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@belgianeyes 90%, really? Is it that usual in the UK? I have seen zero brides over here with a tiara, but it’s juwelry and can be bought and owned and worn by anyone. I didn’t find it weird she wore one but are they really that common over there?

I mean, that is not remotely an accurate figure as I just pulled it out of my head but yeah. I’ve been to about 20 weddings in my 24 years of life and I think almost every bride has worn a tiara. It’s incredibly common in the UK. Maybe being overtaken now by floral headpieces but they’re really really common


Southern Constellations // Pierce the Veil
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What 80's movies should I watch I've seen: Ferris buellers day off The breakfast club Pretty in pink Stand by me Manequin And that's all I can think off Any suggestions ?

BOOOYYY U came to the right place

So in order of release date I give you…

Teen movies/coming of age/about young people:

E. T.
Fast times at Ridgmont high
The outsiders
A Christmas story
Sixteen candles
The karate kid
The neverending story
Red dawn
The goonies
Secret admirer
St. Elmo’s fire
Back to the future
Weird science
Teen wolf
Better Off Dead
The lost boys
Can’t buy me love
Dirty dancing
The princess bride
Less than zero
Empire of the sun
License to drive
Running on empty
Say anything
Dead poets society