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anonymous asked:

what kind of tumblr blog would the Boys and Girls run? would they make original posts? would they have sideblogs?

ahh oh my god i’m gonna cringe so hard while writing this but honestly??


  • jonas - he’d have one of those weird aesthetic/social activism/shitpost blogs. the kind that reblogs pics of a brick wall with “FUCK FACISM” graffitied on it, a gif of someone blowing out smoke rings, a long text post that’s just a rant on world politics and how the world’s fucked, some more aesthetically pleasing pictures of skateboards or weed or whatever and then one of his rare original posts that are either “smoked some good shit today” or “how do you think ikea comes up with their names” . none of his posts have tags. he has like 50k followers, all of his stupid shitposts go viral, every once in a while he posts a selfie and everyone throws themselves at him.
  • mahdi - mahdi would have a tumblr, but he’d be so chill about it??? like he doesn’t care about his follower count or w/e, he’s just sorta there. chilling. having a good time. every once in a while he talks about his friends or his life. he disappears for months at a time because he forgot he even had a tumblr and he had more important things to do. he has like 50 followers but he doesn’t care. he probably reblogs all of his interests, despite how mismatched they are. like some 90s rap, throw some tv shows in there, sports talk, video games. its a mess. but you know. he’s fine with it.
  • magnus - magnus!! oh man magnus would have one of those blogs that are pure humor, just reblogging a lot of memes and jokes and stuff that makes him laugh. which you know, gets him a fair amount of followers. but every once in a while he posts an opinion that’s Ignorant and Wrong and he gets SO MUCH HATE for it ALL THE TIME. like 50 tumblr blogs have blocked him at this point. he answers every anon hate with “?? i don’t understand???” but he learns over time. he makes a lot of those “single but relatable” posts that are sort of pathetic and thats what makes them funny and a lot of them get really popular and he doesn’t understand why, he was just honestly expressing himself. a lot of “oh this girl i hooked up with last night” tmi stories that aren’t even under –read more–. he does that Thing where he tags magnus and jonas in all of the humor posts that he thinks they would like.
  • isak - oh isak. isak isak isak. his is a bit like mahdis in the sense that its just a clusterfuck of all the things he’s interested in, but its also a blog full of old, ragequit, 9gag-era memes and fighting with people over stuff. his blog has so much Discourse. and it used to have a lot of pictures of hot girls and all that too, but he starts doing it less and less and less and one day he posts a pic and he’s like ‘me and my bf ^-^“ and its this adorable picture and his blog starts evolving to a cool mix of his personal life and even with shows like brooklyn nine-nine and game of thrones and music and movies and he starts talking a lot about coming out and dealing with your sexuality and his own personal experiences and that earns him the grudging respect of a lot of people who really disliked him and a fair bit of followers. (he starts a lot of fights about fetishizing mlm couples, oh boy, heck yes he does). 
  • even  - i’ve talked about this before, but even toTALLY has a film-based tumblr account. he’s got no followers, but he posts these really long-winded essays about the cinematography of movies, and how quentin tarantino is overrated, basically all these opinions that no one asked for but he’s giving anyways. ALL the aesthetically pleasing gifs of movies, he’s just really passionate about this stuff guys, he sends in a lot of asks to other blogs and gets involved in interesting discussion, what a Nerd. 


  • eva - cute aesthetic/shitpost blog with lots of ootds and drunken text posts and videos! she doesn’t have too many followers but she talks a lot under the – readmore– and tries to figure out her thoughts by typing them out. a lot of angry rants, a lot of sad ones, a lot of who am i. her blogs evolves and changes a lot, as she tries to figure out what she likes and what she doesn’t like, and it never really settles on one thing for too long and thats ok. she’s just having fun, having a good time, and tries not to feel the pressure of followers or milestones or all that (even though she does get sucked into it a lot). the type to be constantly interacting with her friends, like half of her posts are just her tagging other people and having funny interactions and all that. tumblr squad Goals. 
  • noora - noora posts a lot of pictures of her outfits and room and friends and life and all of them get like 100k notes bc they’re all super aesthetically pleasing, she’s like this super cool unattainable girl who answers asks like “you’re so cool and smart and funny, can i date you please??!” with “im good.” she can and WILL roast people and a lot of blogs sort of think she’s a bitch but whenever she gets anon hate that says something along those lines, she Shuts Them Down and talks about the inherent misogny in the insults that they’re throwing at her. she goes on a lot of feminist rants and is the type to be like “DONT SUPPORT -insert company here- I HAVE RECIEPTS THEYRE HIGHLY PROBLEMATIC” or “BOYCOTT THE NEW JENNIFER LAWRENCE MOVIE ITS HIGHLY SEXIST”. its kind of exhausting sometimes, but people put it up with it for the Aesthetic.
  • vilde - cute aesthetic blog!! lots of pink/pastel and flowers and stuff like that! she posts selfies and is the type that has a nervous breakdown after recieving one (1) unfriendly comment. but all of her friends jump immediately to her defense because somehow she managed to make a fair bit of friends on this hellsite?? and they think she’s super sweet and are ready to Fight whoever’s being mean to her. posts a lot of “im an Ally but i support you!!” and stuff like that until she realizes, whoops, she’s Super Gay and opens up a “sapphic reminders” sideblog with one of her friends. v cute and nice for the most part but she gets into arguments that she doesn’t really know anything about?? so she gets unfollowed a lot for that, people are sort of like oh my god stop talking im literally only here for the Aesthetic. she doesn’t shut up though, she keeps spouting her opinions and challenging other people’s and i love her for it.  
  • chris - humor blog!!! massively successful humor blog!!! she posts videos of herself doing vine-esque things or telling stories of what happened that day and they get like 50k notes, she makes all the shitposts, people love her…! she gets some hate sometimes for being ‘fat’ but honestly? its doesnt get to her and she just deletes it. not worth her time or energy. its weird bc on one hand, her blog is Very Pure, but on the other hand, she loves making dirty jokes and sex jokes and all that and she’s not afraid to be loud about it. i love her.  
  • sana - do you really think sana would waste her time here, on this website, with the rest of us losers????? if she had a tumblr blog, which i doubt she would, i bet it would be very chill and aesthetic and pics of herself and her buddies but she doesn’t really talk a lot other than calling out islamaphobia and firing back at asks with some of the dryest, snarkiest answers you’ve ever seen. what a girl. what an idol.