Jinsik (M)

“Do you know what kind of cuisine we make here at Eat Jin?” Jin slowly paces back in forth in front of you, his arms crossed, and a serious expression on his face.“Our cuisine is heavily influenced by French and Italian, but we use many flavors that are prevalent in Hansik.”

Your eyes sweep the expanse of his kitchen. “It’s like your own twist on Hansik. Jin’s Hansik, or Jinsik, if you will.”

“Jinsik? I like it. You know I’m a sucker for puns.” He lets out a hearty chuckle.

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Pairing: Seokjin x Reader, but all members are featured

Genre: Chef!AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary: It has been three years since you were last in Seoul, and it has been just as long since you saw Seokjin. In that time, since graduating culinary school, you toured Europe, learning as much about the culture and cuisine as you could. Jin went on to open the most successful restaurant in Korea. When you return home, you just know that this restaurant is where you’re supposed to be. 

Word count: 12.7k

Content/warnings: Lots of swearing. Smut! 6/7 of Bangtan are complete assholes, especially Namjoon and Taehyung. 

A/N: This turned out to be a lot angrier than I intended I think I used it to let out a lot of pent up anger I had lol maybe I have issues. @jeonjiah and @showyourdesire asked to be notified when this fic comes out ☺️

You stand in front the the building’s brick facade, resume in hand, steeling yourself for what you’re about to do. It’s cold out. Though it’s late February and the promises of spring are just a few weeks away, it still feels like the dead of winter. You can see your breath as you try to steady it. The snow had stopped falling last week, but the cold that it brought in still lingers. It’s dark out. Except for the dim yellow glow of the street lamp above you, and the light streaming from inside of the window that you’re staring into. It has been a while since you’ve experienced this kind of frigidity, and even longer since you were last in Seoul.

You spent the last three years travelling all around Europe, learning the cuisine of the cultures there, adding to your culinary arsenal.  However, eventually homesickness got the better of you, and you found yourself back home in Seoul, where your love of food all began.

You stand there shivering beneath the wooden sign that perches above the door. Eat Jin, it reads. The finest restaurant in the country, owned by the best chef on this side of the Pacific. The crowd is pretty light for a Friday night, and you’re thankful. You gotta do this Y/N, you say to yourself. Now go in there before you change your mind. You swing the door open and step inside, suddenly enveloped by warmth.

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In A Heartbeat

Word Count: 1,560
Warnings: Very mild homophobia

Summary: This fic is based on the new short film In A Heartbeat which I will link here for you to watch. It’s about two young boys falling in love in school and coming out. Naturally, I had to change a few things to accommodate the change from an animated short to a fanfic and make it Dan and Phil related, but regardless it is an amazing short film so I hope this does it justice even a little. So I hope you enjoy.

It was anything but a normal Monday morning as Dan Howell sprinted through the brick gateway leading to Newgate Secondary School. Normally the curly haired brunet would take his time but on this morning he had accidentally tripped and face planted directly in front of his crush, Phil Lester, and when the raven haired boy offered to help him up Dan was too flustered to even mutter a response proceeding to sprint the rest of the way to school.

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Top 10 one direction fics that you might not have read but I feel like you should.

Nice long title for you there, but a pretty simple concept. Ten fics that I love and that I don’t think got the love they deserved. I think all of these have a hits under 5k. I’ve also linked to peoples Tumblr’s where I have them =) So if you read the fics and want to hit them with some praise, GO FOR IT. (Or comment on Ao3, that’d be a lovely thing to do.) 

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Dear Journal,

Last night, Madam Pomfrey told me I could go back to my dorm. I couldn’t wait to sleep in my bed with Sirius. When I came back to the common room, Lily was crying in James’ arms. Apparently her sister sent her a mean letter. Lily loves her sister but Petunia hates her. I never knew why. When she saw me, she ran and jumped in my arms. She never shows her emotions but to me she does. I’m her best friend after all. I hugged her close even though my back was a bit painful.

“She hates me Remus.. I don’t know what I did to her I mean.. I-I don’t know..” she sobbed.

“It’s okay Lily.. she’ll come around.. don’t blame yourself..” i said.

“Remus is right babe.. it’s not your fault..” james said, taking her in his arms.

“I-I just feel so sad..”

“I know my love, i know..” james kissed her forehead.

I hate when Lily cries. She is so strong and she hides her emotions so when she breaks, I feel like I have to be the strong one. But i’m not strong. She stopped crying and fell asleep in James’ arms. He carried her to her dorm and stayed with her.

This morning I felt no pain. I don’t know what happened but I healed quickly. It usually takes me way longer to get better. Maybe Sirius being with me helped. Today, we were going to visit the appartement Sirius found. We walked to Hogsmeade and a second later we were in muggle London. The building was beautiful. It stood in the middle of red bricks. The facade was painted with this light blue color. Sirius took my hand and we entered the building. A man and a woman were standing in the dusty library. They were the owners. They were in their mid-thirty’s.

“Hi! I’m Paul and this is my wife Elena. You two are interested in our home?” The man smiled.

“We are! We were very interested with the library actually!” Sirius said.

“Oh really! Sorry it’s really dusty! We never used it.. with our 4 childrens, we didn’t have time to take care of it.. and we didn’t have a lot of space did we Paul?” She giggled.

“It’s the main reason we’re moving, with four boys, there’s not a lot of place left! Come on in, i’ll show you upstairs.” The man said.

The flat was beautiful. The walls were covered with windows. It was cozy and i already felt like it was our home. We came back to school happily holding hands.

“So, My dear fiancé, do you think we should buy it?” Sirius asked me.

“I think we should my love.” I smiled.

We walked to the owlery to write to Mr. Paul and his wife. We had a new home.

March 4th 1976

Thanks to the absolutely fantastic @tenroseforeverandever who helped so so much with this, to @hanluvr for pointing things out, Mercedes who helped me clean the first version and @timeladyofthesith and @zekimmzie for having a read-through and liking it. :)

The Pleasures Of Jealousy
by Rose_Nebula

“On a girls-only day with Donna, Rose finds herself the subject of malicious behaviour. When her Doctors find out, they are not pleased.”

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Brick House by Milica V