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Do you have any good dramas that are historical and have a good plot (also I mean a nice romance would be good as well) something like Scarlett heart maybe ? Thanks 🙃

Six Flying Dragons - 50 eps I think but worth it. Good mixture of fictional and real historical figures, and story follows real events. Romance is canon but just a sub plot. There’s more than just one otps. Here’s my fave confession clip. A+ acting from my fave Yoo Ah In, and many co-actors.

Empress Ki - 50 eps too I think. I haven’t watched it bc I got spoiled about the story and ending… Very popular! and good I’m sure.

Bridal Mask (aka Gaksital) - 28-30 eps??? Don’t be fooled by the weird mask! totally great plot and acting by the two main actors. Romance is a plus, kinda.

Love in the Moonlight - 18-20 eps? I dropped it, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. I liked the cinematography and all the outfits. The romance part is a big plus, though the actress is young. Was very popular in S.K and quite a bit on tumblr.

All contain a fair amount of angst so good luck.

During summer I’m planning to watch ‘Dong Yi’ and ‘Jang Ok’, so maybe you can beat me to it?