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My Mate (Part 32)--Finale

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: none?  Jokes with a sexual undertone.  

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My Mate Master Post

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Chapter 32 

“You look beautiful, Riley.”  Chuck said as he poked his head into her room.  She turned and gave him a smile as she tried to flatted out the front of her dress some more.  It was a simple thing, a white lace dress that ended just above her knees.  She didn’t want the big gown or anything, and when she saw this in the store, she knew it was perfect.  

“Thank you, Chuck.”  She said softly as he handed her the bouquet of wildflowers from her garden in hell.  

“I was able to do it.”  He said softly.  “Whenever you are ready to give it to him.”  Riley’s face brightened as she wrapped Chuck up in a tight hug.

“Thank you.  I’ll go right now…”  

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According to an omitted story in the myths of Genesis, it speaks of the first woman created by God, whose name is Lilith, not Eve. An ancient legend says that the first wife of Adam is Lilith and she is just created by the same substance of her companion. She refuses to mate with Adam, fleeing into the desert where demons live, rebelling and threatening God. And with this, Lilith reminds women their power, the power to choose, the power to not be tamed. Lilith helps women to seek knowledge within themselves and not delegate the exercise of their own power. As Lilith is also an archetypal image, as such dwells in the depths of our unconscious, and gives voice to our self, never censor it.

So, Lilith, the Great Mother, becomes femininity in all her aspects, even the most obscure ones, as she is also Mother Nature with her continuous cycles of birth, growth and death, guaranteeing the cosmic balance that dictates our very existence, since she is also the Queen of our world. And as announced above, she is also the archetype of the free woman because she dominates the eternal lover’s manhood, awakening instincts and passions.

Besides being the Great Mother, Lilith is also the Queen of Hell, bride and wife of Lucifer. Her feast day falls on November 22th (one month before the December 23th, important day for every Satanist, as we celebrate Father Satan and our own rebirth), she is opposed to her husband, as representing the Moon, Lucifer represents the Sun (here we find the famous male and female duo, as the the crown and the base chakras). In fact, her festivity is a lunar one par excellence, and it should be celebrated as of the night of November 21th.

As the Goddess of Darkness, she invites us into her world to enable us to learn what is unknown. It’s a day we can  face our fears and the past full of mistakes, only to reborn at Yule, a month later, the Day of Rebirth (just as has been mentioned above).

To celebrate the Great Mother’s Day, beyond the dutiful celebrations in memory of Lilith, it would be to meditate under the moon, even better if outdoors, in a place possibly isolated to stay alone with ourselves (of course it’s better do not endanger our lives), but if this is not possible, the important thing is to be in complete solitude in order to overcome our limits and our fears, it is the day in which you must destroy what we think is wrong with us and then rebuild ourselves in a spiritual improvement.

The Great Mother will stand by our side, prompting and guiding us along this path.

OMFG! So thanks to me WAYYY over thinking things again… around 4 last night something hit me that completely changed my way of thinking…

Friendly reminder: the first time Cas died in Jimmy’s vessel, Jimmy died and went to Heaven…. In other words…. Cas is literally possessing a corpse…

Lucifer and Cas are now bunking in Poor Jimmy Novak’s corpse!



From this request: Lucifer x reader arranged marriage AU 


**Arranged marriage!AU


Your bloodline was a worthy one.

That’s why you’d been promised to Lucifer since the day you were born.

He was taken to the hospital and looked upon you at the ripe age of six. You were a tiny, red-faced baby, squealing for someone to come feed you, change you, hold you.

But when your eyes had fallen on his through the window, your screaming had stopped. You stared at him with big eyes, a strange maturity in them as if you understood who it was who was staring back at you.

After that, you had very little contact with Lucifer. It was tradition that the couple stay separated until the day of marriage when both parties were of the age of eighteen (at least). Those who had been assigned to someone knew nothing of their husband or wife to be, simply their name.

Today was the long-awaited day.

Lucifer stood at the front of the church, his father and brothers standing behind him.

The organ started and all eyes turned to the back of the church. You stepped around the corner, being led by your father. A simple white dress decorated your frame, a thin white veil covering your face. A bouquet of roses was clutched in your hands.

You were led up to Lucifer. Your father kissed your temple before sitting next to your mother.

The ceremony was short and simple, bonding the two of you together in a long-awaited promise made by the previous generation. Modest bands were slipped over the other’s knuckle, an outward symbol of your union.

Finally, the priest turned to Lucifer. “You may now unveil your bride.”

Lucifer slowly reached forward and lifted up your veil, revealing you. You gazed up at him with large, clear eyes, lashes elongated and darkened. Your mouth was painted a pale pink, lips puckered just so.

You were beautiful.

“And now you may kiss her,” the priest said.

Lucifer leaned down, his lips brushing yours. You jolted back slightly, but your lips pursed the tiniest bit against his, returning the sentiment. The audience began to clap and Lucifer pulled back.

“I present to you Lucifer and his bride, Y/N,” the priest said. “Welcome them with open arms.”

Lucifer slipped his hand into yours as he led you down the aisle. Your hand was tiny and soft in his.

It was also shaking.


A small banquet waited for the two of you and your families after the ceremony. You and Lucifer sat at the head of the table, your families flanking you. The meal was delicious and the time was well spent. But soon it was time for the newlyweds to be shipped off to their new home.

After an hour long limo ride, Lucifer led you into the modest bungalow, the home where the two of you would begin your married life, your life together.

Lucifer led you through the house, watching your eyes trail over every piece of furniture. The environment was minimal yet livable. It was up to the two of you to make this house look like a home. When the two of you made it to the bedroom, Lucifer felt the wave of fear radiate from you.

Lucifer knew you were a virgin. He was too—anyone promised to another was made to remain pure for their partner. But he also knew that people (women especially) spread horror stories of first times and spending an intimate night with someone you’d practically never met before was no doubt a frightening thought.

“We don’t have to,” Lucifer said.

You looked up at him. “But… it’s expected…”

“That’s a rule of old,” Lucifer said. “We don’t have to follow it. Besides, who’s going to know? I don’t plan on telling anyone about such a private thing. Do you?”

“Surely you were expecting–”

“I’m expecting to make you feel comfortable.”

You bit your lip as your eyes darted back to the bed. “I… would appreciate it if we didn’t…” You looked back up at him. “I’m sorry.”

“Y/N, you don’t ever have to apologize for something like this.” Lucifer gave your shoulder a squeeze. “There’s some pajamas in the dresser. Why don’t you go ahead and get changed? Make yourself comfortable.”

You nodded and stepped past him. Lucifer watched you grab some clothes from the drawer and dip into the bathroom.

He walked back through the house, making sure the doors were locked and the lights were off. When he came back into the bedroom, you were curled up in the bed, covers pulled up to your chin. Lucifer grabbed his own pajamas and changed in the bathroom, hanging his tux on the shower rod next to your dress.

When he stepped back into the bedroom, your eyes were on him, studying him.

“Do you mind if I lay down next to you?” he asked. “I promise I won’t try anything.”

You slowly nodded and watched him walk over to the bed. He was slow and precise with his movements, gently pulling the covers back, carefully stretching out next to you. He clicked the light off and the two of you lay in darkness.

“Lucifer?” you asked quietly.

“Yes, Y/N?”

“Can… can we cuddle?”

“Of course, sweetheart.”

Lucifer let you come to him, not wanting to make any sudden movements, not wanting to scare you. You slowly rolled over and wrapped your arm around Lucifer’s torso, your head laying on his chest. He gently looped an arm around your shoulders. After a few minutes, he tentatively pressed a kiss to the top of your head, testing the waters.

He was delighted to feel you press closer to him.

Married life would take some getting used to. But Lucifer was glad that you were the one he was married to.