Urbex: Infinity Reservoir in London

Urbex: Abandoned Underground Reservoir London


Here’s further proof that Greek Mythology + LEGO = Awesome

Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks designed and built this fantastic kinetic LEGO sculpture depicting the punishment of Sisyphus, a greedy, deceitful, and murderous king who also made the grievous error of betraying Zeus. His punishment was to spend eternity in the Underworld repeatedly rolling a huge boulder up a steep hill. There’s something strangely soothing about watching this LEGO figure toil away.

Allemann’s design is based on a Disney Research video from 2013. Watch this video for Allemann’s explanation of how his geektastic device works.

Visit the JK Brickworks website for his complete parts list and building guide.

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Through all the grit and decay I stumbled upon tranquility

For anyone interested in purchasing my prints please follow the link or message me!

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Science + LEGO = Awesome

Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks (previously featured here) created this wonderful LEGO orrery that depicts the moon orbiting the Earth as both of them orbit the sun. It’s powered by Power Functions M-Motor or manually operated by turning a little crank on the side.

Due to limitations in the components available to him, Allemann’s orrery is about 97% accurate. The itty-bitty moon orbits the Earth every 28 days and it takes the LEGO Earth 375 days to complete its year-long orbit of the Sun.

“I tried to focus on making the rotation and movements as accurate as possible without making it too complex… The relative sizes and distances between the objects is obviously not to scale, a concession often taken with these models. It’s also missing the tilt of the Earth and inclination of the Moon’s orbit. Perhaps some things that could be added in the future.”

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My art is going to be on one of those “Stick your face into the cardboard cutout” thingies!

It will be presented for the first time at the Evergreen Brickworks Picnic! Come on down On Sunday October 2nd if you want to see it…and have some great food as well (or so I’m told.) 

Though…someone else is projecting my image and tracing the linework and painting it…Hope they do the work justice! Haha :P