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●The Truth●Loki x Reader●Chapter 3●

Summary: As a peace offering your land, Vanaheim, send Y/N their princess as a gift for Asgard, and in return Odin sends one of his people, though not one of his sons. Y/N is not as Loki imagined, and he finds himself falling for this specific princess. He does not admit his feelings for the special woman for he is scared of confessing, and one day Odin has arranged Y/N to marry Thor, for he thinks the God Of Thunder should have a queen by his side when he becomes king of Asgard. Loki highly disagrees with this marriage, and ends up bursting in at the ceremony.

Words: 1528

Warning(s): Cheeeeeezy, Dramatic!Loki, and fluff

Note(s): Female pronouns, and I once again apologize that Odin is being a meanie.

Previous Chapters: 1 ✧ 2

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