bride of the panther

STORM VOL. 2 #5 (Prelude to “Bride of the Panther)

Teenaged Storm; the morning after making love for the very first with her first love: prince T’Challa, the future Black Panther.

Sithandwa Sam

anonymous requested: Hello!! Sorry if you’re not taking requests or if you’re too busy. But could I request a protective! T'Chala (I think that’s how you spell it) thing where you are on Team Iron Man with him and you want to help fight against Team Cap? I hope that makes sense 😅. Oh and it can be a headcanon or a oneshot depending on how you want to do it. Thank you!!! Sorry this was long
AH!! Hello, I requested the protective T'Chala thing and I forgot to put that you two were dating/engaged (I’ll leave that up to you) and that you also had powers/fighting abilities. Sorry!!!!

T'challa x reader during the airport scene in cacw where you’re his wife and you have your own version of the panther suit and you show up to help them and t'challa is like “wife, why are you here?” and everyone else is pretty much like “hold the fuck up”


I don’t know if you write for T'challa, but if you do, could you write an imagine where the avengers are trying to hook him up but they don’t know that he already has a wife who also has a panther suit but since she’s his wife the suit’s white and she’s called like the Panther Bride or something idk lol

author’s note: I don’t know T’Challa’s character very well, but I hope this is okay! I really love what we got of him in Civil War, and I’ve been wanting to write for him for a while. This did kill me, though, bc I had to write Bucky as a sorta villain to fit the narrative :( I put together many separate requests for this, because they fit perfectly together and I am honestly in love with this one shot now. ( I used Xhosa, the language Marvel uses for Wakandan. ) *i left the suit as black bc im in LOVE with the idea of twinsie fiancés* - It is kind of short, and I apologize, but I like how it ended.

T’Challa x Reader

“I really hope that this conference will not take you long.” You say, your eyes casting over your fiancé’s business suit. “I’ll miss you.” He smiles down at you, dark eyes twinkling. “It will not take me long, sithandwa sam (my love).” You smile, smoothing his tie, just as the door opens and King T’Chaka walks in. “Ukumkani yam (my king).” You say respectively, bowing your head and stepping away from T’Challa. “Lixesha ukuya (We must go).” The king of Wakanda says, smiling at his son and then at you. “I will let you two say your goodbyes.” He says in your native tongue, turning and heading out. T’Challa leans down and kisses you briefly before following his father. “I will see you soon.” He says before stepping out of the door.

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Malcolm X makes a cameo appearance as Black Panther gives Luke Cage a little background history on his soon-to-be bride, Storm. 

Black Panther Vol. 4 #14

In the comic, one of Malcolm’s aides during his trip(s) around Africa is Miss Harriet Munroe, who has a son, David, Storm’s father. Malcolm even met with Black Panther’s father, who was at the time king of the fictional Wakanda.