bride and soul

looming destiny.

fall through forever with me

forget me and find me again
i’m never far from your garden
i never will be, i never have been
you’ll find me, time and time again

and i’ll fall through forever with you

we are a different kind, my bride
braided into a single strand of light
love’s weft, through the warps of time
our tapestry, woven by something divine

we fall through forever, together

forget all our past lives as lovers
just so we may fall in love another
and hold hands until our holograms
fade into the heavens, truth uncovered
so we may forget it again and rediscover

This is primarily the place we have to be, the place where we are. It is not our prison, but our home Where Two souls with a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one. And I have great hopes that we shall love each other all our lives as much as if we had never married at all.


Press “ X “ to change outfit

Costume life drawings designed to be characters in a fighting game for our lastest project.

Inspired by Kels’ own fight characters as well as some my fave fighting games (the soul calibur series, streetfighter etc). >;D

This was a lot of fun! And ho’ boyy lineless, I can’t believe– I like the turnout!

jellyfishfaerie  asked:

“The paint’s supposed to go where?"

Chise fixes him with the sort of flat stare that either implies that she’s trying not to laugh at him, or she’s working up a great deal of patience to answer the question. Elias isn’t sure which. 

“On the wall, Elias,” she answers, with that Voice of Infinite Calm.

Ah, so it’s patience she was after.

Elias tips his head down to look at the cans arrayed in front of them. Silky has deemed it necessary to repaint the cottage, and it’s a task grand enough that Chise and Elias have been recruited to help.

Well, it’s either that, or Silky had wanted to repaint and Chise had decided it necessary to help her. Again, Elias isn’t sure. And with paint colour names like, ‘Eggshell White’, ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’ and, ‘Sumptuous Cream’…Well, Elias thinks that he can’t be entirely blamed for asking the obvious question.

With the end of a clawed fingernail he pries open one of the lids, lowering his snout for a sniff. It hardly smells edible but, with him, near anything can be if he tries hard enough, or he’s desperate enough.

Perhaps the names come from more than just the colour.


He raises his head at the sharp, disapproving yell that sounds from behind him, fae-light eyes flickering in a slow blink. ‘Sumptuous Cream’ now coats the end of his nose. Chise’s gaze turns from exasperated to something resembling 'horrified’ as his tongue flicks out for a taste.

Nope. It’s definitely not for eating.

A beat, and then Chise is giggling in that way of hers that makes the entire room seem brighter and makes Elias’ chest constrict in a way that can’t entirely be healthy.

She approaches, reaching up with a cloth to wipe his nose clean. Obligingly he dips his head down for her, watching the play of emotion on her face as she cleans him.

Perhaps the cottage does need new paint, but Elias thinks that they already have the most important thing to keep the place fresh and bright and happy.