brides earrings

So today is my 1st anniversary. We had a Walt Disney World Wedding, and yes, it was Star Wars themed on Star Wars Day. Our best friends came to Disney for most of the week and it was amazing.

We met because of Boba Fett costuming - and share a serious love for the Disney movies and parks, so it was a natural choice.

We made the Storm Trooper Mickey ears as favors, but will be offering them for sale soon. May the 4th be with you lovely Tumblrs.

my only contribution to the penumbra rabbits discourse is: what if juno got rabbit and rat mixed up bc they’re similar words and similar-ish animals and no one on mars has ever seen an actual rabbit so the sewer rabbits are really just. regular giant rats. possibly w a few extra eyes bc it’s mars but overall just. a fairly normal large rat like u get in sewers and subway tunnels on earth