hug him tightly screaming “THANK YOU” over and over while he just laughs and hugs you back
- he then says “for the next few days i’m going to be asking myself why i’m doing this” and you say “psh you’re doing this because you love me”
- and he says “yeah… you’re right” but you don’t even notice the slight change in his tone because you’re just so glad your pride is saved good job
- so the next day you both decide to go shopping for clothes to wear at the wedding
- seungcheol says “what why can’t i wear any of my suits why do i need a new one”
- you reply “ok fine just help me look for something then” so you both go to a bunch of stores in the mall in hopes of finding something nice
- after the fourth store, seungcheol notices a group of people checking you out and his protectiveness (and jealousy) suddenly takes over
- while you’re looking through the clothes on the racks, he pulls you closer to him and you’re like “uhhh what are you doing??”
- “if i’m going to pretend being your bf i should at least act like it right??” wiggles eyebrows
- you’re like “get away from me WE’RE NOT EVEN AT THE WEDDING”
- seungcheol keeps flirting with you jokingly and grabbing your hand and everything and when he casts a glance over at the people who were checking you out, he realizes that they’re gone
- and he just grins because mission accomplished
- after a whole day of searching, you finally find the perfect outfit and you’re ready to show your ex that YOU’RE PERFECTLY FINE WITHOUT HIM
- it’s nighttime by the time you and seungcheol exit the mall after shopping and eating, and you both decide to go back to his place
- he lets you sleep there for the night and like usual you guys share a bed, it’s not weird at all like you guys have been sharing beds since you were kids it’s nothing new
- so that night you’re both lying in bed with your backs facing each other and before going to sleep you decide to talk a bit
- you say “seungcheol?” and he immediately answers “yes?”
- you continue “i just wanted to ask…. i mean you’re really kind and good-looking and all so—”
- and he says “ohhh so you’ve noticed” and you swear you could HEAR THE SMIRK IN HIS VOICE
- your face falls and you continue “don’t interrupt me with your greasy lines right now. anyways as I was saying…. i mean, i know you’ve dated other people in the past but…. why haven’t you ever decided to settle down with someone yet?? with your looks and personality, you can get anyone you want”
- he pauses and then continues “not really. there’s actually someone i’ve been waiting for but…”
- you yawn and say “oh yeah?? who is it??”
- after a moment of silence, he says “…you.”
- but you don’t hear because you fell asleep good job part 2
- seungcheol just sighs and tries to fall asleep but it’s hard for him because his heart won’t stop going BOOM BOOM
- so the next morning you’re the one to wake up first and you open your eyes to see seungcheol facing you and he’s still asleep and you take this opportunity to observe his features
- he really is handsome. droopy eyes, defined jawline, messy hair. and your heart is beating quickly all of a sudden??
- he starts stirring in his sleep so you pretend to be asleep and you slowly open your eyes to make it seem like you woke up at the same time as him
- you greet “good morning” and he does too and you guys do your morning business before heading to the kitchen to eat breakfast
- at the table you say “hey what were we talking about again last night? i fell asleep” and he just goes like “oh you were telling me about how handsome i am ;)” and you’re like “wow alright nevermind i’m not continuing that conversation you’re going to get too cocky”
- alright so fast forward, the day of the wedding is finally here
- you’re standing outside the venue next to seungcheol and you say “okay so you’re my bf for the day.”
- he nods “yup” and you say “ONLY in front of the bride and groom though ok so no couple stuff when they’re not there” and seungcheol jokingly pouts
- you both enter the building and you see your ex again in person for the very first time
- his fiancée is probably getting ready while he and his family are thanking the guests for coming
- your ex suddenly notices you and you and seungcheol walk up to him to congratulate him
- “(name)!! i’m so glad you can make it. i see you brought seungcheol with you” he says, giving your best friend a handshake
- seungcheol pulls you closer to him by the waist and says “congratulations, (your ex’s name). i hope you don’t mind me being here”
- he replies “no problem!! the more the merrier, right?”
- you don’t get to say anything because a flock of people are right behind you and you didn’t want to delay anything so you and seungcheol both walk inside
- seungcheol says “that wasn’t so bad”
- you say “that was too easy something must be up” you then notice that his hand’s still around your waist but for some reason….. you can’t get yourself to tell him to let go
- you enter the hall and the wedding’s just straight out of a fairytale it’s so beautiful and everything
- after a while, everyone settles down and the bride walks down the aisle and…. she’s so beautiful…. she’s even prettier in person….
- but for some reason you don’t feel sad or heartbroken at all. you feel happy for them, especially seeing the look on your ex’s face
- and right after they exchange their “i do’s”…. you can confidently say you’re over him. you didn’t think it could happen this fast but??
- the wedding reception starts and the bride decides to throw the bouquet before the speeches and toasts
- you watch as a bunch of unmarried people crowd behind the bride, ready to fight for the bouquet
- you turn to seungcheol and say “man people are serious about this tradition” when you see someone even CLIMB on their someone’s back
- the bride counts “THREE…. TWO…. ONE!!”
- you don’t notice her smirk and cast a quick glance over her shoulder in your direction before launching the bouquet in the air
- the bouquet gets thrown so far back and everyone watches it fly…
- …and land in your hands
- you’re in complete shock while everyone either frowns or screams excitedly
- the excitement for it slowly dies down and the speeches start while you’re still looking down at the bouquet in your hands
- seungcheol notices this and throws an arm over your shoulders and you turn to him
- he says with a grin “sooo have you decided on your future husband yet?? if not i’d be glad to take up the role”
- you roll your eyes like oookay seungcheol now get your hand off me
- after the bridesmaid and groomsmen speeches, everyone gets on the dancefloor including seungcheol
- he dances like such a dad you’re like omfg why are you like this
- he tries to get you on the dancefloor but you’re not really in the mood to dance so you shake your head and tell him you’ll just watch him dance
- but then this person suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts dancing with seungcheol and you’re like…. wtf
- you see them get closer to YOUR boyfriend—uh fake boyfriend—as the song goes on and you decide it’s the final straw when you see them grab his arm
- you make your way over to them and rip seungcheol out of their grasp and you say “uh sorry but my BOYFRIEND and i will be going now” and they’re just like “oh i’m sorry i didn’t… know…”
- you fail to see the grin on seungcheol’s face when you said that
- you and seungcheol decide to take a break by just standing by and talking
- he says “wow i thought i was only your bf in front of the bride and groom” and you reply “you’re my bf in front of anyone for the entirety of this wedding ok” and he teases “that’s not what you said earlier ;)”
- you don’t say anything after that and you both watch the guests dance together in a comfortable silence
- your eyes land on the bride and groom and you just watch them dance, asking yourself quietly “….when will i have that?”
- seungcheol overhears you and asks “have what?”
- you answer “you know. a husband? someone i could spend the rest of my life with? someone who loves me just as much as i love them?
- and seungcheol slowly says “….you know…. maybe you’ve already met him….. he could’ve been waiting for you to return his feelings….”
- before you could say anything you notice the bride and groom walking towards you two
- once they reach you both, they stop and your ex says “(name)!! seungcheol!! thanks again for coming to celebrate with us”
- you smile and nod your head “it’s no problem. congratulations to you both, really”
- your ex continues “i see you brought seungcheol. are you guys finally dating??” and you immediately notice he said “finally” but you don’t say anything about it
- you say “YEAH WE ARE ACTUALLY we’ve been together for a while now and it’s been GREAT”
- your ex’s wife says “oh that’s wonderful!! since you caught the bouquet, we’re both expecting wedding invitations in the future” and she winks
- you and seungcheol turn red and he says “ohhh ahahah we haven’t really thought about that yet”
- your ex’s wife laughs “of course of course, there’s no rush”
- you four talk about relatively normal things like “oh when were you two engaged?” “how long have you and seungcheol been dating?” before your ex’s wife gets pulled away by family members
- after one last quick “congratulations” and handshake, seungcheol leaves to go get more food and drinks, leaving you alone with your ex
- it’s silent while you both watch seungcheol go until your ex suddenly says “he really loves you, you know”
- you look up at him like huh?
- he just looks down at you and smiles “cheesy as it sounds….. i can tell by the way he looks at you”
- you turn away from him to look at seungcheol and you see him helping an old relative of your ex’s get some food on their plate and he’s smiling and you feel your heart skip a beat
- your ex then pats you on the back and says “i’m sorry for what i did years ago. i just wanted you to see who truly loved you”
- and he leaves you to join his wife while you’re just standing there in shock
- seungcheol comes back with food and drinks he got for both of you and he’s all excited like “(NAME) OKAY SO i was getting us some drinks AND I DID IT WITHOUT SPILLING A SINGLE DROP”
- you’re like really?? this 5-year-old??
- it’s nearing midnight and the wedding reception is still going strong but you and seungcheol decide to call it a day so you both say goodbye to your ex and his wife, and you and seungcheol exit the hall ready to walk back home
- your feet are killing you and you know what somehow seungcheol KNOWS and he offers to give you a piggyback
- “seungcheol i’m fine—”
- “no you’re not. just get on”
- so he’s walking down the empty streets at night with you on his back and it’s silent and you’re looking up at the stars in the sky
- while looking up at the sky, you suddenly say “seungcheol…. i’m sorry.”
- and he asks “what for?”
- you say “just… did i really force you to be my fake boyfriend?? and for what?? my ex didn’t even do it to spite me he honestly just wanted people to celebrate his wedding with him….”
- he says “it’s alright. at least we got to go out together tonight. i would’ve been so lonely if you went without me lol”
- then you say “hmmm well at least one good thing came out of going to the wedding. my ex made me realize something”
- he says “oh yeah? what’s that?”
- you tighten your hold around his neck and quietly say “i think…… you were the one i’ve always loved”
- at that, seungcheol stops walking
- he whispers “what…. did you say?”
- you repeat “you were the one i’ve always loved….”
- silence
- and then
- seungcheol says “…you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting to hear that”
- then he puts you down and kisses you right on the lips under the stars
- when he pulls away he looks into your eyes before immediately leaning in for another but you just laugh and push his face away
- and you and seungcheol become OFFICIAL
- of course seungcheol unleashes the grease he’s been keeping inside all these years
- “hey you owe me this I’VE BEEN WAITING”
- all your friends aka seungcheol’s children (jeonghan, jisoo, junhui, soonyoung, wonwoo, jihoon, seokmin, mingyu, minghao, seungkwan, hansol and chan) who have been shipping you guys from the start are like WOW IT’S ABOUT TIME
- he’s happy. you’re happy. everyone’s happy!!
- “okay so when’s the wedding i mean we’ve all waited this long you’ve postponed it long enough”


I now have a head canon where the Archeron sisters all make up and get super close after the war. And when Feyre and Rhys get the wedding they deserve, Nesta and Elain give a bridesmaid speech like this.

(But seriously. Everyone needs to watch this cause it’s AMAZING)

Dearly Beloved (I)

Yo! I’m the friend KK (exocara) was talking about. This is the first fandom I’ve joined and also the first fanfiction I’ve written.

It’s based on a dream KK had about attending a wedding.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in order to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony.

Tsuna never really liked wearing suits. They were stiff and stuffy and made everything seem horribly formal.

Despite that, it was worth wearing a suit just to attend this very occasion.

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