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embroidered bridal bouquet portrait by erinmcmoms

not sure what to gift your newly-married girlfriend? if your pal is as flower obsessed as i am, perhaps she would appreciate the memorialization of her bridal bouquet in an embroidery hoop — and erinmcmoms puts together a pretty darn gorgeous final product here. how special!


Oh So Succulent

I thought it might be time for a little wedding planning update. While scouring this scary-overwhelming place known as Pinterest, I discovered that I have a thing for succulents. I’ve never been one for flowers (I know, I must be evil right?) so I was looking for something different to add to a bridal bouquet. I don’t want to have a set color scheme for the wedding but I do want to see lots of white with gold accents. I love how succulents look super fresh and simple when combined with white flowers and leafy greens. Some of them come in this beautiful shade of dusty lilac which I also love! They’re pretty versatile in that they fit a rustic look yet still look very rich and polished.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been seeing a popularity in paper flowers for things like bridal bouquets - do these mix well aesthetically with actual flowers or nah?

Hello, Nonny. My first concern was actually about the practicality of mixing the flowers. Depending on the physical properties of the paper flowers, being mixed in with the fresh flowers could cause problems where water gets on the paper and ruins the look. Mod Jana and I discussed how it could be done, since neither of us have actually done this professionally, and we think that most likely the paper flowers would be wired and taped, or attached with some sort of plastic or metal pick (I’m suggesting that your character wouldn’t use wooden picks because the wood could still wick water up to the paper). For smaller arrangements, they could even be glued in. I know I’ve made some wrist corsages with spray rose buds that were individually hot glued on, so having some paper flowers glued in should work as well, again depending on how the paper reacts to the glue. If your character is using a flimsier paper, hot glue is going to mess it up or at best be visible through the paper and ruin the effect. 

That being said, bridal bouquets, corsages, even sympathy arrangements are really only expected to last for a day or so and aren’t usually stored for any real length of time where something could go wrong in the cooler. So while mixing paper and fresh flowers might not be something your character would want to do for premade arrangements they are trying to sell out of their cooler, if a customer asked them to add paper flowers in or incorporate it in a special order like a bridal bouquet, we think it would be reasonable for your character to do so.

I did search for some examples of fresh and paper flowers being used in the same arrangement, and the examples I found seem to mostly be bridal bouquets. 

This person ordered the paper flowers from Etsy and added to the arrangement. Something your character might do if they aren’t cross-crafty.

This blog post talks about a bridal bouquet that incorporated sheet music special to the couple and shows how this interacts with the other arrangements in the wedding which were all fresh flowers. 

This one I found on Pinterest where the paper flowers are made from book pages. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways that the paper flowers can be made and whether they work aesthetically will be subjective. That could be a point of drama in your story. Perhaps the bride insists, but the florist thinks it looks bad, so they have to get over their prejudice to give the best bouquet they can for the bride.

Good luck!

~*Mod Den*~