GORUCK Brick Bag

Brick Bag was born of necessity. Everyone who takes a GORUCK Challenge brings bricks to stuff in their ruck. Bricks are highly abrasive, and when they’re left to swim around, they tear holes in the Cordura. Even 1000 Denier Cordura, the best military-grade material for the job. We’ve tried all sorts of construction techniques. No matter how many layers of fabric, no matter how tightly packed or cinched down the bricks are, holes happen. So, Brick Bag is not a brick bag at all, unless the bricks are wrapped in something soft, like towels, bubble wrap, and duct tape. Instead, Brick Bag is a stuff sack, meant for daily use.

Looks really hardcore and definitely worth a look (even if you are not carrying bricks around!) More info in the link above.