My Dragon Age Masterpost

Just a collection of my fics and original content for Dragon Age - pretty much all Inquisition (*cough Solavellan cough*) at this point. It should be apparent, but the music is what inspires me for this universe and its characters; I didn’t make it myself ;o 


  • Hollow Victory: Very angsty and with no small amount of tragedy. Features Solavellan and end-game spoilers.
  • True Identity: A bit of angst and fluff. Features Solavellan and end-game spoilers. A next part for this is planned, but currently a WIP.
  • Unseen Parallels: A bit of angst, though not too much; Features a romanced!Solas and Anders who meet post-Inquisition. A next part for this is also planned, but currently remains a WIP.
  • Too Long: My part of a trade with ladyfenharel featuring her Warden Surana, Anders, and Sigrun post DA2. There’s a bit of angst, but some nice fluff to balance it as well.
  • The Storm: Fluffy Solavellan which takes place after the destruction of Haven. 
  • Shifting Visions: Set during the ancient elven empire, told from the god Dirthamen’s perspective. It’s becoming clear to Dirthamen that things are not going well for his people, but past experiences keep him from acting as Fen'Harel has urged him to do.
  • Breaking Down: This was my contribution to the DA Secret Santa, and focuses on the Inquisitor’s reaction to Solas’s departure end-game. It was intended for the-spookiest-ritalicious and her Lavellan, Arcana. As the title indicates, it is full of angst.
  • Better Late than Never: Set right at the climax of Origins, featuring a female Tabris who romanced Alistair, though she spares Loghain at the Landsmeet, and then has to let him go when he becomes king.
  • A Curious Rumor: This was my contribution to the DA Gift Exchange for Valentin’s Day, and focuses on a growing relationship between the Inquisitor and Cullen. This particular fic was intended for the-iveseensomeshit-club, and her Lavellan, Fen’Vethra. As befits Valentine’s Day, this is quite fluffy and sweet.
  • Restraint: Set during the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, Solavellan; this focuses on Solavellan after the break-up in Crestwood. As such, there’s a bit of angst. Originally written for openthepocketwatch, one of the winners of a game I hosted. 
  • Stitches: Set during Inquisition in Crestwood, Solavellan, featuring Judith Lavellan; Solas must patch up the Inquisitor after their battle with a dragon. Originally written for kitteria, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Unexpected: Set after Inquisition, in a little tavern in the Anderfels, M!Hawke x Anders, featuring Jarrett Hawke. Anders and Jarrett Hawke are still on the run, mending their relationship, when Anders asks an important question. Originally written for irenirendil, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Safety: Set during Inquisition in the Western Approach, very, very slight Cole-mance, featuring Falka Lavellan. The party fights off the Venatori, and Cole protects the Inquisitor from a stealthed, would-be assassin. Originally written for themightyraccoon, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Closeness: Set during Inqusition in the Hissing Wastes, a little Solavellan. Everything in the Hissing Wastes has been completed, and the party takes the chance to bond on their last night in the desert. Originally written for bricktheprettiestsiren, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Sacrifice: Set during Inquisition, just after Corypheus’s attack on Haven. Featuring Cullen, and a little Hadynne Trevelyan. Cullen’s heart is heavy after leaving the Herald to fend off Corypheus, and he begins to realize it isn’t simply professional interest that has him worried. Originally written for rayeliann, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Anger: Set during Inquisition in the Exalted Plains, a little Solavellan featuring Nehn Lavellan. Unhappy with the Freemen of the Dales, stopping them becomes Nehn Lavellan’s sole focus in the Exalted Plains. Originally written for dwynnie, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • No Bearing in the Real World: Set post-Inquisition. Solavellan, but beware: there is lots of angst and tragedy in this fic. Character Death! Velahari finally catches up to Solas, but the reunion isn’t how she imagined it.
  • A Kiss, Stolen: Set during Inquisition right after the destruction of Haven. Slight Solavellan. Solas attends to the unconscious Herald, and cannot help but indulge just a little in his relief at her safety. Originally written for pridetothefall, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Future: Set long before the events of Inquisition, and featuring Fen’Harel and Dirthamen. The pair discuss the current events of the elven empire, and what may be upon the horizon. Can be read as a follow-up to A Budding Friendship.
  • A Budding Friendship: Set long before the events of Inquisition. Fen’Harel is newly inducted into the elven pantheon, and Dirthamen is eager to take stock of him.
  • The Best Part: Set in an AU version of post-game Inquisition where Solas is at Skyhold. Velahari is eager to return to her family after dealing with Orlesian nobles all day. Fluffy and touching, if I’m any judge.
  • Mirrorred: Set in AU Thedas, where Solas is an archaeologist and Sulenera is his partner on a dig. Originally written for littleblue-eyedbird for the DA Fic Swap!
  • Appreciation: The setting is nebulous, though I imagine it in a modern AU; features Solavellan, vaguely NSFW material, and fluff. Originally written for ashenoblivion, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Son of a Wolf:  Some cute, fluff featuring daddy!Solas and his poor son who just won’t stop crying! I have yet to name his and Velahari’s son, so I apologize for leaving it vague. ^^;
  • Happy Endings: Originally planned as a Post-Origins story centered on Soris and Aerys Lenacy, an OC from Tevinter. Currently on hiatus from lack of muse and feedback. Chapter 1
  • Finding Solas: This is a multi-chapter fic, and I’ll go ahead and link all the parts here for easy access. I will try to update as I go. Features past Solavellan and the ramifications of everything that happens end-game. Spoilers ought to be obvious. Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six 
  • A Glimpse of the Past (Big Bang): Dorian is rushed out of future!Redcliffe, and mistakenly sends himself and Lavellan too far into the past - and into the heart of the elven rebellion. Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six / Chapter Seven / Chapter Eight / Chapter Nine / Chapter Ten / Chapter Eleven / Chapter Twelve / Chapter Thirteen / Chapter Fourteen / Chapter Fifteen - COMPLETE & Masterpost

AU Fics (in chronological order):

In this particular AU, Velahari is still the Inquisitor, but one of her clanmates, Fena'dea, has joined the Inquisition (she was not at the temple during the explosion). Also of some importance is that Fena'dea was the one to drink from the Well of Sorrows - not Morrigan, and not Velahari.

  • Fierce and Loyal: Set right after the Breach appears. Features Fena'dea and Solas - as Solas tries to hold off the mark from killing Velahari, and then as they try to hold off the horde of demons pouring from the rifts.
  • The Way of Sorrow: Abelas-centric fic. Post Temple of Mythal, but before the end of the game.
  • Residual Anger: Features Abelas, Fena'dea, and Solavellan. Fena'dea is attempting to understand the voices from the Well of Sorrows with Abelas’s assistance, but becomes distracted after Solas breaks the Inquisitor’s heart. She is not pleased in the slightest.
  • The Practice Yard: Focuses on Fena'dea and Abelas. A bit risque. Pre-relationship, and rather fun and flirtatious (at least on Fena'dea’s side).
  • Revelations: Features both Solavellan and Abelas/Fena'dea. Mythal visits Abelas and Fena'dea separately, though neither have the time to tell the other before Corypheus makes his final, desperate move.
  • Uncontained: Features Abelas/Fena'dea. The pair decide to spar together in Skyhold’s courtyard, but it quickly devolves into a different sort of spar in Abelas’s chambers. Somewhat NSFW.
  • Sealed No Longer: Solavellan-centric this time around. Solas has managed to free the gods just as the Inquisition forces catch up to him.
  • Comfort: Yet another Abelas and Fena'dea centric piece. After the gods have been freed, Mythal asks an enormous favor of them - one which Abelas feels obligated to help, though Fena'dea is less certain.

You can also find my fics on Archive of Our Own here. 

Request/Meme Fills:

  • 30 Days of Writing #1: Fingertips (Anders x Hawke)
  • 30 Days of Writing #1: Fingertips (Solas x Velahari)
  • Kiss meme #1: An Accidental Kiss (Fenris x Hawke)
  • Kiss Meme #1: the “Good Morning” Kiss (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #2: An Affectionate Kiss (Josephine x Cadash)
  • Kiss Meme #2: Kiss on the Forehead (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #2: Kiss on the Forehead (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #3: Drunken/Sloppy Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #5: An Angry Kiss (Solavellan) 
  • Kiss Meme #6: the “I’m Sorry” Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Signs of Affection #6: A Whisper (Solavellan)
  • 30 Days of Writing #7: Blush (Dirthamen x Enera)
  • Kiss Meme #7: An Eyelid Kiss (Fenris x Hawke)
  • Kiss Meme #7: the “I Miss You” Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #s 8 & 16, A Seductive Kiss and a French Kiss (Solavellan) - smut warning
  • Signs of Affection #8: A Love Bite (Abelavellan)
  • 30 Days of Writing #11: Goosebumps (Alistair x Amell)
  • Kiss Meme #11: the “I Almost Lost You” Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #12: A Kiss on the Nose (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #12: A Frustrated Kiss (Solas x Velahari)
  • Kiss Meme #12: A Frustrated Kiss (Zevran x Tabris)
  • Signs of Affection #12: A Slow Kiss (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #14: A Goofy Kiss (Alistair x Cousland)
  • Kiss Meme #14: A Kiss on the Neck (Solavellan)
  • Signs of Affection #14: A Reunion Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #16: Impulsive Kiss (Fenris x Hawke)
  • Kiss Meme #17: Shy Kiss (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #18: Kiss on the Hips (Alistair x Cousland)
  • Kiss Meme #18: Surprise Kiss (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #19: A Sad Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #19: A Kiss in the Rain (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  • Kiss Meme #19: A Kiss in the Rain (Fenris x Hawke)
  • Kiss Meme #19: A kiss in the Rain (Tamlen x Mahariel)
  • Signs of Affection #19: A Kiss Below the Waist (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #20: Exhausted Parents Kiss (Abelas x Fena'dea)
  • Kiss Meme #20: Exhausted Parents Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Signs of Affection #20: A Confession (Solavellan)
  • Signs of Affection #20: A Confession (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #21: Jealous Kiss (Abelas x Fena'dea)
  • Kiss Meme #21: Kiss Up Arm (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  • 30 Days of Writing #23: Enthralled (Solas x Velahari)
  • 30 Days of Writing #24: Pillow Fort (Abelas x Fena'dea)
  • Kiss Meme #29: Underwater Kiss (Tamlen x Mahariel
  • Indescribable Worlds: Apodyopis and Gymnophoria (Dirthamen x Enera)
  • Indescribable Words: Apodyopis (Solavellan)
  • Indescribable Words: Basorexia (Solavellan)
  • Forsythia (Anticipation): Dirthamen x Enera
  • Lily (Majesty): Solas x Velahari


  1. Understanding (Dirthamen x Enera)
  2. Heat Wave (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  3. Under Cover (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  4. Idyllic (Solas x Velahari)
  5. A Rotunda with a View (Solas x Velahari)
  6. Drunken Night (Dirthamen x Enera)
  7. Novelty (Solas x Velahari)
  8. Do You Remember? (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  9. Cold (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  10. Rain (Solas x Velahari)
  11. Shopping Tactics (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  12. Rescue (Dirthamen x Enera)
  13. Better Luck (Solas x Velahari)
  14. The ‘Ole West (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  15. Defense (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  16. Set-Up (Dirthamen x Enera)


  • Anywhere - Evanescence (Think post-game, Lavellan to Solas)
  • Monster - Imagine Dragons (Fits Anders best, I think, though it fits Solas rather well too)
  • Fade Away - Breaking Benjamin (Solas Solas Solas.  It hurts. So much)
  • Resoan’s Complete Solavellan Playlist
  • Fen'Harel’s Rebellion Playlist
  • Solas Playlist


  • 1920s AU for Dragon Age Inquisition: Includes descriptions of the Inquisitor and all the companions for an AU set in the 1920s, as well as a jazz song to accompany.
  • Inquisitors: Velahari Lavellan / Fena'dea Lavellan & Rasera Adaar / Maerwyn Trevelyan / Sollara Lavellan / Har’samahl Lavellan & Mivia Cadash
  • Dragon Age meta: Dirthamen: A brief look into the lore of the elven god Dirthamen, such as it’s been presented thus far in the games. Slight analysis of his purpose and relation to some of the other elven gods. / The Taint, the Elves, and the Dwarves: A brief look into how these three may interrelate; contains Descent and Trespasser spoilers. / Solas Positivity: A brief look into Solas as a character and beyond.
  • Worst Dates in Five Words: I jumped on the bandwagon. Enjoy the pain. Tamlen/Mahariel
  • Solas Headcanons: Wolf Jawbone / Fen'Harel: the Dread Wolf
  • Velahari Resource Post / Fena’dea Resource Post
  • Final Fantasy X AU: Inquisition Style / Final Fantasy X AU: Inquisition Character Classes/Desspheres
  • Inquisitors and their Families: Velahari, Varrand/Nadami, and Lin’adahl Lavellan / Fena’dea, Cyrralan, and Sehris Lavellan / Sehris Lavellan, Fena’dea’s Mother / Lin’adahl Lavellan, Velahari’s Mother / Varrand/Nadami, Velahari’s Father / Cyrralan Lavellan, Fena’dea’s Father / Information on Velahari and Fena’dea’s Parents


  • Abelas and Fena'dea by abelas-solas
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by bulletsketchbook
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by @cocotingo
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by kimberly-parker
  • Abelas and Fena’dea (top picture) by kimikoyukiart
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by nazgullow
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by @osatokun (NSFW)
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by qissus
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by rayeliann (based on this drabble)
  • Abelas and Fena'dea by spader7 
  • Abelas and Fena’dea Tarot by @fleshwerks
  • Abelas, Fena’dea, & Amahris by monstersanosa
  • Acacia Hawke and Fenris by rainbowd00dles
  • Acacia Hawke and Fenris by sakom75
  • Cirrenes Cousland by handerfels
  • Fena’dea by airagitt
  • Fena’dea by destinyapostasy
  • Fena’dea by eristhenat
  • Fena’dea by hallahart
  • Fena’dea by hedgehawke
  • Fena’dea by inquisitorsophie
  • Fena’dea by @noctuaalba
  • Fena’dea by raviollies
  • Fena’dea by tennine
  • Fena’dea and Velahari by itsprecioustime
  • Fena’dea and Velahari by roxylucas​
  • Fena’dea’s Companion Card by creusanne
  • Fena’dea’s Companion Card by needlesslycryptic
  • Fen’Harel and Velahari by bulletsketchbook
  • Fen’Harel and Velahari by pugletto
  • Har’Samahl by sakom75
  • Solas and Velahari by airagitt
  • Solas and Velahari by artemorte 
  • Solas and Velahari by bexquisition
  • Solas and Velahari by @destinyapostasy
  • Solas and Velahari Comic by drathe
  • Solas and Velahari by @fleshwerks - slightly NSFW
  • Solas and Velahari by kimberly-parker - slightly NSFW
  • Solas and Velahari (bottom picture) by kimikoyukiart
  • Solas and Velahari by krallentierart (based on the True Identity fic above) 
  • Solas and Velahari by @madnessdemon (slightly NSFW)
  • Solas and Velahari by nazgullow (based on The Storm fic above)
  • Solas and Velahari by needapotion
  • Solas and Velahari by oddmoy
  • Solas and Velahari by @onehundred-fandoms (slightly NSFW)
  • Solas and Velahari by ruxandralache (based on The Storm fic above)
  • Solas and Velahari by serpentsshipmate (based on this drabble)
  • Solas and Velahari Modern Comic - Novelty by siriusdraws (based on this drabble) - slightly NSFW
  • Solas and Velahari by tombraidercroft
  • Velahari by anoratheirin
  • Velahari by carriwitchett
  • Velahari by @cocotingo​
  • Velahari by destinyapostasy​
  • Velahari by @harellanart
  • Velahari by ib-gomes
  • Velahari by inquisitorsophie
  • Velahari by ioanaartblog
  • Velahari by lunardaisyart
  • Velahari by @osatokun
  • Velahari by raviollies
  • Velahari by @thesnowmage
  • Velahari by tmirai
  • Velahari by weissidian
  • Velahari’s Companion Card by eleonorpiteira
  • Velahari Tarot by @madnessdemon

bricktheprettiestsiren  asked:

10. or 24. for solavellan, hm? your choice! thank you!

  • 24. paradise; listening to “Starwaves” by M83 helps the mood.

“Come hunting with me,” Ellinara said. They were in the Emerald Graves and the forest felt so much like home, despite its tragic history, and she had never asked him before. She was dressed in Dalish hunter gear, not mage, and had a bow slung over her shoulder.

Solas let a slight frown wrinkle his brow for a moment. “The Inquisition can surely spare recruits to catch our meals. Or are they finding it difficult to navigate the forest and have remembered you are Dalish?”

His wit never ceased to amuse her, and she knew it covered up the real reason he didn’t want to go. She gave him a coy smile. “Stranger things have happened.”

“That is true.” His voice trailed off. What are you getting at, vhenan? She could almost hear the question

“Did you hunt, when you were on your own?”

He straightened and he held his arms behind his back. “Only when necessary. Often I could make do with any number of herbs or vegetables.”

She affected his posture and took a step towards him. “But you can hunt?”

There was that smile. It tugged at the corner of his lips. “Don’t worry, Inquisitor, I promise I am quite capable.”

“Good.” She shrugged her bow off and tossed it to him. “Because we’re not using magic.”

Deft hands used to perform intricate staff maneuvers caught the sylvanwood easily. He immediately made as if to give it back but hesitated. Conflict lingered his eyes as he motioned towards the wooded path. “Lead the way, eralin.”

Keep reading

bricktheprettiestsiren  asked:

23. or 25. for solavellan? your choice! thank you!

23. sanctuary

They have taken shelter from the rain, just the two of them, who have spent too long wandering through Skyhold’s gardens, allowing starlight to weather but never the rain (they did not expect it)—and are hiding now from the downpour outside the chantry walls, each soaked (they did not escape it enitrely), shirts set to skin like the drying of clay.

Solas holds her first, declares her exterior, says, “You are wet.”

“As are you,” she replies, as observant as ever. 

When they kiss, Solas’s mouth is steaming in the cold spell. She suckles him like whiskey. His hands trail down to her hipbones, then, and press, fingers still green with the herbs they picked in the daylight.

“What are you—”

Solas moves lower, and Lavellan does not speak again after that. She does not even breathe, for a time. 

bricktheprettiestsiren  asked:

I really like Joan Hawke with short hair and that matching clothes but what you did with her looks for act 2 is amazing, she is so beautiful! will there be any changes for act 3?

Y'know what? Bless you for this message, because the “omg aveline” comments were getting tiresome. I mean really it’s just a hair change (same colour as her old hair) and a new set of armour (which uses the Rogue item pack 2 mesh because it’s gorgeous) so she isn’t too different but idk it’s just very “moving up in the world” vibed. She’ll have a hair change for Act 3 definitely, possibly thinking of going back to a short cut because of her frustration at situations surrounding her. We’ll see. ANYWAY I’M RAMBLING and being grumpy so yes, thank you my lovely, this has made me smile.

bricktheprettiestsiren replied to your post:cellostargalactica replied to your post: oooh what…

I love the idea with that armor! he really needed something new (I don’t like the basic armor he always gets, with all those color combinations it’s quite ridiculous sometimes)

it was the only way! damned imperials getting all the nice looking armor, gah. there’s a lot of armor that looks off on him imo. anything too big and bulky just annoys me and anything too small and skin tight just makes his frame look odd. i‘ve lost count of how many pieces i've swapped in and out for him (and like you say, the colour stuff ugh, thankful for the unify colours button but even still) but finally settling on orange wear is the best because i’ll just constantly upgrade that instead and it also means i can really push his stats for tanking and that makes me happy.

i may or may not spend a good hour or so on the fleet sometimes just balancing his armor and making up little headcanons for it, oops.

Femharel's 2 Month Appreciation Post

What up, nerds. Guess what? Today is my two month tumblr anniversary! Two months ago today, I created this tumblr and made a text post about how my Xbox delivery was being delayed (it got 1 note, and I was very proud of my internet fame). Suddenly, it’s sixty-odd days later, and I have been fortunate enough to have amassed almost two-thousand followers, and it is honestly… very overwhelming, humbling, and very much a blessing I do not take for granted. 

I have been so lucky to meet such wonderful people in my short time on tumblr, who’ve given me so much joy. While I love all of my followers (and will inevitably forget people who’ve meant a lot to me over the past 60 days of purgatory—so many of you change urls!) and this is not a follow forever, I’d like to give a special shout-out to those I’ve either spoken to and/or forcefully befriended, followers I admire and feel deserve recognition for the quality of their blogs, or else those who have taken the time to send me special messages or like my regular content (whether we’re mutuals or not, I have noticed, and it’s really meant a lot; I feel you deserve to be credited for your kindness)

The Crew (I love you like Solas loves the Fade)

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It is inevitable that I will have forgotten someone who has sent a nice comment, a kind ask, or who I’ve noticed liking my content, but please don’t take it to heart: it’s more than likely I just missed you when I threw this together over the past hour. Unfortunately, too, while I always read and appreciate nice tags, going through all of my fic reblogs to read over said tags was a bit too daunting a task in making this appreciation post. I still notice reblogs, however, more than anything. I am blessed to have all of your feedback and support. 

Fem has Friends?

For those interested, + demenior and anyaparadox are my friends from my days of thirteen-year-old fanfiction (they know too much). They don’t run Dragon Age blogs, but you may like their other content; they are sweethearts.

+ margaeryys is my bff wolf sister, whom I love dearly, and alasp00ryorick stalks me, I know you do, so I am dropping you here like the garbage that you are, xo.

+ if anyone is into hockey—like super into hockey—I want to recommend my flatmate and one of my best friend’s blogs, hockeyapuckalypse; I mean, fandoms can overlap, right? I gotta pimp out my 3am fuck-it-let’s-watch-avatar-and-eat-junk-food treasure. This is thank you for the time I drank too much rum and almond milk (“don’t laugh at me, bro”); I love you, even though you enable my tumblr habits.