bridesmaids 2011

Watched. Fun and makes you laugh without being just another stupid movie. I liked this movie :) makes you think about life (made me think about my life at least) and makes you want to get yourself together and do what you really want. That bakery scene, broken dreams, sad. :( But I really liked how for the first part, almost all the way to the end of the movie, she gave that jack*ss guy a lot of attention over the guy who really cared. This happens to a lot of us in reality, we preoccupy ourselves with things or people that don’t really matter over what is really important. Okay, I’m close to ranting now. WATCH THIS! 

//Ooooh Stove. Are you an appliance?!


Spy is the hilarious movie Melissa McCarthy deserves 

Spy, Melissa McCarthy’s new action comedy in theaters this weekend, is shockingly good. The surprise doesn’t come from the pairing of McCarthy and director Paul Feig — the duo worked wonders in both 2011’s Bridesmaids and 2013’s The Heat. No, what’s shocking about Spy is that at long last a movie figured out how to use McCarthy to her full potential.