bridesmaid dress 2

So it looks like all three married Duggar sisters were also wearing blue matching ¾ length dresses, which means two things - 1. Those were apparently the bridesmaids dresses, and 2. It must have been a HUGE wedding party!  Between all her sisters (I’m assuming), Kendra, and possibly one or two of Austin’s family members, it could have been the biggest wedding party yet?  Jill started out with only her sisters and Anna in the wedding party, but Jessa and Jinger added more non-family members to their respective bridal parties.  If Joy had all her adult sisters, possibly Anna, a future sister-in-law, and maybe some friends, it could be mammoth.  Can’t wait to see more pictures!  I can tell that they definitely went for less bling and more country in their wedding. ;)

My answer: I agree, I just posted pics of all the dresses we have been shown so far. Hopefully they will reveal more pics soon. :)