Our Love Story

We met
each crawling out of
our holes
his, a basement too dark for hope
mine, a bed like a prison cell
and a sham of a marriage
a facade raining bricks

We met 
broken porcelain meets broken glass
each shattered 
making a life out of the shards
souls withering under the weight
of a struggle without hope
or help

We met
and we started
digging each other out
enduring cuts and sliced skin
on each other’s behalf
making scars
only the sacrifice of love
can leave

We met
to carry each other’s burdens
because it is so much easier
to save your loved one
than to save yourself.


Casa 1101  |  H Arquitectes
Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
More Info & Photos: Afasia Archzine + Flickr  |  Photography: Adrià Goula

- The proposal searches the balance between placing the maximum number of rooms on the ground floor yet keeping the garden free from masonry work volumes. This idea is developed through a volumetric composition shaped in three boxes spread throughout the garden, almost aligned and located in the plot northern side creating a wide outer zone facing south. The first box, to the east, houses the children’s area with three single bedrooms upstairs and a playroom on the ground floor. The second one, in the centre, accommodates the main room: the kitchen, a nearly 30square metre and 4metre high room dominated by a large fireplace. The third box, to the west, contains the parents’ zone, with the bedroom at the garden level and a high ceiling studio on the first floor.

Faux Brick Veneer for Your Home

You can’t expose bricks if you don’t have them… or can you!?! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

External image

On the last PhotoFriday post, I highlighted the look of exposed brick and how much of an impact in could have on a home! The problem is, if your home doesn’t have brick to expose – the look won’t work… but don’t give up just yet!

Michael Rygiel, from Century Architextureutilized his background in industrial design and construction to produce a creatively new concept from an age-old material.…

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