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Chanyeol having a guy’s night with the boys generally never bothers you. They’ll go to a bar or to some game or play video games and it’s always just a fun, rowdy, but mostly contained evening. They have fun but they never get wild so you never mind when Chanyeol tells you that he’ll be out, not to wait up.

This time, however, you are mildly concerned for the safety of your fiancé and those around him.

There are less than twelve hours until your wedding, twelve hours until you stand before your friends and family and declare your love for one another, and he’s about to leave for his bachelor party. And, although the guys have rarely caused any trouble during normal guy’s nights, you know that this one will be different.

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  • Ginny: [the women are discussing bridal shower ideas] We should throw some ideas around. See if anyone else has a theme they have in mind, or something they'd been thinking of.
  • Luna: What about a creature themed shower? And we all come dressed as our favorite magical creature?
  • Pansy: That, and I'll just snowball on top of that, also Fight Club. Female fight club. We grease up, we pull in. Granger doesn't know, so it's, "Surprise! We're going to fight!" We beat the shit out of her. She's not going to forget that.

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Prompt: Jughead and Betty secretly get married ( they are still in high school) and are trying to hide it.

That sneak peek called for some fluff so I hope you enjoy! 

This is also my 1000 post :)

Obviously A/U and quite long. Also remember this is fiction from my imagination aka I can choose whichever direction I want to take it

Also shoutout to @betsforsythetrash for the help


Being married as a teenager was not the life Jughead Jones ever thought he would have but none the less, there was was standing with Betty Cooper (now Jones) at his side and he couldn’t be happier. 


Growing up Jughead always had a soft spot for Betty; she would bring him extra food for lunch, pay for his burgers at Pop’s and when his dad was running late to pick him up from school, she would beg her mom to let her stay longer to keep him company. Over the past year the pair had become closer hanging out with each other at every possible moment. 

One weekend Jughead had taken Betty to visit his mom & sister in Toledo with him to formally introduce the blond as his girlfriend. Jellybean was over the moon with the news as well as Gladys who also had a fondness towards Betty. JB had taken Betty to her room for “girl talk” when Gladys brought up the Cooper family. “How do they feel about you being a couple?” she asked

“They actually like me. It may have taken a while at first but they do like me enough to feed me most nights” Jughead scratched his chin “or maybe it’s a ploy to kill me” he added in his usual sarcastic manner

His mom threw the nearest item (which was the cloth used to dry the dishes) and added “so you love the girl huh?”

Jughead looked down at his fingers and started playing with the wrapper from his water bottle “yeah mom I do. I never thought it would happen let alone with Betty but she’s the one. I don’t know how to describe it but I can just feel it.” Jughead looked up at his mom who was smiling at the door behind him

“you love me?” he heard from behind and turned to see Betty who had changed into her home clothes. She walked towards his place at the kitchen island.

“I’ll leave you two to it” and with that Gladys left the room

“Jug?” Betty’s voice brought him back to reality “you really love me?” he nodded in reply. “Why? How? Juggie why me?”

“Why not you Bets?” he replied “you are an incredible person, kind, caring, loyal, loving and best of all” he took her hands in his “an amazing cook”

Betty laughed slightly, tears forming in her eyes “Jug please”

“Betty don’t cry please. I stand by it and so much more about you. I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says.” 

“I love you too Jughead” Betty said wrapping her arms around his neck leaning into him “more than I ever thought I would be able to love anyone else. You’ve helped shape me into who I am now and I don’t want this to ever end” her voice got caught.

Jughead looked into her eyes for a while before saying “So it won’t.” She gave him a pointed look “we’ll stay together. Forever.” As if a lightbulb had just gone off above his head “hold on” Jughead got up from his seat and went up to his mom’s room where she was sitting on her bed with JB. He quickly returned with one had behind his back and got on one knee “marry me Elizabeth Cooper.” He produced a ring that his mom used as costume jewelry, it had a silver band with a green stone that matched her eyes. He looked into them searching for a response.

Betty nodded “yes” and Jughead enveloped her in a hug, the pair holding on to each other as if their lives depended on it. 

The following day had gone by in a flash. Gladys and JB had congratulated the two with the promise that the latter will be a bridesmaid. Jughead & Betty had set of back to Riverdale early in order to talk to Alice & Hal. Jughead knew that the Cooper parents liked him and were now happy with him dating their youngest daughter but getting married was a whole other story. From what he knew about the elder couple, they too had been high school sweethearts so he hoped they would understand. 

Jughead pulled up outside the house and jumped out to help Betty out of the car and the two walked up hand in hand to the front door. On the drive down, they had decided that Betty shouldn’t wear her ring until she had her parents approval which took a lot of persuading on Jughead’s behalf “I want to do this right Betty. I want to make sure you will always have your mom & dad in your life” he’d pleaded to an even more stubborn than usual Betty Cooper. The compromise had been that she wears the ring on right hand instead. 

Upon entering the house, Betty headed straight for the kitchen where her mother and father were eating. The Cooper parents looked shocked to see them “You’re back early, is everything okay?” Hal asked

“Everything’s perfect. I’m heading up to my room” Betty replied and kissed both her parents on the cheek, gave Jughead pointed look and left the room.

“Did you need something Jughead?” Alice asked indicating to the empty chair between her and Hal

“Actually I did” Jughead sat down “as you know I love your daughter very much, I have done for many years. The first time I saw her, I knew she was special, IS special. Over the past year, she’s made me realize just how special family is to her. How important you both are to her. My mom’s already said yes to this and I know my dad will in a heartbeat so..” he paused taking a breath “with your permission, I would like to marry your daughter.”

Hal looked at Alice with an amused look “He wants to marry our daughter.”

“I heard that Hal but which one” she looked at Jughead trying to hide her smile “we do have two daughters you know” They saw the look of panic the teenagers face “we’re kidding Jughead but marriage is a big responsibility especially for teenagers.”

“I know Mrs Cooper but I have a plan. Fred let me move into the garage last month so I’d have my own space. It’s not anything fancy but it’s our own space. I’m going to work at the book store after school and on weekends to earn enough for a deposit for somewhere to live. We’re going to make this work” he looked between both parents “I love her too much for it not to.”

Alice nodded at Hal as if they would communicate without talking “we’ll say yes with a couple of conditions” Jughead nodded profusely “you’ll allow us to loan you money for the things you need. I know how stubborn you Jones men are when it comes to help” Alice continued “ We would expect it back at some point of course”

“Of course” he replied without hesitation

“we have mandatory family meals once a week either here or at your place and grades will remain at the highest standard, for both you and Betty.”

Jughead nodded “Thank you, thank you so much” The parents stood and made their way to where he was now standing and they hugged him.

The teenage boy headed upstairs to see Betty who was now sitting on her bed with Polly. Jughead walked in wearing a big smile and nodded towards Betty who ran into his arms, he lifted her up and twirled her around. Polly got up from the bed and walked towards the newly engaged couple, placing a hand on both of their arms “congratulations guys”

“Thanks Pol” Betty replied for them both and Polly walked out. “One more person left to tell” Betty said looking into Jughead’s eyes

“Bets my dad loves you already. He’s gonna be over the moon for us” the girl nodded “we should go now.” The pair went downstairs stopping for the Cooper parents to congratulate the two and they set of for the trailer park.

Walking into FP’s trailer and not being greeted with the smell of alcohol was something Jughead was still trying to get used to. FP Jones was sitting on the couch watching TV when they walked in, he got up and hugged his son and kissed Betty on the cheek. “Can I get you anything?” he asked as he made his way to the kitchen

“No thanks Mr Jones” Betty replied

“It’s FP now, especially if you guys are getting married.” The couple looked at each other in shock “did you really think both Gladys & Alice weren’t going to tell me?” he asked keeping a neutral face

“Dad I’m sorry we didn’t tell you sooner…” the younger Jones started but was cut off by his dad

“Are you kidding? I’m not mad about that. I’m over the moon for you guys but Jughead I wish you would have told me. I have something to give you. Both” he disappeared into another room for a few moments coming back with a black velvet box and handed it to Jughead who opened it with Betty looking over his shoulder. “This ring was my mothers. She and my dad were married for 68 years before he passed. Mom left this for you in her will, said it’ll bring health and happiness and eternal love.”

Jughead looked up at his dad and hugged him tight. The elder man wrapping one arm around him and opening the other for Betty, the three of them stood like that for a while. They broke apart, the younger boy got down onto one knee and re-proposed. It was the start of a new journey


The wedding was held the following Saturday with only family present. During the week the Cooper-Jones families had arranged all the necessary paperwork for the wedding, found a cheap apartment not too far from the families or school and Gladys & JB had even moved back into the trailer for the week as a trial. 

Held in the park where the couple had met for the first time as infants and were married by Razor, a serpent who had been ordained for his sisters wedding. The reception was held at their new apartment comprising of food from Pop’s. So far it was furnished with a bed, couch and tv but the couple didn’t need anything else. They spent the rest of the weekend painting the walls and unpacking their belongings. 


By the time Monday morning rolled round, Betty & Jughead were pretty settled in. One of the couple’s presents from Polly was two silver chains for their rings so if they weren’t wearing them on their fingers, it would be close to their hearts.

They arrived at school ten minutes earlier which was part of their plan to avoid telling their friends especially Archie and Veronica who would throw a hissy fit if they were to find out. It wasn’t as if they were ashamed, on the contrary, the newly weds were elated they just didn’t want any judgement. Fred of course knew about the marriage and the apartment, he had helped arrange the place through a contractor he’d previously done work for. 
As far as Archie knew, Jughead had moved back in with FP and Betty was away visiting Polly. The parents knew and respected the teens for wanting to keep things private.

15 minutes before first bell, Veronica came barging into the Blue and Gold office with Kevin behind her, where Betty and Jughead were on the couch, her legs on his lap as she was sleeping and he catching up on some reading. “Good morning love birds and isn’t it a glorious morning?” she asked in her chirpy voice. She placed a second coffee cup on Betty’s desk “you both take your coffee the same right?” By this time, Betty had also woken up and was sitting next to Jughead who was nodding in response to Veronica’s question. “So how was your weekend? Archie mentioned something above moving”

“yeah I moved out of the garage” Jughead replied keeping it as vague as possible, he didn’t technically lie.

“What about you both? Anything fun happen?” Betty asked in order to draw attention away from the two of them which was a success as the raven haired female launched into a detailed account of her weekend until the bell went off and they all left for the first class of the day. 

They managed to carry on with their routine for five months before Archie noticed Betty was never home. He’d casually mentioned it to Veronica one day saying that he hadn’t seen the blond at home in a while but Veronica being Veronica decided it was her job to investigate further.

One lunch time as the four of them were sitting at the outside picnic table, Veronica sat down opposite Betty “I’ve just realized it’s been a while since we’ve had a girls night so how about me, you, Ben & Jerrys and all the cheesy 80′s movies we can find?”

“sounds good. Your place on Friday?” Betty asked smiling

“actually we’re having some renovations done so your place? I’ll bring the snacks, come along Archie” Veronica got up again and left before Betty could protest with the red head following. 

“Juggie what do I do?” Betty looked panicked “my mom still doesn’t like Veronica that much so that’s not happening. Maybe we should just tell them” her breathing started to speed up “they’re going to find out eventually right? Why not tell them ourselves?”

Jughead took her hands in his to calm her down “Bets it’s going to be okay. Follow my breathing.” Jughead took slow deep breaths as Betty tried to follow eventually coming down to the same pace as her husbands. “Instead of a girls night in on Friday, in two weeks it’ll be our six month anniversary so how about we invite our friends over and tell them then.”

Betty nodded along “two weeks. I better go tell Veronica, see you at home husband ” she got up and kissed Jughead and whispered “after cheerleading practice” and walked away leaving him flustered.


Two weeks. The whole meal was planned, Betty was going to cook a big meal including strawberry cobbler which had quickly become Jughead’s favorite dessert, but does anything ever go to plan in Riverdale? 

No, no it doesn’t. 

On the Thursday night (the night before the dinner was planned) Jughead got a call from Veronica explaining that Betty had been injured at cheerleading practice and had been rushed to Riverdale Memorial. He felt like his world was spinning out of control, he couldn’t focus on anything apart from getting there as fast as possible. Arriving at the hospital he asked the nurse for instructions as to where to find his wife, he ran to the waiting room where the rest of the River Vixens, Alice, Hal, Archie, Kevin & Polly sat. He walked up to Alice who greeted her son-in-law with a quick hug.

“how is she? Have they said anything?” he asked frantically

“Not yet son” Hal responded shaking Jughead’s hand. The younger boy nodded and sat next to Polly who was holding her restless daughter Ellie in her arms. Jughead had always loved kids especially Ellie, his goddaughter who held out her chubby arms towards him and moved into his arms. She settled immediately resting her head on his shoulder. FP had arrived not long after with JB as Gladys was still at work and they sat down behind the Coopers.

Almost an hour later, a doctor came out and headed for the large group waiting. “Family of Elizabeth Cooper-Jones?”
Jughead as well as the Coopers & Jones had stood up as the rest of their school friends looked on with mixed reactions, some were shocked, others just plain confused. “Which one is Forsythe Cooper-Jones?”

Jughead walked to the front, handing Ellie back to Polly as he moved “that’s me. How’s Betty?”

“Mr Cooper-Jones, your wife sustained a minor head injury. We carried out a series of tests to make sure it was nothing serious as most head injuries can go undiagnosed for a long period of time. Fortunately she’s a tough as nails. We’d like to keep her in overnight to be on the safe side other than that, you can go visit her.” The rest of the waiting room stood up at this “Only family at the moment I’m afraid” he addressed the rest of the room before looking back to Jughead and family “she’s in room 413, last room on the left” and he walked away.

The Coopers & Jones’ families made their way to the corridor when they notice Jughead wasn’t following them. They looked at him and nodded understanding he’d have to tell his classmates the full story.

He turned to the room and went into explaining the full story from their first meeting to their first date, the first time they kissed to the first time they exchanged i love yous which happened to be the night he proposed. By the end, most of the room was in (happy) tears. 

He disappeared down the corridor into Betty’s room to see her wide awake and playing with Ellie. The rest of the family decided to call it a night as it was fast approaching midnight and all bid the couple farewell. Jughead kissed her on her forehead before kissing her gently on the lips. 

“What a great first anniversary huh?” she joked, a smile gracing her lips

“I’m with you so it’s an amazing day anyway” he replied smiling “by the way, the rest of the squad plus Archie & Kevin knows about us now so the rest of the town should do by tomorrow.”

Betty shifted over in her bed patting next to her for Jughead to lay down, he wrapped his arm around her holding her close. “I love you Elizabeth Cooper-Jones”

“Love you more Forsythe Cooper-Jones”


etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 9.22.17

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So, I was asked if I have a mobile version of my Masterlist, and I’m not very sure how to make it mobile-friendly, so I guess I’m gonna give a go at making it in to a text post, too…

We’ll see if this works.

If it does, I’ll update this when I update my Masterlist on my page (and link this on my page, too!) so that it’s easily accessible.

Stories I’ve written are listed by fandom, and then by character, and after that, in the order they were published for said character.

Each one includes a summary, warnings, and the pairings within the story, and whether the story has adult content.

The Maze Runner

  • Newt

Newt can’t sleep. He decides to wander the Glade with the hope that he can find exhaustion…but instead, he finds a friend in distress. More distress than he initially thought. And, perhaps, in the end, in helping his friend…he’ll help himself.
Warnings: Mentions of suicidal thoughts, previous suicide attempts, mentions of previously attempted rape, feeling of being alone, entrapment, and a number of other not-fun feelings that I wish nobody had to feel. Has a happy ending!

Patchwork Heart
(Name) has never felt welcome. She’s shy, and quiet, and hardly speaks. And at first, it’s not so bad; the boys of the Glade don’t seem to like her, but they aren’t mean. But one night, after a gesture meant to be kind, (Name) finds herself the target of more negative comments than she can bear, and she breaks. Newt puts her back together.
Warnings: This contains bullying, harassment, feelings of aloneness, loneliness, emptiness, self-hatred, self-doubt, suicidal thoughts, and previously-attempted suicide, as well as potential other not-good feelings that, for some reason, I tend to write about. Has a happy ending!

For Her
Arti is the most important person in the world to (Name). She’s only a child, perhaps five years old, and she must endure the hardships of the Glade with only her older sister at her side. And (Name) will do anything, anything, for her little Arti. Thankfully, Newt is there to help.
No Warnings
Part One | Part Two

Thomas and (Name) are twins. But, somehow, (Name) came up before Thomas—before Chuck, in fact. But this leaves Thomas asking his sister so many questions she wants to punch him. She’s a fierce, sassy girl and doesn’t let anyone step on her…until Gally finds out she’s crushing on Newt. It seems, indeed, that rejection is more terrifying than Grievers.
Warnings: Contains a bit of bullying.

Lean On
(Name) is in college, working her tail off to finish up. In fact, Newt thinks she’s working far too hard. Good thing he’s there to lean on.
Warnings: Swearing, stress, school-related stress, family pressure, [very] mild sexual content.

(Name) was a Runner, but WICKED took her, leaving the boys to think she died. Years later, she reunites with her only friends, to find that they’ve all endured far too much, and lost too many people. Newt asks her to stay.
No Warnings

A bride-to-be tomorrow morning, (Name) has been taken out and treated to the best the city can offer; expensive dinner, massages, manicures, pedicures—the whole nine yards—and her maid of honor has her final outing well-planned, certain it’s the best thing she can do for her soon-to-be-married best friend. She’s taking (Name) to a strip club.

But (Name) has been sour all day—sour nearly since she met her husband-to-be, and she’s made up her mind to get utterly smashed tonight.

Inside, with her bridesmaids distracted, she sets to her goal…only to be distracted, temporarily, by a handsome, blond-haired, long-legged stripper. But the drinking continues, and when he goes for a break, he sees her, sulking, in a corner.

He should know better. But he approaches anyway, only to find out that she’s getting married in the morning, and she swears she’s going to her noose. And he knows that look in her eyes—that look like she’s walking on eggshells, afraid to step wrong, afraid of everything, cornered and terrified and trapped.

When she passes out before him, he confronts her friends and takes her to the hospital, wishing he didn’t know what he knows.

It might be pity, but he’s falling for this poor, trapped girl who’s engaged, terrified of her husband-to-be, and very potentially suicidal.

His heart is in for it.
Warnings: This story will contain mentions of mental and physical abuse; conditioned responses; feelings of hopelessness, entrapment, rage, fear, hate, and many other drastic emotions; thoughts of suicide, including being okay with dying, and thoughts of the consequences of suicide; drinking; language; smut in later chapters (although, if it has a plot, is it smut…?); and other things that may or may not be added later. (Basically, this is a dark story…but I promise it will have a happy ending, loves.)
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen | Part Sixteen | Part Seventeen

Newt has been getting more distant lately. (Name) doesn’t push him. If anything, she helps him, always there if he decides he needs her, waiting for him to realize that, whatever burdens he carries…well, she’ll always carry it with him. On a sleepless night, she helps him realize he’ll always have her there.
Warnings: Adult content, smut, sex

(Name) suffers a loss no one should have to endure. Saying “goodbye” will never be harder.
Warnings: This story is dark. It deals with loss—a miscarriage. This story contains suicidal thoughts, depressive thoughts, and the severe and sincere wish that the reader could die in place of her baby. This story is very serious and I fear that those with suicidal thoughts or tendencies or anyone who might self-harm might find themselves with a stronger urge for this story. This story does not have a happy ending.

Newt meets Death. She’s kinder than he imagined.
No pairing.
Warnings: This story is about Page 250. Involves death and dark themes.

  • Minho

The doors just shut Minho in the Maze with Thomas and an unconscious Alby. And (Name)’s heart just shattered. But morning presents her with a sassy, half-dead Runner, and she intends to tell him how stupid he was for not being a coward.
Warnings: Depression, smut.

Criminal Minds

  • Doctor Spencer Reid

His Exception
Doctor Reid is a genius in a multitude of things. Women…is not one of them. Anyone who knows him would be surprised to find that he’s been dating one for a long time…yet she never fails to make him speechless. And on a special date night, she’s made up her mind to give him the best night he’s had in a long, long time.
Warnings: Smut

The Avengers

  • Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve’s on the run. To lay low, he’s traveling, visiting the graves of people he knew.

On a cold Winter day, he finds a young woman visiting the grave of the man he came to see—her grandfather. But she’s not really there for him.

While he loses himself in memories of war, she allows her grief to manifest at the grave of another loved one. But when a storm sets in, he talks her back to her car, and she finally recognizes him, offering to let him stay with her, knowing he’s on the run.

Cold days with a power outage and nothing but a fire leave a man a bit too much room to think.
ReaderxSteve (sort of)
Warnings: Lots of crying, emotional things, discussion of loss, speculation on Captain America, unfinished thoughts of suicide. (This has a hopeful ending!)
Part One | Part Two

  • Pietro Maximoff

A Little Payback
Pietro hasn’t stopped picking on (Name) since she showed up. And she doesn’t like it. It’s about time for a little payback.
Warnings: Language

Night at the Museum

  • Ahkmenrah

A Moment of Magic
On a poor excuse for a vacation, (Name) gets lost in the unfamiliar city and seeks a moment of peace in the Museum of Natural History—surely she can have some time to think in such a quiet place. Indeed, she finds herself enjoying the vacation more than expected, until a call brings her world down around her, and in desperation, she flees.

She never meant to go the first time, yet it changes her life, and she finds herself, and her world, bound to the magic of the museum…and the one who brought the magic in the first place.
Warnings: Mentions of previous rape, despair, hopelessness, spoilers for all the movies. But it has a wonderfully happy ending, I promise!
This is a completed story, which I will link here as it’s posted.
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | Chapter Twelve | Chapter Thirteen | Chapter Fourteen | Chapter Fifteen | Chapter Sixteen | Chapter Seventeen | Epilogue


  • Lorcan Furey

There’s a new crew member on The Nocturne. Thanks to the war, the crew are wary of her—she’s different, and a bit too quiet. Lorcan speaks to her to try to assure the crew.
No pairing
Warnings: Self-hate, aloneness, sorry excuses, personal demons, self-insert, the smallest and the most vague of spoilers for later books of the series.


“If you insist,” he sighed.
“I do insist,” she said, her eyes dancing with wild glee.
Fandom: Justice League (Cartoon)
Characters: Batman, Wonder Woman (pairing)

“Don’t tell the Elf.”
Fandom: The Hobbit
Characters: Fili, Kili, Tauriel

A Day in the Glade
Fandom: The Maze Runner
Characters: Frypan, Zart, Gally

“Ladies tend to walk into lampposts when he swings by.”
Fandom: Captain America
Characters: Steve Rogers

“1940s!Bucky Barnes & his date to the Stark Expo; dancing in the rain”
Fandom: Captain America
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Connie

Newt/ Maze Runner :“Is that blood?”
Fandom: Maze Runner
Characters: Newt

Original Stories

Based on this prompt:
“He is a weapon, a killer. Do not forget it. You can spear for a walking stick but it will not change it’s nature.”
Warnings: Some squeamish-y things—but nothing too severe, I think.

  • Theo: I was thrown into the Great Lake, but I'm back
  • Draco: Oh, shit.
  • Theo: Yeah, "oh shit." Took a hard, hard, violent fall. Kind of pinballed down. Hit a lot of railings, broke a lot of shit. I'm not going to say I survived, I'm going to say I thrived. I met the Giant Squid down there. And I swear to Merlin, that squid looked not at me, but into my soul, into my goddamn soul, Draco. And he said, "I'm saving you Theo." Not with his mouth, but he said it, I'm assuming, telepathically.
A Wedding Surprise

Prompt:  Can it be about the reader and Spencer’s wedding and finding out the readers pregnant

Rating: K

Trigger Warnings: None unless you count pregnancy and weddings as triggers.

Written for:

Your friends stepped back away from the mirror so that you could take your first look at your wedding dress. You couldn’t believe that in just half an hour you would be Mrs. Spencer Reid. The girls all smiled as you look at your own reflection. You couldn’t have asked for a better set of bridesmaids. Your new friends, JJ, Penelope, and Emily, had all agreed to be a part of your wedding. You picked your own sister, Natalie, to be your maid of honor.

A cynical look crossed your mother’s face as she said, “The dress is perfect, but did you really have to choose Converse?”

“Yes, mom. Converse are Spencer’s favorite shoes, and besides, I needed something blue,” you respond.

Your knee length dress allowed you to perfectly flaunt the royal blue Converse you had picked out for your wedding. Spencer had opted for Converse as well, though you both thought it would look better for him to wear the Converse in the classic black.

You hear a knock at the door and your dad calls in, “(Y/N), it’s time to get in place!”

The next hour was a complete blur to you. You overwhelmed by the butterflies in your stomach, but it all calmed down when you saw Spencer waiting for you at the end of the aisle. The moment you saw him, you broke out in a huge grin. He smiled back at you as he wiped the tears of joy and love from his eyes.

You didn’t really hear anything the pastor had to say. You both recited your vows and the words ‘I do’ fell on your ears.

At the appropriate time, Spencer dropped your hands and pulled you toward him with his hands on your waist. Fireworks exploded in your mind as they always did when your lips connected. You exited the chapel together has husband and wife to spend a few private moments together before your reception.

*le time skip*

You and Spencer enter the center of the dance floor to have your first dance as husband and wife. You had been working with him on his dancing abilities since the day after he proposed. The dance was flawless, and you were so proud of your now husband for making it through.

As the song ended, the DJ announced, “Now before we have everyone else join the dance floor, would you please direct your attention to the screen? The bride has a surprise for her new husband and family.”

Spencer turned around with you still in his arms to face the screen. A simple picture with a date six months into the future was illuminating the screen. That simple picture was an ultrasound of your three month old child.

Spencer looked down at you and said, “Really?”

You blink back tears and say, “Yes, baby. I’m three months pregnant. That’s our baby.”

Unable to put his excitement into words, he pulls you in for a kiss before picking you up and spinning you in circles.  

Paul Feig’s “Other Space” Premieres on Yahoo Screen April 14

By Ian Moffitt, Senior Director of Programming, Strategy and Acquisition, Yahoo Screen

Other Space created by the multi-talented, three-time Emmy nominee, Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids, The Office), is set to premiere April 14 on Yahoo Screen.  Get ready to binge, as all eight episodes will premiere at once.

It is the year 2105, a young, inexperienced and highly flawed crew embarks on a routine exploratory space mission. Suddenly, their ship, the UMP Cruiser, is drawn through a portal into a different, mysterious universe. With no maps, no contact, and no way back home, Captain Stewart Lipinski (Karan Soni, Betas, Safety Not Guaranteed), First Officer/Stewart’s-Older-Sister Karen Lipinski (Bess Rous, Murder in the First) and their crew have to learn to work together, all while dealing with mysterious space clouds, food and fuel shortages, robot rebellions, folds in time and the occasional alien attack.

In parallel with Feig’s original breakout show Freaks and Geeks, Other Space features an ensemble of young, up-and-coming actors playing the ship’s crew - a collection of over-matched rookies, feuding siblings, burned-out veterans and obsolete robots, which also includes Eugene Cordero (House of Lies), Milana Vayntrub (Silicon Valley), Conor Leslie (Klondike), Neil Casey (Broad City, The League), and the reunion of  Trace Beaulieu  and Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science Theater fame.

The premiere of Other Space on Yahoo Screen follows the sixth season premiere of Community and series premiere of Sin City Saints and can be seen by downloading the Yahoo Screen app for iOS and Android, on desktop, or via Apple TV, Roku and XBox.

Bridezilla (Niall And Liam)

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You were going to kill them. You had 13 bridesmaids and 2 maids of honour and you were starting to wish you had all guy friends. It was the rehearsal, it was just the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. This was the night before your wedding and you were beyond stressed. You were so stressed that you couldn’t even enjoy how hot your fiance looked from his place at the end of the aisle. You couldn’t even enjoy the moment. Your best friend and another friend of yours were fighting over some stupid he said she said with one of Liam’s groomsmen. The moment you lost was when you saw one of the girls walk half a beat off the music and the other mentioned something about her being able to walk correctly if she was able to close her legs. Liam could see that this was building up that’s why he was none too shocked when you stood up on a bench in the garden “Enough!” You shrieked seeing Liam making his way over to you as he wanted to calm you down. “Slutty!” you pointed at your best friend and your other friend “and Sluttier I swear to all of the holiest subjects on this earth that if you two fucking ruin my wedding because you’re too busy with your damn Slut Wars to pay attention I will personally- ” “I think it’s time to get you out of here…” He chuckled, he was embarrassed and quite frankly, glad his parents, your parents and older family members were not in the garden at the time, and you were suddenly being carried off by the man you’d agreed to marry. “Liam put me down!” you sobbed as you began to glare at your bridesmaids. 

He set you down on a bench in a separate garden, “I want to go back.” you said firmly.

“I don’t think so, that was some speech…. slut wars, very inventive” he nodded and chuckled a little

“Liam Payne.” You stood up and pked his chest “This is not funny. I will not have my wedding ruined by the two of them… it’s a simple walk. pause. walk pause.” You began to rant “I cna’t do this and you think it’s funny and I just can’t !”

Liam placed both hands on your shoulders “Hey. Hey … Shh…” he  wasn’t use to this side of you and he did NOT like it…but  'for better or worse’ right “Tomorrow. We are getting married. This isn’t some fashion show. It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day…tomorrow is about you leaving that garden tomorrow as husband and wife.”

“You read my romance novel didn’t you” You joked finally calming down a bit enough to smile

“You wouldn’t know if I had babe,” he smiled glad he’d gotten you to smile before he pecked your lips “Now come on, we need to do damage control bridezilla" 

You gasped "I am NOT a bridezilla!” as you laughed and walked back to the garden to apologise


It was a double doozy. 10 months into planning your perfect wedding that was to come in 2 more months you got pregnant. Pregnant. This ruined everything, of course you were excited about your baby…but you were already stressed and NOW your dress would be too small and you were going to have a heart attack. You were on a diet, like you were eating but you were watching what you ate. “Kale Chips?” Niall raised an eyebrow at the snack you were eating on the way to the cake shop You nodded “They’re delicious.” and popped another in your mouth

“Princess what the hell is Kale?” He asked as he parked. He understood your stress about the dress but you were only going to be 2 months it wouldn’t be that bad. “You’re going to deprive our kid, He can’t come out liking stuff like Kale it’s unnatural.” he kissed your cheek and got out of the car before opening the door for you. “Now come on (y/n) we have cake to pick” he helped you out of the car before wrapping his arm around your waist and placing a hand on your stomach which had yet to start showing. "Oh no no no. You have cake to pick" as you two walked into the cake shop. It was a cute shop where your family had gone to repetitively when you were younger. Your family had this reputation for ordering cakes from there and YOU were not going to be the acception 

“But you raved about this place, you’ve been looking forward to this for months.” He continued

“I can eat cake on oour wedding day, after I’ve already gotten into the dress” You said as the baker you’d been talking to for months now came out and talked about how glad she was you’d continued in the family tradition and blah blah blah…you weren’t ignoring her but you were really focused on the cakes and the smell and how you couldn’t have any. You popped another kale chip into your mouth.

She then had a platter of samplers brought out. You’d told her you wanted a white chocolate or strawberry or mixed white chocolate and strawberry cake of elegance. You didn’t know that was going to require so many samples. There were at least 45 there and you just sorta stared. The baker left you and Niall to your testing and it killed you to watch him taste each one… compare…and taste again. Each time he said come on babe try it… you would simply smell it to give your opinion and held back from absolutely going off on him. Then when the baker came back and asked about your choice he said “I think I’ve got it narrowed down to 8.”

You raised an eyebrow “Well we can’t have 8 so you’re going to have to pick one.” “Babe this would be easier if you just let the diet thing go and have a taste….” The baker chimed in in a cheery tone. “A couple of nibbles won’t make you gain anything.” she smiled  “You can’t smell cake to know if it taste good or not,” he picked up one of the small sample cakes that he’d been stuck on. “Come on (Y/n) just-” “Niall NO!” You finally shouted blame it on the hormones, or the stress but you just totally lost it “I will NOT just TRY IT! I have 2 months to stay this size maybe a little smaller. I have to LOOK PERFECT. I want my dress to fit. Don’t spin any crap about how I;m going to look perfect regaurfles. My dress that I had ordered for my body at THIS size as it is RIGHT NOW might not even fit…..and I just. I just…” you started sobbing “I just want to help pick our caaaaaaaaaaake” and cried into Niall’s shoulder before looking up at him “I’m sorry you” sniffled “Both of you” The baker accepted your apology and Niall just hugged you"I know, I know baby it’s fine…“ he had gotten use to your mood swings as of late but the baker seemed terrified.  "I really want some cake” You said quietly “We’ll get you some Kale cake” he joked but you looked at him seriously “Do they make that” “(Y/N) no… what the hell is Kale…” he frowned  “I guess…I could just help you pick our cake” “That works too…” He smiled  taking a sample cake and feeding it to you “How is that?” You savoured the bite before deciding “I don’t think I want to try another one..that’s the best cake I’ve ever tasted in my life.”

American movie studios have no idea how to market comedies, especially not ones that are smart and that might appeal to someone outside the lowest common denominator.  So whenever such a movie is made, they essentially underhand-pitch it to the dumbest sector of the public.

This happens with Paul Feig movies a lot!  The trailer for Bridesmaids, for example, sets you up for “The Hangover but with women” (when that’s not what the movie is at all) by focusing entirely on three scenes, one of which is the movie’s biggest gross-out gag.  If you watched the trailer for Spy, on the other hand, you could be forgiven for not recognizing it as a fairly intelligent parody of spy films, and instead seeing it as “Isn’t It Funny That Melissa McCarthy Is Fat: The Movie”.

What I’m saying is, of course the trailer for the new Ghostbusters is bad.  Trailers for movies like this always are.  The studio has no idea how to sell it, so they put together all the slime jokes and the black lady saying “aw hell naw”, and hope that it hits the broadest, dumbest possible range.

Am I saying that it’s going to be a perfect movie?  No.  In fact, I agree with a lot of the criticisms that I’ve seen leveled at it.  But it’s definitely too early to write it off as this Antifeminist Nightmare I’ve seen more than one post claiming it is.  You don’t know that - in fact, nobody does, ‘cause they haven’t seen the movie.


Title: Always

Word Count: 822

Warnings: nightmares, mild swearing

Summary: After a few rough hunts after the past few weeks, the Reader has an abundance of nightmares, the terrors getting worse and worse as the days go on. The Reader declines any help from both Winchesters, saying that she can manage it on her own. But, after one night when the Reader has another nightmare as has trouble falling back to sleep, Sam decides to comfort her.

Pair: [Sam x Reader]

Original Request: Oh, oh! Could you do a one shot where the reader has a hard time falling asleep after a nightmare so Sam gets up, makes some hot chocolate and the two of them watches a movie and cuddles? Please?

Author’s Note: This is honestly so short and I’m so sorry. I just really wanted to get something out today! I’m hoping to publish another thing tonight, but it matters if I get around to it. Please request things!


              You abruptly rose from your slumber, your body shooting up as another nightmare seeped from your mind. Beads of sweat coaxed your forehead, your breaths heavy. You clutched down onto your chest. You could feel the ramming of your heart in your ribs. Your Y/E/C eyes were wide, tears brimming your vision.

              Your door burst open, the image of an exhausted Sam adjusting in your line of sight. He wore a gray tunic that fit against his muscles nicely, his shaggy hair messy from sleeping. He pointed his gun, scanning the room for any potential threats, though when he realized that there were none, he lowered his gun and locked eyes with you. “Hey, you alright? I heard you screaming.”

              “Oh, God,” you whispered, bowing your head and resting your chin into your chest. The crimson shade of embarrassment crept onto your paled cheeks, a large sigh passing your lips.

              “Y/N?” You felt the mattress dip from the sudden added weight. “Did you have another nightmare?”

              You scoffed lightly, bringing your gaze up at him. “What made it obvious?”

              Sam sighed, scooting himself closer to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and reeling you into his side. You relaxed into his body, resting your head on his chest.

              “Do you want to talk about it?”

              “Not really,” you mumbled, trying your hardest not to relive the terror once more. You were a hunter. Hunters weren’t supposed to get scared over hunts. No.

              “If you ever do, you know Dean and I will listen, right? We’ve had our share of nightmares. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

              You sighed, pressing your lips together into a tight line and lowering your gaze into your lap. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

              “Shh,” Sam cooed, massaging your upper arm with his calloused hand, trying his hardest to soothe you.

              These past few weeks, you’ve had your collection of night terrors, the Winchesters always asking if you were alright. Always asking what was bothering you. Always asking if you wanted to talk about it. Always asking. Always. You never answered. You knew they had their own problems. You knew they had their own nightmares. Why should you throw yours on them when they had enough to deal with?

              “Go back to bed, Sam. I’ll be fine,” you mumbled, sitting up and looking over at him. “I promise,” you quickly added, though the tone of your voice didn’t seem to match your words.

              “How about I go make us some hot chocolate or something and we can watch a movie?” Sam suggested, completely dismissing your statement. Sam abruptly stood from your mattress, walking to the doorway and turning back to face you once more. “Do you want marshmallows or no?”


              “I’ll just bring the bag, just in case. What about the movie? Do you want like… action or comedy or-, Hell, I’ll just bring a bunch and we can go from there. I’ll be right back!”

              “Sam!” you called after him, louder this time. You didn’t want to be a burden on him, knowing that he hasn’t been getting much sleep as well from everything that has been recently going on. You wanted nothing more than for him to just go back to bed and not worry about you.

              “Can’t hear you!” he shouted back playfully, a chuckle following his words.

              You couldn’t help but smile, and the visions of all your nightmares from previous nights diminished.


              You waited patiently for Sam’s return, the smallest of smiles still twitching on the corners of your lips. Sam was your best friend, and has been for a while. You would be lying if you said that you didn’t feel something romantically at times, in all honesty. He was always there for you no matter what. He would always make sure you were safe on hunts. The two of you always messed around when you were in the bunker. He would always make sure you were alright, just like he was tonight. Always.

              Sam entered the room carrying a small tray with two mugs with steam misting into the air along with a large bag of marshmallows and a stack of movies ranging from an old Clint Eastwood movie to Bridesmaids. He set the tray down onto the dresser, tossing the bag of marshmallows your way and grabbing one cup of hot chocolate. He handed the mug to you, you gracefully accepting it, allowing the warmth radiating from the beverage sink into the palms of your hands.

              “Alright, I’m gonna go get the laptop. You choose a movie. I’ll be back in a few, alright?”

              “Alright,” you replied. Sam began to make his way out of your bedroom, but your voice halted him. He spun around, leaning his body up against the archway. “Hey, Sam? Thanks for everything.”

              A large smile toyed on his pink lips, his head bidding you a curt nod. “Always, Y/N,” he spoke. “Always.”

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