bridal theme

This is all perfect.

Her dress - the chandlers + lights hanging from the trees - the dance floor - the bridal party 

Fun Wedding Fact #1: My mom used Batman comic book featuring Clayface (Johnny’s favorite villain) to make the men’s boutonnières.

Wedding Fun Fact #2: Our vows were a mad lib we wrote ourselves. We each just filled in the blanks.

Wedding Fun Fact #3: My bridal bouquet of flowers had hidden Mickey’s and ribbon tassels.

Wedding Fun Fact # 4: We found piano versions of wrestling songs for the ceremony. Wrestlemania Theme (bridal party)

Sexy Boy (Johnny)

Pomp and Circumstance (Me)

Last fun little fact: (Even though there were little special things everywhere) Our cake toppers were made by Johnny’s Mom!

Candice and Johnny’s wedding facts from Candice’s insta stories. 💜💜