LOUISE BERESFORD from Hampton most recent work that is showing in this exhibition entirely revolves around hands. As they are unwittingly one of the main forms of human communication, Louise explores them and their ability to be so expressive and telling of their owners.

Louise Beresford is currently showing in our ART IN MIND | PARALLEL UNIVERSE exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe until 30th March 2014. The ART IN MIND exhibition programme is open to all artists from all over the world. To take part in any future exhibitions please contact


Italian, Riccardo Scott creates portraits intended to challenge the ideals that have been moulded to society about female and male identity. Riccardo is very interested in how visual culture and image has played its part in the evolution of identity.

Riccardo Scott is currently showing in our WORKS ON PAPER exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery until 16th March 2014. The WORKS ON PAPER exhibition programme is open to all artists from all over the world. To take part in any future exhibitions please contact

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Sabina Cáceres is a London based artist raised in the multi-ethnic family of Russian and Cuban origin. One of the most important aspects of a painting for Sabina is the atmosphere created, which aims to provoke the desire to feel the painting rather than interpret it. She is not only interested in collecting fragments and creating a different reality as a way of recollecting the past but also in changing it and looking at it from a different perspective. On one side her work addresses psychological states of human mind and concerns its vulnerability and strength. On the other, it always seeks to show aesthetic beauty but in a different, twisted way. 

Sabina Cáceres is currently showing in our CONTEMPORARY PAINTING exhibition opening Wednesday 2nd April at the Brick Lane Gallery. The CONTEMPORARY PAINTING exhibition programme is open to all artists from all over the world. To take part in any future exhibitions please contact

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Andrew Maher (from UK) is a British-born artist from the northwest of England. Verisimilitude is the debut show of the artist’s work. The artist demonstrated creative talent and passion from an early age. Throughout studying at Liverpool Community College, Working Men’s College and the London College of Fashion, Andrew has been largely self-taught across a number of creative disciplines and had developed as an artist through experimentation. The artist’s portfolio includes works in fine art, mixed media, millinery, pattern cutting, life-drawing, photography and illustration. The artist is studying Fashion Print at the London College of Fashion

Andrew Maher is exhibiting in PHOTOGRAPHY NOW at The Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe from 2nd - 12th April 2015. To find out more about PHOTOGRAPHY NOW or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email


Arthur Arnesen (from Norway) has had eight exhibitions in Norway including, two solo exhibitions. He is a Nordic photographer working around his hometown of Tromsø, North-Norway. He uses the elements in the area to create fine art concepts. This includes reindeers, forests and the amazing blue sea of the North. He has brought to London to exhibit three images from his “Forest” and the “Reindeer” series.

Arthur Arnesen is exhibiting in LANDSCAPE; RURAL VS URBAN at The Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe from 19th - 29th March 2015. To find out more about LANDSCAPE; RURAL VS URBAN or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email


Richard Mierniczak (from Poland) was born in Poland and is currently living in Germany. He has a high technical education, self-taught in art. His preference is painting. He paints and draws preferred realistic landscape, but not committing himself to a particular style, technique and motives. He finds his motives in nature, cities and architecture. In this exhibition he wants to show a representative selection of his older pastels, newer “Plein Air” works and a sample from his new project “City Scapes”. This series deals with urban landscapes and life.

Richard Mierniczak is exhibiting in LANDSCAPE; RURAL VS URBAN at The Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe from 19th - 29th March 2015. To find out more about LANDSCAPE; RURAL VS URBAN or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email


Sylvia Barrero (from Colombia) was born in Bogotá. Since childhood, she showed interest in the arts and as a teenager she starts to work on representational sculpture and painting. In 2008 she received her degree as an Industrial Designer with a minor in Textile Design. Gradually, she changes her painting style to a more colorful and expressive one, through it, she wants to show how she perceives the world. In 2014 her son Santiago is born and he becomes her inexhaustible inspiration.

Sylvia Barrero is exhibiting in CONTEMPORARY PAINTING at The Brick Lane Gallery from 19th - 29th March 2015. To find out more about CONTEMPORARY PAINTING or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email


5th – 15th March 2015

Preview: Wednesday 4th March 6pm –8:30pm

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93-95 Sclater Street, E1 6HR


Scenic vistas, dynamic urban scenes, winding paths and tranquil seascapes are just a few of the alluring spaces explored in our LANDSCAPE; RURAL VS URBAN exhibition. Discovering nature’s beauty and looking at it as a liberating force, we are confronted by 8 local and international artists with the contrast of picturesque streets and cities, which highlight detailed architectural studies and vibrant urban views.

With works from the Polish artist Dariusz Romanowski pushing the boundaries of painting, playing with perspective and recreating works in three dimensions, the audience is pulled into exploring the spaces. His bold and dynamic works allow us to experience the scenes. The established artist Maggy New, who has had six solo shows as well as numerous group exhibitions, invites us to find quiet seascapes and meditative spaces, allowing us to be part of her multi-layered works and discovering the unseen. Maya Nival-Borgia and her works bring together the concept of the exhibition, exploring the contrast between the city and urban spaces with bright and striking paintings such as works of the metro underground system in Paris, creating juxtapositions with dream like scenarios and surreal seaside compositions.

The exhibition shows a collection of works inspired by rural and urban settings. In different mediums and styles, these artists create works that represent their passion, relationship, inspiration and interaction with their surroundings.

You are warmly invited to join us at the opening of LANDSCAPE; RURAL VS URBAN on Wednesday 4th March 6pm – 8:30pm at The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe.


16th – 26th April 2015

Preview: Wednesday 15th April 6pm – 8:30pm

The Brick Lane Gallery, 196 Brick Lane, E1 6SA


Art sets no boundaries and limits, it understands that real freedom lies in authentic expression and that is why the act of creation is such a liberating experience. In our new exhibition ART IN MIND: FREEDOM we gathered works of nine artist from Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary, Italy and UK; these artworks show the pure joy of creating and focus on definition of freedom shedding some light on its many aspects.

To own your body and to be able to speak your mind freely – is every human’s birth right. Unfortunately, this freedom is being taken away from people all across the world. Brazilian artist Joao Unzer, in his daring graphics shows the misery of human existence when he loses the power over his life and cannot free himself.  

The problem of control appears also in Patty Williams’ impressive sculptures horses heads made from mosaicking materials. Horses are naturally wild animals, and yet, they can be domesticized by humans. The wilderness and need of freedom always remains within them. This also refers to humans, as living in fast and stressful world, sometimes we need to let go and set ourselves free. Horses gallop and humans dive within the nature. Romanian artist, Amalia Suruceanu understands the liberating and relaxing power of nature. Her vibrating, and yet, soothing landscapes, confronts the audience with blue-watered seas, boats swayed by waves, and forests filled with sun softly gazing through the trees. 

The freedom of being who we are, and expressing it with our unique voice is the true art. We would like to invite you to our opening night on Wednesday 16th of April. You will have a chance to talk to artist and enjoy their art over a glass of wine.