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Hi, I just wanted so say how nice and refreshing it is to have on my dash someone who isn't so damn negative about andromeda and doesn't constantly make fun of it. I mean, I follow a lot of fans, so it's not that horrible but every now and then I see the negativity and idk it's just sad. I hope people can see all the beautiful stuff there is in andromeda and stop complaining about the animations... It's a wonderful game so far and this is all really undeserved. So thanks and have a nice day!

thank you for sending me this ♥ 

i see negativity constantly. (mostly bc i tend to visit others’ blogs who have reblogged something of mine and just scroll a bit and BAM there’s the hate) more often i see jokes and such, but i don’t find any of it funny. it’s just so repetitive and most of the time antis are the ones who made the posts sooo….

but yeah, i know it can be sad and disheartening. 

since i got to play early and such (and have enjoyed it immensely) i’m going to make it my mission to be aggressively positive about it on here. all of the hate is truly undeserved, as you said. there will be spots of odd animations here and there (as with any games?), but not at all constantly as the antis will have you believe.

aaa anyways i’m rambling… sorry lol. thanks again for sending me this, you’re a dear. ♥

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well I’m always interested! :D what I also find fasciting are those statues of mythal in the temple, where she is pictured pretty much with dragon wings… old gods, elvhen gods, andraste etc. it’s all quite complicated, I love it! :)

Yeah it seems like Mythal is heavily associated with dragons, but (and I forget where off-hand) supposedly it’s implied they all could change into dragons? It’s interesting, to be sure!

What really gets me about this game are the layers. Layers of details and information and context, it’s what I live for in anything I consume haha. Joke’s on me because this game consumes you not the other way around.

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You know, that's one of the most wonderful things about your writing, you have such a great grasp on characters' emotions and their personality in general! For example I pretty much ignore most of the sad Solavellan fanfics, I finished the game and obviously I don't need more sadness, haha, but I still read every single one you write, because even though some of them are terribly sad they are so well written that it's worth it.

Thank you so much. That really means a lot. 

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arghhhhhhh this hurts everything that makes me alivvveeee

[rips open shirt] SOLAS/LAVELLAN. I won’t apologise for it if you won’t with your cosplaying. Just keep on the Solavellan train. Don’t stop. Full speed ahead. 


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this is wonderful!

You always leave the sweetest feedback, x. Thanks, as always. 

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hey bene, have you seen the updated video from the temple of mythal already? the one with the whispers when inquisitor drinks from the well? (on yt 'EASTER EGG- Cleaned Up Temple of Mythal Backwards Audio: Different Meaning') I wonder how important this actually is or you know, how much hidden stuff there could be... anyway, just letting you know! :)

I did see it and it helped me formulate some opinions about it, Mythal, Andraste, Shartan, and Solas. Not entirely sure how to put all of THAT into one post though, so I might just write separate theory posts, if anyone is interested.

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I was also hoping my Lavellan's tattoo represents Falon'Din, he's really interesting! Also she's a necromancer so yeah, heh, that would be nice match... Anyway, if you knew the meaning before starting the game would you choose different tattoo? (personally, I would not)

Yes and no.

There is a temptation to say yes because thematically (for how I am writing my fics) there are some really interesting things I could say about Solas’ reaction to Isii wearing the vallaslin of Andruil, Ghilan'nain or Dirthamen (which would be my top picks). I could also make something interesting out of her having the vallaslin of Falon'din, Mythal or Elgar'nan. But unless I switch around some of my headcanons, I have nothing particularly interesting to say about June - at least in terms of Isii wearing his mark. That and I am not certain why she would have chosen it for herself.


The answer is ultimately no. Because I wouldn’t have been choosing a vallaslin knowing my boyfriend would turn out to be an ancient elven god. <_<  Me caring about the meaning behind the mark is almost entirely hinged on what I assume he would think about it.

Also, June’s mark is just damn pretty.

I mean, look at this face:

That is a pretty face.

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I really like Joan Hawke with short hair and that matching clothes but what you did with her looks for act 2 is amazing, she is so beautiful! will there be any changes for act 3?

Y'know what? Bless you for this message, because the “omg aveline” comments were getting tiresome. I mean really it’s just a hair change (same colour as her old hair) and a new set of armour (which uses the Rogue item pack 2 mesh because it’s gorgeous) so she isn’t too different but idk it’s just very “moving up in the world” vibed. She’ll have a hair change for Act 3 definitely, possibly thinking of going back to a short cut because of her frustration at situations surrounding her. We’ll see. ANYWAY I’M RAMBLING and being grumpy so yes, thank you my lovely, this has made me smile.

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11. and/or 20. for Isii, hm? (also merry christmas to you! thank you for all your wonderful stories!)

11 - Are they better with children, animals, or neither?

Keeper Deshanna smiled warmly, her eyes narrowing on Isii. “A child in your arms. It is a good look for you, da’len.”

Isii laughed softly to cover her impatient sigh, shifting the fussing infant along the crook of her hip. “Do not get too attached to the image, Keeper. I am only looking after him until Dehari comes back.”

“You are good with the child. He soothes when you touch him.” Isii tried not to grimace, knowing exactly where this conversation was going. This was a path they had walked down many times. “You should consider when you are going to have a child of your own, da’len.”

The Keeper was worried that Isii was waiting too long. That she was getting too old, that she would let her youth slip away, along with her chances of motherhood. They were a dying people. Every elf must do their part to keep their race alive. “I wouldn’t trust myself with a dog, let alone a child.” She joked. A deflection. Not even a particularly good one. She could see the Keeper was not pleased. “When I find one to bond to, then perhaps.”

“I have already begun to reach out to the Keepers of Sabrae and Alerion.” Deshanna said with a nod. “We will find someone for you. Do not worry.”

Isii was not worried. She didn’t want her Keeper playing matchmaker. It was not a lack of potential suitors that kept her from bonding with one of the men in her clan.

The baby whimpered and she lifted him higher, bouncing him absentmindedly against her chest. Being good with children and wanting a child were two different things. A child was something precious - which meant it was one more thing that would hurt to lose.

A lover, in that sense, was no different. 

20 - If they met, how would your Inquisitor get along with your Warden? Your Hawke?

After all that time spent looking for her, Isii never thought she would meet the Queen of Ferelden; nor did she think it would take place at the palace in Denerim. The Warden-Commander, recently returned from what Isii assumed was a successful mission, requested a visit from the Herald of Andraste. Isii made time for the trip, eager to solidify their political ties to the throne. Being an organization founded in Orlais did not do them any favors in terms of their relationship with the Dog Lords. 

The meeting was brief, but Isii felt comfortable in Myra Theirin’s presence. The Queen was a kind woman; light-hearted, if not worn from hardship. Neither she nor her husband seemed particularly interested in formalities, which was a refreshing change from the Orlesians Isii often had to garner favor with. She could tell that they were both quite happy to be together once more. Even as Myra conducted their meeting with grace, it was impossible not to see the looks cast between them - the warm smiles, the small laughter after a shared whispered word. He kept his hand over hers at all times, as if to remind himself that she was still there. 


Hawke was not what Isii expected. From Varric’s story, she got the impression that Marian Hawke was a lively sort: a sarcastic jokester with a heart of gold. The woman she met was quieter. Withdrawn. She appeared to get lost in her thoughts often.

Isii got the courage to ask her about it once, after both of them had consumed enough in Skyhold’s tavern to no longer worry about broaching uncomfortable topics.

“Do you ever regret it? Tying yourself to Anders like that?”

Hawke stared down into her drink, choosing her words carefully. “I can hate what he’s done, even if I understand his reasons. But I can never hate him. The stories always get him wrong. They cast him in the role they want him to be in. But I know the real Anders. I know the man underneath the surface everyone sees. Maybe it makes me a romantic sap, but I would do anything to stay with him.

“But it’s hard to love a man who keeps secrets from you. It’s hard to love a man who would sacrifice everything you have together for what he thinks is the greater good.”

She paused, finishing off her drink. “Feel lucky you’re not in my shoes. I would not wish that kind of love on anyone.”

  1. smerchfanatic said: Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times Buster Keaton’s The General Freaks (1932) The Man Who Laughs (Conrad Veidt) Frankenstein (1931) Dracula (1931) Hope this helps :)
  2. @bricktheprettiestsiren said: It happened one night; My man Godfrey; Pygmalion; Bringing up Baby; Top hat; Gone with the wind; Mr. Smith goes to Washington; The hands of Orlac; Duck soup; Modern times (no surprises, sorry for that, but maybe you’ll pick something anyway :)

Thank you guys so much! Out of these I haven’t seen The Man Who Laughs and Duck Soup but I’ve heard so many good things about these two films. Definitely gonna check them out.

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(this was supposed to be just a reply to that Shartan theory, but it's far too long, sorry) brilliant! I find that theory quite interesting but it simply doesn't make much sense to me, although I have to admit that the paintings of Shartan carrying an orb got me pretty confused... but in the end I see the similarities more as just paralels than proofs, things just happen and something slightly similar might one day occur again; also a question - have you read masked empire?

Thanks! Glad you liked my excuse to look through codexes in the middle of the night.

Cause this is how I have fun. Like a total nerd.

External image

As far as reading Masked Empire: Not yet, but I desperately want to! I’ve read ABOUT Masked Empire as it relates to some of my theory research, but I’ve tried to keep myself from spoiling the entire book.

Unless some benevolent force hands them to me, I’m going to have to wait to catch up on my DA reading until I’ve got a little more spending money. I’ve only read Asunder and Stolen Throne, though I think I am caught up on the comics.

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I love the idea with that armor! he really needed something new (I don’t like the basic armor he always gets, with all those color combinations it’s quite ridiculous sometimes)

it was the only way! damned imperials getting all the nice looking armor, gah. there’s a lot of armor that looks off on him imo. anything too big and bulky just annoys me and anything too small and skin tight just makes his frame look odd. i‘ve lost count of how many pieces i've swapped in and out for him (and like you say, the colour stuff ugh, thankful for the unify colours button but even still) but finally settling on orange wear is the best because i’ll just constantly upgrade that instead and it also means i can really push his stats for tanking and that makes me happy.

i may or may not spend a good hour or so on the fleet sometimes just balancing his armor and making up little headcanons for it, oops.