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The Juliet Strap. Bridals best kept secret.

You’ll find them on most strapless bridal gowns, if the style allows for it, but you wont see much mention of them online.

I haven’t been able to find any tutorials, no explanation, just the occasional reference on a bridal site. Sometimes they’re wrongly called a waist stay, other times I’ve seen them called an elastic bustier, but Juliet strap is what we call them, and its less confusing. The manufacturers who make our dresses for us (I work with a bridal designer) have never been confused when we asked for a Juliet strap in a dress.

Its a wide strap of elastic thats sewn into the side seams and has a closure like a bra band. I’ve seen them up to about 8 inches wide, the one in the picture is about 3.

What does a Juliet strap do? It holds the front of the dress to you! If its wide enough, it will also act as a bit of a corset. 

The strap helps hold the front up, and against your body. And keeps the movement of the front to a minimum. If you’re worried about a dress falling down, or not giving enough support in the front, its an easy alteration that will improve the fit. however, It works best with boning.

It would be the perfect addition to a bunny suit, or strapless dresses like Neo Queen serenity. 

10 Cocktail-Length Wedding Dresses

Short is the new long

Your day, your dress. If you decide you want to go short for your big day, don’t fret. There are tons of options out there for beautiful wedding dresses that hit at the knee or above the knee. A great dress choice for a destination wedding or even a second dress for your reception, shorter dresses are less heavy, show off your shoes, and give you more freedom to dance all night long!

Here are 10 cocktail-length wedding dresses to add to your Pinterest wedding boards.

‘Katie’ Strappy Lace Sheath Dress

Georgia Bell Sleeve Lace Dress

Priscilla Lace Dress

Abs by Allen Schwartz Dress - Cap Sleeve Lace

Flowy Skirt Bandage Dress

Adrianna Papell Dress - Embellished Illusion Neck Ruched

Sleeveless Lace Wrap Dress

Chi Chi London Premium Lace Midi Prom Dress with Bardot Neck

Silk Gazar Dress with Trimmed Hem

One Shoulder Mini Dress

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anonymous asked:

How could V,Jin,Namjoon and JHope do if they come home late and see you sleeping on sofa because you are waiting for them which one gonna carry you to bed room ;) , Gif reaction please . I glad that some anon like Jin. I really love my bias❤

(The real question is who doesn’t like Jin, he’s way to cute for not liking him eheh)

Oh and I kind of made imagines or something ? Yeah it’s definitely more than just gif reaction hope you’ll like it ^^

V/Taehyung : “You tried to wait for me again huh *sighs while smiling*” He will gently mess with you hair, trying his best not to wake you up, then he will carry you like a potato bag, but that will not wake you up because you’ll be really really tired ;) Then he will lay you down on your bed, before just crawling next to you and covering you both with a blanket. He will end with a cute peck on your lips or nose and a little “Good night” barely audible

Jin/Seokjin :  He will look at you in the loveliest way ever, he will gently carry you bridal style and will tip toe until your bed, then he’ll just gently lay you down, kiss your forehead and put a cover on top of you, he doesn’t want you to be cold ! “Sorry for the waiting angel, here I am now” and he will lay next to you, being really careful and quiet for not waking you up

Rapmonster/Namjoon : Will stare at you for a short moment, asking himself if he should just carry you to your bed or letting you on the couch because like he’s clumsy, if he tries anything he will wake you up or something. “Okay I can totally do that without breaking anything and without waking her up right ?” He will close his eyes, for kind of, earning confidence ? And will try to carry you bridal style, but it’ll end up in a really weird position. Anyway, he will almost trip over a shoe or something, but he’ll make his way to your bed safely. He will lay you down, exhaling and realizing that he made it without waking you, he will then kiss you head slightly and lay down next to you. He will succeed and will not wake you up, well, until he fall asleep and start snoring like a tractor motor ahah ! 

J-Hope/Hoseok : Will maybe get scared to see you on the sofa ahah ! He will talk to you even if he knows that you’re sleeping like “Yah y/n-ah why aren’t you in your bed.. You know that i’m late almost all the time..” He will sigh slightly and smile because you’re just to cute while you’re asleep (or because you’re snoring and he finds that cute/funny, make your choice lol), he will carry you bridal style, and carefully make his way to your bed before laying you down gently. He will gently caress your cheek before just laying beside you, putting an arm and a leg over you and fall asleep next to you

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