bridal rituals

MAGIC MIKE (Jimin: Rated M)

Word count: 5.5k

🍫’s note: I was really inspired to write this when I saw a tweet about an outfit of Chim. He was wearing a bondage harness for fuck’s sake was instantly reminded of how sinful he looks like. LET’S UNLEASH CHRISTIAN CHIMCHIM FUCKERS (btw it’s been years since the last time I wrote sthmng so don’t be a bitch 😂)

One of your friends is about to have her bridal shower and God knows how much you needed it. The world seems to be a little harsh on you these past few days and you see this as the perfect time to loosen up. Plus, you’re definitely not a hoe but who knows. Especially when that man with the bondage harness appeared.


Once you stepped inside the club the different colors of strobe lights instantly hit your eyes. It’s been months since the last time you came to somewhere like this to party and you definitely can’t believe it’s happening in Vegas. People are just literally everywhere jumping, dancing and grinding with each other’s hips to the beat of the music.

“Sin City, huh.” you can’t help but mutter to yourself. Simply amazed. How long have you been hiding in the dungeon of yours, anyways?

The sight before you caught you in so much awe you almost missed a call from the soon-to-be-bride herself. Grabbing your phone you slid your finger over the green button. “Don’t tell me you’ll be turning down my invite for the nth time?! It’s my party you should be here with m—”

“I am here, idiot. Like literally standing inside a club in Vegas to attend that damn party of yours.” you said cutting off her nagging.

Despite the loud music bouncing off the walls of the club, you heard her excited squeal at the end of the line. Hearing that, you can’t help but smile to yourself. “Quit it. You’re in VIP room 013, right?” you confirmed. “Yes! Faster!” then she hung up.

After excusing yourself and making way through the ocean of hyped people for how many times you successfully reached room 013 and entered it without much hesitation. Louder music blasted within the corners of the room and the strong smell of alchol entered your nostrils instantly giving you butterflies. Are you excited? Well fine, you gotta admit that somehow you really are.

“Sweetie you came!” now you’re face to face with your friend who’s going to be tied down soon with his rich ass fiancé. Lucky and truly deserving. You smiled and gave her the biggest hug while congratulating her. “What the hell. This VIP room is enormous and the party is going well. I hate you for this.” she chuckled at your remark and said, “I know what you feel is exactly the opposite. You love me.”

You gave your surroundings another glance and realized that probably half of the guests are some of your long-term girl friends and the other half would be complete strangers. “Earth to Y/N!” your friend snapped her fingers in front of your face stopping your train of thoughts. “You look like shit just a few seconds ago. Chill.” she grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the counter where all the drinks are located, “Here. Let’s do shots!”

Okay. Calm the fuck down. Remember Y/N you came here to get wasted. You’re in Vegas don’t be a pussy and waste this rare moment in your life.

No one is, will, and can stop you.

Agreeing with yourself, you instantly grabbed a shot glass full of vodka and downed it to your heart’s content. The burn sliced through your throat traveling to your chest. You missed this. You missed being wrecked. Fuck work. Fuck your boss. “That’s what I’m talking about!” you both giggled and knew that it will be one of the best nights of your life.

And you weren’t exactly wrong because in fact you were so damn right.

Whenever you drink, the alcohol never disappoints you. It always boosted your confidence and that’s when the dancing of yours starts. You on the dance floor swaying your hips from side to side wouldn’t be a bother to you. With you continuously finishing a couple of shots now and then after every dance, the loud music and blinding lights inside the room, it was impossible for your mind not to feel hazy but who cares?

No one.

Or maybe someone does?

You gripped the glass you were holding and stop dead tracks on the dance floor. It’s very strange. It’s as if someone is watching you. But you are sure that every person in this damn room is busy with their own lives like who would wa— then your eyes fell on a young man standing across from you several feet away. Your eyes wandered from his leather shoes up to his black slacks which screamed his thick thighs to his white button down that reveals a little skin of his milky chest and of course up to his beautiful face plastered with a silly smirk.

He is looking, no, watching you. Every damn move of yours.

Now you started to feel flustered, battling whether to just shrug off his piercing gaze or continue the staring game with the fallen angel. You try your hardest to look for answers at the back of your head until the lights and music slowly faded catching you off guard, making you break the eye contact and direct your attention to the mini-stage where your friend is. She is holding a microphone and the spotlight is currently on her. Maybe she’s about to give some speech shit or what but being the selfish person you are, you let yourself be distracted and attempted to direct your attention to the young man again. Only to find him nowhere to be seen.

He was definitely standing there a few seconds ago.

“What the fuck? Where is he?” you twisted and turned your head to find him in the crowd full of ladies but you simply failed.

Did you just hallucinate? No. You were sure he was really there. Yes, the alcohol already made its way in your system but you’re a big girl, you can handle yourself. Your mind can’t be playing tricks on you.

But that man being an illusion isn’t impossible. He’s too beautiful to be a human anyways. You shook your head and just listened to whatever your friend is saying, this night is all about her, you need to stop being a selfish bitch.

She went on with her speech like thanking her guests for coming and all. Y/F/N also mentioned that all of you would be playing games after her talk. Like games, as in dirty games. You know, typical bridal shower rituals. “Everyone should participate. I wouldn’t take no for an answer!” that’s what she exactly screamed at the microphone. “AND I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR ALL OF YOU. I know you guys should be the ones surprising me but I honestly don’t give a fuck.” you couldn’t help but giggle. Seriously, you still can’t believe she’s about to get married.

Just like what she said, you immediately started playing games after the speech. You were laughing your ass off at every game. It’s dirty yet funny to play at the same time. She made her guests do crazy things and you are one of them.

“This is crazy. You’re crazy fuck off.” you muttered in between your laughs. Your body feels drained after playing several rounds of the games. Good thing it’s over now. “I get it asshole.” she said while chuckling with you, “But seriously, you’re going to love me forever because of my surprise” she exclaimed, grabbing your arm to drag you up on the mini-stage. You noticed there were three high chairs not that far from each other and two other girls were already sitting down on it. The middle high chair is left abandoned and that’s where she pushed you down for you to sit. “Or not,” she said, finishing her sentence then leaving you there alone with the two girls.

Your expression screamed ‘what the actual fuck’ but you’re too stunned to move or even react to what’s happening and when you just successfully collected your mind, a remix of Chris Brown’s Sweet Love played then the people went wild. A guy’s hand snaked from your behind landing on your stomach giving you a tight grip. A shiver ran down on your spine when you felt the heat of his body radiate on you.


His right hand stayed on your stomach then the other one interwined with your left hand. Honestly you don’t have the guts too look back and face the man behind you, not when your face is lightly sweating out and flaming red. He was lowering himself a little behind to have your back aligned with his chest so that he can press it on your upper back. There were two layers of clothing separating your skin from his but you can feel it. You can feel the hardness of his chest grinding on you. The man behind you gripped your left hand even tighter when he slowly raised your clasped hands up to his lips giving it a few gentle kisses. He let go of your left hand just to guide and leave it on his hair for you to grab on. The softness of his hair made you automatically run your hands on it. “Look at me, doll face.” he sensually whispered on your ear. Being nervous is an understatement and you didn’t want to follow him but the alcohol in your body kicked in once again, helping you gain confidence. With the help of his soft but manly hands on your jaw, you twisted your head to look at him making your lips suddenly part due to astonishment.

Anticipation and excitement rushed to fill you all the way down to your core. You felt the sudden gush of wetness stain your lace panties. The young man from earlier, yes the fallen angel, my beautiful illusion or whatsoever is infront of me only some centimeters away. A realization hit you like a truck. So this explains why a gorgeous man was in the middle of a room filled with women only. Maybe he was waiting for his performance.

“I wanna do you baby” he unexpectedly blurted out along with the lyrics of the song. Like before his gaze piereced through your soul but hearing those words come out of his plump lips up close, you want him to touch you. You won’t fucking care even if he does it infront of these people.

You want him. Badly.

He bit his lip hard and untangled himself away from you. All of a sudden, a disappointed whine came stumbling out of your mouth. You’re pretty sure you heard him chuckle darkly while he was moving to stand properly in front you. Now you can see the whole him. Beautiful. Just beautiful. His clothes are still the same when you saw him earlier the only difference is that his white button down is matched with a bondage harness. You were wearing a tight skirt, “Call me Jimin, baby girl.” that’s why when Jimin forcedly open your legs for him to stand in between startled you so much you needed to hold onto his shoulders.

Jimin grabbed the back of your knees to raise it higher revealing to him your lace panties marked by your wetness. Heat spread like wildfire on your cheeks painting them even more red than it can possibly be. He started grinding on your exposed thighs switching on every side once in a while. Breathing became harder and you felt like the oxygen around you is lacking. Like Jimin is taking it away from you and he really is. When you thought he couldn’t get any sexier, he proved you wrong by harshly pulling you really close, wrapping your legs around him causing your chest to rest on his and then that’s when he started doing body rolls hitting you with the waves his body is producing. You automatically gripped his shoulder blades to have him closer and shamelessly tilted your head back. Jimin took that chance to bury his face in between your throat and collarbone then start giving smooth hip thrusts straight to your core.

Before you can even stop yourself a quiet moan left your lips only for Jimin to hear. The angel himself became a devil hearing your moan and gave out harder thrusts giving your pussy an indirect contact with his crotch. You don’t know if Jimin could feel it but you are so wet you wanted to be taken care by him right then and there.

The music slowly came to an end making the both of you loosen your grip with each other but seemed to never wanna let go. The song ended with his crotch pressed so closely onto your clothed pussy with the two of you panting heavily.

You don’t know if it’s the alcohol or just him but your mind went really numb and little by little you realized how embarrassing the situation is. Especially the position you’re in. Everyone in the party cheered showing that they enjoyed what the 3 men performed. Now you can feel the shame run through you and probably your facial expression says it all that’s why Jimin whispered, “It’s oka—” but even before he could finish his sentence you found yourself breaking the eye contact with him, moving away and running down down the mini-stage. You needed to be alone and calm every nerve in your system.


Good thing this VIP room has its own restroom, you didn’t need to go too far to be able to hide. You rushed towards the sink and hurriedly splashed some water on your face to shake off the heat Jimin made you feel. Staring at your reflection on the mirror, “Okay Y/N, just relax. Whatever your reaction up there was normal. Surely the two other girls were like you. Hot and bothered as well.” you said, trying to comfort yourself. After a few moments of silence and walking back and forth, contemplating whether is it alright for you to go back in there already, you finally had the courage to step out of the restroom to face everyone simply muttering a single, “Fuck it.”

Just when you thought things wouldn’t get any worse, the mere sight of your friend hopping before you proved you wrong. She’s excited again, something’s wrong. “I was looking for you all over the place!” your friend exclaimed, completely clueless about the fact that you just encountered one of the most embarassing moments of your life minutes ago. Now, she’s dragging you again who knows where and it’s starting to traumatize you. If you just don’t love her swear you’ll be leaving this damn party already.

Y/F/N brought you closer to a group of girls who kept on squealing and giggling trying to fake their feminine behavior. Oh please. These girls should give you a break. What’s with the attitude anyways? With the endless, “Excuse us.”, “Please make way.”, “Soon-to-be-bride comin’ through.” of Y/F/N they gave the both of you enough space to walk on.

Regret and humiliation once again tainted your chest when you saw the main reason why your not-so-nice friend dragged you again. You knew it. You fucking knew it.

It’s because of him.

Why is he still around? Their performance was done already, right?

“Honey, we have them for the whole night. You think really loud you know.” you snapped your head to your friend’s direction when she answered the questions floating inside your brain. Jimin was sitting on a chair along with the two other performers and they were surrounded by the guests who are all girls, of course. The three of them were pure sin and beauty you can’t blame them.

You felt uneasy- but thrilled- at the same time when his eyes lingered on yours. His expression was blank and heavy but you saw the glint of playfulness in his eyes. Here you go again with the staring contest with the gorgeous specimen. You were the first one who broke the eye contact because you know that his beauty might just kill you and swear you didn’t mean to trail your eyes elsewhere. His button fucking down is open exposing his toned chest and stomach. Jimin is still wearing the bondage harness doing a crisscross on his skin teasing everyone on this room.

Especially you.

Staring at him for eternity won’t bore you even for a second. You were definitely ogling him too much for your liking but just enough for his. Yep. Good luck with your ruined panties. Wearing your favorite one for tonight was a wrong decision.

“We were playing a game while you were away,” for the first time in your life you are thanking God for your friend’s nonstop blabbering. “Another game? What game?” you were talking to your friend but your whole attention was on Jimin. That man is still watching you. “See for yourself.” she said pointing to one of the performers. You carefully eyed him as he took a slice of lemon and rested it in between his lips and watched how a girl placed a pinch of salt on the guy’s neck, “You get to pick the body part.” all of a sudden, with a swift motion she licked off the salt without any hesitations then downed the tequila in her hand. “Here comes the best and hottest part.” the girl bent down to level herself from him, snatching the lemon from the boy’s lips. “Easy, right?” she remarked with mischief covering her voice.

She’s obviously challenging you. “I know you want that guy. Own him.” she advised while looking at Jimin- who is busy gawking at you- elbowing your side afterwards.

“IT’S Y/N’S TURN!” she yelled out of the blue followed by a harsh nudge on your back making you stumble forward to Jimin. Now everyone’s attention is on you. You promised yourself that you’re going to plot your revenge after this.

The guests started cheering right away when Jimin openly positioned the lemon in his lips. They were screaming and squealing words you can’t comprehend anymore due to the fact you’re standing in front of the man who humped you just moments ago- and if it isn’t obvious you liked it. You inhaled and exhaled deeply attempting to think of an innocent body part. With shaky hands you held out his arm, grabbed a pinch of salt putting it on top of his wrist consequently. You didn’t spare Jimin a glance. Not even once. Embarrassment eating you out from head to toe.

It’ll be over soon just fucking do it.

You felt his gaze boring into you again as you moved closer to him. Filled with hesitation you slowly ducked down to lick off the salt resting on his pulse. The moment he felt the warmth of your tongue, good heavens you promise you heard him release a low growl. Your mind felt hazy and every brain cell of yours is sure that it’s because of Jimin and not the alcohol. Who are you kidding?

Before you can lose the control over yourself, you quickly drank the tequila not bothering with the burn it set in your throat. Maybe everyone else were stunned just like you when Jimin grab a hold of your arm with his one hand and your jaw with other tightly. Soon you found his lips hovering yours to transfer the slice of lemon on your parted lips.

His mouth stayed on yours a little longer than it should be. You fought the urge to jump on him and make out with him in front of your friend’s guests. Jimin decided to move away from your lips but stayed close enough to face you.

The electrifying chemistry between the two of you is becoming hard to deny. You dared. You dared to lock eyes with him and look through his soul as well. He trapped his lower lip in the middle of his teeth then released it seconds after. Those lips were really warm and oh the things you would do just to feel them again. “Such a good girl,” Jimin whispered, a silly smile painting his lips.

“Come with me?” he asked, surely absorbed with your presence. He didn’t even flinch when the girls around you started gasping out of shock.

I’d even cum for you.

Of course you didn’t say that but you’d do it. Pervert.

You answered him with a nod and he immediately interwined his fingers with yours and made a run for it. “That’s my bitch!” your friend proudly squeaked somewhere behind you. “Okay ladies calm the fuck down you still have two attractive men before you.” she explained. Let’s see if you’ll be thanking her after tonight.

Truth to be told, you didn’t know where the both of you are going but the other thing is you don’t care as long as you’re with him. The both of you stopped in front of door with a sign that says ‘Authorized Personnel Only’.

“I’ll have you on my bed next time but for now, this would have to do.” he winked at you. So there would be a next time? Butterflies swarmed inside the pit of your stomach at the thought of it.

Jimin opened the door and let you in, following you right after. The soft click of the lock behind you echoed in the confined space of the room. You turned around to face Jimin and hurriedly connected your lips to his. The kiss was so messy and heated with all the sucking and biting. Your soft hands made its way on his bare chest traveling down to his abs, feeling the muscles tense under your fingertips. “Why are your clothes open out there?” you looked at him, slightly squinting your eyes. “It’s the game.” he said getting really defensive. “Some of the girls placed the salt on my chest and sto–” before he could even finish his explanation, you pushed him on the nearest wall and gave his chest some wet sloppy kisses. “Fuck,” he cursed while grabbing a fistful of your hair.

Jealousy radiated out on you as you continued making out with his chest down to his abdomen, avoiding the leather of the harness that blocks his skin . You don’t want to hear or even imagine what the girls out there did to him. It should’ve been you, the whole fucking time.

But you’re a pussy. Serves you right.

Of course, other girls probably got to taste him already. Especially in his line of work. But tonight will be all about you.

Only you and Jimin.

Tonight you want to own him and him to own you. Even just for this night.

He gripped your chin and made you look up to him. “Feisty and eager, aren’t we?” he smirked then lowered himself to attack your mouth with feverish kisses, the two of you taking your own turns in moaning between them.

“Strip for me baby girl,” Jimin ordered, eyeing you intensely.

All of a sudden you felt insecure and awkward without much alcohol flowing in your system after hearing his order. Jimin might have noticed this hesitation of yours and whispered, “You’d do it for me, right beautiful?” Then he smiled genuinely, warming your heart.

And core. Instantly.

Untucking your sleeveless top from your skirt you slowly raised it over your head to fully remove it, quickly followed by your tight skirt piling up somewhere in the room. “So so beautiful,” Jimin muttered, talking to himself more. His eyes screamed adoration when they raked over your slightly naked figure. He glided the back of his fingers on your skin to absorb how soft and smooth it feels, just as much how it looks. The second his hand touched the valley of your breasts a small moan escaped your lips and you involuntarily arched your back to ask for more. “You like it here?” he questioned, his voice dripping with lust and eyes snapping up to look at your pleased face.

The atmosphere was really heavy and thick making you lose your breath. Due to lack of oxygen and lust your face was already painted with crimson red all over but despite it, you nodded without uncertainty. You saw the way his wrist twisted, soon you found Jimin palming one of your breasts through your lace brassiere. “Like this?” he asked, throwing another question at you then clutching hard the soft muscle between his palm and fingers. “Yes! Yes, just like that!” you managed to confess tilting your head to catch more air as Jimin continued playing with your chest. There’s a layer of clothing resting between his hands and your breasts but you can feel the warmness of his skin.

Jimin looked so sexy wearing the bondage harness but you wanted to see him naked that’s why you decided to take it off along with his button down adding them to the abandoned clothes on the floor. Right before you could toss away his harness, he caught your pulse snatching it from your slim fingers. He took a bite on his lower lip then teasingly grinned at you. “Arms up sweetheart,” he commanded. You followed what he said, not wanting to disobey him. Jimin swiftly slid it down on your body, adjusting it to your size afterwards. The leather felt very tight around your upper body but its tightness was enough to let you breathe just fine.

“Fuck you’re so sexy,” he praised as he stared at your now emphasized chest since the leather was doing a crisscross exactly on your cleavage. He hooked his fingers in the ring at the middle of the harness and pulled you towards him enclosing the small space between the two of you. Jimin lifted your bra cup releasing your breasts then lowered himself to lick a stripe on your hard nipple. Your hands instantly flew on his nape urging him to suck and bite. As if on cue, he did what you are hoping for leaving trails of saliva and red- turning into purple- hickeys on your skin.

While he was busy taking care of you, your eyes fell on his pants and automatically bit your lip when you saw his painfully hard erection. You rapidly undid his belt and dragged down his pants showcasing his thin boxers before you. Jimin stepped out of his pants and knelt down leveling his face in your stomach. He moved his face closer to bury it in between your thighs and you stiffen as you watched him inhale your scent.

“You smell really damn good.” he told you grasping the sides of your upper thighs then licking them after.

Your legs started to shake out of anticipation as you watched him praise every inch of your body, “Now I can’t help but wonder how sweet that pussy of yours is.” he spoke while having an eye contact with you.

Jimin hoisted each of your leg on his shoulder blades where he let your thighs sit while your back rested on the wall. His face is literally just centimeters away from your drenched core. When did you become so light that he was able to hold you up in a position like this?

You weren’t given enough time to think of an answer, he just dived straightaway on your covered pussy instantly driving you insane. His skillful tongue assaulting your lace underwear to bury it further inside your slit. A loud guttural moan resonated from your mouth. You felt Jimin moved your underwear to the side so he could pull on your clitoris freely. Before you can even register it in your mind, you already found your hips maneuvering along the movements of the warm and wet muscle between his teeth.

Different sounds and profanities continuously fell out from you and Jimin, proving that you’re not the only one enjoying but him as well.

“Jimin baby please,” you begged, not knowing what you are trying to beg for. You just want to come so bad.

He removed your legs off of him and stood up to face you again. “I want to cum so bad,” you sobbed against his lips. Another offensive language rolled off his tongue at your frank confession. “Please make me cum,” you added, making Jimin completely lose his control over himself. He removed his boxers hastily, kicking it away when it landed above his feet. You mimicked his actions, patience running very low and arousal spiking up.

His erection stood proudly hitting his lower abdomen with pre-cum leaking on its tip dripping down to his shaft. The very sexy sight made you thirsty resulting you licking your lips. “Eyes up baby.” Jimin said, absolutely pleased with the way you ogle his throbbing cock. He picked up the back of your thighs to raise you up in the air and sink you back down on his erection, entering you easily due to your dripping core.

“O-Ohh shit,” you swore while wrapping your arms around his neck to keep you steady.

Jimin being inside you made you feel really full. His cock stretched you so nicely that pure bliss is only what you felt. Then he started rocking you up and down on his erection earning a loud growl from him. It felt so good you didn’t notice that you were already clawing his back looking for help with the overflowing pleasure you’re currently feeling. He embraced your hips using his left hand and yanked the bondage harness you’re wearing from behind with his right hand, cutting off some air from entering your lungs.

You automatically gasped trying to breathe in more oxygen you can. Jimin went on with a faster pace, his cock hitting the deepest parts of your core. “You’re fucking drenched and I can feel you sucking me in really great.” you were very amazed at how Jimin can still have the ability to construct a sentence because when it comes to your mind, all you can think of is pure sin.

Attempting to experiment you rocked your hips in circles, your clit bumping constantly on Jimin’s hip. Pleasure shooting right through the pit of your stomach making you clench around his dick. His groans become louder with the feeling your pussy tightening on him. This encouraged the both of you to go harder and faster to the point where you can only hear are the sounds of panting, grunting, moaning, plus his balls hitting your ass. You enclosed the space between the two of you and locked lips. Jimin fought for dominance against your tongue then succeeding after a while. Your hips and his are constantly moving in sync, you bouncing downwards and him thrusting upwards in a very brutal way.

The instant Jimin caught your nipple to softly bite and suck on it, you sensed the coiling of your stomach. He was starting to whine and you were already screaming his name not caring whether the people outside are bothered with your noise. With the steady but severe feeling of his shaft going in and out of you and the contradicting effect of Jimin adoring every inch of your skin, you lost yourself in pure ecstasy releasing the bubble formed in your lower abdomen. You kept riding his cock clutching and chasing the aftermath of your climax then you felt Jimin’s load protruding the walls of your pussy, warming your insides. He thrusted and thrusted nonstop until the both of you are shaking due to oversensitivity.

You slowly climbed down still holding onto Jimin asking for help and he promptly hugged your body to calm your breathing so that your muscles can relax. He ran down his thumb on your spine, your body reacting right away leaning on his touch.

“I never asked any client of mine this kind of question but,” he said, his voice faltering and eyes falling on your lips. “can we not be a one time thing?” he asked continuing his sentence, voice still enlaced with worry.

His grip on you turned firmer as he waited for your answer. Jimin was definitely scared with you giving him a ‘no’. The job can be one factor for you to turn him down and yes as of now you are still holding onto him but you can let go anytime. He can’t even decipher your facial expression and it’s making him even more anxious than he is— but then you brightly smiled at him, heat spreading across his chest. “Okay. But your job. We need to talk about it soon.” you told him honestly, giving his cheek a kiss subsequently.

“Of course,” he agreed, smiling back as well.

Damn you almost forgot.

You still need to thank your friend.