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Engagement in Pakistan is not just a couple’s event. It is a preplanned family gathering where preparations take as much effort as a wedding. Families gather, rings are exchanged, food is served and most importantly, the thought behind the couple’s attire takes precedence like any other wedding ceremony. 

For your engagement, it is important that you do not look like a bride. Save that for the big day. Go for more subtle and softer colors. For the Fall/Winter season, incorporate belts, velvet, short shirts with shararas/ghararas and statement jewelry.  

Don’t foget to smile!


THE SUN ALSO RISES - model: Amanda Wellsh - photography: Yelena Yemchuk - styling: Cathy Kasterine - hair: Alain Pichon - makeup: Pep Gay - location: Mallorca (Majorca), Spain -  Porter Magazine #13 Spring 2016

  • featured designer: Alexander McQueen

Just, look at the bridal party.

ENCHANTING SPARKLING AND FLYING - model: Soo Joo Park - photographer: Kevin Mackintosh - fashion editor/ stylist: Enrica Ponzellini - makeup: Tiziana Raimondo - Vogue Gioiello September 2012

  • Dolce & Gabbana dress - Faraone diamond earrings & necklace - Luca Carati pendant with black & white diamonds