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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 7

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

Summary: War is boiling in the Fire Kingdom as the days until the wedding draw near.

Author’s Note: X is a link to music or a clip which matches with the scene.

Word Count: 6697

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (in later parts)

     “What the hell happened out there, Erlich? You were meant to destroy half of their supplies and their men with that attack and all you did was kill a few horses and some low-ranking soldiers!” spat King Ruiji. The Court of the Fire Kingdom was in session, every week they met, mostly to go over plans and see how the situation looked in the various provinces of the Fire Kingdom.

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Illness part 2

He told himself it was a good thing that she was sleeping as much as she was. That meant she was conserving energy and her body was devote all of its strength to fighting the illness. He tried to not think about how she hadn’t eaten.

Kaede stayed the night, which brought him sort of comfort, knowing that if Kagome needed help, he wouldn’t have to leave her side to go find it.

Perhaps it was the comfort of the old woman that made him realize that he was so exhausted. If Kagome wasn’t the one he was worrying over, she would have told him that the sudden exhaustion that came over him was probably due to him stressing too much in such a short time.

But she wasn’t able to tell him so. So he sat next to her all night long and prayed to gods he didn’t believe in to spare her.

He refused to even to think that those gods had taken so much from him that he could at the very least they could do was let him have his wife, even though his heart screamed it so loud, Kaede’s heart felt it.

Morning brought another round of stress. Kagome hadn’t stirred too much during the night, and the morning rays reminded him that another day passed without her eating much food. Kaede began to wake up, and Inuyasha willed, but couldn’t force himself to talk to her.

Kaede slowly wiggled all of her limbs as she woke. Inuyasha had tried to put some sort of bed together for her, and she was certain it was possibly the only time he was glad his wife liked having a borderline excessive amount of blankets. While it wasn’t ideal for her old bones, she didn’t dare leave in case Kagome woke up and she simply would not ask Inuyasha to go to the village to fetch her some bedding.

Her eyes were slow to blink away the sleep, but once she did she was able to see Inuyasha’s back facing her. His ears were pinned back, whether to listen for her motion, or out of fear that Kagome wasn’t awake.

Kaede had made the young man promise, although it was only a mute nod, to wake her when Kagome was up. The fact she slept through the night meant Kagome had as well.

Tossing her stare to the ceiling in an attempt to give the young man privacy with his own thoughts, Kaede contemplated what this meant. It was a long time for someone to sleep with no motion. Kagome would probably have a better idea as to what was going one than she would, with her medical knowledge of the future, but she wasn’t there to share her wisdom.

Kaede was certain Inuyasha was realizing the same thing as her. Rising out if the cocoon of blankets on the floor, Kaede, as nimbly as an old woman could, made her around the home and made a small breakfast for her and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha picked at it, clearly not able to eat much himself. Kaede was the first to break the silence.

“I will head out for a while, and get more herbs to make a more rich broth.”
As much as he tried to be understanding, fear gripped him hard. What if something happened while Kaede was gone? What if Kagome woke up unable to breathe? What if-

His biggest fear he refused to even think of. As if he could simply ignore his fear until it was gone.

Kagome would tell him that the best way to handle a fear was to talk about it. But he couldn’t will himself to talk, and Kagome wasn’t there to tell him to.
Kaede put her hand on his broad shoulder, to comfort him and to give herself something to lean against for balance while she stood.

“Why don’t you lay with her, Inuyasha? I’m sure Kagome would appreciate you closer than hovering above her.”

Inuyasha wanted to protest. What if she needed something and he was too slow getting up from laying down to get it to her? What if his body heat was too much for her but she wasn’t able to tell him?

Kaede made her way to the door, knowing that once she wasn’t there, Inuyasha would more than likely take her advice and lie next to his wife. She gave him one last thought before she left, “it will do both of you some good.”

Kaede left, both the hut and Inuyasha with his thoughts.

Inuyasha struggled with himself for only a moment before he took his place next to wife. It was awkward and took a few moments to settle into a comfortable position, because the futon was crossing a good portion of the room, and Kagome was laying at an angle across it as well. He refused to move her, wanting her to wake up on her own. So he laid, mostly on, but somewhat off the futon, next to his warm, yet cold bride.

It took not even a heart beat before Kagome let out a rattly sigh and scooted her body closer to his. Inuyasha knew she was still asleep based on her breathing, but it brought him relief that she still moved towards him.

It was just so Kagome to be able to comfort him without knowing it.

His voice cane back enough for him to say what he had tried to when she first became ill.

“Be strong, Kagome. I’m here, and I love you.”

The Prince (Nessian Version)

Oh hey look Lexi still isn’t updating Shape of You but she’s got fifty other ideas… haha I hope you like this one shot. It’s one of my favorites.

They say nothing hurts worse than a heartbreak. Who they are, I’m not sure. Maybe they’re the more experienced adults who know when to give advice. But whoever they are, they’re more than right. As I stood there in the ballroom, I couldn’t have agreed more. I had never felt such intense pain rip through me as I prepared to let him go. Then again he was never really mine to keep. But for the last five years we pretended like this wouldn’t happen. We pretended like we could actually have a future together.

We forgot that he was the prince and I was nothing more than the daughter of his mother’s hand maiden.

Today came faster than we anticipated. That didn’t make it any easier. It still hurt as fresh as the day his father told him it was time to narrow down the competition. That was three months ago. Now we were getting ready to watch our beloved prince propose to the princess who would one day rule beside him. I wondered if they would look at beautiful as his parents did on their thrones.

I held my hands in front of my stomach, holding them tightly so they wouldn’t shake. I stood in the shadows watching as the princesses fixed their hair and fluffed out their big dresses. They were all trying too hard, and it pained me to stand there and watch them fuss over their looks when Cassian couldn’t care less about who was prettiest. He never like extravagant things. But soon he would have one. Soon one of those girls would become his bride and I’d be a memory he held close on those cold nights he thought of his glory days.

I knew he didn’t love a single girl in that room. I knew because he told me he would never feel this way for anyone the way he felt about me. I bit my lip as the pain got worse. I always knew I’d have to let him go one day, but I didn’t realize how attached I had become.

Maybe this was why my mother always warned me to stay away from the brown eyed Prince. My mom had tried so hard to warn me that I needed to guard my heart against Cassian and the way we felt about each other. I never thought she would be right.

Then again I always knew how this would end.

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Clairvoyance - Kaldur x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Halloween one where the reader uses tarrot cards to read the future for the yj-members at megan’s request and when she lays them for Kaldur she suddenly gets red and starts stammering since the cards just told her that they would marry and they are not even officially dating yet, so she has no idea how to deal with that or what to tell the waiting Kaldur?

“Can I just say that this is a gross misuse of my powers and we’re most definitely going to get in trouble for taking Dr. Fate’s tarot cards.” You reminded the group who sat around you in a circle eagerly waiting for you to begin the tarot reading.

“I prefer to think we’re just borrowing them.” Wally argued. “Besides where’s your holiday spirit [Y/N]! If we have to be stuck here on Halloween we might as well enjoy ourselves!” He said.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to but I think it’ll be fun, [Y/N].” M’gaan encouraged with wide hopeful eyes. With everyone looking at you expectantly you broke down and sighed.

“Fine. I’ll do the stupid bogus reading.” You said shuffling the deck of tarot cards in your hands. “Who’s first?” You asked looking around the circle.

“I’ll go!” M’gaan volunteered.

“Alright pick three cards.” You instructed, levitating the spread deck towards her. She picked her cards and placed them in front of the floor in front of her. You took a deep breath on concentrated your energy on communicating with the magical aura around the enchanted cards. An ethereal wind circulated around you and you began to hover a few inches off of the pillow you were sitting on.

“M’gaan M’orzz I see a great inner turmoil in your future. You will be caught between a love lost and a love gained. I also see great satisfaction and inner peace. You worry now over finding peace but worry not no more. You have found the family you seek.” You read the tangible magical waves of the cards. It would appear that the tarot cards weren’t as bogus as they appeared to be …

“Oh! Me next! Do me next!” Garfield begged. “Do I become famous? Do I get all the ladies? Will I lead the Justice League?” He asked excitedly.

“All will be told in time Garfield Logan. You need only pick three cards.” Your ethereal voice said.

You went around the circle and gave each of your friends their fortunes. It was all fun and games until you got around to reading Kaldur’s fortune. It started off uneventfully like the others but when you began to read the aura of his cards. You were assaulted by vivid visions unlike you were with the others.

The world fell away from you and you were pulled into a hazy dream. White flowers and decorations surrounded you at every turn. The scene clarified when a woman stepped through you. She was absolutely radiant dressed in a angelic wedding dress and her smile completely lit up the room. You followed her warm gaze to the end of the aisle to see the familiar face of Kaldur gazing adoringly back at her. Your gaze flashed back and the woman and you realized in cold shock that the radiant bride was you.

Like being splashed with bucket cold water you fell out of the vision and came back to reality. In the shock of your revelation you fell out of your magic induced trance and landed back on the ground with a hard thud.

“What did you see?” Kaldur asked. You stared at him wide eyed like a deer caught in headlights. You didn’t know what to say. You weren’t dating, you weren’t even sure he was interested in you but that was most definitely his … your future.

“I - uh …” You stuttered trying to find your words and failing.

“Is it something bad?” M’gaan asked.

“No!” You cried quickly. “No nothing’s wrong.”

“Then what did you see?” Dick asked.

“I saw a wedding.” You said keeping your eyes trained to the ground.

“Who’s wedding? Kaldur’s wedding? Who is she?” M’gaan asked excitedly.

“You know what, I don’t want to play anymore. I’m going to bed. Enjoy the rest of your night guys.” You said getting up and storming off to your bedroom. That probably wasn’t the most tactful way for you to hand the situation but you needed to get out of the spotlight and process what you saw on your own.

You were sitting meditating in your room in silence when you heard a soft knock on your door. You sighed and instructed the intruder to enter. You were surprised to see Kaldur hesitantly enter your room and close the door behind him.

“Hi Kaldur. Sorry I made tonight weird. I didn’t mean to make it weird. It wasn’t anything you did, I swear.” You promised apologetically.

“Can I ask what you saw?” He asked after a hesitant moment of silence.

“I saw you … marrying me.” You answered honestly.

“Does that bother you?” He asked.

“Oh! No Kaldur it’s not that! I just didn’t think that you felt that way about me.” You said hurriedly trying to dissuade what he must have assumed by your actions. You really did get yourself into a huge mess didn’t you?

“When you see the future, how certain are the events that you see?” He asked.

“Well the future is more of a fluid stream than something so rigid. It’s possible that what I saw was only a possibility of one of many branching futures but usually the clearer the image the more likely an event is to occur. Kaldur, I thought I was there the vision seemed so real.” You explained.

“So we are to be married in the future.” He concluded his face easily concealing whatever emotions he might be feeling right now.

“Where do we go from here?” You asked sheepishly.

“Perhaps we could start with a date.” He suggested.

“I’d like that.” You said with a small smile thinking of the captivating bride and groom you saw in your vision. That might not ever be your future but you couldn’t help but to look forward to the day it very well could be.

themiddleliddle replied to your post: lol this fandom acting like Ned Stark isn’t made…

I mean this is the same man who said “The North is cold and has no mercy” to his brand-new bride, you KNOW he went around spouting a “When the cold winds blow…’ speech to his kids at least once a month.

EXACTLY. I feel liked if GRRM passed one thing onto Ned, it’s his knack for repeating the same adages over and over. “Words are wind” yes we GET IT

Altered Fate

Scenario: My best friend is marrying my soulmate, so I made a few changes and now you’re my soulmate.

Pairing: Taehyung + Reader

Genre: Angst (not really) + Fluff + Soulmate AU (in which The Red String of Fate exists)

Words: 2,750

A/N: My second soulmate au. Inspired by one of the many ideas on here. I hope you enjoy it ♡

Masterlist ◇


Not a sound could be heard in your apartment as you stared at your best friend’s hand.

“You’re what?” You gasped.

“Engaged!” Yuri beamed, showing off the new diamond ring adorning her finger.

Not wanting to sound disappointed, you quickly put on a smile and looked at her. “That’s amazing! When did Minho propose?”

“Yesterday. It was so romantic, Y/N, you have no idea,” she glanced back down at her hand. “I called my parents right away, of course. I was going to call you, but I wanted to tell you in person instead.”

“I’m really happy for you, Yuri.”

In all honesty, you weren’t. Not even in the slightest. You wanted to be for her, but you couldn’t bring yourself to feel any joy.

You had kept a secret from Yuri ever since she started dating Minho. You had hoped that they would break up shortly after their relationship began, but now they’re engaged.

You couldn’t tell your own best friend that she was marrying your soulmate.

“There’s another reason why I wanted to tell you in person, though,” she admitted.


“I need you to knot our strings together.”

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Two Lovebirds In The Water // C.H

Originally posted by angelofficals

credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Calum x Reader

WARNING: Nakedness? But like no smut, just cute fluff.

Description: Who doesn’t need fluffy boyfriend!Calum taking you to the empty beach at night?

The scent of seaweed and saltwater hit you nose as Calum dragged you with him. The sky above you was getting dark as the moon lighted up the path for you two. The sand between your bare feet made the both of you feel free, and the smile on your face grew as Calum stopped right before the water tickled your toes.

I can’t believe you talked me into this.” You whispered as he pulled you closer, dragging small kisses up your neck. His soft lips mumbled against your ear, giving your goosebumps.

“Me neither, baby.” A small chuckle escaped your lips as Calum slowly moved his hands up your shirt. His freezing hands roamed your skin slowly as he moved his lips to your mouth. Small pecks on your lips was enough to make a tiny moan escape your mouth. Calum smirked as he pulled your shirt over your head, the cold wind hitting your half-naked body. The warm air hit your chest as Calum scanned your body quickly before moving his fingers to the back of your bra and unlocking it with one hand and a proud smirk.

“This is unbelievable,” you mumbled and threw your bra to the ground. Calum cheekily glanced at your bare chest before trying to focus on you and your words. “Your turn.”

Calum was in a hurry when he threw his loose, white t-shirt in the sand. He grabbed you waist and pulled you closer, locking your lips together. The taste of his tongue made your stomach twirl as he slightly struggled down the tight jeans you were wearing. You exhaled and helped him by taking your pants off, making you stand completely utter naked on the beach. Not a single spirit was nearby, but every inch of you still felt exposed.

“You’re beautiful.” Calum murmured, pressing his lips against your forehead. “You’re perfect.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you write about Betty saving Cheryl like, her getting there first and seeing Cheryl fall into the river and Betty​ saves Cheryl like Archie, punching through ice save only to fall through when the gang gets there. And you can add more cuz I don't have any ideas. Thanks!

“Cheryl? Cheryl? Where are you? Cheryl?” the gang screamed, running through the cold snowy forest on the outskirts of Riverdale. The gang stopped at the side of the forest near the iced-over river. 

“We’ve looked everywhere. Where could she be?” Archie said, putting his hands on his thighs to catch his breath. Betty gasped and started to run onto the river, the gang following her until she reached the edge of the snowy land. Betty looked down at her feet before looking back at Cheryl, with no red lipstick, wearing the same dress she wore the day Jason left Riverdale. 

Betty started running onto the ice, ignoring the cracking sound coming from underneath her feet. 

“Betty! Don’t! It’s too dangerous!” Jughead screamed, but Betty ignored him and continued to run on the cracking ice. 

In less then a second, Cheryl was no longer standing on the top of the thin ice. Her iconic red hair was barely visible underneath the frozen water. Betty could hear more and more cracking ice coming from behind her, and he could hear her friends screaming her name and Cheryl’s. She quickly turned around and saw her boyfriend, girl best friend and guy best friend following her onto the dangerous ice. She continued to run and quickly saw that the current had taken her and she was no longer visible.

“Everyone! Look around! She could be anywhere! Look now!” she screamed, tears forming in her eyes, threatening to fall. The gang scrambled around, pushing the snow from on top of the ice trying to find her glorious red hair. 

Betty saw a glimpse of red and pushed the snow from in front of her. “I found her!” she screamed, already punching the ice, trying to crack it, tears falling from her eyes. 

“Betty! Stop! Archie can do it!” she heard her boyfriend scream, but she just continued sobbing and hitting the ice with her fists. Blood started to flow onto the ice, and the cracking they heard was not just from the ice they were standing on. 

Betty lifted both fists up, and pushed them both onto the ice with all of her energy, letting more and more sobs escape her lips. She felt the cold water on her bloody fists, and blinked away the rest of her tears. She then realized that the cold water has surrounded her, but soon felt strong arms pulling her up from the water, placing her next beck next to the hole in the ice, shivering.

She felt Archie’s presence right next to her as they both reached around the cold water. Archie pulled Cheryl up by one arm, and Betty helped by grabbing the other arm, pulling her up and out of the river. 

Betty reached over and started to do CPR on her frenemy. She put pressure on her chest while humming staying alive, and then titled Cheryl’s head back and blew into her mouth. After a few times, Cheryl coughed up the water that was in her lungs. 

Betty reached over and continued sobbing while putting her head on Cheryl’s chest, feeling the rise and fall of her chest. Veronica pulled Betty off of Cheryl and pulled her into a tight hug, while Archie picked up Cheryl bridal style.

Betty was just crying into Veronicas chest, but felt two strong arms pick her up like a bride as well, trying to warm her up from the cold ice water that continued to drip from her coat. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around his neck while sobbing into his chest. 

“Jug?” she whispered, tilting her head into his chest.

“Yeah Bets?” he said, as they all reached the side of the land, trying to warm the two frozen and injured girls.

“My hands hurt.” She said, closing her eyes, and Jughead gave her a small kiss on the top of her head.

Hey, thank you so much for this prompt! It was so much fun to write and I hope I did it justice. My ask box is always open for any prompts that you have! 

This Love is Ours

Hey guys. Here’s Chapter 2 of This Love is Ours. Thanks for all the love on the first chapter. Hope you enjoy this one.
Word count: 2375 words

Part 1


Chapter 2-The Set Up

“Stop that.” Riley told Lucas as he kissed her neck.
“Come on, just stay a little longer.” He continued to kiss her neck in hopes that she would change her mind.
“I want to but I’ve already told you, Maya and Smackle are coming over to my apartment to talk about the wedding.” Riley said as she turned in his arms.
“Okay fine but I want you to myself tomorrow night.” He demanded.
“You want me all night?” She said seductively.
“Uh huh and all day but I know I have to share.” He whispered to her.
“Good boy.” She said before she kissed him. He deepened the kiss by running his tongue against her lips which parted immediately. She let out a soft moan before pulling away.
“Okay I really have to go now.” She said reluctantly.
“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow babe.” Lucas told her.
“Bye baby.” She squealed and giggled as he gave her a small smack on the ass. She left his apartment and got in her car. She never thought she would be the type of woman to lead a double life but for some reason it excited her. The idea of sharing this secret with the man she loved while playing a game with her friends who thought she was none the wiser. Little did they know how sly she really was.

Riley got back to her apartment with takeout and wine for the girls. She was thankful that they hadn’t shown up yet because she was running late herself. If Maya and Smackle found out she came home late they would bombard her with questions about where she was, who she was with and what she was doing. She didn’t need them to be suspicious of her because she liked the rush of keeping a secret from the one person who she never kept a secret from. Riley put the food and wine down on her kitchen counter and pulled her coat off. She made her way to the bathroom to take a quick shower. She pulled off her clothes and couldn’t help but think that Lucas just does it so much better. She switched the shower on and made her way in, relaxing under the warmth the water provided. Her mind began to wander like it had many times in the past. She had the same fantasy about his body, his lips, him doing things to her that no other man could. She could almost feel him pin her up against the wall of the shower, kissing every part of her body, making hot passionate love to her over and over again. She had to stop before she got too carried away. She pulled a towel around herself after turning off the water and getting out of the shower. She quickly got dressed in some lounge clothes, when she heard a knock at the door. 

“I’m coming.” She yelled. She opened the door to find Maya and Smackle on the other side.
“Hi honey.” Maya said as she pulled her best friend in for a hug and entered the apartment.
“Hi peaches, hi Smackle.” She greeted them both before going to the takeout bag and heating up the food. She placed the food with 3 glasses and the wine on the coffee table.
“Ooh you got Potstickers. I’ve been wanting this for ages.” Maya said as she quickly grabbed her food and began eating. Riley proceeded to open the wine and pour 3 glasses.
“Yeah me too. Ever since my friend introduced me to Potstickers I have been obsessed.” Riley said reminicing about her date with Lucas. They planned to go to a fancy restaurant but the date ended with disaster. So instead Lucas bought Potstickers and took her to Central Park for an impromptu picnic. It was a magical night to say the least. She couldn’t help but smile at the memory.
“What’s got you all smiley bubbles?” Smackle asked.
“Nothing.” She responded.
“Riley you had that dopey grin that only a lovesick fool would have.” Maya pointed out.
“No I don’t.” She said defensively.
“Bubbles you 100% do.” Smackle said.
“Smackle!” Riley exclaimed.
“Does this happen to have something to do with a certain Huckleberry coming back into town?” Maya questioned.
“What? Of course not!” Riley blurted out quickly.
“Well Lucas’s reappearance in your life and that dopey grin do correlate.” Smackle explained.
“Smackle as a genius you know correlation does not mean causation.” Riley replied.
“Riley you know it’s okay if you still have feelings for him.” Maya reassured her.
“Yeah, if you still love him, you can tell us.” Smackle told Riley sincerely.
“Tonight’s not about me, it’s about Smackle. So have you chosen which one of us is the maid of honour?” Riley asked excitedly.
“Yep. I’m sorry Maya but I’ve chosen Riley.” Smackle said.
“Oh thank god.” Maya let out a sigh of relief.
“Excuse me?” Riley said.
“Oh it’s not like a didn’t want to be MOH but I’m glad that I don’t have to walk down the aisle, dance or spend a majority of my time with Huckleberry.” Maya pointed out to her best friend.
“Lucas is the best man?!” Riley cried.
“I’m sorry bubbles. Looks like you have to work with Lucas for the next couple of months.” Smackle said suspiciously.
“Wait a second, did you choose me for MOH just to try to set me up with Lucas?!” Riley said accusingly at her two best friends.
“It’s not the only reason. I mean you know Maya’s gonna be busy with her biggest art show yet. How is she going to fulfill her MOH duties.” Smackle reasoned.
“Look guys, I appreciate you looking out for me but I don’t have feelings for Lucas. Don’t get me wrong, I do love him. There’s always going to be a part of me that loves him. How can I not? He was the first boy I ever liked, my first date, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first love, the first man I made love to. He’s always been and always will be a huge part of my life, but if the universe wanted us together it would have happened already. It’s been 4 years and we barely talked to each other. I would just prefer for us to be just friends.” Riley told them seriously.
“We understand but I still think you will be a better MOH than me right now. I’ll just stick to being a bridesmaid.” Maya said.
“Why thank you.” Riley giggled with her two best friends.
“So Maya are you bringing a date to the wedding?” Smackle asked.
“Yeah, Josh is my date.” Maya told the girls.
“What about you Riley?” Smackle asked.
“Guys me and Maya don’t need dates. We’re in the wedding party.” Riley told them.
“True but if you want to I want you to know it’s okay.” Smackle told Riley.
“Thank you Smackle.” Riley said.
“Well if you refuse to bring a date to the wedding, what about a normal date with a guy?” Maya suggested.
“I don’t think so.” Riley furrowed her brows.
“Why not? You haven’t been on a date in such a long time.” Maya said.
“I want to focus on my job right now.” Riley tried to get Maya off her back.
“No offense Riles but you’re a baker not a doctor.” Maya said.
“Yes but I’m getting more and more cake orders and I’m running the bakery at the same time. Plus with the wedding I’m going to be extra busy with MOH stuff. I dont have time to get to know a guy enough to date him.” Riley said.
“Oh speaking of your amazing baking skills, me and Farkle want you to make our wedding cake. I know it’s a lot to ask but no other cake can compare to yours. It would make it extra special too.” Smackle told her.
“Smackle I would be honored to make your cake. We need to schedule a time to design it and decided what cake you want.” Riley explained.
“Great I’ll tell Farkle. He’s going to be so excited.” Smackle said as she texted her fiancé the good news.
“Have you guys picked a date yet?” Riley asked.
“No but we do want an outdoor wedding because of our love for nature. I was thinking June.” Smackle suggested.
“That’s perfect. Not to hot but not cold. Plus you seem like a June bride to me.” Maya said.
“We’ve chosen a few places that we really liked for the venue but we haven’t found the perfect space yet.” Smackle said.
“What are looking for?” Maya asked.
“Well we want an open field but with greenery like trees and flowers. But you can imagine how hard that is to find in New York.” Smackle said.
“What about Texas?” Riley said.
“Huh?” Smackle asked surprised.
“Well Texas has open fields and the weather would be amazing.” Riley pointed out.
“I’ll run the idea by Farkle but it sounds great. I knew I picked the right MOH.” Smackle said.
“Hey!” Maya exclaimed.
“You know I love you Maya.” Smackle said.
“We love you too Smackle.” Maya said and brought both women in for a hug.

“So Farkle, who did Smackle choose to be her maid of honour?” Zay asked.
“She chose Riley.” Farkle said loudly so Lucas would hear them clearly.
“What? Riley’s maid of honour? Hold up is this a set up?” Lucas asked.
“Of course not!” Farkle said immediately.
“Farkle.” Lucas said.
“Okay maybe a little.” Farkle said with a slight wince.
“Guys I appreciate you wanting me to be happy but Riley and I are friends and nothing more. So I’m asking you nicely to please not intervene with mine and Riley’s relationship.” Lucas said.
“Do you have feelings for her?” Zay asked.
“Look there’s no denying that there is always gonna be a part of me that will love her. She was one who brought me out of my darkness. She the only woman I’ve ever been in love with and been able to connect with on such an emotional level but if we were meant to be it would’ve happened. It’s been years since we’re spoken. I’m happy with being just friends.” Lucas declared.
“Okay we won’t try anything.” Farkle said.
“Good. So what do you guys wanna eat?” Lucas asked wanting to change the subject.
“Potstickers!” Zay and Farkle shouted at the same time

Smackle and Maya left Riley’s apartment around 12:21am. Due to the fact that they had been drinking, they decided to get a taxi back. As they got in the taxi and fasten their seatbelts Maya turned to Smackle and said
“Do you really think Riley meant all that stuff she said about Lucas?”
“She seemed pretty adamant that they were just friends.” Smackle replied.
“Yeah but I know Riley. Once they start talking again, I feel like she’s going to catch feelings again.” Maya said.
“Especially since they are best man and maid of honour.” Smackle pointed out.
“I know she told us to stay out of it but I’m Maya I’ve never followed the rules. Why don’t we help speed up the process?” Maya suggested.
“What process?” Smackle asked.
“The process of Riley and Lucas getting back together.” Maya said.
“Maya I don’t know.” Smackle said.
“Smackle I’ve always been the one to push those two together. I just need to do it once more and something’s telling me that I can’t do it alone.” Maya said.
“Okay I’m in. What do we need to do?” Smackle asked.
“Right now I need sleep but I’ll come up with something soon.” Maya said mischievously.

Riley stood in front of her kitchen sink washing the dishes they used when she heard her phone ring. She pulled off her rubber gloves and smiled when she saw who it was.
“Hey.” He said. Her stomach still got butterflies when her said that to her.
“Hi.” She replied grinning.
“Hi.” He said as she giggled.
“Hey.” She said.
“So how was your night?” He asked.
“It was interesting. You were the hot topic.” She told him.
“Oh yeah do tell.” He said.
“It seems our friends want us to get back together.” She said.
“Seems like that since Smackle made you maid of honour and Farkle made me best man.” Lucas pointed out.
“Maybe we should just tell them.” She said.
“Riley we agreed to keep this a secret.” He said.
“I know but Maya and Smackle are adamant that I need to date someone even if it’s not you.” She told him.
“They want you to date another guy?” He said softly.
“Yeah but I told them I was too busy for a guy but I like what we have now. A secret only for us. It’s exciting and liberating. Everyone thinks I’m innocent old Riley but with you I feel sexy and adventurous.” Riley said.
“Firstly you’re always sexy, secondly I understand that you want them to back off.” Lucas said.
“I think with the wedding everyone will be too distracted to think about us anyways. I don’t think we have to worry too much.” Riley said.
“Are we still on for tomorrow?” He asked.
“Yep. My place or yours?” She asked.
“Mine. I can’t wait to hold you all night. I’ve missed it.” He said as she smiled.
“Yeah me too. We haven’t spent a night together since Texas. Look I’m gonna head to bed.” She said.
“Okay babe I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.” He said.
“Love you too babe. Good night.” She said.
“Sweet dreams Princess.” He whispered before hanging up.
Riley got ready for bed and pulled her covers to get in bed. She went to switch of her lamp when she pulled the drawer open and took out the hidden picture of her and Lucas kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was that Lucas didn’t fall in love with another girl. If so she wouldn’t be as happy as she was right now. She fell asleep dreaming of the life she and Lucas were destined to have. My god, it was a beautiful life.

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Boom. You’re welcome.

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being married to marty scrull would include ....

being married to marty scurll would include;

-He would be your daddy and you his baby girl.

-He’ll say Daddy in public but not like out loud he’s more of a whisper it in your ear while he’s telling you what he’s gonna do later

-Definitely Matching Outfits he’ll love that so he can show you off

-As your wedding cake toppers you had a mini bride and groom versions of his mask

-As soon as you mention being cold he has you immediately wrapped up in like 5 layers of his clothes

-What can he say the Villain always gets the girl

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Rules: answer 20 amazing questions for people to get know you.

Name: Bria

Nicknames: Bri, BriBri <— I don’t really like being called this, but I let my friends do it.

Zodiac signs: Pisces

Height: 5′5″

Orientation: Straight ( I’m like an endangered species on this fuckin’ website).

Nationality and Ethnicity: Black American ( ‘MURICA!!!!)

Favorite Fruit:  I really like mangos:3

Favorite Season:  Winter. I live in the South. It’s always hot here! Last fall it was hot most of the time! I embrace the cold!!!

Favorite Movie: Bride of Chucky ( otp ‘nuff said )

Favorite Book:  Original Sins by P.D James

Favorite Flowers: Jasmines and Sunflowers

Favorite Scent: Baby Powder 

Favorite Color (s): Crimson and Prussian Blue

Favorite  Animals: Persian cats and Pitbulls

Coffee, Tea or Hot chocolate: Coffee is my life ( I’m drinking coffee right now:3 It’s espresso.)

 Avenge number of sleep: …..the fuck is sleep? 

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Number of blankets you sleep with: Three. I like being bundled up like a little burrito:3

Dream Trip: I wanna go to Japan…just for the merch. 

Blog Created:  I created this blog about 3-4 years ago. I was either 15 or 16, I can’t rememberXD My memory is not the best.

Tag: @plasticslasher @bloodthirstybride and anybody else who wants to do thisXD