bride zeros


Week 3 to 4 (final week) for Inktober:

Day 24: Beetlejuice from my fave cartoon show. Cartoon-BJ has been my fave for a long time. ;)

Day 25: Scraps, with little Corpse kids, looking for something from “Corpse Bride.”

Day 27: Victor Frankenstein, walking with Sparky, from “Frankenweenie.” Similar from the fanart that I saw on this site. 

Day 29: Miss Spider from Selick’s “James and the Giant Peach,” which Tim Burton produced (after TNBC, and before 9). I always love this character; her design was very Burtony-influence, while her personality was very motherly to James with her French accent. Btw, she was voiced by Susan Sarandon. ;)

Day 31: Jack, Sally, and Zero, with their Pumpkins. Well, it’s Halloween, I just want to draw them. ;)

Happy Halloween. Hope you had a good time. ^^