bride and seek

The Signs as Urban Legends:
  • Aries: Slenderman
  • Taurus: Bride and Seek
  • Gemini: The Russian Sleep Experiment
  • Cancer: Carmen Winstead
  • Leo: Mothman
  • Virgo: Bloody Mary
  • Libra: Bunny Man Bridge
  • Scorpio: The Vanishing Hitchhiker
  • Sagittarius: Man-Eating Escalators
  • Capricorn: Buried Alive
  • Aquarius: The Clown Statue
  • Pisces: The Funhouse Mummy

For the vintage bride, or one who’s seeking a timeless celebration that’ll remain relevant 10, 20 years from now, a porcelain-like cake with scalloped details is elegant and refined all at once. Beautiful!

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most of her days and nights were spent at this old tavern, serving drunken patrons while warding off their affections. business had really picked up as the war came to an end. pints for celebration as soldiers returned home seeking brides ( and grooms as well. ) lately, the place had been filled with desperate women hoping the captain gaston would glance in their direction. today however, the tavern was much quieter, allowing the girl a few moments to prop her elbows against the bar and read. upon hearing the sound of boots descending the stairs, evella’s quick to toss her book beneath the counter and greet the familiar face,  ◜ bonjour, mousier lefou      will you be having your usual? ◞ 


One of his friends is about to give his daughter in marriage to someone she does not want to by force. The unwilling bride seeks help from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

            “O Allah’s Messenger! My father is marrying me off to my cousin by force although I do not want to.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) calls for the father:

“You do not have the right to marry off your daughter to someone while she does not want to.”


Riley couldn’t help but smile up at the man. “Hey, Tony,” she said, waving her hand in the air before shoving both of them in her back jean pockets. Seeing Mr. Marino brought back some old memories of the days where she, her father, and Jackson and his father used to go hunting together. And it was this man right in front of her—the first person she and Jackson had kind of saved on their first official hunt ever. “It’s good to see you again.”

“You too, bella mia,” Tony said, a smile growing on his lips. He defended down the large staircase with his hands held behind his back. He laid eyes on Jo and gave her a quick nod, but when he saw Jackson, his smile immediately dropped and he blew out a sigh. “Glad to see you’re still alive, boy,” he said dully.

Riley had to bite her lip in order to hold back her laughter. Tony wasn’t exactly too fond of Jackson due to the mass damage of his window and just the trouble the kid had caused the last time they’ve seen each other. She watched Jackson attempt a smile but it looked more like a grimace than anything else. “Yeah, I’m still here. Heh,” he said, giving a small shrug of his shoulder.

Tony’s eyes roamed back to Riley. He indicated to Jo and Jackson. “I see you brought help for the poltergeist.”

Jackson smirked and shook his head. “Nah, Tony. We don’t know if it’s another poltergeist. Might be something else.”

“Something else?” Tony’s eyes grew wide and fearful. “What else is there?” he asked, gulping.

Jo pursed her lips as her eyes met Tony’s. “A lot.”