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Early Riser.

Authors Note: Shawn Master List found HERE

He’s an early riser, always managing to seize the sunrise on the mornings he’s home with you. You have never quite understood how he can be such a morning person and wake up at such early hours. It is like a ritual for him to catch the rising of the sun, to see the shades washing over from dark to light. Maybe it is the tranquillity and quietness he desires or maybe it’s the concept of a new day, a new beginning, that he considerably appreciates— Afterall, sunrises and sunsets are some of the earth most impressive creations that are always a constant.

You aren’t much on mornings, you much prefer the comfort of the covers than the enjoyment of the sunrise, but when he is home, you do your best to pry yourself from the warmth of the bed to incur the morning with him.

Your eyes open when you attempt to discover Shawn within the bed but his side of the bed is bleak and bare. You sigh and rub the sleep from your eyes, your body stretching out before you allow your feet to pad against the floorboards of the bedroom. You step out of the bedroom and wander down the placid hallway before you reach the kitchen.

While observing the tones of the morning sky the sun provides, he’s standing in the kitchen with grey sweatpants loosely around his hips, his body exposed— his shirt long gone and waddled up on the bedroom floor.

He’s preparing breakfast, smirking to himself because he knows the aroma of food is enough to bring you bounding around the corner and out of bed, even if it is at such an ungodly hour. You’re both aware that you’re not much of a morning person, more Shawn is very cognizant of your cantankerous tendencies.

Your eyes stare at him as he moves around the kitchen, his body speaking to you in languages you can’t fathom.

Oh, his body— how it is a masterpiece chiselled by the God above.

You shuffle closer and wrap your arms around his torso from behind, “morning,” he murmurs softly as you caress your lips to his broad shoulders, the taste of his delicate skin lingering on your lips as you inhale his scent.

“Morning,” you whisper as you take in his warmth and rest against his back,

“You know, you’re going to have to unwrap yourself from me, darling. Kind of need to cook,” Shawn snickers and you heavily sigh, the concept of having to let go of him not settling with you.

You let out a muffled groan and leisurely unwrap your arms from around him.

You step away from him and watch as he sways around the kitchen, his mind anchored on the breakfast being prepared. You sit up on the counter and observe his movements, from the way he’s light on his feet, to the way his back muscles manifest exceptionally well with each movement. You honestly just can’t help but admire him.

“Staring isn’t nice, hon.” Shawn turns around on his heel to face you, his eyes glimmering into yours as you bite your lip and give him an ingenuous grin.

“I was merely gawking,” you shake your head, “Plus, it’s hard not too, you’re prancing around here shirtless with your pants loosely around those hips,” you sigh, gesturing towards his attire that is breathtakingly attractive.

He rolls his eyes and shakes his head, “I’m in sweatpants, I am not prancing,” he chuckles, stepping towards the cupboard to grab two plates.

“And you look damn hot in them,” You inform him as he again rolls his eyes at your comment.

“Breakfast is served, and no sly comments from you, behave yourself,” he warns you, taking note of your devious grin and gleaming eyes, well aware of your tendency to throw out astute, dirty comments on occasions.

You subtly lick your lips and keep your devious annotations to yourself, enabling your eyes to do all the talking as they continue to gleam at him. He stops himself in front of you and caresses his hands to your waists.

“Haven’t gotten my good morning kiss, yet,” he comments, leaning closer and caressing his delicate lips against yours. The kiss is courteous and sweet, just a prompt, ‘good morning, I love you,’ type of kiss.

He draws away and gingerly lifts you up off the countertop and presses your feet to the cool tiles of the kitchen. “Since you’re awake early, we have things to do today,” Shawn informs you as you shuffle yourself towards the food and the stools.

You sit up on the stool and frown, your intentions of a lazy day entirely being overthrown in a matter of seconds, “We have things to do?” You question as he stands opposite you, nodding his head and shifting your plate of food closer to you.

“Can we do the things on my mind first?” You cheekily question, amused when he bites his lip and forces himself to shake his head, “Ouch, way to go in letting me down gently,” you chuckle, delighted as he groans and heavily huffs.

“We have things to do,” … “We have to go grocery shopping, something you added to our list, we have to go taste cakes for the wedding, look at more houses, see your parents, and I have to help my sister move her stuff into my old bedroom,” Shawn names off a few of the thing that you two have to do and you pout your lips, your notions being of the more fun nature than his.

“But, you look so good in those pants and I just want to tear them off,” you sigh, doing your best to bat your eyes at him.

“Behave,” he snickers, ignoring your bright eyes and your pouty lips. He knows what you’re trying to do, just like you know that if you continue, you will get your way.

“You’re just teasing me, waking me up early with a nice breakfast, wearing those pants, and now you’re right in front of me on display.” You innocently gesture towards him, his eyes once again rolling at your comments.

“The quicker we get these things done, the quicker I am all yours.”

You raise a brow, already eager to have him all to yourself. “Hmm, all mine?“ 

He nods in agreement, "Yes, I promise.”

“No sudden studio sessions or gym run?”

“Nope, all yours.” .. “But, we have to hurry up because it is already eight,” Shawn comments with a mouthful of food, his eyes religiously watching the time. 

One thing for sure is, he hates being late, and he hates being off schedule. Once he sets a schedule he has to stick to it.

“I swear you’re one of those people who insists the early bird gets the worm,” you murmur and he nods, opening his mouth for a moment to speak but quickly closing it. “Anyway. Since we have to taste test for cakes today, we should probably knock out the menu for the guests and while you’re moving your sister’s stuff, I’ll get her opinion on the bridesmaid dresses.” You coincide with his list of things, your eyes finally prying themselves from his good looks and charmingly teasing pants.  

“Seems like a plan, you finish up, I am going to get dressed,” He leans over and kisses your forehead. “I will try not to wear anything too attractive since you already can’t keep your eyes off me this morning," 

"Oh, pfft.. Don’t flatter yourself,” You jokingly comment, “But, as a fair warning, if you wear one of your button-downs, we aren’t leaving the house.” You chime with a grin, the image of him in a button-down already making your head spin. 

There are certain articles of clothing that you find it hard to resist him in and he has come to realise which shirts really get you going.

“Oh, I wouldn’t dare, that’s like you wearing that damn black dress,” he mutters, “Come on, time is ticking,” he instructs, pushing himself away from the counter and walking away towards the hallway to get to the bedroom…