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hawke/fenris, thanks :)

  • Who’s more dominant:
    Fenris. Sort of. You see, he’s never had the opportunity to do so before, to have what he wants on his terms. And it takes a little bit of coaxing and encouragement from Hawke that it’s okay for him to want what he wants and to ask for what he wants, but once he finds that voice, he uses it. And Hawke is more than happy to let him.

  • Who’s the cuddler:
    Hawke - Fenris is still amazingly unsure about casual touching. He knows he can, he knows he’s allowed, but he doesn’t really know how. And at first, whenever Hawke does snuggle up to him, he’s all stiff and rigid and unsure of where to put his hands and how long should the contact continue and what if I need to cough, but they figure it out.

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
    They’re another face-to-face couple - Hawke’s fingertips on the curve of Fenris’s jaw, Fenris’s arm over Hawke’s waist, legs tangled together, breath mingling as they sleep.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
    Discussing philosophy and, after Hawke teaches him how to read, literature. Of all sorts. From friend!fiction to the Chant of Light. Fenris is amazingly intellectual, and it sort of breaks Hawke’s heart a little that he’d never been given the freedom to really use it before.

  • A head canon:
    They don’t really ever move in together in the traditional sense during the events of the game. Instead after they reconcile they sort of share both his place and Hawke’s - a book and a bottle of wine he leaves at the Amell Estate one night turns into a change of his clothes strewn over the dresser. Hawke gladly returns the favor the next time they happen to sleep at Fenris’s.

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:

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I really like Joan Hawke with short hair and that matching clothes but what you did with her looks for act 2 is amazing, she is so beautiful! will there be any changes for act 3?

Y'know what? Bless you for this message, because the “omg aveline” comments were getting tiresome. I mean really it’s just a hair change (same colour as her old hair) and a new set of armour (which uses the Rogue item pack 2 mesh because it’s gorgeous) so she isn’t too different but idk it’s just very “moving up in the world” vibed. She’ll have a hair change for Act 3 definitely, possibly thinking of going back to a short cut because of her frustration at situations surrounding her. We’ll see. ANYWAY I’M RAMBLING and being grumpy so yes, thank you my lovely, this has made me smile.

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one must be fenris+fhawke, right?

  1. Shenko (particularly Kaidan/Amanda)
  4. Fenris/F!Hawke
  7. Alistair/Aeducan

Varric doesn’t know everything. Yes, he left her. Yes, it hurt them both. Yes, she gave him space to sort himself out. And yes, neither of them had any other romantic relationships in the interrim. Varric knows all about that painful, awkward three years, two months, and twelve days.

But Varric doesn’t know about the fumbling kisses and wandering hands when they’d both accidentally gotten ravingly drunk during a game of Wicked Grace and Fenris had shoved her up against the wall outside The Hanged Man or how much her heart had broken to tell him no and that they both should just go home. Varric doesn’t know about the tension thrumming low and heavy between them always - a constant that sometimes burns them both up from the inside when they’re alone together. Varric doesn’t know about the stolen touches - about the brushes of fingers against hands (and other parts) when they’re all out together.

Those things are private, personal.

Varric knows enough to tell a good, bittersweet story. And that’s all he needs to know.

The rest is for them.

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Tulip, Locust, Allium and Carnation

✿ Tulip: For your birthday, what kind of cake do you ask for?

I’m actually not a fan of birthday cakes, so I usually ask for a “Glassbomb”: a multi-layer cake made of icecream. My mother makes a mean three layer chocolate cake that I’ve received some years, too.

✿ Locust: What was your favorite book as a child?

I’m totally using this oppurtunity to add more books since I already answered this: Aesop’s Fables. (And if I could say even more then a buttload of Spider-Man and X-Men comics.)

✿ Allium: What’s the best thing you can cook?

A decent story.


In all seriousness, I make a pretty mean Flying Jacob.

✿ Carnation: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?

Oh wow. I’m sure I’d sweat my butt off at a Beyonce concert, but if I really could choose anyone I want then John Mayer. Been a fan for 14 years now, so finally seeing him live would be pretty sweet.

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I love the idea with that armor! he really needed something new (I don’t like the basic armor he always gets, with all those color combinations it’s quite ridiculous sometimes)

it was the only way! damned imperials getting all the nice looking armor, gah. there’s a lot of armor that looks off on him imo. anything too big and bulky just annoys me and anything too small and skin tight just makes his frame look odd. i‘ve lost count of how many pieces i've swapped in and out for him (and like you say, the colour stuff ugh, thankful for the unify colours button but even still) but finally settling on orange wear is the best because i’ll just constantly upgrade that instead and it also means i can really push his stats for tanking and that makes me happy.

i may or may not spend a good hour or so on the fleet sometimes just balancing his armor and making up little headcanons for it, oops.

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Can you please recommend me some good Fenris/(f)Hawke fanfic?

I have several!

Some are smut, some are fluff, some are angst. There are a couple of long ones, but most are shorter.

But here’s a selection of some of my favorite Fenris/Lady Hawke stories I have bookmarked.

For any of the prompts I linked to that take you to the Dragon Age kink meme, scroll down and you’ll find the story (if you happen to be unfamiliar with how lj works). :-)

Happy reading!

A Cage Called Home - Rated M - Anonymous took the simple request of “one of the lessons Fenris learned from Danarius was how to withhold orgasm. This has been of particular issue after his night with Hawke, and he’s spent the time since then pining but unable to successfully “take matters into his own hands”. ” and transcended it completely. This is a story of loss, love, longing, and reconciliation. If you read nothing else I rec, go read this. Seriously.

Afterwards - Rated M - They have each other perfectly measured.

An Understanding - Rated T - They’ve spent years dancing around each other. This time, it just happens to be literal.

Beds are Overrated - Rated T (though it would be a very very mild T, or a very very perceptive teenager) - Fenris is incapable of sleeping in a bed.

Holding Back the Darkness - Rated M - A retelling/overhaul of Fenris and Hawke’s first romantic encounter

Idolatry - Rated M for violence?  - Fenris watches Hawke dueling the Arishok. He never realized how fragile she actually might be, never even considered she was anything less than unbreakable. He was wrong. (Second Person PoV)

Leather - Rated M - Hawke gets a favor of her own from Fenris

Little Lion Heart - Rated K - Hawke is a lodestone, a cornerstone upon which Fenris’s entire life in Kirkwall has been built.

Breathing - Rated M - Have the prompt: “I offer a twist on the “Hawke becomes Tranquil” story. Angst ahoy: Hawke romanced Fenris, spared Anders, and was turned Tranquil after The Last Straw. Fenris is devastated. Then he remembers what Hawke once told him about that night in the Chantry; Anders glowed blue, Karl came back. Fenris tracks down Anders and forces him to stay by their side so that he can steal those brief moments with Hawke when Anders lets out Vengeance. They go on living in this unhealthy threesome because none of them can stand the alternative.”

Note that I don’t normally do Fenris/Anders, and I certainly don’t normally do threesomes of any sort. But this story is so good, so heartbreaking, that I gladly make an exception for it.

Plans for Today

  • Finish that rec list for Bricktheprettiestsiren (Sorry, sweetie! I got caught up with some unexpected other things. Gonna post that for you tout suite.)
  • Play ME2
  • Write some more drabbles
  • Clean Master bathroom
  • Clean second bathroom

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this thing you just posted, the one with "BYE HYEBY BYE YE IM SORRY?" tag, it's just... I wish one of them was Fenris because he's my lov-ehm-I mean-my character's li :D anyway you wrote it perfectly :)

ahh thank you! (i’m freaking blushing right now, oops)

y'know, i wish i could write a Fenris one, but i’m never in a Fenris headspace and that sucks, because i adore him, but he never inspires sexy feels.

unless i’m reading one of galleywinters drabbles about him, and then i’m all oohhHhahahhoooo (i swear that’s a thing). 

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heh, same here, at first I just enjoyed eleneripenneth’s posts about flight rising but now I want my own dragons :)

It feels like half my dash plays now, I’m not even kidding. So I’ve sort of been bitten by the bug to at least want to try it. (And I was so sad magebutts had this gorgeous male I would have wanted so badly up for sale yesterday and… I couldn’t take it. Because I don’t play yet. Because they aren’t accepting new registrations. /sob)

eleneripenneth replied to your post:I really should not be checking Flight Rising…

I’m still checking daily for you, too! Heh!

I love you and appreciate it.

That is all.